STRANDED AT SEA FOR 24 HOURS (shark-filled waters)


  1. Yes Theory

    Yes Theory7 ヶ月 前

    What survival challenge should we do next?

  2. Emily Bruck

    Emily Bruckヶ月 前

    Do this same this but get dropped off in Alaska for 24 hours

  3. Hari Singh

    Hari Singh2 ヶ月 前

    SYRIA for 24hrs!!!

  4. Bartłomiej Frelian

    Bartłomiej Frelian2 ヶ月 前

    One of you should try to prepare and have an amatur martial art fight. I recently started getting ready for my first muay thay fight and just realised how far i have to push myself out of my confort zone. I am still not sure if I win but this experience is one of the best i got in my life so far!!

  5. 1000SubsWithoutAnyVidsChallenge ??? :D

    1000SubsWithoutAnyVidsChallenge ??? :D5 ヶ月 前

    Underwater for 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 yrs.

  6. Mason Townsend

    Mason Townsend5 ヶ月 前


  7. Shanifornia

    Shanifornia5 時間 前

    I dont mean to be a kill-joy but you can do almost anything for 24 hours....kind of easily

  8. Janet Browning

    Janet Browning15 時間 前

    I get motion sick like really bad! I could NOT do this one! lol Besides that, I'm old, like 71 this past Dec 2019! lol I do agree that it's totally different, KNOWING you are going to be rescued, versus if you were in this for your very lives. You'd be in survival mode now for sure & the biggest thing you'd be doing right now, would most likely be, trying to secure safe drinking water, because you can't drink the salt water! lol 🦈🐳🌊

  9. porats gt

    porats gt17 時間 前

    video not sponsored by raft?

  10. Inferno

    Inferno22 時間 前

    The guy that survive 76 days its having a good laugh 🤣🤣

  11. G Okon

    G Okon22 時間 前

    Y’all are really amusing and this video was very entertaining so THANKS!!

  12. Darkskully

    Darkskully日 前

    ‘Water is everywhere’ No shit sherlock *you’re in the friccing ocean*


    SAND DEEP日 前

    Henderson Waves with DJI MAVIC MINI ! Tallest Foot Bridge ! Singapore [Unique Wavy Bridge]

  14. Monica

    Monica日 前

    Yes theory: we were in luck, we found an unused liferaft Liferaft: full of patches, yes theory uses ducktape to stop it from deflating wow :))

  15. no

    no2 日 前

    i have a feeling thomas is gay

  16. Happy guitar Best

    Happy guitar Best2 日 前

    Have good game

  17. Sailing TERRA - Make Life Worth Living

    Sailing TERRA - Make Life Worth Living2 日 前

    very bad survival movie . nothing with survival

  18. Sam Davis

    Sam Davis3 日 前


  19. Dr. Rabuffetti

    Dr. Rabuffetti4 日 前

    “it's not IF there are sharks. There ARE sharks.“ Savage 😂😂

  20. pokerface pirate

    pokerface pirate4 日 前

    Wonder how u guys managed TOILET stuff???

  21. Rascalix

    Rascalix5 日 前

    Recommendation: Drink orange Juice after doing your teeth

  22. Flux it

    Flux it6 日 前

    Ya'll be fucked if pirates came around with all that fancy equipment. Butter and crackers ain't new to us Latinos 😂

  23. scarlett sarmiento

    scarlett sarmiento6 日 前

    Buhhhh tha's nothing

  24. Cocky Asian

    Cocky Asian7 日 前

    nice copy, shameless.

  25. Slapzzter

    Slapzzter7 日 前

    Now i know that sharks Invest in water

  26. art._elephant

    art._elephant7 日 前

    You could do 24 hours in Romanian forest, There are many wild animals and it’s really beautiful

  27. Keerthan S

    Keerthan S7 日 前

    To @ammar, apply a hyoscine patch before a journey like this to prevent sea sickness

  28. beans memes and cheese

    beans memes and cheese8 日 前

    Du dun du dun dundundundundundundun

  29. Artless

    Artless9 日 前

    I thought it was a MrBeast's video at first sight

  30. kyle g

    kyle g9 日 前

    All life rafts have sea sickness pills, and in an emergency situation they are the first thing you take if you are required to use a life raft. (So you can conserve energy and water) There is a fresh water catch from the tarp roof, a sea anchor to limit the drifting from the wind, and even basic fishing supplies!

  31. Alex zarcu

    Alex zarcu9 日 前

    There was like a frickin yacht 9:03 so much for there all alone

  32. 3245ronaldo

    3245ronaldo10 日 前

    At 13:15 Thomas looks like he's just been given birth or smth

  33. Jerikrowley

    Jerikrowley10 日 前

    WOW the copy of @MrBeast :o

  34. Mimi Davids

    Mimi Davids12 日 前

    wow insane..

  35. Salty Sac

    Salty Sac12 日 前

    A scenario like this happened in real life, a sailer was stranded for 76 days in one of those life rafts

  36. POOP POP

    POOP POP12 日 前

    Sharks aren’t really harmful

  37. Moo moo Poo 2

    Moo moo Poo 212 日 前

    The best way not to get sea sick is to look at the sky because the sky is not moving as much as the sea but it is very hard to do that at night

  38. Goku Sama

    Goku Sama13 日 前


  39. Lucas Meldrum

    Lucas Meldrum13 日 前

    someone did this for 78 days but it wasn't intentional its on i shouldn't be alive

  40. Rider Holic

    Rider Holic13 日 前

    They should bring a Volleyball

  41. Andre Setiawan

    Andre Setiawan13 日 前

    Question, why you guys whispering in the middle of the sea? in night? why?

  42. Chackin Malackin

    Chackin Malackin14 日 前

    What if Morgz did this challenge

  43. Yakir Ey.

    Yakir Ey.15 日 前

    What's the big deal with 24 hours... Gosh... Plus you are doing it together which makes it much easier. Babies.

  44. Crazy bad Cuber

    Crazy bad Cuber16 日 前

    Adhd in that person forgot his name

  45. Kieran Mooney

    Kieran Mooney18 日 前

    Try without the raft, only life jackets, no food, no water, for 5 days. Oh and with sharks too. That’s exactly what the 317 survivors (including my great grandfather who passed in 2010) of the USS Indianapolis sinking by a Japanese submarine during WW2. About 1200 crew members, 317 survivors. Just a thought, I could never do that. You’ll get sunburn, swollen tongues, and ulcers.

  46. Blu

    Blu19 日 前

    Anyone seen that vid where the guy survives like 40 days on a life raft?

  47. Toothless

    Toothless20 日 前

    The thing is *WHERE DID THEY POOP?*

  48. Jamie

    Jamie20 日 前

    9:12 asian mom mode activated

  49. Cartoonking1

    Cartoonking120 日 前

    That is my nightmare...

  50. Old Soul

    Old Soul20 日 前

    How about surviving 3 days in a jungle or a bounty island without food and water? That would be awesome guys! Found your channel yesterday and one day later addicted!!

  51. Cody Williams

    Cody Williams21 日 前

    That's a viking life raft, and all the flares are comet pyros, I actually service these rafts it's pretty cool seeing them in action lol

  52. Ikhlas RAF

    Ikhlas RAF22 日 前

    that lady is not making the situation any better "Its not that if there are sharks, there ARE sharks"

  53. Bxterr

    Bxterr22 日 前

    Middle of the ocean no one brought a blunt?

  54. SixWolf

    SixWolf22 日 前

    1:32 , thats how horror movies start, it remembers me a lot to chernobyl diaries

  55. Lord Meow

    Lord Meow23 日 前

    you said 12 miles, you have to go 24 nautical miles to even get to the EEZ

  56. HD.

    HD.23 日 前

    *Yes Theory* : Do i have a dead wish? *Yes*

  57. BTS Tell Me Your Story

    BTS Tell Me Your Story23 日 前

    Imagine if it suddenly rains then waves drifted the raft further and you did ended up getting stranded. Sjzhsxhsj

  58. a a

    a a23 日 前

    wait how do you pee?

  59. Zwazy __

    Zwazy __23 日 前


  60. Angela Glaser

    Angela Glaser24 日 前

    Survive my children!

  61. Larsson Cruze

    Larsson Cruze24 日 前

    Did u guys throw ur garbage onto the water?

  62. Guilherme Frota

    Guilherme Frota24 日 前

    you couldve put a go pro inside the water

  63. True Potential

    True Potential24 日 前

    Matty Poo : We are not the best Seamen in the world....

  64. DeepboxVDM

    DeepboxVDM24 日 前

    Hike to Everest Base camp

  65. Kaylee Kite

    Kaylee Kite24 日 前

    The manual reminded me of Life of Pi