SuperM : The Story of 'Jopping'

  • 2019/10/25
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  1. Violet Daisy

    Violet Daisy39 分 前

    *BAEKHYUN look SO much like Taehyung kim* at 7:34 !!!! and then at 7:42 *he looks like that meme* with the black gay raising his hand like "what?" ya'll know which one i mean? xD

  2. Violet Daisy

    Violet Daisy50 分 前

    7:36 hahaa baekhyun being confused and CUTE xD

  3. Jada _Angeli

    Jada _Angeli13 時間 前

    21:27 YES

  4. Leovii Permata ayida

    Leovii Permata ayida22 時間 前

    🍇 :"V

  5. Kryshon Johnson

    Kryshon Johnson23 時間 前

    The way ten crawled at 17:00 was so cute!!!!

  6. Tops BB

    Tops BB日 前

    Still wowed. How much money did SM spend just for an MV? Dangggg

  7. Zeitwort

    Zeitwort2 日 前

    11:45 omg I‘m crying Jongin is so cute😭

  8. Taeya speer 👺

    Taeya speer 👺2 日 前

    take a shot every time mark says “like”

  9. Yasumin Samranpong

    Yasumin Samranpong2 日 前

    Lucas at 16.50 be deadass checking himself out from the camera

  10. Cheyenne Dawn

    Cheyenne Dawn2 日 前

    kai looks so sexy in the helicopter scene jesus christ

  11. cloudy 61

    cloudy 613 日 前

    22:42 HABIBI NUMBER ONE😂😭😭

  12. rose_hung 808

    rose_hung 8083 日 前

    Taemin is like a mix of Kai and Ten. I'm sorry but I live in Hawaii.

  13. nct dream as a fixed units

    nct dream as a fixed units3 日 前

    not even a single soul speaks about mark english in the beggining like yeah I know he often speak in english but everytime I hear him spek in english my heart just melted

  14. nct's grass field

    nct's grass field4 日 前

    Me: No one: Taeyong: I'm actually in the middle of a desert... *I feel like Aladdin would show up* oml this boy- Mark's reaction was literally me xD

  15. D Brnl

    D Brnl4 日 前

    How I wish to be a motorcycle right now..... 24:01. Sorry not sorry.

  16. Елена Кирбай

    Елена Кирбай5 日 前


  17. Timmy Grace

    Timmy Grace5 日 前

    *IF EXO Chen and Kim Soo Hyun would have sibling, it would be NCT Mark. The three had semblance.* 😊

  18. Victoria Postmus

    Victoria Postmus5 日 前

    11:44 omo omo omo the little scrunchy face omomomomomo

  19. Bhunga Aulia

    Bhunga Aulia5 日 前

    I want to be a makeup artist of them:(

  20. Sam Oli

    Sam Oli6 日 前

    Sooman is always around superm, I wonder if he’s that way with his other groups too, I don’t think so

  21. Anna Howell

    Anna Howell7 日 前

    I enjoyed the Ocean's Eleven reference Mark

  22. • nicole

    • nicole7 日 前

    Baby Baekhyun

  23. Zia

    Zia8 日 前

    I miss SuperM--

  24. dominique thenosyreader

    dominique thenosyreader8 日 前

    hearing destiny child in the background had my american heart swoon like yasss

  25. NataPhantomhive

    NataPhantomhive9 日 前

    Sorry but Ten is such a beautiful human being.

  26. i stoled Jimin’s jams

    i stoled Jimin’s jams9 日 前

    *i can’t believe mark actually finished a sentence.*

  27. ; mikrokosmos

    ; mikrokosmos9 日 前

    idky but i skipped almost all scenes cuz i just moved from dubai how unlucky can i be

  28. Trien Hoang

    Trien Hoang9 日 前

    lucas lucas lucas

  29. Pixelated Hyp

    Pixelated Hyp10 日 前

    is mark from cali bc he keeps saying like _

  30. Alanoudjk

    Alanoudjk10 日 前

    بسم الله توني ادري انهم بدبي صورو بالبدايه شكيت بعدين قلت لا يمه 😂😂

  31. جيمين bts لوهان exo

    جيمين bts لوهان exo10 日 前

    Taemin oppa😍😍😍😍

  32. Amelia Transmedia

    Amelia Transmedia10 日 前

    Fighting oppa KAI 🌹🌹🌹

  33. Mister Sfinks

    Mister Sfinks10 日 前

    Бляха муха, а можно субтитры на русском???

  34. Ann Jung

    Ann Jung10 日 前

    JYP could never afford this lol

  35. Naimah Ahmed

    Naimah Ahmed11 日 前

    The fact that SUPER M didn't give up shooting or cancelling even a minute of shooting in the hot weather I'd Dubai truly amazes me like it's so hot people tend to get heat strokes and I know how hot it is since I live here like damn u guys rock! 🔥 👍

  36. Naimah Ahmed

    Naimah Ahmed11 日 前

    SUPER M: to the left to the right Airplane: (flies from left to right)

  37. namari

    namari12 日 前

    Ten sooo beautiful

  38. 호비호비

    호비호비12 日 前

    wish i could know the stylist's name at 24:35.

  39. Tatiana Gómez

    Tatiana Gómez12 日 前

    Is excellent, what a good job, I love

  40. Ashleigh Chadwick

    Ashleigh Chadwick13 日 前

    Am I the only one who was shocked at how fast baekhyun was texting like at one point at 18:40 he was using 3 fingers to text 😅