1. THIS IS L&S

    THIS IS L&S28 日 前


  2. Xitlaly Figueroa

    Xitlaly Figueroa23 日 前

    London my birthday is also sep 26 ily Gus #LSGANG

  3. Sandip Kaur

    Sandip Kaur23 日 前

    But I don’t love you I love the Ace famiy

  4. Sandip Kaur

    Sandip Kaur23 日 前

    You guys are cool

  5. Kaili Miller

    Kaili Miller26 日 前

    THIS IS L&S did you ever do a telling austin and catherine video?

  6. Antika Juneja

    Antika Juneja26 日 前


  7. Aleson Coleman

    Aleson Coleman14 時間 前

    I've really been wondering whether or not Landon and Ryan are friends or even talk to each other.

  8. Aleson Coleman

    Aleson Coleman14 時間 前

    Guys, they didnt film telling Austin and Catherine about the pregnancy because they were busy. They obviouly know now and they congratulated Landon & Shyla already.

  9. Jayla Mirella

    Jayla Mirella18 時間 前

    Team girl

  10. Gail Carter

    Gail Carter4 日 前

    Team twins

  11. Dog Mom of 4

    Dog Mom of 45 日 前

    i don’t get a good vibe from Shyla

  12. L.B Dubz World

    L.B Dubz World5 日 前

    Lol Austin’s fav color is orange jus like Dream lol I think it’s a girl but since u dis test early and was a strong positive I’m team twins

  13. Cheyenne Renné

    Cheyenne Renné7 日 前

    I love both of you and baby #1 im team boy but if its a girl then yay as well.

  14. met taura

    met taura8 日 前

    Lol I forgot for a minute that they were brothers, don't know why😂

  15. Orlando Figueroa

    Orlando Figueroa9 日 前

    I love how Shyla got out of the store like a bad bitch and them balloons made it better .!

  16. Mahlina Mccoy

    Mahlina Mccoy9 日 前

    I thought we were gonan. See austins reaction

  17. Amy Hodson-Commer

    Amy Hodson-Commer12 日 前

    Wait.... Austin and Catherine aren't in the video.... YET AGAIN

  18. Simone Hollie

    Simone Hollie12 日 前

    Team girl

  19. Unicorn poop

    Unicorn poop13 日 前

    I agree 100% team heathy baby

  20. Janelle Ortega

    Janelle Ortega15 日 前

    # team girl 👧🍼🎀🎊🎉❤️💜💞💓💗❣️💖💕💘💝♥️

  21. Mkhia Davis

    Mkhia Davis15 日 前

    what if ACE family and Landon and shyla have a wedding and a baby shower or gender reveal together!.

  22. ghitakristensen

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  23. ghitakristensen

    ghitakristensen17 日 前


  24. ghitakristensen

    ghitakristensen17 日 前


  25. ghitakristensen

    ghitakristensen17 日 前

    My comment got deleted lol you have too much time on your hands. TOO MANY ADDS

  26. Myrna Almeyda

    Myrna Almeyda17 日 前

    I think girl😘

  27. Sayre Briele

    Sayre Briele19 日 前

    Team twins 👣🎀🛍🏈🏀

  28. Dariana Muñoz

    Dariana Muñoz19 日 前

    you guys are so nice💕

  29. kriti shah

    kriti shah20 日 前

    BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the whole video was about them buying balloons. Wow what a surprise! You guys are so lame. I can't believe i spent time watching this. NEVER AGAIN!!!!!

  30. Ana Arciga

    Ana Arciga20 日 前

    She’s having a boy forsure 💙

  31. Asma Aftab

    Asma Aftab20 日 前

    Can we see Austin and Catherine’s reaction

  32. kymberly diaz

    kymberly diaz21 日 前

    what happened to the video of the ace family reacting to the pregnancy? I recall Landon saying he was going to post it.

  33. Gen Ross7

    Gen Ross721 日 前

    Your such a humble and loving person like your father! Austin not as much humble but that was very thoughtful of you to do for him

  34. kriti shah

    kriti shah19 日 前

    @Gen Ross7 ik thats why i'm pissed off. they clickbaited me,. I came here only for austin not these 2 wannabe copycats

  35. Gen Ross7

    Gen Ross719 日 前

    kriti shah lol you just got them paid 😂

  36. kriti shah

    kriti shah20 日 前

    Yeah buying balloons for a clickbait video is soooooo thoughtful. They get paid for boring content like this... I just dont get it. Never watching and giving them any more views again

  37. Elafraa Merci

    Elafraa Merci21 日 前

    It really breaks my heart to see that landan is constantly trying to be in his brother’s life but his brother couldn’t care less 💔💔💔 obviously there is drama between Catherine and shyla 🤦🏻‍♀️

  38. kriti shah

    kriti shah20 日 前

    how? Landon just uses ace family and elle for clickbait. Thats the real reason ace family dont care about them. In this video they conveniently go to austins home when he isnt there and then put austin in the thumbnail as clickbait. Same goes for the next video mentioning ELLE. L&S are boring and have no original content. Thats usually the case with copycats. I just dont get why they get paid for such boring content. They have no personality. And lol Shyla should not be competing with catherine. Shyla is leagues behind


    CUTIE PIE21 日 前

    Landon and shyla you guys are the best power couple I know deep down in my heart you guys are going to be an amazing parents can't wait to meet the newest edition to the Mcbroom family the baby God is good and I know everything is going to be amazingly good this journey of becoming new parents is amazing shyla enjoyed every single moment of your pregnancy my deepest love to you Landon and shyla forever an L&S gang 👶🏻🙏🏻❤❤❤

  40. Mommy092012 Padilla

    Mommy092012 Padilla21 日 前

    It's a girl but hopefully for boy

  41. Natalie Villalobos

    Natalie Villalobos21 日 前

    Y’all brotherly love is amazing 💕

  42. Yosh Guti

    Yosh Guti22 日 前

    Landon is so ugly I seriously don’t know how he got shyla lol

  43. Myriam Mahouk

    Myriam Mahouk22 日 前

    Her highlighter 💁 4.45

  44. Miss Mismagious

    Miss Mismagious22 日 前

    I've Watched This Video A Week Ago?, Who Else?

  45. Madeline Brezonick

    Madeline Brezonick23 日 前

    I have to go have a heart procedure done in about a month (I am 13). I would love to be wearing some L and S mercy when I leave the hospital! Love you guys💕

  46. shanii cheerqveen

    shanii cheerqveen23 日 前

    Team boy

  47. Ezmariah, Ariel,Angela

    Ezmariah, Ariel,Angela23 日 前




    The grind don’t stop show love 💯💪🏾 👇🏾

  49. kimmys videos

    kimmys videos23 日 前

    For some reason I’m team blue I just have a feeling.(ps.I LOVE YOU GUYS SOOO MUCH AND I subbed and pushed that post notifications and follow y’all on everything

  50. Merissa Newman

    Merissa Newman23 日 前

    team boiiiiii

  51. Diana Dominguez

    Diana Dominguez23 日 前

    Im both after all of the hype about you two possibly having twins. If I had to choose boy

  52. Gustavo Castillo

    Gustavo Castillo23 日 前

  53. Daisy Delacruz

    Daisy Delacruz23 日 前

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  54. lupe life

    lupe life23 日 前

    when you guys posting the reaction of 😒Austin like. We waiting 😂😭

  55. Maya

    Maya23 日 前

    Team boy

  56. Bella M

    Bella M23 日 前

    It’s a girl 👧

  57. Stephfany Gonzalez

    Stephfany Gonzalez23 日 前

    Team both boy and girl ❤️

  58. HN gaming

    HN gaming24 日 前

    Can’t wait for the babyyy ❤️❤️❤️

  59. Tiffany Whitehead

    Tiffany Whitehead24 日 前

    #teamboy 💙💙

  60. MLJ Family

    MLJ Family24 日 前

    Happy Birthday 🎂

  61. Deb White

    Deb White24 日 前

    Team boy! Austin has the girls so you need a boy.




  63. Jazell Smith

    Jazell Smith24 日 前

    You guys will be as good parents as you guys are a couple...I pray for you and the Ace family everyday (NO JOKE!) Love you guys and I wish you guys the best of luck with your child or children.

  64. Vanessa Barrientos

    Vanessa Barrientos24 日 前

    Highly doubt yall having twins. I say team boy!!💙

  65. Shaun Bartholomew

    Shaun Bartholomew24 日 前

    Team girl

  66. V, Love & Crystals

    V, Love & Crystals24 日 前

    That was nice of you to surprise your bro.

  67. Alazay's Journey

    Alazay's Journey24 日 前

    I cant wait I love yall I am team twins yall are going to be wonderful parents

  68. Official_jordyn 200

    Official_jordyn 20025 日 前

    You guys should do gender reveal 😩❤️

  69. Alyson Sillva

    Alyson Sillva25 日 前

    It’s off topic but still hella hyped for the little baby on the way!🥺💙

  70. silver molina

    silver molina25 日 前

    What's the song at the end ?

  71. Thatgirltatii

    Thatgirltatii25 日 前

    love you guys❤️

  72. Mary Menges

    Mary Menges25 日 前

    👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 👀 I mean...

  73. õ k ü r è d î t ż

    õ k ü r è d î t ż25 日 前

    WHOEVER IS READING YOUR BEAUTIFUL😊❤I'm a small youtuber btw

  74. K.SHORT Family

    K.SHORT Family25 日 前

    I thought Austin would be in the video 🙄

  75. ana Garza

    ana Garza25 日 前


  76. Sinead Simon

    Sinead Simon25 日 前

    Why haven't you posted their reaction?

  77. منو عات

    منو عات25 日 前

    Stop copying Ace fam damn it

  78. Mason Weakley

    Mason Weakley25 日 前

    I feel ya cause Thursday I barfed 10 times and 8 times was just straight bio/acid from my stomach😪😬

  79. D C

    D C25 日 前

    When are we getting Austin’s reaction video?

  80. Beatriz Ramirez

    Beatriz Ramirez25 日 前

    Clickbait asf!!!!! 🙄🙄🙄🙄

  81. Kyrah Jones

    Kyrah Jones25 日 前

    Team boyyyy----->

  82. Marielena Deleon

    Marielena Deleon25 日 前

    Team girl

  83. Ariana Espinoza

    Ariana Espinoza26 日 前

    Is it just me or do they seem more real than the ace fam

  84. casey louise

    casey louise26 日 前

    Ugh click bait, I thought Austin was actually going to be in the video

  85. em bfb

    em bfb26 日 前

    He needs major dental work

  86. makaylah Bertie

    makaylah Bertie26 日 前

    I’m happy for you two

  87. Iva Trkeš

    Iva Trkeš26 日 前

    Team both

  88. Aesthetic Kylie.

    Aesthetic Kylie.26 日 前


  89. Cousins 4 LIFE

    Cousins 4 LIFE26 日 前

    Team boy

  90. Renell Arrindell

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  91. tasnim anika

    tasnim anika26 日 前

    Shyla is looking so pretty

  92. tasnim anika

    tasnim anika26 日 前

    Catherine & Austin don't want to be at his channel lol.

  93. Athena green

    Athena green26 日 前

    Do a gender reveal

  94. Brandy Weaver

    Brandy Weaver26 日 前

    Where is the video of you guys telling Austin you’re pregnant?!

  95. Karla Arriaga Lara

    Karla Arriaga Lara26 日 前

    I laughed too hard when the balloon hit Landon's face 😂

  96. Aleida Arreaga

    Aleida Arreaga26 日 前

  97. Guicho Campos

    Guicho Campos26 日 前

    You think la weather it’s bipolar, wait till y’all come to Houston 🤦🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️😂😂

  98. Cecilia Rdz

    Cecilia Rdz18 日 前


  99. Kayla Rodriguez

    Kayla Rodriguez26 日 前

    Why the intro gotta be so long?

  100. Emily V

    Emily V26 日 前

    wow...what a surprise.

  101. Slime Gamers

    Slime Gamers26 日 前


  102. Jax alba

    Jax alba26 日 前

    Wasted time didn’t see Austin

  103. Lindsay •

    Lindsay •26 日 前


  104. Samira Khavani

    Samira Khavani26 日 前

    This is the same party city that i go to..they like ace family are my neighbors :)

  105. Angelina Garcia

    Angelina Garcia26 日 前


  106. Kimberly Godoy

    Kimberly Godoy25 日 前

    Angelina Garcia they mentioned in a video that they didn’t film it

  107. John Wick

    John Wick26 日 前

    Shyla it's John wick 2

  108. Krei Yotin

    Krei Yotin26 日 前


  109. Wileshka Nieves

    Wileshka Nieves26 日 前

    #TeamBoyyyyy 🥰🥰🥰💙💙

  110. Bronte D

    Bronte D26 日 前

    Twin boys

  111. Rosslyn love Vlogs

    Rosslyn love Vlogs26 日 前

    I feel Austin makes the girls and Landon’s gonna make the boys