1. Manal

    Manal23 時間 前

    Lol he made me cry congrats for the car good job for getting it to hem was awesome gift

  2. Tatti Coco

    Tatti Coco日 前

    This is so sweeeet

  3. Zafir Siddiqui

    Zafir Siddiqui日 前

    If I get a key chain for free I wouldn’t give that to anyone He got a fucking Lamborghini and gave it away

  4. J Solis

    J Solis日 前

    2:27 no no no no no Can I sit in it?

  5. Gold Da Best

    Gold Da Best日 前

    It’s funny that David didn’t tell them he bought it

  6. ImShook B

    ImShook B日 前

    Best outro ever

  7. Natalia15xx

    Natalia15xx日 前

    100% the best surprise video!

  8. Shelby Dively

    Shelby Dively2 日 前


  9. dxrrieñ

    dxrrieñ2 日 前

    Day 1 of waiting for David to get me my Tesla model 3 white exterior w/ white interior

  10. S_samuel_b Insta

    S_samuel_b Insta2 日 前

    No one Still no one Heath : I DONT EVER WANNA GET OUT OF IT AHHHHHHHH 4:17

  11. Code AjGANG_

    Code AjGANG_2 日 前

    Damn Tears drop

  12. Surprised Pikachu

    Surprised Pikachu2 日 前

    When he said "My best friend brought me a lambo" hahah he might be so lit inside.

  13. Lord Boss

    Lord Boss2 日 前

    When your wondering where all the money ea scams you for goes to Giving JPreporter’s Lamborghinis

  14. Rafael Calmon

    Rafael Calmon2 日 前

    The best friend ever

  15. Sweetie Pie Roblox

    Sweetie Pie Roblox2 日 前

    David: *Gives car away* Everyone else:can i have it pls

  16. britneyyy_

    britneyyy_3 日 前

    Mariah was so happy for Heathh my heart melted 🥺

  17. Maria guadalupe Gomez

    Maria guadalupe Gomez3 日 前

    At least david isnt like jake paul Remember when jake paul pranked logan on his birthday

  18. Emma Grady

    Emma Grady3 日 前

    4:18 why is that me like whenever I am super hyped I will run outside and scream fr tho

  19. Emma Grady

    Emma Grady3 日 前

    awwww i almost cried tbh

  20. 43pence

    43pence3 日 前

    That scream. 😄

  21. Maslamah Said

    Maslamah Said3 日 前

    every of his is 4 mi

  22. Mr. HorsemAn

    Mr. HorsemAn3 日 前

    Heaths friends who said he’ll never be nothing:😔😔

  23. Lily

    Lily4 日 前

    David truly and unconditionally loves his friends and family and the people close to him This made me just- in shock and speechless of how much he's done in the past years and just so happy for him DX

  24. Nikolina Minkov

    Nikolina Minkov4 日 前

    So sweet i love them all

  25. zack L

    zack L4 日 前

    taxes:Allow me to introduce myself!

  26. ryleigh wohlers

    ryleigh wohlers4 日 前

    every time I watch this video I start crying the same time heath does

  27. IcyFri

    IcyFri4 日 前

    I keep rewatching this because his reaction was so Good

  28. Samuel Ayala

    Samuel Ayala4 日 前

    What jimmy fallon should’ve shown

  29. Victor Jasso

    Victor Jasso4 日 前

    "Awww the dreamers are so bad." Good for you my man. Give em hell.

  30. Downey Plz

    Downey Plz4 日 前

    Not a 10 min clickbait video. this was to the point, no BS. You are the only vlogger I will ever sub to.

  31. Elizabeth Win

    Elizabeth Win4 日 前

    Jeff’s reaction is 100% all of our reactions. Lmao

  32. Emiliano Gonzalez

    Emiliano Gonzalez5 日 前

    In the end he screams like a girl lol

  33. HARSHER 337

    HARSHER 3375 日 前

    David got a lambo for his best friend.. Something jake paul couldnt do for his brother and did a f*ing prank

  34. Ziko Bsbdbd

    Ziko Bsbdbd5 日 前


  35. Sanly Liuu

    Sanly Liuu5 日 前

    this is wholesome

  36. BennoJames

    BennoJames5 日 前

    Song at 0:43?

  37. Bilbo Trappins

    Bilbo Trappins5 日 前

    I’ve watched this about 89 times EXACTLY & i still cried 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 David thank so much for making everyone feel what heath felt with every video 😭💯💯💯💯

  38. Sir Clinkzzz

    Sir Clinkzzz5 日 前

    David is so amazing! He's my inspiration!

  39. Kaylee Marceau

    Kaylee Marceau5 日 前


  40. Binks&Dilly1210

    Binks&Dilly12105 日 前

    He deserves it!♥️

  41. Benji Foyah Music

    Benji Foyah Music5 日 前

    David you fucking Legend brooo! God bless your heart😎

  42. Vital Line

    Vital Line5 日 前

    This is my fav video no lie

  43. Cinder

    Cinder5 日 前

    Everyone: David you bought him a car?! David: Yeah! *EA has left the chat*

  44. Arvicted

    Arvicted5 日 前

    Always stay with ur friends in the long run it’s worth it

  45. Mennaman

    Mennaman5 日 前

    Every single emotion in one person

  46. Wilens Galette

    Wilens Galette6 日 前

    I always wonder when someone gets gifted cars and shit, like how do they pay for the gas if they couldn’t afford the car? Lol

  47. Samuel Oreland

    Samuel Oreland6 日 前

    Give Jeff a car

  48. Tarek Shokry

    Tarek Shokry6 日 前

    he got the money back from this video xD

  49. Rosie Smith

    Rosie Smith6 日 前

    awh this adorable ya’ll! I wish ya’ll the best and I’m sending all my love!! ya’ll are so kind and sweet!!! love this so much and i hope ya’ll are doing well!!!! this is just amazing ya’ll are the absolute best!!!!! GOD BLESS!!!!!! 👑💓🥺🙌🏻👏🏼🙏👑💓🥺🙌🏻👏🏼🙏

  50. Uvindu Imash

    Uvindu Imash6 日 前

    Bro, seriously, this is my favorite video on the internet right now!

  51. BEBE

    BEBE6 日 前

    his favorite car was a gtr?

  52. Kram Iramoj

    Kram Iramoj6 日 前

    Yawa sana all!

  53. PitViper 2889

    PitViper 28896 日 前

    “I’m now partnering with EA and they gave me some business advise so now if you wanna watch the rest of this and any others vlog you have to pay $4.99”

  54. Camila Capunay

    Camila Capunay6 日 前

    I love the song at the end of every surprise he gives

  55. Mia Yahnke

    Mia Yahnke7 日 前

    I feel that scream at the end so hard

  56. Ohh yeah Yeah yeah

    Ohh yeah Yeah yeah7 日 前

    Imagine when he started crying he said it was a prank

  57. Kabir Milind

    Kabir Milind7 日 前

    This is wholesome

  58. Liva Pedersen

    Liva Pedersen7 日 前

    David really is rich, David I have 10$ as well, can we be friends yet

  59. Bk Takover

    Bk Takover7 日 前

    Jeff is hilarious lmaoo

  60. Marni Kramer

    Marni Kramer7 日 前

    Heaths reaction actually made me cry. God fucking dammit David 😭😂😂