STRANDED AT SEA FOR 24 HOURS (shark-filled waters)


  1. Yes Theory

    Yes Theory2 ヶ月 前

    What survival challenge should we do next?

  2. GummyGaming WQ

    GummyGaming WQ9 日 前

    Underwater for 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 yrs.

  3. Mason Townsend

    Mason Townsend21 日 前


  4. David Eustache

    David Eustache21 日 前

    Darien jungle between Panama & Columbia 😎🌴

  5. zachary leduc

    zachary leducヶ月 前

    Survive in a dessert

  6. Soumik Biswas

    Soumik Biswasヶ月 前

    I'm the last comment on this comment!!! lol

  7. Jitzi

    Jitzi55 分 前

    " they will like come up and check you guys out, and you'll probably see their fin" me having thalassophobia: jumps off the raft, bounces of each of the sharks. grabs a ride from a whale back to land. runs all the way to the farthest point you can be away from the water. lives there the rest of my life in solidarity.

  8. Jasmine

    Jasmine9 時間 前


  9. Top5Favorite

    Top5Favorite11 時間 前

    This reminded me of the Unbroken movie. Just that no one died here.

  10. crazy dude

    crazy dude日 前

    They are pretty daring and it's a good video ,don't get me wrong but They screwed up several things 1. Don't on the light at the middle of the night , as underwater animals are attracted to light.(used for fishing) 2.dont do sudden movements as it may attract unwanted attention (from sharks)

  11. Raja Roberto Masonicic Lopez

    Raja Roberto Masonicic Lopez日 前

    ammar was fuckd the entire time

  12. Jada Ramos

    Jada Ramos日 前

    yall....crazy. my weak stomach could never

  13. Lambo Avento

    Lambo Avento2 日 前


  14. Parth Joshi

    Parth Joshi3 日 前

    Future BEAR GRILLS... YES THEORY😆😆😀💣

  15. Emily Cronan

    Emily Cronan3 日 前

    why did the guy who has sea sickness put himself through that? hahaha

  16. thatjokerperson

    thatjokerperson3 日 前

    should have just waited a few more hours and call in and say they cant find you

  17. Vishnu V Nair

    Vishnu V Nair4 日 前

    Survive in kerala for 24 hours without any money and drive for 10 km in the worst roads in kerala,india, i bet you can't do that

  18. Hello It's Me

    Hello It's Me4 日 前

    I love you guys😂

  19. Blüü

    Blüü4 日 前

    The part where they mention sharks made me uncomfortable.

  20. Jenny Boualavong

    Jenny Boualavong4 日 前

    I wanna be friends with y’all...

  21. Douglas Nery

    Douglas Nery5 日 前

    You guys rock 🤘

  22. Jason Felan

    Jason Felan5 日 前

    Should have done it with 6 people for 48hrs.

  23. 齐聪聪

    齐聪聪5 日 前

    That is Chinese not Japanese on the second page of the book

  24. cat lover

    cat lover5 日 前

    Y’all don’t know how badly I wanna do this with some close friends

  25. Comedy Stuff

    Comedy Stuff5 日 前

    why couldn’t you guys show us the stars??

  26. Raymond James

    Raymond James6 日 前

    Kids still. love it dudes!

  27. TOMJEFFMAN Vlogs

    TOMJEFFMAN Vlogs6 日 前

    Title used to be ‘shark infested water’

  28. Jonah Chu-Napihaa

    Jonah Chu-Napihaa7 日 前

    I thought this was mr beast 😂

  29. Carter Patterson

    Carter Patterson8 日 前

    I’m so confused why ur whispering

  30. kyra's world

    kyra's world8 日 前

    My mom name is Joanna

  31. Amanda Kindt

    Amanda Kindt8 日 前

    No one: Amar: zzzzzzzz

  32. dennis soh

    dennis soh9 日 前

    oh my god.... when i thought u guys were crazy in the earlier videos, this takes the cake... wtf

  33. KidFromTheNorth

    KidFromTheNorth9 日 前

    you guys should of brought a gun on board, in case of a shark attack.

  34. Star_Struck

    Star_Struck10 日 前

    Why not try being stranded on an island for 24 hours with nothing with you

  35. Emloy Z

    Emloy Z11 日 前

    You guys should try 71 days that’s what that one dude did but with little water and food

  36. Daddy Dick

    Daddy Dick11 日 前

    What if a meg just passed by y'all

  37. Coo Caca

    Coo Caca11 日 前

    This reminds me of the video where a guy was stranded in a raft for 78 days

  38. Vasty Gramajo Morales

    Vasty Gramajo Morales12 日 前

    Causally: at worst you’ll lose a limb I couldn’t stop laughing!!!

  39. أنا احبك i Love you

    أنا احبك i Love you12 日 前

    في عرب هني

  40. R2E7D

    R2E7D12 日 前

    Next time underwater camera

  41. Tubular things

    Tubular things12 日 前

    How the fuck did they do a drone shot 7:25

  42. ShadowMaster 45

    ShadowMaster 4512 日 前

    imagine the fucking navy sees you and comes to rescue you and then you have to explain to them that you arent in danger

  43. Matthew Gardner

    Matthew Gardner12 日 前

    I don't think i could do that, i have aquaphobia , if i can't see the bottom of the water im in i freak out

  44. Ester Schenck

    Ester Schenck13 日 前

    Omg can u guys sail over the Atlantic ocean

  45. a yuding

    a yuding13 日 前

    The girl really wants you dead, love her lmao 😂

  46. Thug Pug

    Thug Pug13 日 前

    I would love to do this

  47. YoutubeSerionSZN

    YoutubeSerionSZN13 日 前


  48. Gandalfldor

    Gandalfldor14 日 前

    What shaders are you using

  49. james peek

    james peek15 日 前

    how did they shit ??

  50. Retarded N.

    Retarded N.15 日 前

    But what if i want to take a shit?

  51. TheWonderfulWizardOfOz IsAnAsshole

    TheWonderfulWizardOfOz IsAnAsshole16 日 前

    Hey, from what I can tell Ammar has a trauma from that incident with saving his mother, and gets flashbacks when he's in open water. The good thing about this is that you can treat traumas. So I would strongly suggest seeking professional help for this.

  52. Mart Hommes

    Mart Hommes16 日 前

    I remember seeing a documentary about a man who got lost at sea for over two months in one of these rafts. Luckily the poor man finally got rescued by some fishermen after several failed attempts to attract boats with flares.

  53. Jasmine hates life

    Jasmine hates life16 日 前

    *Y E S*

  54. shaydon z

    shaydon z17 日 前

    24 hours is nothin to , the guy who lasted on a life raft for 76 days on the atlantic/ wonder

  55. Positive Side

    Positive Side17 日 前

    this video deserve 20M views

  56. PanaRican Princess

    PanaRican Princess17 日 前

    It’s not a survival challenge but can you guys dress up as mermen and swim around 😂😂😂😅

  57. Karen Landeros

    Karen Landeros17 日 前

    This is giving me so much anxiety, but I can’t stop watching.

  58. Juan Luis Cadavid

    Juan Luis Cadavid17 日 前

    Actually scary

  59. allets218

    allets21817 日 前

    Omg my anxiety from this 😩

  60. Bell Wolf

    Bell Wolf18 日 前

    Roses are red Violets aren't blue I got click baited And so did you.

  61. ONION

    ONION18 日 前

    Put your focking hand in the focking water!

  62. Punkt

    Punkt18 日 前

    Everybody: Oh no sharks 🦈 Me: *That looks comfortable af*

  63. Lizzie Dale

    Lizzie Dale18 日 前

    8:06 "there is a hole... Bag.

  64. charlie buck

    charlie buck18 日 前




    Where did u guys pee???😂