Strangers Call Their Crush And Confess Feelings


  1. Thoraya Maronesy

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    Share this episode with your crush! #hehe

  2. Wolf storm plays {vampire neko{wields a scythe}

    Wolf storm plays {vampire neko{wields a scythe}19 時間 前

    I'll die

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    Nah I’m good

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    No, tha fuk?

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    No way

  7. Ahmed Al-Najjar

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    "Find someone who makes you feel bright"... My spirit animal is grumpy cat. It'd require a rainbow for that to happen.

  8. ABC DEF

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    I will confess to my crush if this comment gets 240 likes

  9. Shaurya Vashistha

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    She fooled the guy ... 1st April that's fools day.... She is making April fool

  10. S D

    S D13 時間 前

    "when you dont know how to explain it, thats what you call love."

  11. prison mike

    prison mike15 時間 前

    When your crush has a crush but you ain't crush's crush

  12. Թմɾթӏҽ Cɑե

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    100 likes and I’ll confess to him.. I’ll update

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    Yo if I get 200 likes I will tell my crush I like them.

  14. hector magdaleno

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    I would want to do this but i have no balls maybe some day

  15. Kekoalii Mahi

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    I would tell my crush i like her but we havent even talked to each other 💀💀💀

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    80 likes on this comment I will ask my crush out 😐

  17. Bry

    Bry19 時間 前

    I'm sorry to all the girls who I rejected but nobody knows what I'm going through

  18. G D

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    "It's not gonna hurt me... that much..." dude :(

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  20. Dean Smithers

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    This is dum

  21. Elizabeth mccarthy

    Elizabeth mccarthy21 時間 前

    Now I know what guys go through when they ask a girl out. I was friends with this guy for 9 years. And we became best friends. Well though the years I dated JERKS and it went as far as I was in a domestic violence relationship. And I been out for 8 years now. But still when you been in a abusive relationship in the past it still bothers you even though it been years. And I develop PTSD from it. Well, my best friend that's a guy has been here for me. And not once did he disrespect me or in any way treated me badly. He treated me like a human being. And a month ago I told him I had a crush on him. I actually started liking him years before this happened but I have a hard time trusting people now. Anyway he told me that he is interested. He's been treating me so well. We hang out as trying to date. And I was so comfortable with him. And we flirted though the night. At the end of the night. He walked me down to the car and made sure the car didn't have a popped tire or anything. I didn't kiss him because of my trusting issues but we hugged. We are still seeing what happens. But its a world difference between a wonderful man who treats a woman right and a JERK. I'm taking it slow. But if you have a crush take a chance. Especially in the friend zone. And by the way I never had asked a guy to date me. I always got asked by a guy. But my guy friend is a good catch and I didn't want him to get taken.

  22. Mafer Bv

    Mafer Bv21 時間 前

    The first girl was so excited and sweet, her words were so fucking cute, dude, this man lucky.

  23. X-MAN 1

    X-MAN 122 時間 前

    The lip licking in this video

  24. xxx l

    xxx l日 前

    I litterly can feel the happines of the first girl

  25. Dolan da meme

    Dolan da meme日 前

    5:31 well I guess is good that you don’t have balls. 😁 I would not want a girl with balls 😁😁😁

  26. op-mair

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    Me:oh shiet that gurls cute af Also me:sees the title* Me:......

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  28. 2ndcoat3

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    this shit never going to be happening to me

  29. P r i m o r d i a l

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    When you like a straight girl:

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    Damn...ginger Jesus

  32. Xander Findlay

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    That first girls’ excitement is so contagious, so happy for her

  33. Luka

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    100 likes and to confess to my crush. `lets see what happens, fucking scared

  34. Mc Claren

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    Tips to make ur crush likes u make a dick jokes

  35. Quobblebob Gaming

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    Wow I'm single af

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    100 likes to say my crush that I really like him❤

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    100 likes and I’ll tell my crush I like him on text 🥺🥺

  38. Anxiety

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    Damn that first girl is precious anyone knows her ig?

  39. every thing is good

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    Dude I’ve been seeing this one girl and this makes me wanna make a huge move😂

  40. Mousa Hacker

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    i had to subscribe

  41. Roddie MacInnis

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    After the long weekend imma just walk up to my crush and tell her how I feel wish me luck

  42. Consuela Chen

    Consuela Chen日 前

    my crush invited me to his house party with a friend, and I'm going to come alone and tell him what I feels, hopefully it wouldn't be awkward and we can still be friends for the worst circumstances.

  43. Citra Izany

    Citra Izany日 前

    why is that girl who had glasses on top of her head so beautiful and mesmerizinggggggggg

  44. Øpal

    Øpal2 日 前

    The guy I like has a girlfriend, and I told him I used to like him. He said, "Why didn't you tell me before? Our relationship could've been different." I miss him, and I'm trying so hard to get over him, but I dont want to. I love him. I've told him that. He means the world to me. He is my spring, but the flowers just haven't bloomed yet I guess. If you ever see this, I love you Ashton M. You are the greatest thing that ever happened to me.

  45. Manuel_Diaz

    Manuel_Diaz2 日 前

    3:34 my man died inside

  46. JustSomeRandomPerson 99

    JustSomeRandomPerson 992 日 前

    The first girl left me in tears Now that is true love.... And its a feeling you can't explain

  47. Diki Gurung

    Diki Gurung2 日 前

    6:25 the boy is so cute

  48. ShawnLove8668

    ShawnLove86682 日 前

    That first girl literally had me in tears...I mean you don't find people truly in love that often and when you do thats her!!! Sorry I'm losing language at this point because of all the happy tears and giggles!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

  49. Max Jaedyn

    Max Jaedyn2 日 前

    I've been hurt so many times I song know what spring feels like. I just feel pain... I don't feel happy. Even though I "like" this kid I don't even know if I do cause I song feel anything. I smile and laugh with him but I song feel anything. 😕

  50. Bama Kidd

    Bama Kidd2 日 前

    Im glad I grew up In the south because you motherfuckers on the west coast do sum weird shit... everybody in California acts too preppy and there are too many ethnicities icant deal wit dat can't see the real world ..

  51. M

    M2 日 前

    Shows exactly if you see the man or woman you love it's best to ask them out as life's too short to have what if moments & missed opportunities.

  52. Sot 22

    Sot 222 日 前

    I’m an exchange student in America. I really like this girl in my class. But i don’t know how to talk to her. What should I do? What if I tell her and she rejects? Wouldn’t that be awkward because i see her every day in class? I need advice, thanks

  53. Gloria Mutoni

    Gloria Mutoni2 日 前

    "the next April 1st"..damn!

  54. Gloria Mutoni

    Gloria Mutoni2 日 前

    Love is mysterious, see how that guy in a cap is nervous?

  55. Annie Dancona

    Annie Dancona2 日 前

    There’s this person I kinda like and I just can’t do anything about it because for the first time in my life i’m just too scared

  56. Farzana Rini

    Farzana Rini2 日 前

    meanwhile *Mom:why are you smiling at your phone like a goat* DUH

  57. Ryan Williams

    Ryan Williams2 日 前

    all of the guys got rejected whether if it was direct or not. can i get an f chain

  58. Donovan Myers

    Donovan Myers2 日 前

    8:19-8:20 DiD i JuSt WaKe YoU uP?!?! 🤪

  59. Aliyah B

    Aliyah B3 日 前

    ❤Single since birth club were you 👇

  60. mark

    mark3 日 前

    a women is never with you, she is only with your money

  61. Petrisor Bulgaru

    Petrisor Bulgaru3 日 前

    this doesn't happen to everyone ,they are a bunch of lucky guys and girls

  62. Petrisor Bulgaru

    Petrisor Bulgaru3 日 前

    this affects your mentality,fuck ,english is not as good as I tought

  63. milkntea

    milkntea3 日 前

    What’s the first girl instagram? 😭❤️

  64. HarryPotter Edits

    HarryPotter Edits3 日 前

    Imagine the first girls crush was the second guy

  65. Bernadette Raposon

    Bernadette Raposon3 日 前

    Call you crush Me: I don't have his number