1. soulinspanish

    soulinspanish時間 前

    My big brother can't have prom and the other stuff

  2. Emily Chugg

    Emily Chugg時間 前

    Hey Bro I loved it haha it’s so so cute omg I’m a big big fan of you guys

  3. Julia Mort

    Julia Mort3 時間 前

    I hate this Qurintine I missed out on a good year and I feel so bad for u guys cuz u missed ur prom and probably graduation. So happy late or early prom to all the people who missed it including Lexi and Ben. I was so nice of u Brent to think of Ben and Lexi and do something nice instead of trying to break them up. Hahaha lol 😂.

  4. Mita Smita

    Mita Smita3 時間 前

    That was so nice

  5. Leonardo Lacampuingan

    Leonardo Lacampuingan4 時間 前

    Brent see the tiktok app i follow you


    GUANSINGH4 時間 前

    Is Lexi like Ben's boyfriend or their just freinds

  7. Monica Garcia

    Monica Garcia5 時間 前


  8. Elim Russom

    Elim Russom5 時間 前

    I am so board bored in the house and I am in the house board

  9. Kylee Holmes

    Kylee Holmes6 時間 前

    Aww love it

  10. Colandra Nelson

    Colandra Nelson7 時間 前

    Brent needs to start being nice to Ben PERIOD😊😂🤣😇😇😍🥰

  11. Amanda Fields

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  12. hashbrown burger YT

    hashbrown burger YT8 時間 前

    I feel so bad for Ben because he won’t have graduation or prom but thanks to Brent being nice he’s doing it at home ✌️



    Your so nice Brent.

  14. hezal luthra

    hezal luthra13 時間 前

    I love the party🎉🎉🎉🎉🎊🎊🎊🎊🥳🥳

  15. Claudia Mejia Penate

    Claudia Mejia Penate15 時間 前

    I am soooooooooooooo bord

  16. Joyce Simms

    Joyce Simms15 時間 前

    Lexi you just so inappropriate

  17. Joanne Neff

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  18. Joanne Neff

    Joanne Neff15 時間 前

    Doesn’t the puppy look cute

  19. Jackie Buckets

    Jackie Buckets16 時間 前

    When everybody has Covid Mason will be the last one left!

  20. Sim Un

    Sim Un17 時間 前

    It would be better f you said prom queen was Ben and prom king was Lexi lol

  21. Sim Un

    Sim Un18 時間 前

    This was on tik tok too

  22. varun sharma Jalpot

    varun sharma Jalpot19 時間 前

    Ben varun

  23. varun sharma Jalpot

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  24. varun sharma Jalpot

    varun sharma Jalpot19 時間 前

    Ben varun

  25. Maylee Moo

    Maylee Moo21 時間 前

    I just would like to let you know that I am in year six and that I was going to have a leaving party because I am going to senior and I have always seen all of the other year sixes have theirs and I have waited all of these years to have one and when it comes to my go I can’t do it and I know exactly how they feel

  26. Gabrielle Apostolov

    Gabrielle Apostolov日 前

    Hey Ben you should kiss and marry Lexi

  27. Isabella Britz

    Isabella Britz日 前

    I am happy 💐💐🌹🌹

  28. XIts AphmauX

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  29. Umair Shaheen

    Umair Shaheen日 前

    This shows how generous and kind Brent is.

  30. Jerry Smith

    Jerry Smith日 前

    Ben's sash said kirng

  31. Amber Maxxene

    Amber Maxxene日 前

    #level1 Ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  32. cooper di luca

    cooper di luca日 前

    First time brent done something nice for bexi

  33. Jaryed Kehn

    Jaryed Kehn日 前

    I am bored but I hate I took a trip to Tennessee

  34. Maya Mangos

    Maya Mangos日 前

    Brent doing something nice for Ben and Lexi is as rare as Brent finding diamonds 💎



    i am bored

  36. horselover 2020

    horselover 2020日 前

    Brent that was sweet of you making prom happen for Ben and Lexi you are such a sweet brother I wish you were my brother 😁

  37. Ruby Williams

    Ruby Williams日 前

    Mason in the back be like I can't believe he's doing something nice for ben

  38. dog duos

    dog duos日 前

    , and the

  39. Richard Johnston

    Richard Johnston日 前

    I am not bored

  40. Annabelle Williamson

    Annabelle Williamson日 前

    If I was your friend that would be awesome

  41. Quinn Woods

    Quinn Woods日 前

    I love masons bubble

  42. Fawnda Barker

    Fawnda Barker日 前

    I am bored at home from the COVID-19



    When he announced the prom king and queens, I was hoping that he would say anyone BUT Lexi and Ben to make it funny

  44. Luisa Medina

    Luisa Medina日 前

    Blood work

  45. Jimmy Calliste

    Jimmy Calliste日 前

    I love you guys

  46. Vitaly Novitsky

    Vitaly Novitsky日 前

    I missed prom too

  47. Paige bradshaw

    Paige bradshaw日 前

    I hate lookdon

  48. wind talker

    wind talker日 前

    The best day of lexi in Quarantine

  49. Cameron Warwick

    Cameron Warwick2 日 前

    Brent Ben is the worst

  50. Andrea Quezada

    Andrea Quezada2 日 前

    One thing I notice is that Brent hugged Ben but he didn’t hug his other friend that lost his job

  51. Iang hlei Sung

    Iang hlei Sung2 日 前

    i like your videos better than lexi's videos because you do difrrent things in your video but i like lexi better you are annoying and mean

  52. Olivia McNamara

    Olivia McNamara2 日 前

    Brent that is sooooooo mean when you scared lexi and your mum

  53. Marcus White

    Marcus White2 日 前

    So nice

  54. CrystalWolf _live spirit

    CrystalWolf _live spirit2 日 前

    Ben abd Lexi are so cute together if you agree hit the 👍 button

  55. Erica Zamora

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    0 \|/ I / \

  56. devon byrd

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    Your Soo nice paying a rent for 2months

  57. Mariah Green

    Mariah Green2 日 前

    that was nice of you making a prom in the house for them too Xx 💃🕺

  58. Unicorn squad xd

    Unicorn squad xd2 日 前

    Hahaha Jason couldn’t fit in the house😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  59. T1T5veneno

    T1T5veneno2 日 前

    Why does Lexi always say shut up when she sees something good?

  60. Hermann Schultz

    Hermann Schultz2 日 前

    When you said Ben prom king I said why not you

  61. TheTstracci

    TheTstracci2 日 前

    Prom time 🕺🏼💃🏻

  62. Annie Houston

    Annie Houston2 日 前

    Andrew is so cute p.s. My boyfriend's name is Andrew

  63. Annie Houston

    Annie Houston2 日 前

    I like Lexi

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    🅆🄾🅆 :0

  69. melinda Blair

    melinda Blair2 日 前

    Hey Brent I am obsessed with you and Lexi, Andrew, and your friend group. I am 12. Great video!!!

  70. Parmjit Kaur

    Parmjit Kaur2 日 前

    I’m so bored to

  71. Yousha Andalib

    Yousha Andalib2 日 前

    You're mom's pretty smart 🧐

  72. Navya Tripathi

    Navya Tripathi2 日 前

    u premiered the video on my B-DAY thanks for that

  73. Michel Klein

    Michel Klein2 日 前

    Like voor the anti corona bubble😷😷 ⬇️👍

  74. Aparajita Brahma

    Aparajita Brahma2 日 前

    I didn't know that Brent was so nice after that prom he didn't even pranked Lexi and Ben !

  75. Sarah Keen

    Sarah Keen2 日 前

    I am really bored in the lockdown

  76. Kohinoor Begum

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    Brent you are good friend and a brother

  77. Lainey Davies

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  78. Evie O'shannessy

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    You’re so nice for setting up a prom for Ben and Lexi

  79. Kisses for U

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    best sophia3 日 前

    SOOOOOO sweet

  81. McKenzie Cooper

    McKenzie Cooper3 日 前

    My 5th-grade graduation was yesterday and I'm really sad I didn't get my awards and see all of my friends before the summer break if you have any tips for middle school please help I'm really stressed about going. I'm really small I'm shorter than all of my friends and because of my size I feel like I'm going to get picked on by taller kids I don't know my way around the middle school. If you have any tips please tell me Especially you Brent and Lexi love you both so much.

  82. Rachel Alvarez

    Rachel Alvarez3 日 前

    Is Mason like your personal slave