SuperM Ranking in Differents Categories (Dance, Vocal, Rap & Visual)


  1. AE Top Musics

    AE Top Musics11 ヶ月 前

    They Are the Avengers of KPOP (Sorry for the Editing Error) TAEYONG POSITIONS: Main Rapper, Lead Dancer, Center, Visual!!!! ALL ABOUT SUPERM: LINK: [COMMENT IN THIS STORIE YOUR FAV MAIN VOCAL AND I GRETTING YOU IN MY NEXT VIDEO] ------------- FOLLOW ME IN AMINO: Follow me to see more of my Stories and support me! (FOLLOW ME IN:) -INSTAGRAM - -TWITTER -

  2. T.A. Bright

    T.A. Bright3 日 前

    @Love You Chen Oppa. We miss you. Ten, Taemin and Kai are all excellent dancers. They each have their own style so it's complicated in ranking. Have you watched the video Ten X Taemin X Kai? You can see the differences there. Kai is more ballet/jazz because of his background training before become a trainee. Taemin has more of a Michael Jackson kind of vibe. Ten has a lot of versatility and fluidity. The most agile, fluid, sharpness and versatility is Kai. Not hating on anyone, I love them all, and they are all the best of the best dancers in Kpop.

  3. T.A. Bright

    T.A. Bright3 日 前

    You need to move Leader to Baekhyun because Taemin decided he didn't want to be it. LOL

  4. Dara Suseno

    Dara Suseno10 日 前

    Baekhyun : LEADER

  5. Adam Mahid

    Adam Mahid20 日 前

    @Love You Chen Oppa. We miss you. yeah

  6. Love You Chen Oppa. We miss you.

    Love You Chen Oppa. We miss you.20 日 前

    @Kimchi Jiggae can I know which fandom do u belong don't take it wrong.

  7. Messy Messy

    Messy Messy23 時間 前

    Baekhyun is Leader of this group ~

  8. stan moon taeil you cowards

    stan moon taeil you cowards日 前

    i feel like Taemin and Ten are both on 1rst place of dancing

  9. Quessia Ana

    Quessia Ana日 前

    i think lucas should be the 1 visual

  10. Julian Martin

    Julian Martin日 前

    I’m gonna day it and get hate, Lucas should have been Jaehyun. Also, visual is subjective so I don’t think it should be considered. I think Lucas is ugly but someone may think Taeyong is ugly.

  11. Emily's Gacha

    Emily's Gacha日 前

    I don’t have any complaints to this video after seeing TaeYong getting number one for visuals. He is seriously so attractive!! 💜😍

  12. lyn x

    lyn x日 前

    i really cant rank their visual but if i must to heres mine: 1. taeyong 2. kai 3. lucas 4. mark 5. baek 6. ten 7. taemin

  13. lyn x

    lyn x日 前

    theres no visual ranking in here they are all holy visuals:).

  14. Rayna Soto

    Rayna Soto3 日 前

    im offended at all the NO’s


    BTS IS MY JAMS4 日 前

    The only reason behind mark being 7th in visual is because he is a cutie

  16. alaeanna1

    alaeanna14 日 前

    What Taemin and Baekhyun top 6 and 5 in the visual ranking? Sorry, Taemin is my Top 3 and Baek is 4th lol

  17. Sophia Khi Teng

    Sophia Khi Teng4 日 前

    i thought baekhyun was the leader because in a video kai mentioned that he was the leader

  18. tessa vayda

    tessa vayda4 日 前

    Baekhyun is actually the leader sm wanted it to be TAEMIN because he has had the most experience but he said that he wanted it to be baekhyun so the made an official announcement that baekhyun was now the leader

  19. myjoyy

    myjoyy4 日 前

    actually taemin is the main vocalist, main dancer and center. i really thought that he was going to be the leader

  20. Kirana Larasati

    Kirana Larasati4 日 前

    It's really hard to rank in this supem. Because this superm member is chosen who is truly multitalented. The proof is all visual contents, 4 main dancer, 3 main vocal, 3center, main rapper, lead dancer, lead vocal. It contained a talent warehouse. So no need to feel biased I'm more popular, more handsome, better vocals. This is just only the admin's point of view, not at the 'baper'. If you are ranked, all of them are rank. Do not fight with SM Stan :)

  21. Romina Aceituno

    Romina Aceituno5 日 前

    Ten can do everything❤🙌

  22. Chuu Edits

    Chuu Edits6 日 前

    Baekhyun is the leader not Taemin

  23. hi hi

    hi hi6 日 前

    I just have to say this is a super group

  24. Kim Ji eun yi

    Kim Ji eun yi6 日 前

    Baekhyun leader

  25. rowoon giant baby

    rowoon giant baby6 日 前

    i highly disagree to the visual ranking.

  26. Little immigrant ASMelissaR

    Little immigrant ASMelissaR6 日 前

    What’s the song that baekhyun’s singing at 5:54

  27. chan baek

    chan baek6 日 前

    EXO: El Dorado

  28. I love YoU

    I love YoU6 日 前

    Now Beakhyn Leader)))))))))))

  29. Slc Mccall

    Slc Mccall6 日 前

    2° rapper Taeyong? Noooo!!! 1°!!!!

  30. Daphinia Rani

    Daphinia Rani7 日 前

    When I saw the dance of Taeyong, Ten and Taemin......its so cool😳😳😳

  31. Cha Cherry

    Cha Cherry7 日 前

    I love Ten I’m sorry to say this but I think he’s the best for me

  32. NIKHIL N

    NIKHIL N7 日 前

    Taemin is no1 in visual for me

  33. IGNACIO FND2.0

    IGNACIO FND2.08 日 前

    Me estas diciendo que baekhyun es 5 en visual tu me estas jodiendo verdad? Que se enote el sarcasmo

  34. Pooja Misal

    Pooja Misal9 日 前

    Most surprised ranking for me was baekhyun at no 5 in visual he is king of visual Other Ranking are perfect

  35. Anis Nabila

    Anis Nabila9 日 前

    No one can be the visual if LEE TAEYONG is in the same group no matter how good looking u are... Taeyong's face is unbeatable and out of this world

  36. かつりす

    かつりす9 日 前

    Yo they actually deserve these positions somehow

  37. かつりす

    かつりす9 日 前

    I think this is the first time where the one ranked at the very bottom at dance has main dancer potential

  38. Baekhyun candy

    Baekhyun candy9 日 前

    But baekhyun is the leader😅

  39. Kim Jisoo

    Kim Jisoo10 日 前

    taemin has it all

  40. Maci Cox

    Maci Cox10 日 前

    ???kai's positions are lead rapper, vocalist, face of the group, and main visual

  41. Nadin Mohamedberhan

    Nadin Mohamedberhan11 日 前

    Ummmmm lucas exists btw and y is no one talking about LUCAS

  42. choerrybomb

    choerrybomb12 日 前

    if mark is 7 in visual position you can really tell this is a VISUAL GROUP.

  43. stressed engineer

    stressed engineer12 日 前

    ten in #3 dancing?? for me he's definitely #1. i also love taemin's style, but besides dancing technique, ten's charisma, magnetism and face expressions on stage make him the first for me

  44. Ria NSM

    Ria NSM13 日 前

    Makin gila aja ni konten

  45. EXOLuvReVe STAR

    EXOLuvReVe STAR13 日 前

    Kai is actually a Visual! And a lead *vocal...

  46. EXOLuvReVe STAR

    EXOLuvReVe STAR2 日 前

    @ExplOration zzz Kai is the main dancer, visual, lead rapper, canter, face of the group, since debut. Lol And he stepped up to the lead vocal position. Just like Suho stepped up to the main vocal position...

  47. ExplOration zzz

    ExplOration zzz2 日 前

    @EXOLuvReVe STAR his position in exo is rapper, vocalist, main dancer, face of the group and centre. He is rapper or vocalist but not lead rapper or lead vocalist. The lead vocalists in exo are suho and xiumin(they have more lines and also harmonize more than kai).

  48. EXOLuvReVe STAR

    EXOLuvReVe STAR12 日 前

    @ExplOration zzz of corse he is. Just ask EXO albums lol

  49. ExplOration zzz

    ExplOration zzz12 日 前

    Kai is vocalist but not lead vocalist

  50. EXOLuvReVe STAR

    EXOLuvReVe STAR13 日 前

    Wait! KAI IS A VISUAL dude...

  51. EXOLuvReVe STAR

    EXOLuvReVe STAR13 日 前

    Wait... Kai is a lead vocal tho...

  52. Chiara Laksitaning

    Chiara Laksitaning13 日 前

    Harusnya kai nomer 1 jir

  53. Annisa Afd

    Annisa Afd13 日 前

    Sorry,isn't the leader baekhyun?

  54. Madea Surendra

    Madea Surendra14 日 前

    Taemin is my center & my visual💜

  55. bjhbnk hbhkvkgbj

    bjhbnk hbhkvkgbj14 日 前

    okey look ı love taeyong sooooo much but he isnt visual of the band Im sorry :(

  56. Ari Mcelveen

    Ari Mcelveen14 日 前

    Baekhyun is the leader of the group tho

  57. Yong Yee Wen

    Yong Yee Wen14 日 前

    isn’t the leader baekhyun?

  58. 颖颖ellyinm

    颖颖ellyinm14 日 前

    i thought baekhyun was the leader ಠ﹏ಠ

  59. Paola

    Paola14 日 前

    i'm so proud on taemin being #1 in dancing knowing there are amazing dancers in the group

  60. Paola

    Paola14 日 前

    taemin 6th in visuals? damn this group is another level

  61. Im Yes

    Im Yes15 日 前

    Unpopular opinion: Visual 1.Taeyong 2.Lucas 3.Taemin 4.Ten 5.Mark 6.Baekhyun 7.Kai It's should be the official ranking. No biased just FACT. I don't hate Kai im just saying the real fact.

  62. Jing Yu

    Jing Yu日 前

    Real fact??are you kidding me.

  63. Im Yes

    Im Yes2 日 前

    Okay, but this ranking is not official. Because it's opinion also. Y'all see the real handsome between their face. I'm not a hater im just disappointed. Becaz ranking is not fair.

  64. ExplOration zzz

    ExplOration zzz2 日 前

    @Im Yes ur opinion is not a fact? It is still just ur opinion not official ranking.

  65. Im Yes

    Im Yes12 日 前

    @ExplOration zzz I'm just stating the fact okay? But, if you think that Kai is more handsome okay. And y'all see the true handsome face between Taemin and Kai. Taemin is not my bias, I'm Tenmark stan.

  66. ExplOration zzz

    ExplOration zzz12 日 前

    Ur opinion shouldn't be the official ranking though. And it is biased, that is because it is ur opinion

  67. Im Yes

    Im Yes15 日 前

    Unpopular opinion: Kai is visual? Taemin and baekhyun are more handsome than Kai.

  68. Im Yes

    Im Yes日 前

    @Jing Yu I got ur point. But I think taemin deserve the visual line unit. And not everybody find him attractive lol. Some kpop fans, they don't like kai n I don't know why.

  69. Jing Yu

    Jing Yu日 前

    @Im Yes he is outstanding thats why he was in the most handsome faces list for three consecutive years.Just because you dont like him that doesn't mean everybody dont find him attractive.duhh

  70. Im Yes

    Im Yes日 前

    @Jing Yu Look at their faces you see the real definition of visual :) but kai is also handsome, but not outstanding.

  71. Jing Yu

    Jing Yu日 前

    In your dreams

  72. kurt dela vega

    kurt dela vega15 日 前

    4:36 what song is this??

  73. bts army

    bts army15 日 前

    wait what? baekhyun isn't a visual?? my life has been a lie all this time.

  74. Fau Na

    Fau Na16 日 前

    Baekhyun, Taemin and Mark ranks 5th, 6th and 7th on VISUALS??? This is when we know this groups' visual is seriously overflowing

  75. Risda siti Marojah

    Risda siti Marojah16 日 前

    Yuhooo mark🤗

  76. Swapna Narjinary

    Swapna Narjinary16 日 前

    Avengers of kpop🔥🔥

  77. Andie Doriza

    Andie Doriza16 日 前

    I thought Baekhyun was the leader?

  78. Cess Ronquillo

    Cess Ronquillo16 日 前

    The true leader is baekhyun of exo not taemin of shinee

  79. Jasmin jane Padron

    Jasmin jane Padron17 日 前

    Correct me if I'm wrong... isn't baekhyun is their leader .. I think you had an error in their position 😊

  80. 16 %

    16 %17 日 前

    Taemin: Leader Baekhyun: am i a joke to you?

  81. Full Sun

    Full Sun17 日 前


  82. Harlie Rentiquiano

    Harlie Rentiquiano17 日 前

    What is the song name at where Ten is 1:46

  83. Na Jaemin

    Na Jaemin16 日 前

    Dream in a dream

  84. Anisha Putri Andriani

    Anisha Putri Andriani17 日 前

    Taeyeon love love

  85. Watermelon4eva Baby cheetah

    Watermelon4eva Baby cheetah17 日 前

    Consist of main dancers from every group

  86. Biru Blue

    Biru Blue17 日 前

    Wow as SM stan, i can guess their ranking

  87. Camila Gallegos

    Camila Gallegos18 日 前

    No mames yo dije baekhyun estará en el puesto dos o uno de visual !! Emos sido engañados ! xD

  88. Kristiana Maharani

    Kristiana Maharani18 日 前

    Hey, is really Taemin is the leader? Isn't it Baekhyun?

  89. Nori Rsawa

    Nori Rsawa18 日 前


  90. Adinda Rahim

    Adinda Rahim18 日 前

    Jangan ngadi ngadi loo

  91. pcy wifie

    pcy wifie18 日 前

    Sorry but leader is baekhyun :))))))))

  92. my jungwooッ

    my jungwooッ18 日 前

    tbh you don't need ranking in superm- fr. everyone is so good tf-

  93. Fi Baek

    Fi Baek19 日 前

    Finish posisi sejak kapan Taeyong jadi Ten ya ges wkwkwk

  94. จุฑารัตน์ เทศทอง

    จุฑารัตน์ เทศทอง19 日 前

    Baekhyun = Leader Main Vocal Oldest

  95. Rita Niaa

    Rita Niaa19 日 前

    Let's be honest the ranking here is kinda true eventhough u have your own bias except i don't really like visual rankings in any way because damn they all good looking..

  96. Saga ID

    Saga ID19 日 前

    Baekhyun is a leader at SuperM

  97. —despicable;

    —despicable;20 日 前


  98. doyoungs stuffed penguin

    doyoungs stuffed penguin20 日 前

    you did not just rank their visuals like that......

  99. boebble gum

    boebble gum20 日 前

    when mark is 7th at visual, u know it's serious

  100. mikro kosmos

    mikro kosmos21 日 前

    Baekhyun is 💯 dancer, 💯 vocals, 💯 visual, 💯 all around performer. Of course i'm biased. I love him.