Strangers Call Their Crush And Confess Feelings


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    Share this episode with your crush! #hehe

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    Ight I’ll pass

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    Motivational stuff😁

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    Sheesh.. No.

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    Haha sure no

  6. help me for the love of shrek

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  7. Tal M

    Tal M36 分 前

    I can't wait until I'm 18. Leave school, maybe join the military, get a job, then go outside, and just explore my options, have someone who truly loves me ughhh

  8. Nelson Nolasco

    Nelson Nolasco2 時間 前

    I'm telling my crush i love her and that i want to take things further tomorrow Saturday february 22 2020. I gave her a necklace and heart shaped chocolates for V's day and she gave me chocolates, so i know she likes me too. Wish me luck guys!

  9. Can I get 1 Subsriber

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    Me : *I had a crush on you* Crush : *Fuck you*

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    As a single person without a crush... This is SO FUCKING CUTE

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    dude that 1st girl is exactly the same of Kelly Wakasa but woman

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    Yaha i don’t got no crush

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    This made me so sad 😪

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    my crush and i like each other... 100 likes and i’ll ask him out 🤭

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    I told my crush that I was in love with him and he rejected me 😔

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    Girl :Dude I love you Crush: Dude i love you too Me to my crush: Dude I love you He's gonna be like: F***ing get lost

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    Am watching this cuz my crush don’t like me back..☹️

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    Someone called me and did this. I kind of cried.

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    That Lakers hat that guy was wearing made me sad

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    Imagine someone liking you back...

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    I like the girl's reaction. She is so cute

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    When will my simp brethren learn.

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    Well...,my crush has a girlfriend so i don’t really have a chance 😭....

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    5:04 me too

  25. expastelline _Sof

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    I’ve had This love letter laying in my documents for 3 years now... i’m planning on sending it to my 5 year long crush... and confessing later today... ill copy and paste it for you: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hi, i like You... and i’ve done for pretty long now. It has ben a long time ago since i saw You, but i remember your face like it was yesterday. Don’t make a big deal out of this..., and Please... don’t tell anyone about this... the last thing i want is drama or being made fun of because of my feelings. Please, i trust you..., so keep This to yourself... I’m sorry, i wouldn’t Feel This way if i could choose... i just feel like You Need to know so i can move on... i love You, But im tired of You being the only thing i Can think of when i know You don’t Feel the same way... I’m also going block You...because i know You don’t Feel the same way, and i know your response Will break me Again... i’m sorry for This mess ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I haven’t changed my mind about this letter... I’m sending it to my crush today... And thanks for reading all of This... If someone even did... lol Wish me luck.../;🤞

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    this video is beautiful^^

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    This just beautiful 😭

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    Its very cute to see boys being nervous i thought they never nervous i can imagine there face while apprching...😊😁

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    if someone asked me to call my crush I would be like ok, but I need his number first! 😂😂

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    that girl was amazing brooooo, ive neber met or seen anyone like her. hope they’re still happily together.

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    4:10 🥰

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    I'd love to tell my crush how I feel about her but she's got a boyfriend

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    i hardly regret the opportunity that i missed, and unfortunately i never got another one . so guys go for it, don't miss the love . cheers >

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    5:4 luckiest girl ever.🥰😭

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    7:15 she is so happy

  36. •Artistic Donutie•

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    I confessed to my crush after my girlfriend cheated on me for the 4th time and me and Abi got together, so it worked out uwu

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    114 likes and i tell my crush i like them

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    Lol. My crush won't even recognize my existence. 🤣 Hey, Nickolai! If you get across this video, I hope you read this. I've got a crush on you since we were in college. Ha-ha.

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    Is that Ryan? :v

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    Man look at their eyes- So much love

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    bro get this. I confessed, then he confessed and asked me out wtffffffff

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    This is so wholesome, I love this so much. It makes me remember the first time I met my fiancé 🥰

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    Plot change: they called eachother...

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    Cameraman : *How much zoom?* Thoraya : **Yeah**

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    I love a guy and he loves me back.But our families are not close and they personally don't like each other.We are not allowed to meet alone.I have never hugged him or kissed him.And now I am trying to take him away from myself,because I'm scared of my family.I have loved him since I was 6 years old.I don't know how to get over it.I'm mentally depressed and I'm getting more sad every day.I shut people out and now i hate my family which I don't want to.He always asks me that why I don't meet him.But I cant tell him the reason.Now he thinks that my love was fake and this just brakes me from inside.Like literally on Earth how can you see the person you loved the most saying that you never loved me.Its just so painful.

  47. Lydia

    Lydia6 日 前

    The one girl who was crying cuz he loved her back had me cryyinng so hard because how she describes what it felt like to see him I feel the same way for my crush, we havent met in real life yet but weve known each other for over 2 years and he helps me with so many things and he is so kind and when I talk to him my heart almost like hurts I love him so much, and im scared to tell him cuz if he doesnt love me even a little, I think my heart would break

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    I am crying, why am I crying..

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    I wonder how it feels to not get rejected..

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    @king David i dont play fortnite 🤣

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    Stfu you probably play fortnite all day

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    After watching that i got so motivated picked up the phone I'm all set to call my crush and confess my feelings that how much i loved her every time i saw her i smiled n blussh but then i realized that i don't have her number cause it's my crush and I'm not a stalker I've never ever talked to her how am i supposed to have her number...

  54. Nedelcu Ecaterina Angela Rose

    Nedelcu Ecaterina Angela Rose7 日 前

    i love this video....i have a crush but i have a kid and i never met him, but he was always there for me. and i like the way he talk to me. i do not have the guts to tell him that i like him. cause i donno if he has a gf :(

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    The camera is wayyyyyyyyyyyyy to close to the peopole's faces

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    3:50 I feel the HYPE fr

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    Single people disclaimer This video contains clips that can hit soooooo hard like rock hard Watch this video at your own risk

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    I told him about my feelings and he basically rejected me i can't believe what just happened

  59. Erazor2005

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    You did a brave thing. You opened up and told somebody how you feel. Not many people are doing that. Now that you know how he feels about you, you can go on and find the right one. Life is too short to spend time with somebody who doesn't want your company.

  60. dina

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    Lol imagine having your crush's phone number.. all of the crush's i've ever had didn't even know i existed

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    4:50 I wasn't expecting this, I'm in tears....

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    *CRINGE* 😁😁😁😁

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    If it was me, I would’ve gotten rejected Always have and’ll probably remain that way hah

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    Did anyone else just wanna low key see a bunch of rejections because you're gonna be alone this Valentine's Day? No? Just me? Oof, okay... Well anyways, my Insta is daj4402 😭

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    And then I’m over here sitting alone in my parents basement playing rainbow six siege all day after I get kicked out of school. How does everybody get so successful in life?

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    Am I the only one thinking the way they're describing their is so enchanting

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    im crying rn.. i dont have a crush rn but if i will, i will watch this video again. ty for the video❤️❤️

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    the red and green shirt boys were confident..thats why it worked gotta have confidence yall.