Stray Kids 『TOP -Japanese ver.-』Music Video


  1. manon van dycke

    manon van dycke11 時間 前

    The Stray Kids members: Korean and Australian The song: Japanese The comments: English We stan a multilingual group and fandom 😌💅

  2. Emma Aw8 Argentina

    Emma Aw8 Argentina11 時間 前

    Sigo viendo esto y aun me impresiona.

  3. Ching Ching

    Ching Ching11 時間 前

    This is better than the Korean one

  4. Faiz Nabil

    Faiz Nabil12 時間 前

    I know this song from tower of God cause I like tower of God series and I can't wait for season 2

  5. Insomnia -X

    Insomnia -X14 時間 前

    Stray Kids-TOP 5 Million Views And 400K Likes Fighting STAY

  6. o n

    o n16 時間 前

    はーFelix 🥰💕💕

  7. minjoto ah

    minjoto ah16 時間 前

    lpm donde estan que no hacen stream >:]

  8. 古戸江梨香

    古戸江梨香17 時間 前

    神之塔opから来ました✨(о´∀`о) 日本語うまくて凄いです!

  9. Doha ؛-؛

    Doha ؛-؛17 時間 前

    لقد احببت هذي الفرقه بسبب هذه الاغنيه لانهم قد اضفو احلا لمسه للانمي😍

  10. Lucia Benitez

    Lucia Benitez17 時間 前

    Permiso, vengo a escuchar alto temon para tener un buen día :D

  11. Wh玟豪

    Wh玟豪18 時間 前

    Tower of God!!!

  12. yiwei mun

    yiwei mun20 時間 前

    sᴛʀᴀʏ ᴋɪᴅs ᴇᴠᴇʀʏᴡʜᴇʀᴇ ᴀʟʟ ᴀʀᴏᴜɴᴅ ᴛʜᴇ ᴡᴏʀʟᴅ

  13. yiwei mun

    yiwei mun20 時間 前

    ѕtrαч kídѕ єvєrчwhєrє αll αrσund thє wσrld

  14. yiwei mun

    yiwei mun20 時間 前


  15. Compiuter Forrr

    Compiuter Forrr21 時間 前

    как хотите, но для меня Феликс это Кун, Бан Чан - Хварьюн, а Хан - Рахиль...

  16. Compiuter Forrr

    Compiuter Forrr22 時間 前

    адский поезд выглядит круто

  17. syura agt

    syura agt22 時間 前

    i come here because TOG and this song is bop 😭

  18. Give a support for Stray kids

    Give a support for Stray kids11 時間 前

    Check God's menu

  19. Ban

    Ban22 時間 前

    Song is great but some of them seem gay

  20. Liva SS

    Liva SS10 時間 前


  21. Give a support for Stray kids

    Give a support for Stray kids11 時間 前

    Check God's menu

  22. HII GOU

    HII GOU14 時間 前

    Gay??wtf you talking about?

  23. petya y.

    petya y.19 時間 前

    Their latest song may change your opinion 😂

  24. D3thRein Gaming

    D3thRein Gaming23 時間 前

    Song sounds cool but why they geh

  25. Cool Kid

    Cool Kid日 前


  26. V D

    V D日 前

    It's not half bad... TOG brought me here...

  27. Give a support for Stray kids

    Give a support for Stray kids11 時間 前

    Check God's menu

  28. Muochi Mochi

    Muochi Mochi日 前

    when weeb community and k pop community collabs = Big pp

  29. Akabane Kills

    Akabane Kills日 前

    Anyone here still remember 2pm's "Take Off" in Blue Exorcist. Damn, the nostalgia.

  30. jeon jungkook

    jeon jungkook日 前

    dear #jypentertainment i really wanna see seungmin change he's hair style to felix hair style on God's menu,jeabaalllll huhu

  31. Anne Z.

    Anne Z.日 前

    The spaceship set kinda reminds me of dpr's legacy

  32. Smarty Gurl

    Smarty Gurl日 前

    It's real strange how both weebs and kpop stans hate being profiled as the annoying side of their fandoms but yet here we are... Doing to each other 🤡

  33. Will subs you If subs me

    Will subs you If subs me日 前

    No emoji please

  34. mayflower

    mayflower日 前

    Felix out here looking like a Khun

  35. Shami Nato

    Shami Nato日 前

    Wait hold on Hyunjin looks like jungwoo from Nct idk what to think

  36. Shami Nato

    Shami Nato日 前

    Hyunjin without long hair is actually so unnoticeable.

  37. elizabeth april

    elizabeth april日 前

    Desde este momento soy su fan Son increíbles

  38. i n t e r p h e l•

    i n t e r p h e l•日 前

    AbËr desde que escuche top me encanto mal stray kids ptm tenía un ritmaso desde ese día dije i know you know Lee know

  39. Luis Chavez

    Luis Chavez日 前


  40. Lauren

    Lauren日 前

    so it's stray kids singing the opening of the Tower of God... OMG FROM TODAY I STAN THEM

  41. Aurora Kim

    Aurora Kim日 前

    We welcome you to our family

  42. James Salgado

    James Salgado日 前

    Anime and Kpop fans unite!

  43. rosie posie did it again

    rosie posie did it again日 前

    One of the most exciting song and dance and MV and lyrics everrrrr

  44. 420 Oni

    420 Oni日 前

    The only kpop group that is actually fire.

  45. Сабрина Саитова

    Сабрина Саитова日 前

    Супер просто класс идеально❤️😘👍🤩😍😍😍🤩👍👍😘❤️👍🤩😍😍❤️😘👍👍

  46. Will subs you If subs me

    Will subs you If subs me日 前

    No emoji please

  47. Koreadrama Boo

    Koreadrama Boo日 前

    I find it kinda funny how I physically can’t do that roll at 0:15 my mind won’t let my body do it

  48. Annisa Rain

    Annisa Rain日 前

    semoga skz diundang lagi ntar buat jadi pengisi ost anime lagi hehe~ top ama slump lagunya enak semua,, buat yang wibu juga pasti suka ama ni lagu

  49. With Skz

    With Skz日 前

    Stray Kids yapar da güzel olmaz mı be abi

  50. haikyuu everyday makes me a little okay

    haikyuu everyday makes me a little okay日 前

    So I wasnt the only who's here because of Tower of God. Been listening to this song for 2 weeks straight already

  51. Pablo Knee Gears

    Pablo Knee Gears日 前

    I feel like im hearing an entirly different language

  52. yanna cereneo

    yanna cereneo日 前

    I usually skip the intro of the anime I watch but no not on tower of god lol HAHAHAHAH

  53. Harsh Sinha

    Harsh Sinha日 前

    Whenever I have a headache I watch this song.....and my headpain stops....I know it's wierd... But top is really my headache relief song :)

  54. Siti Halisa

    Siti Halisa日 前

    Felix you kill me arghhh

  55. Gisse Kook

    Gisse Kook日 前


  56. Rehanh Alghazawy

    Rehanh Alghazawy日 前

    Anime fans are here bc of tower of god But we stays watch tower of god bc of stray kids

  57. alberto tanaami

    alberto tanaami日 前

    Tower of God !!!!!

  58. sunshineyeni

    sunshineyeni日 前

    Can anyone tell me what kind of brand that Seungmin wore at 0:36 it's really cool n I wanna have it too ❤️❤️

  59. HII GOU

    HII GOU14 時間 前

    @sunshineyeni delete the emoji..its will freeze the views

  60. sunshineyeni

    sunshineyeni日 前

    @Will subs you If subs me sorry I don't understand

  61. Will subs you If subs me

    Will subs you If subs me日 前

    No emoji please

  62. sunshineyeni

    sunshineyeni日 前

    @s thanks sis, and I almost die after seeing the price 💆🏻‍♀️💆🏻‍♀️

  63. s

    s日 前


  64. Eyy-Its-Me XD

    Eyy-Its-Me XD日 前

    Lol i dont listen to music like this but now i am because of Tower Of God

  65. Stay MIROH

    Stay MIROH日 前

    Give a try to their new songs "God Menu" and "Easy" as well.

  66. yzh gonzales

    yzh gonzales日 前

    1:42 ok I'm dead-

  67. Joan Ngethe

    Joan Ngethe日 前

    His stage name is Lee Know but Stays love to call him Minho his real name! :)

  68. nadiiinedra

    nadiiinedra日 前

    i dont really like kpop but i like this one because of tower of god 😳😳😳💞💞💞💞

  69. Will subs you If subs me

    Will subs you If subs me日 前

    No emoji please

  70. nadiiinedra

    nadiiinedra日 前

    @Joan Ngethe Sure!

  71. Joan Ngethe

    Joan Ngethe日 前

    Please check out their other songs their really good and pretty comforting and their most recent comeback Gods Menu!

  72. brilliant jelang

    brilliant jelang日 前

    where is the eagle's sound at the end?🤣

  73. Nining Hana

    Nining Hana日 前

    Hello, check *straykids newest mv* , _"EASY"_ here! hope you guys enjoy!

  74. angela cortez

    angela cortez日 前


  75. Cassandra Vinluan

    Cassandra Vinluan2 日 前

    Andaming magagandang MVs mga baby ko. Di ko na alam uunahin ko. Hahaha. Hwaiting, SKZ!

  76. skz everywhere all around the world

    skz everywhere all around the world2 日 前

    jjang, the best

  77. Potato Fur

    Potato Fur2 日 前

    Now now let's imagine if Chan is Red Witch Guide and Felix is Silver Dwarf Guide. Meanwhile Jeongin is irregular wave-controller and Seungmin is genius light-bearer who always help the irregular Jeongin reach the top of tower, that would be a good plot tho.

  78. Aurora Kim

    Aurora Kim日 前

    Interesting plot

  79. Jessica Araya

    Jessica Araya2 日 前


  80. Aq Kamu

    Aq Kamu2 日 前

    Skz the best

  81. Lucy 31

    Lucy 312 日 前

    They are killing me 😍

  82. itz dachié

    itz dachié2 日 前

    Lino jdhku.

  83. itz dachié

    itz dachié2 日 前

    Kalo denger lagu ini pasti bawaan nya mau joget.oyes

  84. [NV] Léozin

    [NV] Léozin2 日 前


  85. Kathelin Colasso

    Kathelin Colasso2 日 前

    Thank you tower of god, now I know exactly one (1) kpop song and it's a damn good one

  86. Lena Otaku

    Lena Otaku2 日 前

    When ur 2 words are colliding finally.

  87. Advika sinha

    Advika sinha2 日 前

    This song is suchhhh aaa boooppppp

  88. fernanda gastelum

    fernanda gastelum2 日 前

    Top me sigue robando suspiros desde el primer día que lo ví, es que realmente me tienen cautivada y mi Jeongin bebé tan hermoso que es.

  89. Isa

    Isa2 日 前


  90. Zulia Bur

    Zulia Bur2 日 前

    Я в космос вместе с ними☺️

  91. Rianne Miao

    Rianne Miao2 日 前

    ToG brought me here. Hbu?

  92. Estefani Cristina Villegas Torres

    Estefani Cristina Villegas Torres2 日 前


  93. Dylseniah uWu

    Dylseniah uWu2 日 前

    *wait* so ure telling me that I.N didnt smile in this mv?? everybody finally gangster then? [ ●o● ] also... felix white lashes whut is he cosplaying ?

  94. MIA -

    MIA -2 日 前

    Kim Seungmin why you always made me fall in you

  95. Illusive Serb

    Illusive Serb2 日 前

    I've never seen a girl band with so many group members. There's 8 of those girls! That's crazy.

  96. Joan Ngethe

    Joan Ngethe日 前

    I- it's an 8 member BOY GROUP

  97. shawar Khan

    shawar Khan2 日 前

    They are males, twice are a girl group with 9 members and loona is a girl group with 12 members

  98. Someone On Youtube

    Someone On Youtube2 日 前

    👏👏👏👏Couldn't have said it better myself....

  99. Kels A

    Kels A2 日 前

    I feel so sorry for people like you, who have an IQ that literally the bottom of the barrel. Imagine not being able to disguise a male from a female. Hope you get better in the future!

  100. Someone On Youtube

    Someone On Youtube2 日 前

    gIrl grOup?! Bruh!! They're all males! |:

  101. Micaela Santos

    Micaela Santos2 日 前

    Imagine watching an anime you've been wanting for and this song just comes up and punches you in the throat. I swear I choked

  102. Maverick M16

    Maverick M162 日 前

    Is that Bam?

  103. `Mk- ggystx.

    `Mk- ggystx.2 日 前


  104. -` Yhw Moon.

    -` Yhw Moon.2 日 前

    Não é por nada, mas acho que nossa fanbase aumentou depois dessa 'OST'

  105. xien

    xien2 日 前


  106. Marie F.

    Marie F.22 時間 前

    Chan be giving sachi faker vibes with his hair and khun vibes from Felix and Han gives off Wangnan Ja vibes from his kinda yellow hair

  107. xien

    xien日 前


  108. xien

    xien日 前


  109. Trimita Risma

    Trimita Risma日 前

    Hell yeah, just realize that

  110. Katherine Black

    Katherine Black日 前

    Yeah that’s what I was thinking too