[STATION X] NCT U 엔시티 유 'Coming Home (Sung by 태일, 도영, 재현, 해찬)' MV


  1. Wiwi Arummaisah

    Wiwi Arummaisah7 時間 前

    I'm here every day.. Let's stream guys.. They deserve more view for this song ..

  2. so into K-hallyu

    so into K-hallyu8 時間 前

    No bc this deserve millions of vi3ws. I don't know why nctzens sleep on this.

  3. Joy Choi

    Joy Choi13 時間 前

    🤍😧 와 진짜 오늘 이 곡 처음 듣는데 와 진짜 아니 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 너무 좋잖아 ㅠㅠㅠ 엔시티 화이팅,,❤️

  4. Anne Anggraini

    Anne Anggraini15 時間 前

    I love this song ❤️❤️❤️

  5. nctbz

    nctbz19 時間 前

    people go sleep on beds not on this masterpiece

  6. nctbz

    nctbz19 時間 前

    this song is criminally underrated and under-appreciated. the heavenly vocals, meaning of the song and absolutely everything about this song is a masterpiece.

  7. Vaneesa Nur danti

    Vaneesa Nur danti日 前

    이 노래를 여러 번 들었어 지루하지 않다고 맹세 해 💚💚

  8. Huang XuGuan

    Huang XuGuan日 前


  9. Fauzi Gede

    Fauzi Gede日 前


  10. Your Page

    Your Page日 前

    The reason why I never get tired of NCT is because they always bring out new things, and they are also flexible, they can do anything that they set their minds into

  11. 오뎅 뎅장찌개

    오뎅 뎅장찌개日 前

    문태일 노래해줘서 고마워💛

  12. Ilona Auru

    Ilona Auru2 日 前

    why this masterpiece has only 6 million views??? illegal I'd say

  13. I don't know who I am

    I don't know who I am2 日 前

    I can't wait to have SM STATION between NCT's main vocals with KRY

  14. Muhd zaidi

    Muhd zaidi2 日 前

    Love this song so much

  15. Ruddy

    Ruddy2 日 前

    I have just realized that Haechan's voice is unique

  16. Billa Bee

    Billa Bee2 日 前

    Lagu yang berulang kali kuputar namun ngga bosenin 👍

  17. estu

    estu2 日 前

    im crying

  18. 지욘

    지욘3 日 前

    노래개좋음 ㅅ뷰ㅠ 사랑한다엔시티

  19. Priyanka Sinha

    Priyanka Sinha3 日 前

    Excuse me, but what's with the embarrassingly little views? Like.. THIS IS THE FOUR SEASONS UNIT. C'mon!!

  20. Yamada Ichigo

    Yamada Ichigo3 日 前

    Im here to watch everyone laughing by Haechan xixixixi

  21. Tae Eul

    Tae Eul3 日 前


  22. Analyn Ytang

    Analyn Ytang3 日 前

    I love this song 🥰

  23. Xyeno Xxx

    Xyeno Xxx3 日 前

    I'm listening this while crying.lmao

  24. タピオカまる太郎

    タピオカまる太郎4 日 前


  25. Kika Adams

    Kika Adams4 日 前

    I totally didn't watch this 5 times today......

  26. Tae Eul

    Tae Eul5 日 前

    NCT 2021 WILL BE BIGGER!!!!!

  27. win everything

    win everything5 日 前

    its winter and this is the best song to hear

  28. 파이프

    파이프5 日 前

    라이브 보고싶다..

  29. cion batino

    cion batino5 日 前


  30. cloudy day

    cloudy day5 日 前

    kesini gara-gara konspirasi nya si jaehyun di vlive,haechan ayo kita kupas tuntas semua chann #bikinmikir

  31. Emelia Yulianti

    Emelia Yulianti5 日 前

    NCT BALLAD : 1. No Longer 2. Coming Home 3. My Everything 4. From Home 5. White Night 6. Make Your Day 7. Long Slow Distance 8. Timeless 9. Without You 10. Face To Face 11. Candle light 12. Dear Dream 13. Puzzle Piece

  32. 진지

    진지6 日 前

    이게 sm 보컬인가 너무 좋다

  33. tyongbubu

    tyongbubu6 日 前

    I always hear this song when I want to cry:' and the cool thing is I cried even louder haha (「`・ω・)「 I always come to NCT when I'm sad and even happy because of NCT!!>

  34. chill caa

    chill caa6 日 前


  35. nada Isrina

    nada Isrina6 日 前


  36. nada Isrina

    nada Isrina6 日 前


  37. nada Isrina

    nada Isrina6 日 前

    moon taeil

  38. nada Isrina

    nada Isrina6 日 前


  39. Nurul fauzia

    Nurul fauzia6 日 前

    moon taeil

  40. aespasol

    aespasol6 日 前

    Thanks to aespa Giselle. Huehuehue this is so underrated

  41. jaemin's coffee

    jaemin's coffee6 日 前


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    NCT EXO BTS GOT7 MONSTAX Multigroup Lover6 日 前

    If You Want to Find World Best Vocals You Must Stan With EXO & NCT

  43. Cahya Lintang

    Cahya Lintang日 前


  44. Tae Eul

    Tae Eul5 日 前

    Well true!!! I cri

  45. Your Page

    Your Page6 日 前

    This song deserve everything and more

  46. أماني القحطاانني

    أماني القحطاانني7 日 前

    أصواتهم تجنننننننننننننننننننننن❤️❤️❤️😭😭😭😭😭

  47. Ensi Tzen

    Ensi Tzen7 日 前

    2021 and still listening to this...

  48. Bell

    Bell8 日 前

    i have no words to explain how much i love this song.

  49. be quiet don't cry

    be quiet don't cry8 日 前

    TOP 5 BALLAD OF NCT 1. No Longer 2. Timeless 3. Coming Home 4. From Home 5. My Everything

  50. can i get a hoya??

    can i get a hoya??8 日 前

    Next year for sure this will hit different:`< I'm not ready for my Taeil to leaveㅠㅠ

  51. can i get a hoya??

    can i get a hoya??8 日 前


  52. can i get a hoya??

    can i get a hoya??8 日 前

    Plays an invisible piano and feeling like you're leading a bunch of musicians is one of those feelings you get when listening to this song.

  53. 양또리

    양또리8 日 前

    아주 사랑한다구 당신들 ..

  54. Mahashweta Borgohain

    Mahashweta Borgohain8 日 前

    Jaehyun sounds so much like Baekhyun.

  55. Nurul fauzia

    Nurul fauzia8 日 前

    demen banget ama ni lagu, apalagi highnotenya doyy

  56. 민경즈니

    민경즈니8 日 前

    뮤비 진짜 이쁘다

  57. Azatul Rahimah

    Azatul Rahimah8 日 前


  58. YuuniiNay

    YuuniiNay8 日 前

    sekarang udah 2021, tahun depan teil bakal wamil, siap mental ya czenies

  59. YuuniiNay

    YuuniiNay8 日 前

    cie ngakak hihiii

  60. Stan NCT

    Stan NCT8 日 前

    i will never shut up how underrated this song is

  61. celia -

    celia -9 日 前

    everything about this video is beautiful- can’t believe how under appreciated this song is :(

  62. 김민지

    김민지9 日 前

    이 조합을 왜 이제 발견했을까나 ....

  63. Khotma Auladia Hanifa

    Khotma Auladia Hanifa9 日 前

    Big thanks to my beloved friend who told me how lovely this song! I really love it.

  64. Sifa Rusdiyani

    Sifa Rusdiyani9 日 前

    Baru denger 2021💚💚

  65. pullsunn

    pullsunn9 日 前

    haechan ganteng

  66. Tomato Cute

    Tomato Cute9 日 前

    Omg heachan your voice π_π ≧∇≦

  67. Squid Eat Madu

    Squid Eat Madu9 日 前

    high note nya gila banget

  68. Squid Eat Madu

    Squid Eat Madu9 日 前

    baru nyadar ini mvnya rilis tanggal 13 des 2019 itu tnggal gue jadi nctzen woi baru nyadar barusan, gue jadi nctzen dihari mv ini rilis

  69. amy t

    amy t10 日 前

    coming home is so underrated 😔

  70. C Ho

    C Ho10 日 前

    喊撚咗,我愛他們,I love nct, diu!!!!!!

  71. itsnaomi_

    itsnaomi_10 日 前

    I'm not an avid Nct fan but damn Jaehyun's voice tone is so pleasing to the ears🥺

  72. Analyn Ytang

    Analyn Ytang10 日 前

    I love this song so much 🥰🥰🥰

  73. Iezen Gacadan

    Iezen Gacadan10 日 前

    I love when all of the members are given a chance to shine

  74. Iezen Gacadan

    Iezen Gacadan10 日 前


  75. bookiee wookiee

    bookiee wookiee10 日 前

    Their voices are so comforting

  76. Yujin Kim

    Yujin Kim10 日 前

    7드림 고정 시켜주시고, 정규 앨범 내주시고, (공백 없이) 활동 많이 시켜주시고, 아이들 건강하고 행복하게 해주시고, 코로나 끝나면 좋은데서 콘서트 꼭 열어주세요. 아낌없이 통장을 털어낼 준비가 되어 있습니다. 재능, 실력, 성실, 인성, 팀웍 완벽하고 무궁무진 매력있는 아이들 앞으로 더 더 잘될 아이들입니다. SM 드리미들 잘 부탁드려요. - 늦덕이라 미안. 그만큼 더 응원할게

  77. nunasseu 11

    nunasseu 1110 日 前


  78. Büşra

    Büşra11 日 前

    Seriously this song deserves more than these views this song is their one of the best ballad song

  79. Ririn H

    Ririn H11 日 前

    My home ❤

  80. Ervina Latifah

    Ervina Latifah11 日 前

    when i want to cry, i hear this song

  81. indiraa

    indiraa11 日 前

    merinding gila ini bagus bgt..

  82. Out of Nowhere

    Out of Nowhere11 日 前

    the lyrics are wonderfully written

  83. Out of Nowhere

    Out of Nowhere11 日 前

    im literally crying over this

  84. Out of Nowhere

    Out of Nowhere11 日 前

    this deserves more

  85. Out of Nowhere

    Out of Nowhere11 日 前

    not a fan but this song is just so beautiful

  86. the most handsome person ever exist

    the most handsome person ever exist12 日 前

    why this song doesn't a lot of hype from czennies?? it's literally haechan debut in NCT U

  87. Wahyu Indria

    Wahyu Indria12 日 前

    keren paraaah

  88. Mawar Zullkefly

    Mawar Zullkefly12 日 前

    call me back when this song viral

  89. Maria

    Maria12 日 前

    and yestoday

  90. naj a

    naj a12 日 前

    Seriously why doesn’t this have more hype

  91. Sun for Sunflower

    Sun for Sunflower12 日 前

    "Coming Home" [Romanized:] Nae siganeun meomchwo isseo Uneun neol dugo doraseosseul ttae Majimak insajochado Eopseotdeon naege Jichil ttaemyeon dorawa swiradeon mal Ne geu maeum Nuni odeon geu gillo Hanchameul wasseul ttae Dorabomyeon neoneun geogi inneun geol Yeohaengi kkeunnal ttaejjeum Nan alge doel geoya Geuttaecheoreom neol gaseume gadeuk ango I'm coming home Eodumi nal bangyeo Gireul ileun chae hemaego isseul ttae I girui kkeute mannan geon Neoraneun deungburi Nae gyeoteseo eonjena binnadeon sasil You light of my life uh Nuni odeon i gillo Hanchameul wasseodo Dorabomyeon nareul hyanghae inneun neo Nae sigani da haedo nan Ne gyeote ol geoya Seupgwancheoreom ttatteuthaetdeon nae jibeuro Yeah Yeah Jal watdago malhaejun neoui geu mal Yeah Nuni odeon geu gillo Hanchameul wasseul ttae Dorabomyeon neoneun geogi inneun geol Yeohaengi kkeunnal ttaejjeum Nan alge doel geoya Geuttaecheoreom gaseume gadeuk ango Seupgwancheoreom mutjido anko Dasi gyeoteuro I'm coming home Hoo

  92. Gabriela Macedo Rodrigues

    Gabriela Macedo Rodrigues13 日 前

    Perfect 💚💚🇧🇷

  93. Jazchelle Faith Hernandez

    Jazchelle Faith Hernandez13 日 前

    Waaaahh this song really warms my heart. I really love their ballad songs!!



    haechan's angelic voice 😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔



    this song even gives me winter chills in summer!!!

  96. Galuh sifa pridiasa putri

    Galuh sifa pridiasa putri13 日 前

    Oh my heart

  97. Erka Gresia

    Erka Gresia13 日 前

    Taeil's voice made me cry 😭

  98. KS

    KS13 日 前

    Same 😭

  99. Aadilah Abrahams

    Aadilah Abrahams13 日 前

    Listening to this song in summer and January, I'm breaking all the rules mwahaha

  100. Anne Anggraini

    Anne Anggraini13 日 前

    Doyoung so handsome @.@

  101. Novrini Putri

    Novrini Putri13 日 前

    haechan laugh in behind 😂😂😂

  102. yoonmin is my religion

    yoonmin is my religion13 日 前

    내 시간은 멈춰 있어 우는 널 두고 돌아섰을 때 마지막 인사조차도 없었던 나에게 지칠 때면 돌아와 쉬라던 말 네 그 마음 눈이 오던 그 길로 한참을 왔을 때 돌아보면 너는 거기 있는 걸 여행이 끝날 때쯤 난 알게 될 거야 그때처럼 널 가슴에 가득 안고 I'm coming home 어둠이 날 반겨 길을 잃은 채 헤매고 있을 때 이 길의 끝에 만난 건 너라는 등불이 내 곁에서 언제나 빛나던 사실 You light of my life uh 눈이 오던 이 길로 한참을 왔어도 돌아보면 나를 향해 있는 너 내 시간이 다 해도 난 네 곁에 올 거야 습관처럼 따뜻했던 내 집으로 Yeah yeah yeah yeah 잘 왔다고 말해준 너의 그 말 Yeah yeah yeah 눈이 오던 그 길로 한참을 왔을 때 돌아보면 너는 거기 있는 걸 여행이 끝날 때쯤 난 알게 될 거야 그때처럼 가슴에 가득 안고 wow wow 습관처럼 묻지도 않고 다시 곁으로 I'm coming home Hoo woo woo woo woo woo

  103. Kristýna Stankova

    Kristýna Stankova13 日 前

    Korean ballads just hit different. I am late for this, but their voices fit so perfectly together. The color and depth of their voices together makes me feel thousand of emotions. This is so beautiful

  104. Faviana Salazar

    Faviana Salazar13 日 前

    Doyoung's voice is beautiful it's like an angel 😭😭😭😭😭😭♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️