Surprising Best Friend with a New Tesla!


  1. Danny Duncan

    Danny Duncanヶ月 前

    Big thanks to Chris Chann obviously for helping me all those times and thank you to everyone else who believed in me and made this video possible. Shit like this makes me very happy so I’m glad I’m able to do it ❤️ also thanks for sponsoring the video

  2. Luvinassh_ XD

    Luvinassh_ XD日 前

    For the win 💪🏿

  3. Jacob Runion

    Jacob Runion26 日 前

    How did the car fit in the car

  4. Avery Farley

    Avery Farleyヶ月 前

    Wheres the new viddd

  5. justin samson

    justin samsonヶ月 前

    luv u Gary

  6. Demon Zipp

    Demon Zipp6 時間 前

    Seeing him cry for the first time is crazy. Came a long way bro. Keep up the great work homie

  7. Geordie

    Geordie6 時間 前

    Was just crying from laughter from a previous video of his, now I'm actually crying

  8. Jovan Jovicic

    Jovan Jovicic16 時間 前


  9. Rolling Sundaze

    Rolling Sundaze18 時間 前

    This melted my fcking heart😢😂

  10. goldokillz

    goldokillz19 時間 前

    bro who tf is cuttin onions 😭

  11. Tyler Purvis

    Tyler Purvis日 前

    Love you ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  12. LH Instrumentals

    LH Instrumentals日 前

    I hope I can do this for the close ones who believe in me one day, powerful video Danny

  13. turtle bay

    turtle bay日 前

    beautiful story man

  14. Atticussy

    Atticussy2 日 前

    That shits wholesome asf

  15. Lucas Rodriguez

    Lucas Rodriguez2 日 前

    That's sweet Danny💖

  16. Lucas Rodriguez

    Lucas Rodriguez2 日 前

    Its okay danny

  17. Thomasina Rauhauser

    Thomasina Rauhauser2 日 前

    DAviD DObRiK

  18. Haley Devore

    Haley Devore2 日 前

    Bru whoever unliked this you don’t deserve to be on this planet

  19. Sbigrox

    Sbigrox2 日 前

    Please tell me u got tesla to sponsor the vid😂😂rev would b crXu

  20. Sbigrox

    Sbigrox2 日 前


  21. Peyton Kipp

    Peyton Kipp3 日 前

    thought this was another david dobrik video LOL

  22. Melissa Jade

    Melissa Jade3 日 前


  23. Mr. Nature

    Mr. Nature3 日 前

    I remember when Chris started posting Danny Duncan. Damn I remember being one of Chris’s first viewers with the other philipino guy and skits they made😂

  24. Robert Kidwell

    Robert Kidwell3 日 前

    I’m pretty cold. Also 😭. I need friends.

  25. Jayup

    Jayup3 日 前

    Good shit Danny. Just recently bought my first car with money I saved myself working my minimum wage job. Payed $2975

  26. Rob Pong

    Rob Pong3 日 前

    this is the sweetest video

  27. namcox40

    namcox403 日 前

    Man i still remember that video when danny fell off the bridge trying to 50-50 grind. Its fkin epic to see him come up and succeed. Bless up

  28. Carter Curtis

    Carter Curtis3 日 前

    Your the best Danny

  29. 2702

    27024 日 前

    This video should be renamed: The meaning of life

  30. A YouTube guy

    A YouTube guy4 日 前

    bros for life.

  31. MW

    MW4 日 前

    This warmed my heart so fucking much. This is friendship man, hope I find a friend like this one day. Always believe in your boys

  32. Fred Zeppelin

    Fred Zeppelin4 日 前

    Damn it would be kind of hard to accept a gift like that I feel like, wholesome video.

  33. Zahn Conrick

    Zahn Conrick4 日 前

    Good to see Chris and Danny in a video together again like the good old days

  34. chanock1976

    chanock19764 日 前

    😣😰🥺 Make me cry dude!!!!! Those are really friends

  35. Nats Catalla

    Nats Catalla4 日 前

    Damn.. I had goosebumps

  36. YT LittleTrees84

    YT LittleTrees844 日 前

    Why Danny on the casting couch?

  37. Im Cole

    Im Cole4 日 前


  38. Lucas Yost

    Lucas Yost4 日 前

    Anyone scrolling down the comments when watching the vid Love u Danny

  39. 5 日 前

    Same because I don’t have any subscribers

  40. noah thinn

    noah thinn5 日 前

    Respect the Struggle

  41. Frontyer

    Frontyer6 日 前

    I subscribed to you at well under 50k subs. I remember the prank videos, fuckaround friday was great aswell.

  42. iwizzard gaming

    iwizzard gaming6 日 前

    This inspired me so much. Thanks Danny

  43. ツSus Kxy

    ツSus Kxy7 日 前

    Seeing someone so brave and confident crying makes me cry

  44. young gangsta

    young gangsta7 日 前

    I want to be like you when I grow up

  45. Sebastion CONADIS

    Sebastion CONADIS8 日 前

    seeing Danny cry wants to make me cry.

  46. Sebastion CONADIS

    Sebastion CONADIS8 日 前

    good investment Chris.

  47. Finley James

    Finley James8 日 前

    Jeez he cried is it Danny ?

  48. LivingLikeJay

    LivingLikeJay8 日 前

    Dude you’ve never told us any of this stuff. Listen Danny, never forget this. We all support you through whatever you go through. We love you. We are your family. ❤️❤️❤️

  49. A Poptart

    A Poptart8 日 前

    Worse David Dobrik? Try more edgy and funny.

  50. Christian

    Christian8 日 前

    Does anyone know where Chris got that shirt?

  51. Josway

    Josway8 日 前

    This dude jokes so much that i domt even know if hes fake crying



    The first few minutes are very touching

  53. emma hopper

    emma hopper8 日 前

    danny i love you sm!! your actually so sweet and a huge inspiration❤️

  54. SlotDrop Marc

    SlotDrop Marc8 日 前

    Does anyone have a connection at Tesla? My S has been in the shop, no joke, for over 9 months. I was involved in an accident, and they keep telling me "parts are on back-order." I get the run around from the shop and Tesla. Ive been driving a loaner car that Tesla, which is NOT a Tesla, and its ridiculous.



    Just made a video with danny in Santa cruz on my channel ❤

  56. Matthew Sehon

    Matthew Sehon9 日 前

    Fuck man your an inspiration you got so many people looking up to you including myself I appreciate you

  57. Taylor Tanos

    Taylor Tanos10 日 前

    When are you going to buy Aaron a car

  58. 1nvestNow

    1nvestNow11 日 前

    hope to ever meet a friend like him

  59. SLKY

    SLKY11 日 前


  60. julian ly

    julian ly12 日 前

    Have they distanced a lot


    FΛNTΛSY12 日 前

    Wholesome. Ur the best

  62. MineMansMellowVids

    MineMansMellowVids12 日 前

    I wish he just got Chris the same car Chris got Danny 4 years ago lmao imagine

  63. Chloe Mote

    Chloe Mote12 日 前

    lafayette indiana?

  64. MR SMURF 001

    MR SMURF 00112 日 前

    Fuk that's crazy man, been watching your videos scince I was 13 and yesterday was my 13tg birthday nah jk but I'm 17 now love your videos so much can't wait for your 3 mil special 😄😄 keep it up man

  65. GoDux26

    GoDux2613 日 前

    That couch looks familiar...