Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker - Teaser


  1. Nugget of Truth - Eric King

    Nugget of Truth - Eric King2 時間 前

    Can't wait....may the FORCE be with ye all.

  2. Jodi Drysdale

    Jodi Drysdale4 時間 前

    if you guys have seen Solo you would know that Darth Maul is still alive. Maybe he will be in this movie?

  3. Dascalescu Valentin

    Dascalescu Valentin4 時間 前

    "No one's truly gone...if so powerful you are..why leave?"

  4. Hanging Munchkin

    Hanging Munchkin5 時間 前

    I have never seen any of the movies, but I bet this one will be good!

  5. The Senate

    The Senate6 時間 前

    I don't have high expectations yust be better than the last jedi and I'll like it

  6. Avenexful

    Avenexful6 時間 前


  7. 12w0

    12w011 時間 前

    is it christmas yet?

  8. Sea Oh

    Sea Oh11 時間 前


  9. Thomas Bludis

    Thomas Bludis8 時間 前

    Not terrible

  10. RaptorGaming

    RaptorGaming12 時間 前

    So... the clones, stormtroopers, Empire, Luke, Battle Droids, oh wait... Jar Jar Binks... They are all still alive!?

  11. siguebrillando cosmos

    siguebrillando cosmos17 時間 前

    "The saga" = 3 disconected movies. "comes to an end" = wait 1 year for the next 3 movies.

  12. Rage _Gamer

    Rage _Gamer17 時間 前

    I honestly don’t care if they got Abrams to do this. I don’t want to see it. Johnson ruined modern Star Wars for me, and I’m not sure if I can go back. You might want to watch it, and that’s fine. I respect your decision. I won’t see it because of TLJ, and I don’t know how Abrams will recover and tell the story he wanted to tell.

  13. TheDiamondLord

    TheDiamondLord18 時間 前

    *no one's ever really gone* (mase windu falls while getting electrified)

  14. Lord JD 24!

    Lord JD 24!19 時間 前

    I love how most trailers have comments full of hype while this ones just full of memes.

  15. AndSo

    AndSo20 時間 前


  16. AndSo

    AndSo10 時間 前

    @Stogie2112 thx for the spelling help :)

  17. Stogie2112

    Stogie211219 時間 前


  18. AndSo

    AndSo20 時間 前

    jedi was made for peace

  19. Elizabeth Shelton

    Elizabeth Shelton20 時間 前

    What is the secret behind Darth sidous' force lightning? The answer will shock you.

  20. Stogie2112

    Stogie211219 時間 前

    I'm all amped up to read it!

  21. Galidorn Elkenmeer

    Galidorn Elkenmeer21 時間 前

    Cant believe how many of you still think this is Star Wars and that it is good.

  22. Thomas Bludis

    Thomas Bludis9 時間 前

    Can’t believe how many of you are mad that people are excited for a movie that you are not excited for and have to make everyone who’s excited miserable.

  23. Elwood Jake

    Elwood Jake21 時間 前

    I can jump too.

  24. Cameron Marler

    Cameron Marler21 時間 前

    Wow can't wait for another 3 hours of special effects and OT fan service.

  25. M. Baran

    M. Baran22 時間 前

    1:47 the Emperor? 😮

  26. Tobosteror Norbert

    Tobosteror Norbert22 時間 前

    The questtion is is this the trailer real?😜

  27. The Sponge

    The Sponge22 時間 前

    I actually kinda wanna see this one

  28. The Sponge

    The Sponge3 時間 前

    Thomas Bludis I mean this trailer is actually really good so I actually might haha

  29. Thomas Bludis

    Thomas Bludis9 時間 前

    Go see it!

  30. Raphaël Blier

    Raphaël Blier23 時間 前

    If only : "No one really gone ... hears Jar jar binks in the background ... "

  31. Spademaster black

    Spademaster black日 前

    I wish there will be more Skywalker movies

  32. The undertale Channel

    The undertale Channel日 前

    “No one’s is ever really gone” Yay star wars saga continues!!!! :D

  33. Arthur Dent

    Arthur Dent日 前

    Direcdted by J.J. Abrams.... oh no. *Oh no*

  34. Arthur Dent

    Arthur Dent8 時間 前

    @Thomas Bludis a typo on the internet? Well i never.

  35. Thomas Bludis

    Thomas Bludis9 時間 前

    JJ is great tho! By the way you spelled directed wrong.

  36. Tub

    Tub日 前

    He became so powerful even the high ground feared him

  37. Joshua Erickson

    Joshua Erickson日 前

    I think on the final scene of this movie, someone will say "Star Wars."

  38. Krisis

    Krisis日 前

    this is a teaser not a trailer

  39. Diamondninja

    Diamondninja日 前

    DONT END STAR WARS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. f1rc Darth Vader

    f1rc Darth Vader23 時間 前

    Diamondninja there’ll be spin off movies, books, games, comic books, etc. so they aren’t ending Star Wars. It’s only the Skywalker trilogy they’re ending. Which I am really sad about but we can always remember this trilogy started in 1977 then ending here In 2019.

  41. Daniel Brownlie

    Daniel Brownlie日 前

    2 months on and I’m still so excited, really would love a new trailer soon

  42. Jeff Jeff

    Jeff Jeff日 前

    she is a skywalker

  43. Stogie2112

    Stogie211223 時間 前

    Nope. He is.

  44. Fabi Dingens

    Fabi Dingens日 前

    Wann kommt der Teil?



    que filme vai se muito legal demais

  46. AE Conn

    AE Conn日 前

    For this film to be good it has to be at least 3 hours

  47. 『 RESISTER 』

    『 RESISTER 』日 前

    The Rise of *DEW IT*

  48. Finlay O'Brien

    Finlay O'Brien日 前

    hmm. the trailer reminds me of Happy Feet.

  49. Kevin Logue

    Kevin Logue日 前


  50. Thomas Bludis

    Thomas Bludis日 前

    No u

  51. UncookedBeastYT

    UncookedBeastYT日 前

    Disney: The Saga Comes to An End. Me: *DOUBT 100*

  52. Inky teen :v

    Inky teen :v日 前

    Remember it’s just a movie

  53. Nicholas Jones

    Nicholas Jones日 前

    When a laugh is the best part of your trailer

  54. Thomas Bludis

    Thomas Bludis日 前

    Everything about this trailer is amazing

  55. Eh Eh

    Eh Eh日 前

    It says Skywalker, but it didn’t specify which Skywalker

  56. PhobetorXVII

    PhobetorXVII日 前


  57. Grandmas furburger

    Grandmas furburger日 前


  58. Stogie2112

    Stogie2112日 前

    Grandmas furburger ..... Meh, that band was OK. They had 1-2 good tunes.

  59. DarkShark89 _

    DarkShark89 _2 日 前

    75.000 dislike = the last Star Wars film

  60. DarkShark89 _

    DarkShark89 _2 日 前


  61. Thomas Bludis

    Thomas Bludis2 日 前

    And don’t you DARE tell me that the likes are from bots.

  62. Thomas Bludis

    Thomas Bludis2 日 前

    Tell that to the 545k likes. Don’t pretend that those aren’t there.

  63. Piratefighterツ

    Piratefighterツ2 日 前

    Best thing about 2019

  64. John Smith

    John Smith2 日 前

    It's sad to see that the flashing lights of the latest disney star wars movies have captivated such a large audience. The special effects were good enough for me to see the TLJ twice, but the plot holes, inconsistencies, dropped plot points, pointless scenes and characters, and absolute gutting of all previous star wars media has turned me to the dark side.

  65. Maus 701272

    Maus 7012722 日 前

    No one’s ever really gone... Darth Maul:’At last i’ll have revenge’

  66. Will Torres

    Will Torres2 日 前

    Whats up with her make up?

  67. Will Torres

    Will Torres2 日 前

    @Stogie2112 should have known that

  68. Stogie2112

    Stogie21122 日 前

    Will Torres ..... She’s on a date. Poe Dameron is piloting the tie fighter, and he’s picking her up for an evening on Naboo.

  69. Mia Aim

    Mia Aim2 日 前

    Meh, expectations super low on this one. After the miserable disappointment of that Last Jedi garbage dump of a movie, I didn't even bother with Solo. Lost all faith in the hacks pulling the strings in this franchise. It's a mess of a train wreck. Expect the worst. Too bad they didn't have the balls to hire the Rogue One team to direct this trilogy.

  70. Tag Tagg

    Tag Tagg2 日 前

    Yep the emperor is back to life again. The ending of this trailer sounds like palpatine's laugh

  71. Tag Tagg

    Tag Tagg2 日 前

    @Thomas Bludis wow,so palpatine still alive or isit just his ghost

  72. Thomas Bludis

    Thomas Bludis2 日 前

    It IS palpatine’s laugh

  73. Michal Dvorak

    Michal Dvorak2 日 前

    So Palpatine is Ray’s father? Bold

  74. Hockeytown/Broad Street Bullies #1 Fan

    Hockeytown/Broad Street Bullies #1 Fan2 日 前

    Every single teaser in the Disney Cash Grab Trilogy someone’s constantly breathing heavily.

  75. Rong Chavira

    Rong Chavira2 日 前

    Can we just pretend this trilogy didn't happen? Or remove their numbered status until a company that cares more about the integrity of the franchise rather than money saves sw from Disney?

  76. Fleer Ultra

    Fleer Ultra日 前

    @Stogie2112 maybe actually argue why the Criticisms are invalid *With actual arguments* give me a reason to believe these movies aren't terrible & don't bastardize the lore. Instead of just complaining about people complaining. If you're just gunna do that, you have no stance.

  77. John Smith

    John Smith日 前

    @Stogie2112 If others and I see negatives about a movie, why not talk about it and discuss the merits, or lack thereof, of the film? Likewise, if you like a film, why not do the same and discuss the positives and negatives.

  78. Stogie2112

    Stogie21122 日 前

    @John Smith .... It doesn't matter if or why I like the Star Wars films. The issue is you and why you come here to complain about them. Why are you spending so much time and energy complaining about a film series that you don't like? The easiest solution for you is to ignore the films and don't waste any of your time seeing them or even talking about them. You will be much happier if you do!

  79. John Smith

    John Smith2 日 前

    @Stogie2112 If you really like them, please explain what you see in them. I can't see anything worthwhile in the series besides Rouge One. To a lot of people, it is a terrible movie, and an insult to the greater Star Wars community. I have seen countless videos, and even a 3 hour documentary on the MANY MANY MANY MANY flaws and letdowns with the movie. I can link some if you like.

  80. Richard Risner

    Richard Risner2 日 前


  81. The Ridiculous Otaku

    The Ridiculous Otaku時間 前

    @John Smith It entirely depends on the archetype of the character and their purpose in the story, it's fine to dislike or like traits or lack there of, meaning I'm not criticizing your dislike of her being overpowered but she isn't a Mary Sue, people often look at specific traits and put them together and come to the conclusion of Mary Sues or Gary Stu's which is not the case because mary sue is not a character type but a trope meaning it effects the narrative on every level not just the specific character.

  82. John Smith

    John Smith2 時間 前

    @The Ridiculous Otaku From Google: "a type of female character who is depicted as unrealistically lacking in flaws or weaknesses" Perhaps I focused more on how she is OP, but I did point out her lack of struggle. She's not bad at fighting, she never questions her own morals, she never struggles with the force, and she never struggles with the loss/lack of her parents. I know it's been a while since I've seen the movies, but I can't remember a single scene after Jacoo where her lack of parents actually became anything meaningful to her character. To me, her lack of struggle or flaws at anything, and lack of any real negative traits screams Mary Sue to me. If a character has no struggles and is already perfect, what is there to be invested in?

  83. The Ridiculous Otaku

    The Ridiculous Otaku3 時間 前

    @John Smith Did you read a Wikipedia definition of a Mary Sue or what? because Rey isn't a Mary Sue, she is overpowered sure but a Mary Sue she is not.

  84. John Smith

    John Smith日 前

    @Thomas Bludis K. Didn't come across that way, but I'll buy it. All is forgiven. Also, Rey is a Mary Sue. Arguments as follows: TLDR: Despite no training or background. She is already a master Jedi and a master in many other fields she shouldn't be according to her background. She doesn't struggle with anything internally or externally. She succeeds in about anything she tries. Luke on the other hand fails, learns and becomes a better person for it in the OT. Longer Answer (Yes I enjoy talking about star wars): In the span of a few weeks she has shown herself to be a master in each field: pilot, mechanic, light-saber wielder, force wielder, turret operator, etc. However, according to her background depicted in the film, she has had zero real training in any of these subjects. She knows more about how to run the millennium falcon than Chewy seems to know, able to fly and fix it better than him. She beats Kilo and Luke, two powerful masters of the force and light-saber, having had zero training herself. She also overcomes 3 or 4 Praetorian Guards. If that wasn't enough, she never really goes through an internal struggle. The only one that she does go through is about finding her parents, but that plot is dropped entirely with no resolution in TLJ. The plot point comes and goes in moments, with no greater meaning to her or to the story. She never goes through the Hero's Journey of overcoming personal or character flaws, because she has none that I can see. She never seems to fail. Even when captured, she uses high level force abilities to get her out of situations, like in TFA. When a challenge is in front of her, she always succeeds, and rarely, if ever, fails. She is a Mary Sue. And that is only one of many issues with the movies. Take Luke as a better example of the Hero's Journey. In episode 4, we see him training. In episode 5, we see his abilities start to flourish, and he trains some more. When he confronts Darth Vader, Luke gets defeated easily. After more training between 5 % 6 and during 6, Luke confronts Darth Vader once again, and comes out victorious, not only physically, but morally. Luke had the possibility of failing even then, and becoming just like Darth Vader. However, after what he went through in 5 & 6, Luke resisted the anger and temptation.

  85. Enkh-Od Ganbold

    Enkh-Od Ganbold2 日 前

    Protoganist should be men

  86. cringeentertainment me

    cringeentertainment me2 日 前

    1:16 That's NOT how lightsabers work, Disney

  87. Tam Vo

    Tam Vo2 日 前

    How do we make this trailer exciting like the last one: Heavy breathing. Lens flare. Dramatic music!!!

  88. Andrew the Amazing M

    Andrew the Amazing M2 日 前

    It's sad that us Star Wars fans are so split and hateful, and then Marvel fans are pretty united and aren't raging against each other

  89. Stogie2112

    Stogie21122 日 前

    Andrew the Amazing M ..... There is some bickering among MCU fans over Endgame. Not everyone is happy with it. The Star Wars bickering has been going on since the Ewoks arrived .....LOL

  90. springtrap Afton

    springtrap Afton2 日 前

    Im back for be the first order stormtrooper!

  91. Nihilist

    Nihilist2 日 前

    Star Wars: The Emperor’s New Groove

  92. pigsrcool626

    pigsrcool6263 日 前

    Luke: No ones ever really gone Jar Jar: Hold meesa beer

  93. stillesWasserAMK

    stillesWasserAMK3 日 前

    Anakin will get the High Ground!!!

  94. thebobhollyband

    thebobhollyband3 日 前

    I predict another fail.

  95. thebobhollyband

    thebobhollyband日 前

    @John Smith They will make money, but it wont be what they were used to. You don't bite the hand that feeds you.

  96. thebobhollyband

    thebobhollyband日 前

    @Thomas Bludis Going around making Disney proud.

  97. John Smith

    John Smith2 日 前

    @Thomas Bludis Sadly, I think you're right. Too many sheep will go and see the movie no matter how bad the previous ones have been because it's a "Star Wars" movie. Disney will still make money, and we will still get more Mary Sue Rey.

  98. Abdallah Bohimed

    Abdallah Bohimed2 日 前

    thebobhollyband yup

  99. Thomas Bludis

    Thomas Bludis2 日 前

    NOPE! Not gonna happen!

  100. Zacharie Michot

    Zacharie Michot3 日 前

    That will be good garbage

  101. Thomas Bludis

    Thomas Bludis3 日 前

    Huh? Good garbage? What do you mean?

  102. Kingkjo7 the minecraft1111cr

    Kingkjo7 the minecraft1111cr3 日 前

    Where is emperor

  103. Everything Star Wars

    Everything Star Wars3 日 前

    No One’s Ever Really Gone..... Force Ghost Kenobi : From a Certain Point of view...

  104. Hollywood DemonDave

    Hollywood DemonDave23 時間 前

    @Everything Star Wars I know,I was repeating what Luke said to obi wan in Return of the Jedi

  105. Everything Star Wars

    Everything Star Wars日 前

    Darth Vader Kenobi told Luke this after Luke found out about his father

  106. Hollywood DemonDave

    Hollywood DemonDave日 前

    From a certain point of view?...

  107. thexbat boi

    thexbat boi3 日 前

    No ones ever really gone: Does that mean rose is still alive. I went too far didn't i

  108. Wreno Granite

    Wreno Granite3 日 前

    "No one's ever really gone." JJ Abrams: "I wrote that line."

  109. Thomas Bludis

    Thomas Bludis3 日 前

    I’ve seen this trailer in the theater multiple times, and I got chills and a smile on my face every time.

  110. EBear More

    EBear More3 日 前

    That trailer gives me the best chills anyone could ever have

  111. Emily Kruger

    Emily Kruger日 前

    EBear More I got more chills watching the trailers for IT Chapter Two and Doctor Sleep and not because they are horror movies but because I love the stories and films of IT and The Shining

  112. Abdallah Bohimed

    Abdallah Bohimed2 日 前

    EBear More play KOTOR man .... just .... play it.

  113. Xenomorph 159

    Xenomorph 1593 日 前

    *that laugh*

  114. Jesse Wills

    Jesse Wills3 日 前

    If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing. "Nothing."

  115. John Smith

    John Smith2 日 前

    Anyone can criticize. If they shove bad movies out the door, we shouldn't sit there and act like they aren't bad.

  116. Abdallah Bohimed

    Abdallah Bohimed2 日 前

    Jesse Wills nothing is nice in this trailer, there i’ve said it.

  117. thebobhollyband

    thebobhollyband3 日 前


  118. Thomas Bludis

    Thomas Bludis3 日 前

    That’s what I’m always thinking when I see Jeremy from geeks and gamers whine and cry about TLJ



    I don't think Palpatine will be resurrected in The Rise of Skywalker or anything like that. I think he will appear in the body of one of these.

  120. MAC Ilagan

    MAC Ilagan3 日 前

    "End of Saga..." *It's a trap!

  121. William Doyle

    William Doyle3 日 前

    Anyone else notice that Rey Drops her lightsaber right before it changes scene?

  122. Cr00ked T33th

    Cr00ked T33th3 日 前

    Yo when Luke said "We'll always be with you"... I felt that

  123. Moises

    Moises3 日 前

    Cr00ked T33th he’s talking to all of the fans because I think he knows...and idk why I’m even tearing up...but that “Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter”

  124. FaTe Uzzy

    FaTe Uzzy3 日 前

    I’ve watched this trailer about 100 times since it dropped.... but every time Rey hold Leia and that tear falls, the Luke says we’re never really gone.... man that gets me all teary eye every single time. Also for a fun fact, the name of the score in this trailer is actually called Finding Leia.

  125. Christopher Lembra

    Christopher Lembra3 日 前

    The only trailer in my life that has given me goosebumps, sad to see this saga end tnough

  126. John Smith

    John Smith2 日 前

    It's not really a "Saga" when TLJ drops almost every plot point set up in the previous episode.

  127. Roots Ruutu

    Roots Ruutu2 日 前

    Christopher Lembra “saga” is kind of pushing it. The sequel trilogy wasn’t that epic.

  128. uh ahai

    uh ahai3 日 前

    This trilogy really overplays the leia theme

  129. The Ridiculous Otaku

    The Ridiculous Otaku3 時間 前

    @uh ahai hah :D

  130. uh ahai

    uh ahai3 日 前

    @Thomas Bludis true, but i loved it in the ot because it was unique to her character, now it's too general(pun unintended).

  131. Thomas Bludis

    Thomas Bludis3 日 前

    But the Leia theme is great tho

  132. Mr.Retro

    Mr.Retro3 日 前

    Did anyone ever notice that the hero of all three trilogies was a boy/girl in the desert...

  133. TheDiamondLord

    TheDiamondLord18 時間 前

    ohh yeah

  134. Young Banan

    Young Banan3 日 前


  135. qwargy

    qwargy3 日 前

    No one’s ever gone, cos there’s always a few more bucks to be squeezed out of this zombie franchise

  136. Kaleb Diaz

    Kaleb Diaz3 日 前

    I predict the final shot of the saga will be panning away from the saber

  137. Jordon Anderson

    Jordon Anderson3 日 前

    1:16 BrUh

  138. Jordon Anderson

    Jordon Anderson3 日 前

    Thanks Disney

  139. Eric MacLean

    Eric MacLean3 日 前

    Wait how did I end up here? I swear I didn’t click this... *stays to watch* :o




  141. Marvel’s Endgame

    Marvel’s Endgame3 日 前


  142. Emily Kruger

    Emily Kruger3 日 前

    Marvel’s Endgame I really want to see Disney make a origin story about Kanjiklub, and it doesn’t have to be a movie, I just want to know about how they became a group

  143. Julio Gonzalez

    Julio Gonzalez3 日 前


  144. Mauri Cea

    Mauri Cea3 日 前


  145. Nathan Leber

    Nathan Leber3 日 前

    Billy Dee Williams. That is all.

  146. Immolator Entertainment

    Immolator Entertainment3 日 前

    o boy the end of a saga is called the rise of skywalker, this is really gonna hurt isn't it disney?

  147. John Smith

    John Smith2 日 前

    @Thomas Bludis Lol, I keep seeing you in the comments. Listen to your own advice?

  148. Thomas Bludis

    Thomas Bludis3 日 前

    The ability to speak does not make you intelligent. Now get out of here

  149. Godred No. 1

    Godred No. 13 日 前

    No one's ever really gone.... *"I AM the senate"*

  150. Kade Lin

    Kade Lin3 日 前

    "No one's ever really gone" Because the Jedi have the problem which is usually given to villains that is to just do something to someone that seems will defintely kill them and assume they died. Obi-Wan did it with Maul and Anakin. Vader did it with the emperor. While sith finish them directly, except Windu.

  151. Doodles

    Doodles3 日 前

    “The saga comes to an end” Uh huh SURE

  152. Stogie2112

    Stogie21123 日 前

    The Skywalker Saga is coming to an end.

  153. K.D.G. JIM

    K.D.G. JIM4 日 前


  154. Carl Christian Kryger Pedersen

    Carl Christian Kryger Pedersen4 日 前


  155. Carl Christian Kryger Pedersen

    Carl Christian Kryger Pedersen3 日 前

    @Thomas Bludis I say the same to you:)

  156. Thomas Bludis

    Thomas Bludis3 日 前

    The ability to speak does not make you intelligent. Now get out of here

  157. Tréy

    Tréy4 日 前

    He protecc He attacc But most importantly *THE SENATE BACC*

  158. Nuclear Reactor

    Nuclear Reactor3 日 前

    Tréy This is perhaps the most true thing I’ve heard all day.

  159. Emily Kruger

    Emily Kruger4 日 前

    I wish Disney made a sequel to John Carter, I didn’t think it was that bad of a movie, it’s still better than The Last Jedi

  160. Rick Rost

    Rick Rost4 日 前

    Just gonna say all the titles cuz I'm bored. I Phantom Menace II Attack of the Clones III Revenge of the Sith IV A New Hope V Empire Strikes-Back VI Return of Jedi VII Force Awakens VIII Last Jedi IX Rise of Skywalker