Super Bowl 54 FULL Game: Kansas City Chiefs vs. San Francisco 49ers


  1. Cindy Miles

    Cindy Miles5 時間 前

    I watched this just to see San Francisco team acting like they won posing and taking pictures. Lmao

  2. Goddard Neutron

    Goddard Neutron11 時間 前

    9ers defense got too cocky lol. Saleh needed to keep their ego’s down

  3. Brad Argyle

    Brad Argyle18 時間 前

    I've been a niner fan throughout the entire history of the team. Yes I'm an old guy. But as long as the NFL wants to lecture me on politics I WILL boycott anything they tried to sell including this rerun.

  4. Sasha

    Sasha日 前

    They got hips I gotta grip for a lot of ass don't need to have more

  5. Sean S.

    Sean S.日 前

    The very last drive for SF at 1:59:50, it looks like a fumble to me. He’s not coming forward w/ the ball. It’s being pushed forward from behind by Frank Clark. That SHOULD have been a fumble...

  6. Sean S.

    Sean S.日 前

    All 1.2K dislikes are from salty 9ers fans hahaaaaaa

  7. The Kitty Pro 2

    The Kitty Pro 22 日 前


  8. Andrew Converse

    Andrew Converse2 日 前

    cool to have the video but lets be real...TOO MANY F**** ADDS...NFL really needs that add money...get out

  9. JamesCarl Cummings

    JamesCarl Cummings3 日 前

    Guys! Much more terrible events are coming around the bend. I know y'all can feel it in you soul. Rest on Jesus and put your fear aside. Pat does.

  10. mia lilray

    mia lilray3 日 前

    If the 49ers kept running the ball what might have been?

  11. James Frost

    James Frost3 日 前

    I hate Maholmes

  12. James Frost

    James Frost3 日 前

    Like everyone hates Tom Brady It’s sports


    ASHER. KICKS3 日 前


  14. King DJ

    King DJ3 日 前


  15. James Frost

    James Frost3 日 前

    See the big hold at 7:08? NICE

  16. James Frost

    James Frost3 日 前

    KC barely won but all i hear about is dynasty

  17. Avraham

    Avraham6 日 前

    Nobody seems to talk about that last throw by Mahomes 50 yards.

  18. Gianna Marie Card

    Gianna Marie Card6 日 前


  19. AyeeNate

    AyeeNate6 日 前

    imagine the super bowl being around the corner while corona virus is still a thing.....

  20. Heather Smith

    Heather Smith6 日 前

    49ers all gangsta until Mahomes shows up and smiles! lets go chiefs!!

  21. Bryan Weber

    Bryan Weber7 日 前

    if the 49ers cheated and had the officials help it would have been 85 to zero 49ers win

  22. Bryan Weber

    Bryan Weber7 日 前

    Congratulations to the Kansas City Chiets! and the officials for helping them to win the super bowl! this is not the full game.. they left parts out,. where's the part where the Kansas City Cheits defender punches Kittle in the head / helmet? of course no flags were thrown there either.

  23. jwalter81

    jwalter818 日 前

    Ads galore, ffs


    DEVIN TRUAX8 日 前


  25. Luke_the_Nuke

    Luke_the_Nuke8 日 前

    20-10 hahaha suck a lemon 49ers

  26. Cameron L

    Cameron L8 日 前

    Is crazy how I’m 14 and my Dads 45 and we us only have experienced 1 Super Bowl.

  27. UngarToTheMax

    UngarToTheMax8 日 前

    When does the big pass play on 3rd and 15 happen?

  28. Ronald Williams

    Ronald Williams8 日 前

    I'm a 49er fan and right know I'm finally gonna rewatch this game

  29. Richard Hz

    Richard Hz9 日 前

    49ers and their fans SUCK!

  30. That randomgamer

    That randomgamer9 日 前

    If we ever trade mahomes I will never forget that

  31. Sam Jones

    Sam Jones9 日 前


  32. Walter Cavalcante

    Walter Cavalcante9 日 前

    1:37:00 checkpoint

  33. Draculamia

    Draculamia9 日 前

    rewatching this after the texans vs chiefs game last night, i’m really looking forward for this nfl season after all this months

  34. Austin Garcia

    Austin Garcia9 日 前

    cmon jimmy gotta make those throws

  35. EJ Mazzei

    EJ Mazzei9 日 前


  36. Rene Sandoval

    Rene Sandoval9 日 前

    I enjoyed to watch NFL super bowl Feb 2 2020 was fun cool no pandemic yet Coronavirus cases in USA was 11, China cases 19000, and no deaths yet until feb 29,

  37. Darius A

    Darius A10 日 前

    Watched this again today because they play tmr 😌😌

  38. 11pinkie11

    11pinkie1110 日 前

    Refs were definitely on Chiefs' side. In Bay Area sports history, refs are ALWAYS on the the opposing team's side. Bay Area is just too good for anyone...

  39. Raulito Jimenez

    Raulito Jimenez10 日 前

    49ers not finish the game 3er quarter 😌😌🤷🏻‍♂️ it was your mistake ..!!

  40. The Hat

    The Hat11 日 前

    23:03 Mahomes rushing TD. 40:50 Kyle Juszczyk recieving TD. 1:09:44 Raheem Mostert rushing TD. 1:34:35 Travis Kelce receiving TD. 1:43:16 Damien Williams rushing TD. 1:56:02 Damien Williams long rushing TD.

  41. Ray Evans

    Ray Evans11 日 前

    12:45 the ref dropped the ball😂

  42. Malcolm Marshall

    Malcolm Marshall11 日 前

    Great to see the bratty, showboating 49ers get their butts burned by the Chiefs.

  43. taco BS

    taco BS11 日 前

    Lol dallans Texas nee ones now tho lmao.

  44. Malcolm Marshall

    Malcolm Marshall11 日 前

    A sports writer has picked Dallas to beat KC on the 2021 Super bowl.

  45. taco BS

    taco BS11 日 前

    Happy he finnally got a champ legendary to see people finanky win wyen he can nevwr win pooor richard sherman Lol mahomes was making sure he got it too guess we're sweating poor men couldntcevenxholdi n tears too lamo heo that funny forgot but watched mahomes first gsme eacchhhhhh theyxqerebt eveb alive last tiem they won too tho l o lo leven my dad was barely alive whencthetclasto ne won it too rip tho lololo leeach hforrgtoot again too tho l o lcleach spirk thatctoothoclco lo eacheachweachanitherlegwndaryqbtotothotl o oleachgayybruhforgotagainttototholloppeach.

  46. taco BS

    taco BS11 日 前

    I dwletrrca tob of stuff I said xD.

  47. taco BS

    taco BS11 日 前

    Lol Nick Bosa was crying

  48. taco BS

    taco BS11 日 前

    Couldn't wait for him to get it who's the hunt family lol rip Kareem Hunt.

  49. Tony Angelo

    Tony Angelo11 日 前


  50. taco BS

    taco BS11 日 前

    Finnaly they witnessed greatness against them lol can't wait to see a Quarantine Super Bowl.

  51. taco BS

    taco BS11 日 前

    That Suoer boel looked so advanced man it was sick.

  52. incredible trick shotz

    incredible trick shotz11 日 前

    This was a crazy game

  53. Kevster823

    Kevster82311 日 前

    And they say Jimmy G was an elite QB omegalul



    Genesis 2:24 Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.

  55. Owen Smith

    Owen Smith12 日 前

    I just realized that Tevin Coleman lost two Super Bowls because of Kyle Shanahan

  56. Damon Gibson

    Damon Gibson13 日 前

    I’m glad when the AFC wins a Sb cause I’m an AFC guy. I rooted for the Chiefs cause Patty Mahomes is next coming of Big Ben or Aaron Rodgers. The big yet mobile gunslinger. And for Big Red Andy Reid. That man deserved a Sb win and he got one. Congratulations Big Boy

  57. novato tornero

    novato tornero13 日 前

    Kyle Shitnahan have not learn from his mistakes when he was the Falcons offensive coordinator, Shitnahan used the same play twice and lost giving Super Bowl LI away to the Cheatriots now he gave Super Bowl LIV away to the Chiefs. Patrick Mahomes is a better quarterback than Jimmy Garfuckup no wonder why the Cheatriots let Garfuckup go.

  58. TJ Vick

    TJ Vick13 日 前

    Watching the Chiefs defense completely collapse against the run, it just upsets me...

  59. Joe Ceonnia

    Joe Ceonnia14 日 前

    When the AFC got themselves some good NFC Coaches they started winning Super bowls. The 9ers got an AFC coach and lost.

  60. 11pinkie11

    11pinkie1110 日 前

    Refs were definitely on Chiefs' side. In Bay Area sports history, refs are ALWAYS on the the opposing team's side. Bay Area is just too good for anyone...

  61. Joe Ceonnia

    Joe Ceonnia14 日 前

    Great teams find away to win, the 49ers had their chances and flubbed them..

  62. Joe Ceonnia

    Joe Ceonnia14 日 前

    Joe from Philadelphia is Proud of Big Red Andy Ried, and The Chiefs, because Andy finally got his Superbowl Ring..and Patrick Mahomes is going to be a great QB for years to come! I see many championship to come for Andy, and Patrick Mahomes...

  63. Aubrey May

    Aubrey May14 日 前

    love you kc

  64. Goin R.E.D. Commando

    Goin R.E.D. Commando14 日 前

    NFL really trying to play us with 100 ads in the first 30 minutes

  65. Joey Ruth

    Joey Ruth14 日 前

    Of the 2010’s Super Bowls 45, 46, 50, 52 and 54 were my top 5 of the decade.

  66. Tyler Hartman

    Tyler Hartman14 日 前

    0:59 The rookie line Bracker

  67. Tyler Hartman

    Tyler Hartman12 日 前

    @ChiefsRoyalsSporting lol indeed

  68. ChiefsRoyalsSporting

    ChiefsRoyalsSporting13 日 前


  69. Cartel Nines

    Cartel Nines14 日 前


  70. WolfHowler678

    WolfHowler67814 日 前

    How is this incomplete btw, he has the ball in him and the ball was in his elbows but just touch the ground 1:31:06 so confusing

  71. vitoduval

    vitoduval14 日 前

    Joe's dad jack called kc other super bowl win



    Can't stand the 9ers but they did get jacked by the zebras bad officiating!

  73. 11pinkie11

    11pinkie1110 日 前

    Refs were definitely on Chiefs' side. In Bay Area sports history, refs are ALWAYS on the the opposing team's side. Bay Area is just too good for anyone...

  74. Jlv

    Jlv14 日 前

    Damm. Kc plays dirty

  75. WolfHowler678

    WolfHowler67815 日 前

    I really wish Patrick Mahomes stayed in the cheifs

  76. Jonah Hamm

    Jonah Hamm15 日 前

    Thank you NFL for posting full unedited games!! Awesome

  77. Braydon and Dante Vlogs

    Braydon and Dante Vlogs15 日 前

    Miami is one of the prettiest city but they have the worst sports teams

  78. Saad Khan

    Saad Khan15 日 前

    Mahomes is an inspiration

  79. VideoGamePhenom

    VideoGamePhenom16 日 前

    Everyone is fed up with seeing Tom Brady go to the big game every time. But we finally witness some new unsung heroes, especially around the time the coronavirus was attacking the world.

  80. Blue Skeleton

    Blue Skeleton17 日 前

    My wifes favorite team Kansas city Chiefs!! On behalf of the Fans of the Seattle Seahawks.... thank you. Complete shutdown on niners season and sent them home winless, most important game to talk,walk, and show up. Did not happen. They deserve it, hearing them niner fans mouths go off for 5mo. Even though we won in San Francisco to give them their 1st loss. Enjoyed that too... sorry. Season 2020.. KC 8-8 while SF 6-10 ... while my Hawks do 12-4... (4 losses will all be close calls and ot's) Go Hawks!!

  81. Kyle Parker

    Kyle Parker17 日 前

    doyou not know your teams but just run your mouth

  82. Christian Sabado

    Christian Sabado17 日 前

    “Chiefs need some Mahomes Magic” 1:31:40

  83. Roman Sargis

    Roman Sargis17 日 前

    Mahomes has lost more games than Jimmy.

  84. Loafing

    Loafing11 日 前

    @Roman Sargis Oh my bad Patrick would have 9 counting playoffs aswell

  85. Loafing

    Loafing12 日 前

    @Roman Sargis Damn you really counting when he was tom bradys nut holster? Since we are counting games he didnt play in he has 38 losses while PM has 8

  86. Roman Sargis

    Roman Sargis13 日 前

    Actually that's wrong because he won some in New England.

  87. Loafing

    Loafing13 日 前

    Mahomes has won more SB than jimmy

  88. Damien Defils Sr.

    Damien Defils Sr.17 日 前

    Not a fan of either team but I can't help but notice the lack of calls on the Chiefs. Especially Mahomes when he went down on that touchdown run. It's like they wanted the Chiefs to win.

  89. I Don't Know Fishing

    I Don't Know Fishing18 日 前

    Erving had more time on-air than Andy and the guy didn't play a snap.

  90. Ihaveacrushondannydevito _

    Ihaveacrushondannydevito _18 日 前

    What a draft class Nick Bosa, Deboo Samuel, Dre Greenlaw

  91. Andrew Weissenberger

    Andrew Weissenberger18 日 前

    How they fit so many ads in this video is incredible

  92. Falleor Falwan

    Falleor Falwan18 日 前

    more and more and more and more ads

  93. alex lu

    alex lu18 日 前

    Richard Sherman single handedly cost the Niners 2 superbowls now! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  94. Jaun Egelhoff

    Jaun Egelhoff18 日 前

    I would love to see a NFL game against a Rugby team and then vise verca

  95. Amaru V

    Amaru V18 日 前

    Life before the outbreak 😕

  96. Adam Lindsay

    Adam Lindsay19 日 前


  97. Greg Wolfe

    Greg Wolfe19 日 前

    Sisco 49ers blue this game it should have won this game easy

  98. The Famous SJ Ticklebottom

    The Famous SJ Ticklebottom20 日 前

    This Super Bowl sucked. One of the worst officiating games ever. I hate the Niners but they got rigged here

  99. Keion Gray

    Keion Gray20 日 前

    I love the ravens is better lamar jackson is the vip

  100. Connor

    Connor20 日 前

    One of the best Super Bowls in a long time - after years of Patriots dominance this was a breath of fresh air. A highly entertaining bout between two genuinely likeable teams with new stars on both sides.

  101. Matteololol

    Matteololol日 前


  102. Devin Curtis

    Devin Curtis21 日 前

    Thank God there was no epidemic during this game the NFL would've been losing their minds if they had to Cancel The Super Bowl

  103. z11

    z1121 日 前

    the most boring super bowl ever

  104. DUKE-4077

    DUKE-407722 日 前

    My kids didn't need to see two Strippers crotches for 14 min during the SUPERBOWL Halftime Show...... Like School at Midnight, No CLASS....... Do BETTER NFL. And UNITE NOT DIVIDE...... Will not be watching this season.

  105. Kenn Pain

    Kenn Pain22 日 前


  106. Retro Entertainment Channel

    Retro Entertainment Channel22 日 前

    49ers vs Chiefs. Too bad that wasn't the match-up in 1994. Steve Young/49ers vs Joe Montana/Chiefs

  107. 11pinkie11

    11pinkie1110 日 前

    Refs were definitely on Chiefs' side. In Bay Area sports history, refs are ALWAYS on the the opposing team's side. Bay Area is just too good for anyone...

  108. Billy Hill

    Billy Hill22 日 前

    this game was rigged from from the start and we' all knew who was going to win the Chiefs didn't play well the first that came out playing flawless and the black quarterback won the Super Bowl

  109. 11pinkie11

    11pinkie1110 日 前

    Refs were definitely on Chiefs' side. In Bay Area sports history, refs are ALWAYS on the the opposing team's side. Bay Area is just too good for anyone...

  110. J.B. J.B.

    J.B. J.B.23 日 前


  111. browse pals

    browse pals23 日 前

    I'm a Niner fan, but enjoyed seeing the 'tomahawk chop' and Chief chant on the national broadcast. KC, don't ever change the team name.

  112. 11pinkie11

    11pinkie1110 日 前

    Refs were definitely on Chiefs' side. In Bay Area sports history, refs are ALWAYS on the the opposing team's side. Bay Area is just too good for anyone...

  113. bob kealing

    bob kealing21 日 前

    #class Niners have plenty to run it back.

  114. Saksham Thakur

    Saksham Thakur23 日 前

    I am from India 🇮🇳, watching first Football match of my life 🏈, but Commentator is taking only one player name Patrick MAMOMS, their are 22 players in field why give all the attention to one player only

  115. Eros Hero

    Eros Hero9 日 前

    He won 2 tournament games by overcoming 10+ deficits. He almost made it to the superbowl last year. He is the Sachin Tendlukar of American Football

  116. Jacob Ebby

    Jacob Ebby23 日 前

    Amazing crazy red heads

  117. Vero Gomez

    Vero Gomez23 日 前

    Mahomes Ilove yo fan nomber 1🏈🏉🏅🎖️🏆

  118. Anthony Darnelle Mapp Jr is EMMUTIIK

    Anthony Darnelle Mapp Jr is EMMUTIIK24 日 前

    Thanks KC Chiefs blessings to yall ON YOUR 1ST SUPER BOWL WIN ON BLOODZ 👌🩸🤟