1. Yes Theory

    Yes Theory年 前

    FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENED AFTER THE DATE IN OUR INSTAGRAM STORY: @YesTheory (get tuned, coming out today)

  2. Felix Vlog

    Felix Vlog15 日 前

    Go to the Philippines! :)

  3. Emily Elizabeth

    Emily Elizabethヶ月 前


  4. FlyingSquirrel

    FlyingSquirrelヶ月 前

    @krysx123 gay

  5. mae savvy

    mae savvyヶ月 前

    What happened?

  6. Francisco Munguia

    Francisco Munguiaヶ月 前

    What's the name of the piano song at the end?

  7. Queen Queen

    Queen Queen3 時間 前

    Ammar is so adorable

  8. levenOstar Music

    levenOstar Music8 時間 前

    i wanna know..please tell me they;re still togrther

  9. Ryan Loco

    Ryan Loco8 時間 前

    I've seen this girl somewhere on TV, pretty sure it was a nice set up

  10. Lim Yang

    Lim Yang2 日 前

    12:14 Matt: wow she's stunning, I'm never returning to LA

  11. Mr Blueberry

    Mr Blueberry2 日 前

    Rip notreee eddaamaanamama

  12. MichaZockt02

    MichaZockt023 日 前

    Cutest Video in all youtube😍

  13. Har Jain

    Har Jain3 日 前

    The girl legit looks like Bollywood actress Disha Patani😍😍

  14. mousawi SHAYEB

    mousawi SHAYEB4 日 前

    So me and matt have the same taste in women? Dope!

  15. Tenzin Tridhe

    Tenzin Tridhe5 日 前

    To all those who are wondering what happened between them, here you go: Quick update: Sarah is dating another man now

  16. Emma Malave

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    That girl is pretty

  18. Mercedes Jellinek

    Mercedes Jellinek6 日 前

    They would be so cute togheter! 😭

  19. Von Carlos

    Von Carlos6 日 前

    Awww... this is really an adventure! 😍😍😍

  20. pierthebest

    pierthebest6 日 前

    What happen next?? Please someone tell me!

  21. Gooch1989

    Gooch19897 日 前

    He's amazing and his friends are amazing

  22. Magdiel Noyola

    Magdiel Noyola8 日 前

    missed out Michael

  23. Maximilian Hohenburg

    Maximilian Hohenburg8 日 前

    Best how top Date video😂😂❤❤❤

  24. Steven Yi Lin

    Steven Yi Lin8 日 前

    wow cool.. how do u guys finance the flights and all for these dates?

  25. Yimto Jkr

    Yimto Jkr8 日 前

    Oh that girl is one of the finest creature......reminds me of jessica alpa

  26. Notoriety PC's

    Notoriety PC's9 日 前

    I wouldn’t feel great recording this date. Third wheel

  27. Shashidharan Yadav

    Shashidharan Yadav9 日 前

    Dude I just loved the video, what happened after that are they together or something?


    ELLIOTT9 日 前

    Legend has it that night, they smashed... the colosseum.

  29. Jgkh Jxjwtj

    Jgkh Jxjwtj9 日 前

    “mom,dad, how did you meet?” oh daddy’s friends set us up!

  30. Ultra Instinct Trinton

    Ultra Instinct Trinton9 日 前

    Bro if they don’t fuck we gonna have a issue😂

  31. Antonio Meixedo

    Antonio Meixedo10 日 前

    How cringe is this..

  32. shouq alharthi

    shouq alharthi11 日 前

    This is a way better version from The Try Guys

  33. 01 OC Jirachaya Insingha

    01 OC Jirachaya Insingha12 日 前

    *Son: Dad, how did you meet mum?* *Matt:*

  34. Jihan Jey

    Jihan Jey12 日 前

    dude! I can say that matt's fallin for her. Look the way he stared at her

  35. M Aloni

    M Aloni13 日 前

    What happen to them are they still dating? I am curious 🤔

  36. joel lim

    joel lim13 日 前

    11:35, she stuttered abit and was about to say boyfriend but said mom, nice save

  37. Kier Bear

    Kier Bear13 日 前

    ❤ nice

  38. Lenny Tittel

    Lenny Tittel15 日 前

    And where is the sequel?

  39. Dean R English

    Dean R English15 日 前

    “Future wife” what a creeper

  40. Juliette Suarez

    Juliette Suarez15 日 前

    Mattie’s cute as heckkkk

  41. Juliette Suarez

    Juliette Suarez15 日 前

    Is the plane in on this? The guy next to them smiles 💀

  42. Romie Kan

    Romie Kan15 日 前

    I literally love this video

  43. I Speak Facts

    I Speak Facts15 日 前

    6:20 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  44. Panos Mousouras

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  45. R2E7D

    R2E7D16 日 前

    Hahah that’s so fucking awesome

  46. sandhuu ___

    sandhuu ___17 日 前

    Piloti drive very good🔥 Welcome to italy lmaoo

  47. Su Alt

    Su Alt17 日 前

    Matt id go on a date with you too

  48. James M.

    James M.19 日 前

    She is beautiful! Lucky Matt!

  49. Rayan Bora

    Rayan Bora19 日 前

    When you try to go on a perfect date and you don't get privacy

  50. Adarsh

    Adarsh20 日 前


  51. Andy Marinkovic

    Andy Marinkovic20 日 前

    Am I the only one who finds it kind of weird that they’re being followed by dudes with cameras the whole date long

  52. zelo 3

    zelo 321 日 前

    Is the video fucked for anyone else?

  53. Viktor Milojevic

    Viktor Milojevic21 日 前

    I want a girl like her but i am ugly AF

  54. russell orlando

    russell orlando21 日 前

    anyone know the title of the song in 10:50?

  55. Akeem Vaih

    Akeem Vaih21 日 前


  56. Camila 1996

    Camila 199622 日 前

    Anybody knows her insta????! If you do please just reply

  57. LunaHas Love

    LunaHas Love21 日 前

    @sarahdvries i think

  58. Varant Tchalikian

    Varant Tchalikian22 日 前

    Why cant I have her

  59. Unkown Virtual Guy

    Unkown Virtual Guy22 日 前

    So did he get a taste of that juicy snatch or what?

  60. BurritoPack

    BurritoPack23 日 前

    Did Matt ever see Sarah again???

  61. reevesjim

    reevesjim23 日 前

    I think i just fell in love...

  62. Naoyata Khattak

    Naoyata Khattak24 日 前

    They go on a date while amar just creeps on them LMAO 😂😂😂

  63. Krystian Habla

    Krystian Habla15 日 前

    nahhh pretty sure ammar knows how to keep distance

  64. WhatYouMeanNo

    WhatYouMeanNo24 日 前

    Where does one find friends like these😂😂 I could use an Australian model myself

  65. Javier Guevara

    Javier Guevara24 日 前

    Are you going to Rome? He’s just like us 😂

  66. tunseanu cristi

    tunseanu cristi25 日 前

    Give her the Oscar already

  67. Giorgio Napoli

    Giorgio Napoli26 日 前

    never laughed so hard this is amazing hahahah