1. Yes Theory

    Yes Theory年 前

    FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENED AFTER THE DATE IN OUR INSTAGRAM STORY: @YesTheory (get tuned, coming out today)

  2. Xx Valkyrie xX

    Xx Valkyrie xX8 日 前

    What happen to them now?

  3. 1bigjohn11

    1bigjohn1112 日 前

    Wow...I really enjoyed watching this. Good luck to you both

  4. Rudy Garza

    Rudy Garza14 日 前

    what’s new now a year later??

  5. Rudy Garza

    Rudy Garza14 日 前

    Yes Theory I would like to know what happened a year later now do they still talk?

  6. Ruben dejonge

    Ruben dejonge19 日 前

    What is het @?

  7. Jack Ferszt

    Jack Ferszt2 時間 前

    No information on if there was a second date or anything? Common brooooo

  8. Louier1 Lulu

    Louier1 Lulu日 前

    You guys are one of the brightest JPreporter channels you make my day happy

  9. Shanna Robertson

    Shanna Robertson日 前

    Damnit I’m not Australian



    I need these kind of friends!!

  11. Tu Tran Anh

    Tu Tran Anh日 前

    Ted Mosby is Matt is real life.

  12. D

    D日 前

    Damn she is hot as hell

  13. sloke1

    sloke1日 前

    the best video I've watched for a long time

  14. Calvin Clemente

    Calvin Clemente2 日 前

    Did they end up together

  15. VigilantSoul

    VigilantSoul3 日 前

    this is better than watching any blockbuster bullshit fuck ass crap they sell you in the cinemas

  16. Aryan Singh

    Aryan Singh3 日 前

    Can someone plsssssss tell me what happened after?

  17. Alessandra Monica

    Alessandra Monica3 日 前

    omg Ammar is so lovely!!

  18. kruolalie Tsurho

    kruolalie Tsurho3 日 前

    “Willing to spend all of his money he saved for this date, shows the level of another 💕 love.

  19. Brandon Kima

    Brandon Kima3 日 前

    is that lurn

  20. Aditi Ahalawat

    Aditi Ahalawat4 日 前

    I need friends like these

  21. Imon Sanyal

    Imon Sanyal4 日 前

    Who else thought the thumbnail was Emilia Clarke and Bradley Cooper?

  22. Swaymus

    Swaymus4 日 前

    Looooove Ammar! omg what a champ - he is literally SO happy and I love him :D

  23. Diego

    Diego4 日 前

    shes freaking perfect bro

  24. Sneh Pallav

    Sneh Pallav4 日 前

    is it scripted.......or are they really doing it?????

  25. Enric Arques

    Enric Arques4 日 前

    Fuck the girl I'm marring matt

  26. Bill Thomas

    Bill Thomas4 日 前

    Did they actually become a couple? Any update for 2020?

  27. Joe Bob

    Joe Bob5 日 前

    The dumb and dumber reference made me lose it 😂

  28. Highkey Potaeto

    Highkey Potaeto5 日 前

    Pls tell me they got together 😂

  29. Todd Cym Poi

    Todd Cym Poi5 日 前

    You deserve it bro. Keep her 💕

  30. shinesunred

    shinesunred6 日 前

    12:53 goddamn Hbiba I love u

  31. ImThe1stAvenger

    ImThe1stAvenger6 日 前

    she is so gorgeous it hurts

  32. Ashik Mridha

    Ashik Mridha7 日 前

    Yoo this friendship

  33. Encio Odilas

    Encio Odilas7 日 前

    this is what happens when you have the best friends in the world- nuff said . just first time watching your videos and that statement got me to sub. p.s Sarah is volcanic hot af

  34. lorena ferrer

    lorena ferrer7 日 前

    i wish i were friends with you guys so i can travel :(

  35. Juan Pablo

    Juan Pablo7 日 前


  36. Xx Valkyrie xX

    Xx Valkyrie xX8 日 前

    4th video.

  37. Fishing Maybe fish

    Fishing Maybe fish8 日 前

    did you fuck?

  38. Bryan Prish

    Bryan Prish8 日 前

    6:20 omg hahahahahahahaha that fucking face :"""D

  39. BTWesley

    BTWesley8 日 前

    u wanna know who that girl is facebook sarah de vries its true search it up

  40. Leon Kullig

    Leon Kullig8 日 前

    Okay..bUt diD hE sMaSh?

  41. Michael Scarn

    Michael Scarn9 日 前

    So that what friendships look like

  42. PetterGoutziers

    PetterGoutziers9 日 前

    Does anyone have her @ 😂😅

  43. BTWesley

    BTWesley8 日 前

    and thats her real name

  44. BTWesley

    BTWesley8 日 前

    i know her facebook sarah de vries

  45. Ganozer Channel

    Ganozer Channel9 日 前

    Awesome 🙎

  46. Sirlunchalot

    Sirlunchalot10 日 前

    I freaking love this channel!!!! Can't stop watching those videos

  47. Tanya Sanit

    Tanya Sanit10 日 前

    Ammar the best third wheeler one could ask for.


    MR. CLASSIC10 日 前

    Damn!!! I wish i have friends like this... Fuck my life 😫...

  49. Eli

    Eli10 日 前

    Matt is definitely my favorite

  50. Realtalk Z

    Realtalk Z10 日 前

    Definitely wifu material

  51. Illi Zizon

    Illi Zizon10 日 前

    after camera has closed they never saw each other again because the girl only did this to get in the video and get fame

  52. Lopo

    Lopo11 日 前

    Maiiiis Mat !!!!???? Tu parle trop bien Français ?!!!!!! OMG mon cerveau a fondu !

  53. Adrijus Kamantauskas

    Adrijus Kamantauskas11 日 前

    I couldn’t find the ending of this love story can somoene of you guys or @TesTheory tell what happened

  54. Mzeil Raz

    Mzeil Raz11 日 前

    and then they fug

  55. Elijah Stephen John

    Elijah Stephen John12 日 前


  56. vip3r

    vip3r12 日 前

    bruh I need new friends

  57. Muhamad Nurakiff

    Muhamad Nurakiff12 日 前

    Is that the relationship still goes on 2020?

  58. Mr Clownfish

    Mr Clownfish12 日 前

    What Happened after the date?!?!

  59. 1bigjohn11

    1bigjohn1112 日 前

    my guess is the 975 thumbs down are a wee bit jealous

  60. owen escala

    owen escala12 日 前

    did they get together?

  61. Jan Popiel

    Jan Popiel12 日 前

    Vespa owner steals the show

  62. Podtrash Radio

    Podtrash Radio12 日 前

    She looks like Miley Cyrus if she was a normal girl who never went crazy

  63. BestPlayerRBX Alhamoud

    BestPlayerRBX Alhamoud13 日 前

    kiss !kiss !kiss !kiss !kiss !kiss !kiss !kiss !kiss !kiss !kiss !kiss !kiss !kiss !kiss !kiss !kiss !kiss !kiss

  64. Jazil Karim Vlogs

    Jazil Karim Vlogs13 日 前

    Plz help me get a girl like nagisa from clannad

  65. Timothy Shaw

    Timothy Shaw13 日 前

    So much beauty, so little magic.

  66. bryan FL4

    bryan FL413 日 前

    Poor camera guy

  67. Jason Sabu

    Jason Sabu13 日 前

    12:14 the look on his face 🤣🤣 Honestly they make a good couple

  68. Pixl Aledrian.

    Pixl Aledrian.14 日 前

    Near by the end whoever has the camera Got to get those Angles