Summer Walker - Playing Games (with Bryson Tiller) [Official Music Video]


  1. Vivan Lal

    Vivan Lal7 時間 前

    This song hit different when you in quarantine...



    I listen to this when my homies are not around

  3. Double0seven09

    Double0seven0914 時間 前

    I'm calling all the girls tonight I'll sing this song to you look me up on fb

  4. Kim Min soo

    Kim Min soo18 時間 前

    This song has been stuck in my head all day make it stop 😫

  5. Mishal Mathew

    Mishal Mathew19 時間 前

    Brysons part man....🙏🙏🙏

  6. Bia Pereira

    Bia Pereira21 時間 前

    Essa música é meu vício ❤️

  7. Marshall Ck

    Marshall Ck23 時間 前

    I wanna taste something sweet tonight baby.. Yum..😋

  8. krystal Medina

    krystal Medina日 前


  9. Ishita Patnaik

    Ishita Patnaik日 前

    I love this song to this extent that this should be played in my FUNERAL

  10. Keith Brown

    Keith Brown日 前

    If she summer I be her winter lol.....

  11. • Yuna •

    • Yuna •日 前

    That’s the type of city I wanna live in

  12. jhon vasquez

    jhon vasquez日 前

    She's been hurt too long :/

  13. Angel Castillo

    Angel Castillo日 前


  14. Ash

    Ash日 前

    Summer Walker stole his style 🤨

  15. Liz Khalifa

    Liz Khalifa2 日 前


  16. Carlos David Riveros Martinez

    Carlos David Riveros Martinez2 日 前

    I dont like trap but this... just burning my joint here

  17. Carlos David Riveros Martinez

    Carlos David Riveros Martinez2 日 前


  18. Kayla-Rae

    Kayla-Rae2 日 前

    This song will forever be a vibe 💅✌️

  19. Gustavo Bruno

    Gustavo Bruno2 日 前

    Amo Uma musica 🇧🇷🇧🇷

  20. Tene' Lane

    Tene' Lane2 日 前


  21. BNATE

    BNATE3 日 前

    Am I the only vro that vibes out to summer?💯💯BIG VIBES

  22. Actz Up

    Actz Up3 日 前

    She a different person every scene -..-

  23. Carlos Ferreira

    Carlos Ferreira3 日 前

    Quem tá no Brasil debocha o lika

  24. José Hernández

    José Hernández3 日 前

    How does this video doesn't have like trillions of views?

  25. Laura Martins

    Laura Martins3 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="60">1:00</a> o cara tava preparado pro corona antes do corona

  26. penda

    penda4 日 前

    me listening to this after i found out that she a whole witch: 👁👄👁

  27. ebkikibo

    ebkikibo3 日 前

    Satan the prince of music. It's said music played as he walked by. They are all a bunch of frickin witches and warlocks, but I really like this song. 🙄

  28. ASMR

    ASMR4 日 前

    Hit differents.

  29. delux6i9

    delux6i94 日 前

    Hints of 4 Page Letter by Aaliyah.. just saying

  30. Biel Araujo

    Biel Araujo5 日 前

    this song inspires me !!!

  31. the lit kid

    the lit kid5 日 前

    You are so pretty I like all your songs won't you say my name say my name ain't that your song and I know more

  32. King Gill

    King Gill5 日 前

    Baby this shit go hard as fucc! Wit your fine ass😘

  33. Trinity Desíre

    Trinity Desíre6 日 前

    “ take a picture can’t post it” 🙌🏽🥺 that hit my heart to hard😩

  34. Hosea Official

    Hosea Official6 日 前

    I will always love this song ... please check out my single

  35. Danielle Griffith

    Danielle Griffith6 日 前

    Not for kids peroid let me shut up bc imma kide too

  36. TheRmjjar

    TheRmjjar6 日 前

    Ray J- “One wish”, Destinys child- “Say my name”, Joe- “Stutter” VIBES !

  37. Bellamy Rock

    Bellamy Rock6 日 前

  38. Decorius Calhoun

    Decorius Calhoun6 日 前 If you love slowed music and chill vibes check out my JPreporter Music Channel 💯 You won’t be disappointed

  39. avonts br

    avonts br6 日 前


  40. nasa Hussein

    nasa Hussein6 日 前

    Her voice so sexy 😩

  41. Sonmalachi

    Sonmalachi7 日 前

    She’s sooooo underrated I love her been here since day one

  42. Billie Begum

    Billie Begum7 日 前

    Mya Craig - Umm Yeah, New visuals on Link Up TV

  43. Marcelo Carvalho

    Marcelo Carvalho7 日 前

    So is this a late 2010s version for Say My Name from Destinys Child?

  44. elvira .divina

    elvira .divina7 日 前

    May 2020 anyone?

  45. Tasha Huggup

    Tasha Huggup7 日 前

    this video thoooo

  46. Theniyandzashow

    Theniyandzashow7 日 前

    i loveeee summer she so dope

  47. Jonathan Karanja

    Jonathan Karanja7 日 前

    Most Girls love to talk shit do all the things she says in this song will get you branded as being a nice guy and we all know what happens when ur nice to bitches looool

  48. Cratic Tocic

    Cratic Tocic8 日 前

    Bruhh she looked like one of da bratz dolls bruh ongg no cap lmaoo

  49. Tia

    Tia8 日 前

    This would never get old, I'm in my MF FEELS !!

  50. Kenpachi Itachi

    Kenpachi Itachi8 日 前

    I just love how she hit them lil notes

  51. Neil Hood

    Neil Hood8 日 前

    Sounds better than she looks

  52. Sexi Ladi

    Sexi Ladi8 日 前

    I'm in love with this song. Her voice is so unique 💚💙💜

  53. Lrs x

    Lrs x8 日 前

    This song hits so hard when you’re lying in bed at night with your earphones in

  54. T Xz

    T Xz4 日 前

    Lrs x bruh this is literally me rn

  55. Tonnie bryt

    Tonnie bryt9 日 前

    Too much talent 🐐🔥

  56. Kenneth Green

    Kenneth Green9 日 前

    you youngsters dont know music. aint no feelings in this chicks music sorry to disappoint yall but this aint it.

  57. Willeta Harris

    Willeta Harris9 日 前

    i love this song

  58. Tom Rose

    Tom Rose9 日 前

    Bryson needed a longer verse

  59. Hollywoodcole Larkins

    Hollywoodcole Larkins10 日 前

    On Repeat!😍💗

  60. Maudrie Depradine

    Maudrie Depradine10 日 前

    She had major work on her face

  61. Danny Santiago

    Danny Santiago10 日 前

    See summer a real one you see all these other singers using actors but she used London period

  62. Vidlord

    Vidlord10 日 前

    So mad she got nose surgery smh

  63. Tikiya Watkins

    Tikiya Watkins10 日 前

    Why u couldn’t stay like this

  64. Dominique Teca

    Dominique Teca10 日 前

    I think she was inspired on Destiny's Child "Say My Name" to do this song "Playing Games"... She sings *won't you say my name?* ... *You been acting kind shady, ain't be calling me baby* Is the same thing Beyoncé sang before

  65. Christine Vidal

    Christine Vidal11 日 前


  66. Official.sharlyn

    Official.sharlyn11 日 前

    The beat tho <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="0">0:00</a> 😫


    CATALANS11 日 前

    Is that hong kong lol

  68. Prettygirl _Kayla

    Prettygirl _Kayla11 日 前

    Pretty girl🥰

  69. Londyn Reid

    Londyn Reid11 日 前

    Thanks you so much for the interview at the kids will be there at the same time I will be there in the morning to see if they in the and somevwecxtgved or not going to

  70. Londyn Reid

    Londyn Reid11 日 前

    Yes I will be in the morning 😊👍😀😊

  71. Londyn Reid

    Londyn Reid11 日 前

    No on the way home and I am not going to be able to get to work on time and I will be in the area tomorrow so much for the interview on Friday 😊😁😊😬😊😁 u guys are u 😁 u 😘😁😁😁 u 😘😎😘😘😘😘😎😎

  72. christina allen

    christina allen11 日 前

    Who cardi b was trying to be smh

  73. somegrill

    somegrill9 日 前


  74. Petra Kovács

    Petra Kovács11 日 前

    "You ain't been calling me baby, oh" I felt that

  75. riddley39

    riddley3912 日 前

    She is so fuckin bad! Voice, flow, vibe and beauty!!

  76. JusttJohanna

    JusttJohanna12 日 前

    You a bad bitch but this video is trash .

  77. SuperWoody Romeo

    SuperWoody Romeo12 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="89">1:29</a>

  78. ACRYBABY :3

    ACRYBABY :312 日 前


  79. lawanda Johnson

    lawanda Johnson12 日 前

    I love this song I keep coming back just to see this video

  80. Bbygirl .21

    Bbygirl .2112 日 前

    She better stop playing games and make her damn songs longerrrrrr hahahaha love her tho

  81. Harriet Tubman

    Harriet Tubman12 日 前


  82. Jazlynn Jazlynn

    Jazlynn Jazlynn13 日 前


  83. Jonel Kirk

    Jonel Kirk13 日 前

    Bryson's part always get me in my feelings

  84. jntv hd

    jntv hd13 日 前

    Yh fuck her she a copycat alieee