1. emilyrayna

    emilyraynaヶ月 前

    So sorry about the late upload! Has been uploading for hours 😫 for those wondering about budgeting, I’m hoping to post something separate with those details as to not take away from the excitement of this vid! Thank you all so much for the support, stay tuned for more house/DIYs 💛

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  3. A2 Z

    A2 Z6 日 前

    Good daughter !

  4. Nourshan Khallouf

    Nourshan Khallouf9 日 前

    Ohhhhhhhj youuu are bessst girlll in the world, i wish i have one like you thinking of me when i am not thinking in myself. Great jobb and your parents are so fuc****ing prouuud of you sweety. I want to mention think i noticed that you all have a great emotions. Keep love each other. I am so glad of you i don't know why, but really made my day and made my heart clear. 💜💜♥️♥️💜😍😍😍🤗🤗🤗all the love in this world. God bless you🙏

  5. Ringelsocke

    Ringelsocke13 日 前

    Hi! Your video was in my recommendations. I saw "surprise", "parents", "dream home" and "budget" and thought, I give it a try. Then I read "tight budget and tight timeline, only 2 people, maybe 2,5..." OK, might be paint and new deko. Paint can do wonders and making parents happy is great. But WOW I was wrong! *What???* 😱😱 You did all that with 2,5 pairs of hands in ~4 weeks?? 😲😲😲 *KUDOS* 👍🏻 I wonder if your parents knew that you are doing something to their house or if they were clueless? And the sweetest was your mom standing at the (imaginary) door sill of the dining room, anxious to step in as if it wasn'tn her house. But eager to see everything inside. 😂😊

  6. knoxiwalla

    knoxiwalla14 日 前

    What you did for your parents was amazing. Such beautiful work! You should totally share your Venmo so people can help your parents get the rest of their house redone too! Great job, Emily! Much love. ❤❤

  7. Cynthia Brown

    Cynthia Brown20 分 前

    Beautiful! There is nothing more precious and wonderful then then the ability and opportunity to bring joy to those you love. A gift they will always cherish and remember. Great design as well. As a fellow designer this is truly spot on!

  8. Killa Kat

    Killa Kat56 分 前

    I can't say..... Really speechless. You did an awesome job!

  9. Hassan Mumtaz

    Hassan Mumtaz2 時間 前

    Literally Speechless

  10. K. C.

    K. C.2 時間 前

    Your parents are adorable

  11. emilystapleton1

    emilystapleton12 時間 前

    you gave them the best gift ever; not a new house, but seeing their daughter nail a transformation and know that she has found her vocation, you are inspiring

  12. V Balb

    V Balb2 時間 前

    You did a great job.. Love seeing your parents happy...

  13. fuzedesigninc

    fuzedesigninc2 時間 前

    WOW! Just WOW! All of it! Not only did you create such an impressive transformation, but my favorite part was the obvious love and respect you have for your parents, and their obvious love and pride in you! America needs more of this! More love! I'm so happy for you that this went viral! I'm sure you will have job offers from everywhere, if you don't get an offer for your own show! Well done! Wonderful, wonderful job!!

  14. Laurens Bruyninx

    Laurens Bruyninx5 時間 前

    I love the reaction of your parents

  15. Jessie Elam

    Jessie Elam5 時間 前

    Your parents are so sweet and grateful ! I’m sure they’re so proud to have such a talented and thoughtful daughter! AMAZING TRANSFORMATION!! ❤️

  16. manuela coleridge

    manuela coleridge5 時間 前

    Amazing, Well done!

  17. Dexy83

    Dexy836 時間 前

    Holy crap! You did such am amazing job! Mega talented! Super impressive! You've gained another 🛎 notified sub!. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 PS: My only request for the future remodeling videos, please film the before and afters in the same direction. Not sure if that makes sense, so as an example... When you filmed the living room before you were (mostly) standing in front of the fireplace and circling from that veiw point, but for the reveal you filmed from the hallway. Ugh, not sure how to explain it better. It was hard to keep the vantage point straight. Then again, maybe my eyes/brain connection is wrong. 🤷🏼‍♀️😀

  18. Mariana Giovelli

    Mariana Giovelli6 時間 前

    You are incredibly talented and your parents seem like really sweet people 🥰

  19. Momo Kandinsky

    Momo Kandinsky6 時間 前

    This looks amazing! And Your parents are so sweet🥰

  20. Michele Elehcim

    Michele Elehcim7 時間 前

    You really brought out the beauty of that home! Many cool features there that were hidden under years of clutter(which happens in family homes!) you’re a very sweet daughter

  21. Deborah Fennell

    Deborah Fennell7 時間 前

    The value you've added to their lives. Thy now have time to concentrate on each other. What a blessing to have you and your boyfriend in their lives. Can I attend the wedding. Congregation Dad and Mom!

  22. nanete Fortes

    nanete Fortes8 時間 前

    Nice house 🏡

  23. Sorcha Munro

    Sorcha Munro8 時間 前

    You are super woman!! And your man is so amazing too. Well done that’s such a lovely thing to do 💕🥺x

  24. LBlairK

    LBlairK8 時間 前

    The disclaimers at the beginning made me think there wouldn't be many changes. This transformation is AMAZING!!!

  25. Nur Fatihah Arleena

    Nur Fatihah Arleena9 時間 前

    Hi, I saw your TikTok videos and came here straight after. May Allah bless your kind heart for doing this for your parents. They are blessed and happy and proud to have you as their daughter, I'm sure. The looks on their faces are priceless. I wish oneday I could do something like this for my parents too, inshaa Allah, with Allah's will. I love all your designs and plans, I love all your DIYs. You are so talented. I love to see your relationship with your parents. Thank you for sharing this amazing story with us. I am subscribing to your JPreporter channel and definitely already followed you on TikTok. Sending love and good thoughts and wishes to you and your beloved family. - Arleena, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 💗

  26. Ben Bilge

    Ben Bilge10 時間 前

    This is a lot of effort put into work and it's worth of 3 JPreporter videos (compacted in one). I truly admire your craftsmanship and innovation in turning cheap and unused stuff into brand new nice pieces of furniture. Their reaction was definitely worth it. Keep on going.

  27. Diob2o

    Diob2o11 時間 前

    Their reaction when they seen the bar is so priceless!!!!😭😭🥰

  28. Cookie Squad

    Cookie Squad11 時間 前

    At the end he said : I thought you were just paying walls me : well you got so much more and that’s what you deserve

  29. Lindy Lou

    Lindy Lou12 時間 前

    You have done such an amazing job! 💓

  30. Ellie Gospel

    Ellie Gospel12 時間 前

    this is so wholesome

  31. P duc

    P duc12 時間 前

    This is sooooo amazing I’m so speechless. Talent at its best!!!

  32. Lily Jones

    Lily Jones12 時間 前

    This is stunning, you did amazing

  33. GazCoombesFan1

    GazCoombesFan113 時間 前

    I honestly don't know where to start. You and your boyfriend are so talented and extremely hard working. The before is a typical lived in family home with 10001 memories, but the end result! Mind blowing!!!! It is spectacular. I absolutely love your parents reactions to every room and they thought you were just painting - even better! Well done

  34. Sxm 4

    Sxm 413 時間 前

    Looks so great! Good job. They are so proud of you

  35. debbiemairs

    debbiemairs13 時間 前

    Absolutely amazing transformation and the fact that you did that all with such a small budget is just unreal. Well done! Your parents are the sweetest and it’s so so moving how you’ve given a new breath of life into the family home. You’re a credit to your parents and I hope my children turn out as hard working, kind and talented as you! Loved this video! X

  36. Sasha Westmerland

    Sasha Westmerland13 時間 前

    This is so wholesome

  37. Music Calgary

    Music Calgary15 時間 前

    You could see they weren't ready for so much white but beautiful job, I love your parents. ♥

  38. Clark

    Clark16 時間 前

    Your parents are so cute 🥺

  39. jess

    jess16 時間 前

    I cried throughout the whole video. It was just so sweet to watch. Thank you for sharing with us!! You did incredible!

  40. Glamorous Life Movie inc

    Glamorous Life Movie inc16 時間 前

    This is so heart ❣️ warming 😍💖💗

  41. Rose Hensley

    Rose Hensley16 時間 前

    ❤️❤️ “I had no idea you could do this, I thought you were just painting walls!” Favorite part 🥰💖 such a wonderful daughter to do this for them.

  42. Soniyah Medina

    Soniyah Medina17 時間 前

    I found you on accident throughout TikTok and literally stalked everything. Cause I was amazed and just as involved with your projects like everyone else. I was living for it From the beginning to the end. I think you really need a show. Cause I would have never thought of all the cool things you did to create these beautiful spaces. Hats off to you and your boyfriend or hubby. You guys rocked. And seeing you parents appreciate and share there happy tears was the icing on the cake!!! I can’t wait to the next renovation episode!!!👀👀👀💕💕💯🙌🙌🙌

  43. Raindrops On Roses

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  44. Bethany B.

    Bethany B.18 時間 前

    I'm blown away by your talent! You are an amazing daughter and you deserve every bit of happiness in this world!!!

  45. Josie Radzinski

    Josie Radzinski18 時間 前

    You are truly amazing at what you do!! I cant believe anyone could dislike this video! I was in awe the whole time, you should be so proud of yourself 🤍

  46. Arly Hernandez

    Arly Hernandez19 時間 前

    When he said “i thought you were painting the walls”🥺

  47. l depass

    l depass20 時間 前

    Great job.🤗🤗🤗🤗

  48. Auntie Em

    Auntie Em20 時間 前

    This was wonderful! You are a great daughter!

  49. MeChele' Johnson

    MeChele' Johnson21 時間 前

    awwww... They look so HAPPY!! What a Good Job, LOVED Everything !!

  50. Malene Jensen

    Malene Jensen21 時間 前

    OMG! I LOOOVE what you did to their house. You have done an amazing job! Such a big progress, gift, work... I mean EVERYTHING! I loved the last comment from your dad! 😆 "I thought you were just painting walls!?" 😂

  51. Vids M.

    Vids M.22 時間 前

    Came across your TikTok and here I am now 😆 Loved what you did with your parents house and loved their reaction even more!

  52. shariah mckenzie

    shariah mckenzie22 時間 前

    @emilyrayna I'm very sorry but it seems that I may love your parents more than I love you, I'm very sorry but they stole my heart🥺🥰❤

  53. Isabel

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  54. Kimberly Lambert

    Kimberly Lambert23 時間 前

    Yay for the parents!

  55. Isabel

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  56. Leftand210

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  57. TRASDA 24

    TRASDA 24日 前

    Awwwww, this is so cute❤️❤️❤️❤️ Great job you guys

  58. Sarah Costa

    Sarah Costa日 前

    Aww your parents are so cute!!!!! If you ever get tired of them send them my way ❤️

  59. Becca Thomas

    Becca Thomas日 前

    You’re parents are so precious 🥺❤️

  60. Grace Hick

    Grace Hick日 前

    “ I thought u were just gonna paint the walls” 🤣😂

  61. Emily Perez

    Emily Perez日 前

    What you did for your parents was such a blessing! Thank you for being so kind to them! Both of mine are gone and I only wish I could do something this incredible for them!❤️ Looking forward to seeing more diy projects!! 👏🏼👏🏼😊

  62. Connection of Lives & Interests 2020

    Connection of Lives & Interests 2020日 前

    You're a AWESOME DAUGHTER!!!!

  63. Terri Troutner

    Terri Troutner日 前

    When you live in a house for so long you just get used to the stuff and the look. New is amazing!!

  64. Terri Troutner

    Terri Troutner日 前

    Love nice!!!

  65. Fallon McManus

    Fallon McManus日 前

    Ugh this was so good. Beautiful job. Their reaction is so heartwarming

  66. Baronescu Alexandra

    Baronescu Alexandra日 前

    Lovely I love it so nice ❤❤❤

  67. Ruby Lynn

    Ruby Lynn日 前

    I love this so much. You mentioned a tight budget and I’m curious as to how tight? Like if I wanted this for myself, how much would I need to save? Also would you make videos about how you learned how to do all this in the first place? I have no artistic bone in my body so I’m amazed you can look at a room and know how to make it look good.

  68. Ruby Lynn

    Ruby Lynn日 前

    emilyrayna thank you for responding! What is the most time consuming in terms of the project? Finding materials, prepping materials, or actually installing? I feel like installing but some of the stuff you found I’ve never seen before in person (like the bar stools and the rocking chair) (Also I’m coming from TikTok 😅)

  69. emilyrayna

    emilyrayna日 前

    Hi there! Saving depends on how much you can sell! My parents had a budget of around 1k which is very very tight for a whole home so I pitched in a few hundred of my own and we sold stuff like crazy. I haven’t actually added up all the money of stuff we sold but I’m assuming it would be well over 1k earnings!

  70. The Lone Trekkie

    The Lone Trekkie日 前

    Aww. This makes me sad my parents have passed away. Your folks are clearly very loving people who deserve this (and more!)

  71. emilyrayna

    emilyrayna日 前

    I’m so glad this could help, thank you so much! 💛

  72. Gorden Gecko

    Gorden Gecko日 前

    Very nice job but why isn't your boyfriend in the video?

  73. Gorden Gecko

    Gorden Gecko日 前

    @emilyrayna You make a good team. Good luck with your next project. :)

  74. emilyrayna

    emilyrayna日 前

    Hi there! Dillon was filming the video! We don’t have a fancy camera crew or anything we’re it’s using our iPhones and so he volunteered to film 😊

  75. Jeanne Racer

    Jeanne Racer日 前

    So sweet. Love what you did.

  76. Emily

    Emily日 前

    I love your dad’s reaction the most😂💗💗💗

  77. jen roscoe

    jen roscoe日 前

    Just found you on Tik Tok, how selflessly kind you and your boyf are to do this for your parents (who are the sweetest 😊) the transformation is amazing! You definitely need your own TV show! 😘 sending love from Liverpool, UK 🇬🇧

  78. Nexart

    Nexart日 前

    they are so sweet

  79. Karissa Domin

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  80. music lover

    music lover日 前

    good job ur a great person and wonderful daughter for your parents god bless you

  81. Aldous Powers

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    Thanks for sharing this beautiful video,you are so kind,I love your videos, I purchased the best quality one from replicaclubsru two months ago

  82. megan Robertson

    megan Robertson日 前

    Wow! You truly are talented! What a beautiful thing to do for your parents ! They look so proud and overwhelmed with how much they love all the new spaces! X

  83. Iuliana Dumitru

    Iuliana Dumitru日 前

    You deserve our support because you make an amazing work that inspire us.

  84. MT Serrano

    MT Serrano日 前

    What a sweet thing to do for your parents! I really like how you edited the video to include before during and after, nicely done. ☺️🌻

  85. christine mcloughlin

    christine mcloughlin日 前

    This is so wonderful!! Your parents must be so proud! Did make me laugh when your dad said, “I thought you were just painting walls” bless him, I can picture my dad saying the same! 🤣 you blew them away, what a lovely lovely thing to do for your parents! ❤️

  86. Emily Monks

    Emily Monks日 前

    Wow stunning 😍

  87. ENiLoVE929

    ENiLoVE929日 前

    This is so inspiring! The house looks amazing! Great job!!

  88. Julie H

    Julie H日 前

    Great job!!

  89. Donnie Rockwire Vlogs

    Donnie Rockwire Vlogs日 前

    Modern and Functional and still preserving that "homey" feel. You did well, kid. And your dad was in so much disbelief.

  90. Agustina Kleylein

    Agustina Kleylein日 前

    Oooh you are such a sweet family ❤️

  91. Caiti Tomo

    Caiti Tomo日 前

    Wow amazing job !! Your dad at the end “ I thought you were just painting walls “ 😂😂 well done to you and your man xx

  92. Rahaf Alsahafi

    Rahaf Alsahafi日 前

    Hi tiktok✨✨✨❤️❤️

  93. Puffer Plays

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    Your parents are so wholesome! What you did for them is so very kind!!

  94. Timothy Puvogel

    Timothy Puvogel日 前

    Ok what did u do? Buy a new house? Lol looks beautiful

  95. Dinah Reyes

    Dinah Reyes日 前

    You did a beautiful job!

  96. d.lanoche

    d.lanoche日 前

    In your tiktok account you keep saying you weren't able to finish renovating your home in a month, but GIRL the amount of work you did in one month is phenomenal! Here I've been trying to paint my porch for a week 😫. And your parents look so happy!!! I cant wait to see how you complete the rest of your home. Congrats for a job well done 👏

  97. Chevygirl12

    Chevygirl12日 前

    Omg your parents are so adorable! You did amazing work!

  98. mellojane

    mellojane日 前

    So amazing this video made me cry. Especially in a time when so many of us find ourselves at home for much longer than we're used to, your parents will SO enjoy this new space

  99. Ninja ni YansTv

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    Wow amazing renovation a big defference than before good job and god bless

  100. NoctunaMoon

    NoctunaMoon2 日 前

    I just love the constant state of shock and amazement. They're so proud.

  101. fouzia Chaudhary

    fouzia Chaudhary2 日 前

    Omg their reaction is priceless.

  102. Ness0405

    Ness04052 日 前

    That is the sweetest thing I have ever seen in ages !!! You guys are so touching my god I wanted to cry with your mum 😩😩😩! I can not imagine how hard it was to do all of this work ! It turns out so great !!!! Your parents must be so proud of you ! I wish I’ll have a daughter as grateful and respectful as you !!! You guys are so touching ! And hats down again for the work !!!👏👏👏

  103. Lídia Miranda

    Lídia Miranda2 日 前

    Both of them are so happy!!! Your father was so proud of you!

  104. Sof

    Sof2 日 前

    I almost cried watching this ❤️🥺

  105. Corkica

    Corkica2 日 前

    Your parents are such kind and good people and of course they raised such a good daughter. I see that there is a lot of love between you and it is love that builds and beautifies spaces and lives. You are a wonderful person.

  106. Zara Blue

    Zara Blue2 日 前

    You are very talented! Such a lovely video☺️

  107. Jim Allmon

    Jim Allmon2 日 前

    This brought tears to my eyes. You did good, kid!

  108. April Maberry

    April Maberry2 日 前

    Awww, sweet to watch, beautiful work, and what a wonderful family!

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