SuperM : The Story of 'Jopping'


  1. Nataliya Shuvaeva

    Nataliya Shuvaeva22 時間 前


  2. Mraj_05 Vasu

    Mraj_05 Vasu2 日 前

    I really appreciate how the staff and members work hard to give the bestin MV SuperM...

  3. الـحلــوههه !

    الـحلــوههه !2 日 前

    first of all wow second of all you feel this strange wonderful feelings that you're favorite group or idol goes to the country you live or you are from I am so happy that you guys came to Dubai arab fan

  4. Naca Yasinta

    Naca Yasinta2 日 前

    17:01 ten sorry but you look sooooooooo SEXY!!

  5. mulan pradhita

    mulan pradhita3 日 前


  6. Nownumber Five

    Nownumber Five3 日 前

    The fact that they were ten minutes away from my neighborhood😭😭

  7. Nownumber Five

    Nownumber Five3 日 前

    حياكم ❤️

  8. Mireya Gonzalez

    Mireya Gonzalez4 日 前

    I love how when they yell cut their expressions change so quickly. They begin by being cool and hot to silly and cute haha❤

  9. my wa

    my wa5 日 前 vote for superm

  10. Naila Cherin

    Naila Cherin5 日 前

    please activate Indonesian subtitles

  11. Dream_ Swe

    Dream_ Swe5 日 前

    Due to hot weather Kai : We young..we can endure it also Kai : i think we have to cancel the shoot LMAO😂😂

  12. pReSiDeNt LeLe ChEnLe

    pReSiDeNt LeLe ChEnLe5 日 前

    1:53 omg, i think this is bambam lol😂

  13. Ricci Marasigan

    Ricci Marasigan5 日 前

    Sana all taga Dubai boset

  14. trackk ty

    trackk ty6 日 前


  15. Sabriinaa Fy

    Sabriinaa Fy6 日 前

    Knp ditutupin taeyong🤣

  16. Maine Robbins

    Maine Robbins6 日 前

    mark lee

  17. Boy Carralos

    Boy Carralos6 日 前


  18. When Jungkook Was a baby

    When Jungkook Was a baby7 日 前

    If I had dollar everytime Mark said the word like....

  19. Elisabeth Henssler

    Elisabeth Henssler7 日 前

    Also credits to all of the team behind the scene like the amount of work everyone put in is astounding

  20. Elisabeth Henssler

    Elisabeth Henssler7 日 前

    They're all just so unique and powerful like damn what a supergroup. Also Baekhyun's vocals???? whaaattt????

  21. Elisabeth Henssler

    Elisabeth Henssler7 日 前


  22. dancingKathy

    dancingKathy8 日 前

    I still can’t believe I just watched a 33:08 minute video of superm Time to stream

  23. T Dawkins

    T Dawkins8 日 前

    At 17:00 the way ten crawled on that chair was God damn sexy.... it did something to me🥵🥵

  24. Kpopholic

    Kpopholic8 日 前


  25. Near By

    Near By日 前

    Project w Capitol Records

  26. yeo jangdeuri

    yeo jangdeuri8 日 前

    Kangen nini 😭

  27. Jotham Shechem

    Jotham Shechem9 日 前

    Who's here after the grammy announces that SuperM is one of the highest chance for best new artist?

  28. Puynun Da

    Puynun Da9 日 前

    Ten look so chill because of Thai weather is very hot too hahaha

  29. Pure soul Kounoute

    Pure soul Kounoute9 日 前

    plot twist : ten is a cat

  30. 레일린 Rhaelyn

    레일린 Rhaelyn10 日 前

    14:36 The fact that this moment got NCT 127 the deal with Nature Republic. A staff member from NR told Taeyong that this was why they were chosen.

  31. Amrapali Makhija

    Amrapali Makhija10 日 前

    idk why people hate on superm and their concept. like if they actually cared to know what it's about they'd understand that it's so positive and empowering

  32. indahanggun lestari

    indahanggun lestari10 日 前

    Imagine u work with that much pro's and doing ur job like a pro to. Uhh just imagined that! So cool!

  33. Misses Kang

    Misses Kang11 日 前


  34. Jancy Crazy

    Jancy Crazy11 日 前

    Kai s such a good dancer, ❤ u kai💕💕

  35. Maerel Dhalia

    Maerel Dhalia11 日 前

    My heart dropped the moment they have to touch the ground while dancing, it must be really hot

  36. sto male

    sto male11 日 前

    The cars are NCT127 :MARK , TAE WAYV :TEN ,LUCAS EXO :KAI , BACON

  37. Aracelli Michelle

    Aracelli Michelle12 日 前

    Im just so happy that Mark said they had time to rest in the middle of all this shooting.

  38. Maryam Ajaib

    Maryam Ajaib12 日 前

    They all are my favorite i dont know whom to look at....i love em all😍😍😍

  39. Tanvi kelshekar

    Tanvi kelshekar13 日 前

    14:39 I'M DEAD... HE'S SO GORGEOUS 😭❤

  40. jannet corpuz

    jannet corpuz13 日 前

    they should add the scene in 12:47 in mv

  41. Totally Not a FanficReader

    Totally Not a FanficReader13 日 前

    14:41 Taeyong has grape taste in clothing

  42. maybe a zombie

    maybe a zombie13 日 前

    coming back for my daily dose of 14:36

  43. Berliana Zahra Hanarto

    Berliana Zahra Hanarto13 日 前

    Imagine taeyong and mark driving with those aston martin and mclaren tho, im gonna die ☺

  44. Triya Mustika

    Triya Mustika15 日 前

    Okay SuperM i will wait for next album!!! Very excited

  45. 윤채희

    윤채희15 日 前

    4:16 에 이마크 경직되어 있는거 왤케 웃김 아ㅠㅠ 이 유교보이

  46. Valencia Goh

    Valencia Goh15 日 前

    Members in MV : Dammn , they hot and cool Members in the behind the scene : awwww. my heart can't take this cuteness

  47. Lies Lisma

    Lies Lisma16 日 前

    Kenapa dah segala disensor?😭

  48. Soya Baekhyun

    Soya Baekhyun16 日 前

    Idk why armys are triggered on their grammy nomination news they have also worked in their respective groups :( anyways no award is grater than fan's love Lets stop this shittt

  49. Latin Museum

    Latin Museum16 日 前

    Taeyoung thinking Aladin in Dubai

  50. Ceejae7

    Ceejae716 日 前

    When you think about it though all of them holds main positions in their respective groups. Taemin: main dancer, main vocalist Baekhyun: main vocalist Kai: main dancer Mark: main rapper Taeyong: main dancer, main rapper Ten: main dancer Lucas: main rapper that's why, SUPERM ACE!!!

  51. Joy Undead

    Joy Undead16 日 前

    14:58 한국 발음을 너무 의식해버린 북아메리카 대륙 출신의 조.핑

  52. Kyin Hlaing

    Kyin Hlaing16 日 前

    Our King KAI handsome is another level of K-pop💙He is filled with charm💙

  53. Miss Ã

    Miss Ã17 日 前

    19:57 did my boy, my man, my dude, my love, Taeyong really get that excited over potentially “cute” bugs?

  54. 툥라부

    툥라부17 日 前

    아니 이태용 사람이냐거,,

  55. yulforvs

    yulforvs17 日 前

    damn boi u look expensive 27:07

  56. nusa nus

    nusa nus17 日 前

    I love how Mark always explains everything!

  57. Basma Boo

    Basma Boo17 日 前


  58. Janaye Eddington

    Janaye Eddington18 日 前

    I miss all the nct members together I need ot21😗💋

  59. RiRi

    RiRi18 日 前

    17:06 I mean walking on sand is hard enough for me I don't understand how its possible to dance on it🤷‍♂️

  60. RiRi

    RiRi18 日 前

    14:38 seriously r those human eyes?!😶😳 Soooo big

  61. RiRi

    RiRi18 日 前

    Ten is so damn cute He looks so young btw he and lucas

  62. RiRi

    RiRi18 日 前

    Yamal thief bodys r really amazing Even tho I'm a girl I'm jealous

  63. RiRi

    RiRi18 日 前

    Holy shit how much did this cost?!

  64. Fellah Yahia

    Fellah Yahia18 日 前

    جيبولي بڨوسي انوش ديالي جيبولي مڨلوعي اه يا kai ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  65. Natalia Yadira Rodriguez De La Rosa

    Natalia Yadira Rodriguez De La Rosa18 日 前

    They did a awesome job, the production crew is amazing, and the CEO being with them in the hole process its just like perfect. And you can bet till this day jopping must be the most expensive mv of SM entertainment, and most ambitious. 👏👍❤

  66. Rocio Tornero

    Rocio Tornero19 日 前

    Yoo Kai face

  67. ] 챼슬% [Oasis

    ] 챼슬% [Oasis19 日 前

    7:27 7:28 라이브..!

  68. ] 챼슬% [Oasis

    ] 챼슬% [Oasis19 日 前

    6:56 몸 튕기는 거 너무 좋음ㅠ 6:57 6:58 6:59

  69. ] 챼슬% [Oasis

    ] 챼슬% [Oasis19 日 前

    6:34 백옥같이 하얗고 현명한 그가 나를 향해 걸어온다 백 현

  70. 蜜雪儿

    蜜雪儿20 日 前

    5:09 look at that muscles on ten's chest.. me : *Do yOu WAnT tO KiLL mE Mr. CHiTTapHoN?!*

  71. Giselle Leandro

    Giselle Leandro20 日 前


  72. e

    e21 日 前

    mark still not having a license shocks me 😳

  73. Tenzin Namdol

    Tenzin Namdol21 日 前


  74. MsKUWIN

    MsKUWIN21 日 前

    17.00-17.07 why did you cut this scene too fast 😳

  75. Gebi zaskia fitri

    Gebi zaskia fitri22 日 前

    Indonesia sub

  76. Charlotte Bx

    Charlotte Bx22 日 前

    I love how Mark speaks English, Taeyong speaks Korean and then Ten and Lucas speak Chinese

  77. Fiola Rinsky

    Fiola Rinsky22 日 前

    Luv my baby kai and baekhyun

  78. Mascotas Rodriguez

    Mascotas Rodriguez22 日 前


  79. Na Jaemin.

    Na Jaemin.22 日 前

    3:24 the first thing I noticed on that part in the music video was how good mark looked in that outfit 👀😌

  80. ms. bad

    ms. bad23 日 前

    I like Kai's hair, how it was tied back. he's so handsome

  81. lavender poppy

    lavender poppy23 日 前

    Watching this again and I just kind of wonder how it must feel to work alongside Taemin. He's an extraordinary performer and has been in the industry for so long. I would unironically feel so pressured to match up to him in every single way. And I know all of them are really amazing but just Taemin ;;--;; Also seeing all of them together in this way is super nice. SuperM is one of the best things that happened recently.