1. Harry’s Angels

    Harry’s Angels8 時間 前

    and then harry does don’t worry darling 😗

  2. Alice Speedbuilds

    Alice Speedbuilds11 時間 前

    We love getting an ad of Emma while watching emma

  3. doris papa

    doris papa16 時間 前

    You need to listen one direction You need so much

  4. Naima Ellis

    Naima Ellis21 時間 前

    But have you seen Charli's twitter arguments? That sh!t is crazy!! 😜

  5. Hey Hey

    Hey Hey日 前

    1D stans and Harries are here

  6. Hoang Katelyn

    Hoang Katelyn日 前

    Who else was shocked when they saw that hyram was in the list?

  7. JuStiN TiME

    JuStiN TiME日 前

    Emma Chamberlain farts allot and stinks really bad from what I've heard......absolute horrible body odor. Gross... take a dam shower...

  8. Nay MSP

    Nay MSP日 前

    Before the video started I got an ad, with Emma in the ad. Advertising a bottle brand or whatever tf it was

  9. Hoda Afssari

    Hoda Afssari日 前

    eh I don't like Harry styles

  10. Briana Arreaga

    Briana Arreaga日 前

    I saw an ad with Emma before the video 😹

  11. 1D_Swiftie

    1D_Swiftie2 日 前

    hazza barely even goes on the internet; we never see him active so that won't really work. it probably would have worked back in the one direction days though and even niall, liam, louis, and zayn would have probably stepped in and that would be entertaining. but you would also be hated by a majority of the internet sooo-

  12. 1D_Swiftie

    1D_Swiftie2 日 前

    before I clicked on this video I said "don't enter the 1D stan territory. we're rough."

  13. Caroline Crisafulli - Vargas

    Caroline Crisafulli - Vargas2 日 前

    spread prositivity

  14. Rafia Zubair

    Rafia Zubair2 日 前

    Everyone else: harry styles Me: how she picked celebrities in random order instead of the given order made me annoyed and anxious

  15. jade renee

    jade renee2 日 前

    My stepdad used to say peace and love... awwwww

  16. jade renee

    jade renee2 日 前

    This is so good Emma!! Thanks for being a great entertainer

  17. madalyn hawkins

    madalyn hawkins3 日 前

    I got an ad Emma was sponsoring something then I watched her video..

  18. bxggie chungus

    bxggie chungus3 日 前

    harry would’ve been like, “GET OUT OF MY KITCHEN” if you understood the reference, you’re a legend.

  19. Maita MG

    Maita MG3 日 前

    She has the right concept of Harry 😂

  20. Vspbil

    Vspbil4 日 前

    I would fight Harry to get closer to him I will let him beat me up I just wanna see him box he is so hot

  21. Luna Steele

    Luna Steele4 日 前

    im sorry hahha

  22. Luna Steele

    Luna Steele4 日 前

    and you starting beef

  23. Luna Steele

    Luna Steele4 日 前

    aren't you vegan??

  24. Chunky Milk

    Chunky Milk4 日 前


  25. Koolie Kookie

    Koolie Kookie4 日 前

    Emma: Have you ever met anyone who doesn't like Harry Styles, NO Me: 👁👄👁💧(I feel like id get hate for this comment but tbh idrc)

  26. Koolie Kookie

    Koolie Kookie4 日 前

    ghost? 3:31

  27. Stephanie James

    Stephanie James5 日 前


  28. Alexis Brogdon

    Alexis Brogdon5 日 前

    you should my coffee k-cups

  29. Lily Willis

    Lily Willis5 日 前

    Aye where’s Billie Eilish?????

  30. Abhilasha Chaudhary

    Abhilasha Chaudhary5 日 前

    How many directioners watched this just bc our God, polite and the best harreh styles 🤣

  31. BlahBlahBlast

    BlahBlahBlast5 日 前

    Nah we love Harry

  32. BlahBlahBlast

    BlahBlahBlast5 日 前

    Harry’s always going to win luv✨

  33. BlahBlahBlast

    BlahBlahBlast5 日 前

    Harry wins . Always . Sorry

  34. Taylor

    Taylor5 日 前

    Anyone remember when the Kardashians did the boxing for charity and got fucked over because they didnt give them any safety gear lol

  35. Kalaya Black

    Kalaya Black6 日 前

    i dont like harry styles

  36. 2 Girls’ Aesthetic

    2 Girls’ Aesthetic6 日 前


  37. ClearLeafClaire

    ClearLeafClaire6 日 前

    nikkitutorials neeeeds to do emma’s makeup.

  38. Tayla Anne

    Tayla Anne6 日 前

    does anyone know how to get this

  39. HoneyAngel Playz

    HoneyAngel Playz6 日 前

    15:22 "I wanna be different, I don't wanna be like everyone else" -E Me af inspired like:👁️💧👄 👁️

  40. Nevaeh Watkins

    Nevaeh Watkins7 日 前

    what is that app called???

  41. Kelsey Marie

    Kelsey Marie7 日 前

    nobody: emma: there is no one on earth who dislike harry styles me: my brother no actually i showed my brother harry lastnight and he said he doesnt like him and i was like howww

  42. Kelsey Marie

    Kelsey Marie7 日 前

    i was just watching this and just got your bliss add like how

  43. paigey & hollie

    paigey & hollie7 日 前

    i love this 😂😭😭

  44. Im not ok

    Im not ok7 日 前

    Does anyone know where you can find the template

  45. Ilyssa R

    Ilyssa R7 日 前

    your eye twitching when you're talking about the hollywood fix hahahaha

  46. Luisa Miia Kikas

    Luisa Miia Kikas7 日 前

    Lmaoo I like how literally every comment is about 1D 💚💙❤️💛🇨🇮

  47. Tater Nation

    Tater Nation7 日 前

    im suprised you didnt put larray

  48. J W

    J W7 日 前

    I'm the one I don't like Harry Styles

  49. skaiste. com

    skaiste. com7 日 前

    if she had put BTS there it will be bad i mean BAD for her.

  50. Unpopular opinion 0

    Unpopular opinion 07 日 前

    Your listing who you want to start beef wit not actually starting beef

  51. Annadxscent

    Annadxscent8 日 前

    I think this is supposed to be who you actually have beef with not who u want too

  52. Jason Badran

    Jason Badran8 日 前

    Same for the pay per view

  53. Ben Kearns

    Ben Kearns8 日 前

    Erm U mean jAsON dEruLo

  54. Pharah Jewl

    Pharah Jewl8 日 前

    Me Not Liking Harry Styles Or Timothée Chalamet:😈

  55. nidhi arya

    nidhi arya8 日 前

    Who knew that Dixie and Addison would actually get in a ring..

  56. Katie Lynn

    Katie Lynn8 日 前

    Okay but I was watching this video and all and then an ad came up and it was YOURS for some skin care. I thought it was part of the video for a second! 😂😂 I'm probably the only person that finds this funny. It was for bliss

  57. Itskcslife

    Itskcslife9 日 前

    My favorite part is how Jason Derulo got no explanation 😂😂

  58. Charlis dunkin 4ever52

    Charlis dunkin 4ever529 日 前

    Awww she said such nice things about the damelio sisters aka my idols

  59. tiajah tucker

    tiajah tucker9 日 前

    Imagine if she had Larry and put him in the arena

  60. Ella Hamlin

    Ella Hamlin9 日 前

    kinda sad you arent fighting addison....she deserves it

  61. mel i

    mel i9 日 前

    jason derulo was too fast of a choice lmao

  62. Lisa Riordan

    Lisa Riordan9 日 前

    who thought at the very end the "i want to get into the arena' people were an add?

  63. oi mate

    oi mate10 日 前

    Eh I don't really like Harry Styles

  64. Medini Hari

    Medini Hari10 日 前

    I feel like she absolutely hates jason derulo

  65. rachael brooke

    rachael brooke10 日 前

    WAITTT so you’re telling me it’s NOT “paper view” LMFAOO

  66. Zebba ! y.o I WANT SЕЕХ !!!! OPEN MY VIDEO !!!!

    Zebba ! y.o I WANT SЕЕХ !!!! OPEN MY VIDEO !!!!8 日 前


  67. blake the great

    blake the great10 日 前

    there are some people on here that i legit wanna fight because i actually dislike them

  68. Iulia Ioana

    Iulia Ioana10 日 前

    Where i can find this Game?

  69. Kayla Mcmurry

    Kayla Mcmurry10 日 前

    Loll love how u dodge the Hollywood fix guy 😂😂 u kilt it *doesnt even finish pumping gas* supreme press dodgers

  70. Emilie Merricks

    Emilie Merricks10 日 前

    I ship her with willy

  71. Yamilett Imagine

    Yamilett Imagine11 日 前

    I honestly thought i was the only person who like didnt care about harry styles!

  72. Sanjana Iyer

    Sanjana Iyer9 日 前

    you are❤️

  73. Diana

    Diana11 日 前

    if you move david into the arena he’ll just throw a snake on you and walk away

  74. Amelia B

    Amelia B11 日 前

    hon you did not make up "eloquent" hahahahahahah. also i love your orange nailssss

  75. Missbriselda

    Missbriselda11 日 前

    I feel her about thimothe ... I don't get why people like him he actually looks acts perfect but I want a flaw

  76. Sylf tastytexures

    Sylf tastytexures11 日 前

    Ready? I don't like Harry Styles.

  77. Caté

    Caté11 日 前

    I dont wanna fight cole, I wanna fight JuGhEaD I cant-

  78. Clara Lousada

    Clara Lousada11 日 前

    i have the dream that one day we’ll see emma dancing for real and she’ll be FUCKING AMAZING

  79. Isabella

    Isabella11 日 前

    Who came cuz of Harry but also bc they love Emma? 😌

  80. Alexandra Sochat

    Alexandra Sochat11 日 前

    dont you dare compare timothy whatever his name is to HARRY frickin STYLES harry is god and Timothy whatever is i dont even know but i cant explain to you how many times ive cried because i cant marry harry styles he is literally everything in life and i dont think their would be food or love or happiness in the world without him everybody would die of starvation without harry styles i just want to breath the same air as harry styles for one breath and then id be okay with death i would welcome it today i had a i dont even know what to call it but i couldn't stop crying/laughing/hyperventilating for like 55 minutes straight with my friends they timed me and it was because i found out that some people have touched harry styles in their lifetime i dont understand how their not dead yet my heart rate goes up every time i think about him and multiple people have told me i belong in a mental institution because of how in love with him i am also i would loose my will to live if he died or got close to death and if im 50 years old and ave a husband and children and are very happy and harry styles came up to me and told me to run away with him i would i am highly offended that u want to fight my future husband mr harry styles but if you do can i watch.

  81. daikon legs

    daikon legs11 日 前

    Lmao a commercial of her advertising a skin care product was the first ad I see.

  82. Lily Pickering

    Lily Pickering12 日 前

    I’m marrying all the directioners and Larries in these comments👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩

  83. Ella Tyson

    Ella Tyson12 日 前

    ok umm, harry wouldn't even put a finger on u thats all im gonna sayXD

  84. Bryanna Bissainthe

    Bryanna Bissainthe12 日 前

    eh....I don't like Harry Styles

  85. idk lol

    idk lol12 日 前

    i dont like harry styles music but HE IS SUCH A FRIGGEN ANGEL

  86. Annie Gonzalez

    Annie Gonzalez12 日 前

    i love how even tho shes so famous, she is still the same person as the beggining.

  87. Diol Official

    Diol Official12 日 前

    Calling beyonce a hologram low-key hurt me

  88. Manushi Nepal

    Manushi Nepal12 日 前

    I saw harry in the thumbnail and immediately clicked

  89. Madison Hatheway

    Madison Hatheway13 日 前

    sorry but i cant stand harry styles

  90. CamRon Alvarez

    CamRon Alvarez13 日 前

    what is this website lolololo

  91. Maria Victoria Silva Guzman

    Maria Victoria Silva Guzman13 日 前

    honestly, i feel like with Harry it would be like you: *punches him* him: sorry love *smiles and shakes your hand* either that or he'd correct you on something or he'd full on beat you up cuz he does boxing and he strong strong, but at the same time i can't imagine him doing that, he'd just be like "we don't do that here, treat people with kindness love"

  92. Mina sudi

    Mina sudi13 日 前

    I dont like Harry Styles

  93. Laura Scott

    Laura Scott13 日 前

    I just found your channel... I’m a bit late to the party, but so glad I did x

  94. Katie Blache

    Katie Blache13 日 前

    “Your so gorgeous luv u can’t fight you, don’t forget to tpwk -H” That’s something he would say to Emma

  95. Luciana Silva

    Luciana Silva13 日 前

    Like si... Sos latin@ y la viste en una historia de wattpad la buscaste pensando que era argentina y era Yankee F

  96. Chase Lawson

    Chase Lawson13 日 前

    drink so much coffee thats why you stopped growing at 9 years old

  97. Meisha Gibson

    Meisha Gibson13 日 前

    love u 2

  98. Megan Johnson

    Megan Johnson13 日 前

    What coffee machine do you use?

  99. tastywitch

    tastywitch13 日 前

    OKAY ILL BE HONEST....I DONT LIKE HARRY STYLES. IM SORRY. actually no im not sorry 😏

  100. Caetlynn Jones

    Caetlynn Jones13 日 前

    Ok so it’s NOT paper view🙂

  101. Doomed Doggo

    Doomed Doggo13 日 前

    Right before the vid I got an ad with Emma in it, no joke

  102. Melis Guzel

    Melis Guzel13 日 前