Stephen A. reacts to Drew Brees’ comments about ‘disrespecting the flag,’ apology | First Take


  1. Brian Dunlap

    Brian Dunlap17 時間 前

    Compare this to Stephen A Smith and desean Jackson.

  2. Ross Johnson

    Ross Johnson日 前

    I love Drew Brees for what he said

  3. ForgiveSnagz

    ForgiveSnagz4 日 前

    Ok? But what did he say that was bad? Disrespecting the flag shouldn’t happen no matter what. He can’t have his opinion? But blacks people can?

  4. Patrick Houck

    Patrick Houck4 日 前

    Max is like I don’t agree with any of this haha 😂

  5. 55 ostar

    55 ostar4 日 前

    The man did nothing wrong he said the true .so people why is he saying sorry for saying what he feeling about the flag

  6. harry varner

    harry varner5 日 前

    What did Brees say.

  7. rebeltoo37

    rebeltoo377 日 前

    Just hike the the ball and bend the knee for 60 minutes. Sounds exciting!! # Defund NFL/Espn. 😳

  8. Ginjgaming

    Ginjgaming11 日 前

    This is how many people think drew brees remark was perfectly fine and there was nothing wrong with it 💯💯💯 | | | | V

  9. Alvin Comer

    Alvin Comer12 日 前

    Never thought it would be a day , I would agree with Stephen A . that's how bad Drew messed up...

  10. Shawn Lewis

    Shawn Lewis14 日 前

    You can respect your fellow man /woman and not hate the country. The cop that committed murder isn't the USA. FACT IS MORE UNARMED WHITE'S WERE KILLED BY COPS THAN BLACKS. The problem is with the militarized police. The police are a "part" of the US just like us citizens. Racism SHOULD be addressed but Drew isn't the problem. The militant cops are.

  11. steven clark

    steven clark15 日 前

    Steven A always ranting never saying anything rational. Wonder if he forgot the same flag Drew Brees was defending , stands for the same country that allows him to rant mindlessly and free. Your mad about police brutality, don't disgrace the flag and country that gives you the freedom and right to have your rants Steven A. Freedom of speech and the right to speak it that's the flag Brees supported and the country that flag represents that gave you that right . The flag is a symbol of your rights maybe you should respect it a little more .

  12. John Dicken

    John Dicken15 日 前

    @TheConservativeTwins.... These people are turning into leftist clowns.

  13. Boomer SV

    Boomer SV15 日 前

    Drew Brees doesnt need to apologize for anything.

  14. Richard Smith

    Richard Smith16 日 前

    What a joke, how soft and sensitive everybody is body getting, FAKE!!

  15. AU10

    AU1016 日 前

    Stephen A. talking about tone deaf, what a joke, 104 people shot in Chicago over fathers day weekend 2020. Almost all were African Americans shooting African Americans. Hey dum dum your fake outrage rings hollow!

  16. Mark Badgley

    Mark Badgley17 日 前

    NFL is finished. America doesn't need you.

  17. Chris Jones

    Chris Jones17 日 前

    “For the time will come when people will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear. They will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths.” ‭‭2 Timothy‬ ‭4:3-4‬ ‭NIV‬‬

  18. Chris Jones

    Chris Jones17 日 前

    So here’s where it all starts drew can’t have an opinion without being a racist! But Steven A. Can blow up on Kap and brees and the way he talks about the cowboys and Jerry Jones. It’s all BS coming out off your mouth! With respect gains respect!!

  19. Eugene Graves

    Eugene Graves18 日 前

    Personally I'm giving Brees a slight break because he apologized. He recognized the divisiveness of his words. I can do nothing but respect that.

  20. John J

    John J18 日 前

    Stephen A Is one of the most racist.

  21. M Groomsie

    M Groomsie19 日 前

    Its all bs, Drew apologize for not standing during the national anthem , Kaepernick lost his message for not standing together as one. What a sorry excuse as a person there is. Whats really wrong here is the media has made it like this. Fact is there are alot more unarmed white people killed by police than black people, but that does not make the news. MEDIA REPORTING ONLY ON THE BLACK PEOPLE BEING KILLED BY COPS IS WHY WE HAVE THIS SO CALLED RACISM. WAKE UP PEOPLE AND SEE THE WHOLE PICTURE🤨

  22. American boi

    American boi17 日 前


  23. Jorge Acosta

    Jorge Acosta20 日 前

    Look he might have been a little tone deff on the reason for the kneeling but remember protests are supposed to make people uncomfortable and that's what made drew brees uncomfortable


    ICEMAN BMF20 日 前

    Right they made it seem like he brought it up. Do your research about anything. A lot of things are taking out of context

  25. Terry Falwell

    Terry Falwell21 日 前

    No more national anthem and more complaints. Deal? It's sports and it's only entertainment, that's it. Quit with running the lip and play the game. Soon your racism will cause other colors to stop participating.

  26. Joseph Wiseman

    Joseph Wiseman21 日 前

    I wasn't shocked...MW supremacist feel privileged.

  27. Erik Ford

    Erik Ford21 日 前

    A "victory for communication" would be that everyone understand Brew is not against protest, but the way some people protest that angers others. That would be a victory.

  28. Kevin Crawford

    Kevin Crawford22 日 前

    Oh my goodness Steve A SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!

  29. George Shores

    George Shores22 日 前

    I agree with what you say! But where is this same emotion when a white person gets killed ? Oh, I see it's because he had white privilege. Huh?

  30. sugershakify

    sugershakify22 日 前

    Hey ESPN, try sticking to sports and leave the virtue signaling to CNN ? I wonder how long they practiced those concerned looks of empathy in the mirror ?

  31. Troy Tomrell

    Troy Tomrell24 日 前

    No one is more racist in this country than that P.O.S. Stephen A..... you can just hear the hate in his voice

  32. Cedric Ruffin

    Cedric Ruffin24 日 前

    Drew let me help with your situation,go on the breakfast club and you will be ok.....The truth is Black Lives Matter and All Lives Matter.....Drew you are diverse and we know that,don't ho out and laylo..I would do Ebro or the Breakfast club and take your favorite teammates with you..❤❤

  33. Robert Halonen

    Robert Halonen24 日 前

    Go protest the police station! not our flag! it’s funny how SportsCenter likes to use statistics for their sports but not for crime in America

  34. Gregory F. Murray

    Gregory F. Murray25 日 前

    Drew Brees was right on with his comments about respecting the flag. His mistake was to apologize to a liberal media.

  35. Gregory F. Murray

    Gregory F. Murray18 日 前

    @Eugene Graves I sure do. It is you.

  36. Eugene Graves

    Eugene Graves18 日 前

    Only a white person would make your comment, see the problem in America?

  37. Choocha Lagoocha

    Choocha Lagoocha21 日 前


  38. Around The Sound Recording Studio

    Around The Sound Recording Studio25 日 前

    Some will Cain ish going around here. Let me find out D Fox is next up!!!

  39. rooz

    rooz25 日 前

    Listen "Stephen" Django, you are the one who's been 'tone deaf' for years and now being opportunist at best. Blacks can-not forget you stabbing them in the back! I imagine maybe Tarantino picked that name not by chance!

  40. brian sprinkle

    brian sprinkle25 日 前

    Drew should never have apologized to the woke mob for his beliefs. This is America, not communist Russia. Next he'll be apologizing for going to church, owning a white car, using white paper, playing on a green football field, etc... NEVER apologize to the woke mob for your beliefs.

  41. Hey Hey Hey

    Hey Hey Hey25 日 前

    It doesn’t matter that he was asked directly about that. I knew that from the beginning. It doesn’t make a difference in the statement to me.

  42. Julio PapaCto

    Julio PapaCto25 日 前

    They expected more from you and they didn’t get it .. where were you man

  43. mbd501

    mbd50125 日 前

    It's too bad Brees was forced to apologize. He respects the flag, and thinks there's another time and place for protests. There's nothing wrong with that opinion.

  44. splitwood

    splitwood26 日 前

    100 percent pure ignorance

  45. Richard Smith

    Richard Smith26 日 前

    These guys talk a lot of sense. Keep it up!

  46. Lincoln Colt

    Lincoln Colt26 日 前

    Why don’t you talk about disrespecting to the hundreds of hard-working family on business owners who have had their businesses looted destroyed and burnt to the ground and talk about respect with them

  47. BFick478

    BFick47826 日 前

    Tone deaf or ignorant?? Drew Brees is ignorant for these ASININE comments. He spoke his truth so dont give the PC fake apology. We now know who you are Drew! Thanks for showing us and we believe you

  48. Nick Scarfo

    Nick Scarfo26 日 前

    There was nothing to apologize for.

  49. Michael Esser

    Michael Esser27 日 前

    Keith Ellison should have been elected chair of the DNC.

  50. Anu'schannel

    Anu'schannel27 日 前

    Legalize Murder!

  51. Yung Cash

    Yung Cash27 日 前

    Drew Brees 🙈

  52. Wen Hao

    Wen Hao27 日 前

    Stfu Stephen A

  53. J.D.

    J.D.27 日 前

    I don't get it he said nothing wrong and just gave his opinion from his family history on what the American Flag meant to him. We have to a stop apologizing in America for hurting other people's feelings.

  54. The Genius

    The Genius27 日 前

    He makes my head hurt and my ears bleed..

  55. Russell Pottenger

    Russell Pottenger28 日 前

    Only thing that Drew Brees said that was wrong was in the apology. Taking a knee “during national anthem” IS disrespecting our flag and the national anthem.

  56. Bill Perfitt

    Bill Perfitt28 日 前

    The NFL is a joke. I'm done with this spot

  57. call me mr Tom Reagan

    call me mr Tom Reagan28 日 前

    Guys get over it and move on

  58. John Moss Jr

    John Moss Jr28 日 前

    I am all for ending police brutality and racism for all races but being a 14 year veteran I think instead of kneeling they can do something before the anthem to show solidarity

  59. sehhi vooty

    sehhi vooty28 日 前

    It's a sad day when someone loves their country so much, who has done more for the ungrateful folks than all of the home boys combined, then accuse him of racism.

  60. Korinth Fuiava

    Korinth Fuiava28 日 前

    Stephen A talk a lot but never played football in his life.

  61. Kenny Mack

    Kenny Mack28 日 前

    His history speaks for itself. Steven A glossed right over it on his way to the lynch mob. Theysa gots dem a whuite boy to villafy. He had nothing to apologise to the racist outrage mob for. Better get him cancelled before he leads the league in passing yards again. SMFH

  62. sehhi vooty

    sehhi vooty28 日 前

    I call BS

  63. Troy Butler

    Troy Butler28 日 前


  64. Ken Metz

    Ken Metz28 日 前

    I think the NFL should be defunded. A lot of the owners are older white men who fit the racist narrative even though we don't really know they are racist. If any black or white person has signed an NFL contract that makes them inherently racist for taking that white supremacist money. Every white and black athlete who feel strongly about racism in this country should send all the money they have collected from that racist organization and send it back. Besides with this country in its current state of affairs we don't have time for football games. If black people are being hunted in the streets, than these athletes shouldn't be worried about going back to play football and making millions of dollars a year. People are dying and racism is alive and well. How can you collect and keep that much money when this is happening. Give your money up to people who have been racially discriminated against and oppressed more than you. If you're in the NFL its a hard case to make that you been seriously discriminated against. If you play for the NFL and you aren't quitting your job and doing your part to protest peacefully then you shouldn't have that platform to voice your opinion.

  65. Anu'schannel

    Anu'schannel27 日 前

    I agree

  66. winstonS

    winstonS28 日 前

    I don't like them kneeling either but they have every right to do it, just like those who criticize them do

  67. Kappa Emote

    Kappa Emote28 日 前

    Maybe you should have chosen something that involves JUST the group your talking about and not people dying for their country. You argue too much like their really wasn't ANY other way to do that protest GTFO 🙄

  68. Mena Logistics Co.

    Mena Logistics Co.28 日 前

    Grown men talking about other grown men playing ball games..... We’ve gotten too spoiled.

  69. Mena Logistics Co.

    Mena Logistics Co.28 日 前

    Me: “The Sheeple will perish for lack of psyop’s”.... ESPN: “Not on our watch!”

  70. matt 2525

    matt 252528 日 前

    I agree about police brutality being entirely to common but I do not agree it is a black/white problem. It's a problem of the police having to much power over our lives as people. The statistics show you are way more likely to be shot as a white person then a black, numbers do not lie people. I'm mostly white and I have had guns drawn on me, been tazed and tackled with knees in my back and legs by police. Police have to much power and have run with it.

  71. Ethan Rohrbach

    Ethan Rohrbach29 日 前

    I agree with Kaepernick that police brutality should end. I also agree with his mainstream supporters that his action “was never about the flag.” However, while Kaepernick did not intentionally degrade our national anthem and Flag, his actions against the Flag are, indirectly, nothing short of blasphemy. The Flag was there at Fort McHenry when we Americans protected Baltimore from the British; the Flag was there at Iwo Jima when we Americans island-hopped, avenging those who had died on the Bataan Death March. The Flag was there when our forefathers saved citizens’ futures, Black and White. Although this is simply my standpoint and the Flag is neither a communist nor divine object, the Flag is sacred and should be given due respect. Everyone, including Kaepernick, is entitled their First Amendment rights, but his kneeling transcends unexplainable rules-rules that define who we are as Americans and a godly, nationalistic worldview, among others. Furthermore, in the face of nationwide criticism, Kaepernick refused to find an alternate way to protest the Flag. He very easily could have done something else, something that would have further united the country (in the interest of anti-racism) rather than politically expose it. Naysayers might argue that Kaepernick’s kind of activism intends to take people out of their comfort zones or was fundamental in kickstarting new civil rights protests. Others might suggest that, since the mainstream media no longer decries his decision, he, among others, should be looked upon favorably. However, that does not excuse Kaepernick’s choice, out of all the choices he might have made, to kneel during our national anthem. In conclusion, Kaepernick made a bad decision that should be regretted, not praised.

  72. L. B.

    L. B.29 日 前

    Talk about projecting your own flaws on others! Good job Smith. Let's talk "tone deaf". To not only refuse to stand during the national anthem but to do the opposite - that is clearly expressing disrespect for the anthem and the flag. Apparently Smith is so wrapped up in his victimhood that he is incapable of understanding the simple concept of patriotism. Apparently it ALWAYS has to be about race with Smith. If you disagree with that (an opinion on patriotism) for some weird reason - that is your right. But HOW DARE YOU insist someone apologize because you disagree with them. There was a time when most people thought everyone has a right to their opinion in our culture regardless of any disagreement. But, apparently you "woke" leftists are so intolerant and hateful of those that you disagree with or disagree with you that they MUST apologize. SHAME ON YOU Drew for apologizing for having an opinion. SHAME ON YOU Smith for being so disgustingly intolerant. The Difference? I would NEVER demand an apology from Smith even though I'm sure he is a racist. and has a racist opinion. I just call it out. If anyone is offended by that - tough. That is your problem (obsessed with being a victim and being offended) not mine.

  73. Angela Belchar

    Angela Belchar29 日 前

    In spite of what you think Drew Brees has a right to say what he thinks He owes no one an apology. You should all apologize to him for trying to take away his beliefs.

  74. Alec

    Alec29 日 前

    Max always use his mind before he speaks. Always make sense. Sas is a sale out

  75. Farmer George

    Farmer George29 日 前

    Stephen A Smith, the most arrogant pissed off human on the planet. Obnoxious. The main reason I do not watch ESPN

  76. barley 1

    barley 129 日 前

    Drew Brees is a COWARD!!!! Too bad an American can’t be honest - this is nothing more than intimidation and cowering to the hate mob!!

  77. Glenn Silvetti

    Glenn Silvetti29 日 前

    I’m tired of it all now, everyone will cry no matter what takes place anymore, how about this, let’s spread the love of Jesus Christ, if you can’t forgive those who sin against you your father in heaven won’t forgive you. Get over it folks life is to short and eternity is real and awaits us all

  78. Buc n Here

    Buc n Here29 日 前

    This is a set up for Winston to become the starter. The Saints have to miss the playoffs. Tom Brady and the Bucs are goin to the SB. We have seen this before. NFL media bias towards a QB - leads to him being replaced - legend gets one last hurrah. Tebow - Manning - Broncos. Winston - Brady - Bucs. NFL is RIGGED!

  79. Michael Dalton

    Michael Dalton29 日 前

    I call BS



    Crooks. All of them

  81. 33thelma

    33thelma29 日 前

    White privilege at its finest from Drew. People are being exposed for who they really are.

  82. Randy Lee

    Randy Lee26 日 前

    33thelma how is it white privilege? The national anthem had nothing to do with race. It was to give thanks to our country, and our people who’ve fought in it.

  83. Anthony Montgomery

    Anthony Montgomery29 日 前

    I love how when you're young people tell you to have your own opinion about things now he we are2020 an u can still have your own opinion but if it doesn't jive with the movement ur a racist I feel we're going in reverse and I blame the media for constantly putting ideas in are heads like choose sides that's not what America is supposed to be about

  84. Reels of Fortune Slots Play

    Reels of Fortune Slots Play29 日 前

    Until Stephen A brings Colin on and apologize to him publicly, I don't want to hear him on this subject.... He needs to make that right!!!

  85. Freddie Hernandez

    Freddie Hernandez29 日 前

    Let Drew do football!

  86. Dra O

    Dra O29 日 前

    Shocked - to know that he’s free to believe in those things he holds dear to his heart? Baffling, simply baffling. Black lives matter - only to blacks. That’s MY belief - and no one will change my beliefs... unless, of course, I’m allowed to tell others how to believe. And you won’t like my beliefs. Break laws, see police. Don’t break laws, no police. Change the black culture. Now.

  87. The Punisher43

    The Punisher4329 日 前

    Drew stick up for what you really believe,don't cave to your teammates. BLM doesn't care about Black lives they promote killing of cops ,saw it with my own eyes.