Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - NA Online Open May 2020 - Finals: Regions 7 & 8 - Part 2


  1. Chris Stein

    Chris Stein8 日 前

    Continuing to dislike every video because the online service is garbage and shouldn't be charged for.

  2. P N

    P N10 日 前

    For professional Smash matches, stages should always be a randomized battlefield or final destination version of any stage. With randomized music. It’s extremely grating seeing the same Animal Crossing and Pokemon stages and music chosen for every pro game. PLEASE make this happen.

  3. Lucero Macdonal

    Lucero Macdonal10 日 前

    plese put bendy in smash

  4. Inazuma eleven Fan

    Inazuma eleven Fan12 日 前

    Sonic band in mad

  5. KingJac

    KingJac17 日 前

    I want the announcer from arms to be the next character

  6. Animefan8050

    Animefan805017 日 前

    Sumgai had some amazing matches, definitely earned it here.

  7. Fernando Saldaña

    Fernando Saldaña17 日 前


  8. Gingoo 22

    Gingoo 2217 日 前

    The 147 dislikes are from people who thought this was an arms reveal

  9. _

    _17 日 前

    This was so sick

  10. william duperin

    william duperin18 日 前

    Lancer le DLC de Super Smash Bros

  11. Fernando Saldaña

    Fernando Saldaña18 日 前


  12. qkr ko

    qkr ko18 日 前

    왜 댓글에는 한국어가 안보이는가...

  13. ChuksK Gaming

    ChuksK Gaming18 日 前

    7:01 He definitely had that in his head since Game 1

  14. BigDaddyRey619

    BigDaddyRey61918 日 前

    Bring Scorpion from Mortal Kombat over here in Smash! We know it already...

  15. Slim Musik

    Slim Musik18 日 前

    Scorpion from Mortal Kombat in smash bros is so cool

  16. Nafri

    Nafri18 日 前

    Scorpioooon Mortal Kombaaaat!

  17. Mimon Baraka

    Mimon Baraka18 日 前

    So Scorpion from Mortal Kombat is in the Fighters Pass?

  18. Irina Zarina

    Irina Zarina19 日 前


  19. Hareb Hattawi

    Hareb Hattawi21 日 前

    Remove parental controls

  20. traverse town district 4

    traverse town district 421 日 前

  21. Pablo Serrano Ortiz

    Pablo Serrano Ortiz21 日 前

    Super smash bros ultimate is like🤔😮 Avengers infinity war of Nintendo! :0

  22. TheInfernousEntei

    TheInfernousEntei21 日 前


  23. Alexander Redhorse

    Alexander Redhorse21 日 前

    reporting switch user [PT]GameyG for cheating, network manipulation and unsportsmanlike conduct



    SUPER Smash BROS ULTiMATE Nintendo Switch

  25. Magic Nico

    Magic Nico22 日 前

    Fire Emblem should Overtake whole smash Bros. Ngl

  26. Sezer Fiş

    Sezer Fiş22 日 前

    Please give me a nintendo switch

  27. Torin O'Connor

    Torin O'Connor22 日 前


  28. Sezer Fiş

    Sezer Fiş22 日 前

    Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(and a few game)

  29. Kamilia Zarkani

    Kamilia Zarkani22 日 前

    Est-ce que en peux jouer de plusieurs personnes

  30. Tshirteria Abusiva

    Tshirteria Abusiva22 日 前

  31. Sponge Yeet 76

    Sponge Yeet 7622 日 前


  32. Sponge Yeet 76

    Sponge Yeet 7622 日 前


  33. Sponge Yeet 76

    Sponge Yeet 7622 日 前


  34. Keenan Jones

    Keenan Jones22 日 前

    How many times did Jordan say Vikki????

  35. Chrisought

    Chrisought23 日 前

    Ok nintendo it’s been June for a while now where’s the smash content?

  36. Deku nuts

    Deku nuts20 日 前

    When you made this comment it was on the 11th be patient 11 days isn’t a long time

  37. Ángel Cr

    Ángel Cr23 日 前

    Please announce something about Zeldaaaaa

  38. Carolina Durán

    Carolina Durán23 日 前


  39. Dobie docks

    Dobie docks23 日 前


  40. Angélique

    Angélique23 日 前

    Hey you can create a smm2 but in pokemon mode example pokemon maker

  41. waylin mizzi

    waylin mizzi23 日 前

    add montley bossblob y know the clown from 3d world mario turns into a blob monstrosity aDD HIM

  42. waylin mizzi

    waylin mizzi23 日 前

    add prince bully

  43. waylin mizzi

    waylin mizzi23 日 前

    oh needs to add histocraft bross boulder king a thunk add bowser with his car shooting footballs

  44. Ālden Gâme

    Ālden Gâme23 日 前

    JOJO bizarre adventure X SUPER SMASH BROS ULTIMATE Imagine it Giorno Final Smash is 7 Page Muda

  45. Diego Farias

    Diego Farias23 日 前

    What happened the Nintendo? Nintendo stops... Life of this thing.

  46. Torin O'Connor

    Torin O'Connor23 日 前

    Yeah I don’t know what they’re doing

  47. Diego Farias

    Diego Farias23 日 前

    Is updated data.

  48. Diego Farias

    Diego Farias23 日 前

    Now let,s wait for a game of pokémon sword expansion pass launch for 17th of june.

  49. Supermariojjk K

    Supermariojjk K23 日 前

    Yeah, they haven't even posted anything on their Twitter for a week

  50. Khazo 18

    Khazo 1823 日 前

    Ain’t it funny how the pro controller supports stadia and you can play games like destiny and red dead

  51. Niko Besar

    Niko Besar23 日 前

    I just want to ask can characters from jojo's bizarre adventure can join super smash bros ultimate?

  52. N

    N23 日 前

    Jotaro for smash

  53. s&l official channel

    s&l official channel23 日 前

    Make mario galaxy 3 please

  54. Lazar Lord

    Lazar Lord23 日 前

    Why don’t you put a super smash bros mushroom in Mario maker 2

  55. Ev'ixyn

    Ev'ixyn23 日 前

    I thought pichu was nerfed to the ground and is mid tier at best :0

  56. Jamison

    Jamison19 日 前

    was'nt that pickachu?

  57. Jean Random

    Jean Random23 日 前

    Satoru iwata te extraño :'(



    Will you put out pikmin 4 Soon I really want it to come out can you reply if you are or not

  59. Christopher Hanes

    Christopher Hanes23 日 前

    do the mario 3d all stars all ready i have been waiting for awhile and mario world

  60. Kwame Badelle

    Kwame Badelle23 日 前

    extend summer sale to 1 more day june 17 please?

  61. إسماعيل 900

    إسماعيل 90023 日 前

    plez create mario maker android

  62. Luigi

    Luigi23 日 前

    HI Nintendo!i'm here for say you that i want Luigi mansion 4 plz but not soo scary and mario say that he wants super mario odyssey 2 so only bye bye

  63. P B

    P B23 日 前

    One week without a Nintendo video guys... watch your backs, mostly your notifications.

  64. Torin O'Connor

    Torin O'Connor23 日 前

    @no hopefully

  65. Torin O'Connor

    Torin O'Connor23 日 前

    Maybe this Thursday

  66. no

    no23 日 前

    Ill be waiting. And until then, I predict a trailer for that new spongebob game thats coming out this month.

  67. Your gay

    Your gay23 日 前

    When will nitendo add save the world on fortnite?

  68. Your gay

    Your gay20 日 前

    tricky 4x your right

  69. tricky 4x

    tricky 4x20 日 前

    Ask Epic but they just don't care about that mode anymore

  70. yariyahaira

    yariyahaira23 日 前

    Ok its june... W H E R E I S A R M S ?

  71. Tonya p

    Tonya p23 日 前


  72. Epsilon Eagle

    Epsilon Eagle23 日 前

    Wow, one week without a Nintendo video!

  73. Kristin Terry

    Kristin Terry23 日 前

    Nintendo is Mario Maker 3 ever comes out you can build your own story modes

  74. Kirby VS Zelda

    Kirby VS Zelda23 日 前

    It's been a week. What are they planning?

  75. Alexander Redhorse

    Alexander Redhorse23 日 前

    reporting switch user Dabrma for cheating and network manipulation. you guys seriously need to fix this problem

  76. StealthNinja

    StealthNinja23 日 前

    You need to fix your problem of spamming every video

  77. Alexander Redhorse

    Alexander Redhorse23 日 前

    reporting switch user (STAR)|| ACAB, Colbster, and Riots for cheating, network manipulation and unsportsmanlike conduct.

  78. Fans_de _Manga

    Fans_de _Manga23 日 前

    re open the miiverse plz

  79. Dimis yeet

    Dimis yeet23 日 前

    oh yeah yeah

  80. Torin O'Connor

    Torin O'Connor23 日 前

    Oh yeah yeah

  81. hambrgr 333

    hambrgr 33323 日 前

    oh yeah yeah

  82. Yami Victor 71 Gaming & Coroika Channel!

    Yami Victor 71 Gaming & Coroika Channel!23 日 前

    In My Prediction To Be The New Fighter In Smash Bros Is That Yugi Or Seto Kaiba Of Yu-Gi-Oh! Enters To Be The New Fighter!!

  83. Theother1leftout MA

    Theother1leftout MA20 日 前

    Sorry, Sakurai has said only charecters who have debuted in video games (Lucario doesn't count) can be considered for smash.

  84. Chasefromschool

    Chasefromschool23 日 前

    They haven't uploaded in a week. Something is coming

  85. Torin O'Connor

    Torin O'Connor23 日 前

    I think on Thursday they will release lots of separate trailers instead of a direct, but we will still get some information on upcoming games

  86. no

    no23 日 前

    They usually do this. They may have a whole backlog of games that they wanna reveal. They arent ready.

  87. Jack Fox

    Jack Fox23 日 前

    Call of duty blacks op 4 plssssssssssss oh you will see

  88. give me your chicken tendies

    give me your chicken tendies24 日 前

    Hey Nintendo, I would like to have my painis on the SSBU roster please!

  89. Muffin

    Muffin24 日 前

    GENO for smash

  90. ediis eduardo

    ediis eduardo24 日 前

    do not know why Nintendo shut down the servers of mkwii online

  91. Hahaha Mamamama

    Hahaha Mamamama24 日 前

    Noo Nintendo hasn't posted in a weekcpls come back, come back

  92. Reeco Pman

    Reeco Pman24 日 前

    When will the arms direct come it’s all ready June what date please tell me NOW

  93. The SnazzyOcelot

    The SnazzyOcelot24 日 前

    So, Nintendo, when’s Mario 3D World Deluxe Comin’?

  94. Kinsler Paul

    Kinsler Paul24 日 前

    Hey Nintendo next smash characters fluttershy

  95. Multi Bill sans

    Multi Bill sans24 日 前

    Hi nintendo can change the look of link with kirby like putting link color hair to swallow it kirby is not much to ask pls

  96. Tiempo pasa quiero que pasen 2 años Porfa

    Tiempo pasa quiero que pasen 2 años Porfa24 日 前

    Add the Ice Flower and Peachett's Crown Mario Maker 2

  97. Ameera Habeeb

    Ameera Habeeb24 日 前

    I want super Mario maker 3d

  98. sayori love

    sayori love24 日 前

    please buff marth his tipper hit boxes are so small

  99. Mascotop

    Mascotop24 日 前