Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker - Teaser


  1. Pandey9

    Pandey919 分 前

    68k dislikes. Why?

  2. Mr. Knuckmuff

    Mr. Knuckmuff30 分 前

    "Once more the Sith will rule the galaxy, and we shall have peace." - Papa Palpy

  3. Wallcroft

    Wallcroft31 分 前

    Please, just end it.

  4. Teh finest moosic

    Teh finest moosic38 分 前

    Palps here! The force emperor of the galaxy!

  5. MrNintoku

    MrNintoku57 分 前

    I will see the movie if it is Darth Jar Jar otherwise I'll probably pirate it like Game of Thrones. Because I'm Australian.

  6. Caitlin

    Caitlin時間 前

    Thank god this train wreck is almost over. Then maybe we can get something new. What a concept...

  7. Kermit23

    Kermit23時間 前

    9th on trending and 9th movie

  8. arenkai

    arenkai時間 前

    Mary Sue doing Mary Sue stuff.

  9. ASKAR

    ASKAR時間 前

    I hope this is the movie that brings the balance to the community, the peace among the fans and teaches Disney how Star Wars should be.

  10. Fenrirlobos

    Fenrirlobos時間 前

    Star Wars Episode 9: The Retconning

  11. ACP

    ACP時間 前

    Comes to and end? this time i hope for good, it needs too.

  12. Jack Beecher

    Jack Beecher2 時間 前

    Thanks Disney, you ruined Star Wars!

  13. Silver Surfer Returns

    Silver Surfer Returns2 時間 前

    Well it looks like JJ Abrams is getting his 2016 Star Wars ❤Love Story Wish that he originally wanted for Finn💓Poe🐎🐴. 😒😒😒Finn & Poe will be all alone in the desert together in this movie🎬🎥.They can't use Horses 🐎🐎,It will have to be TonTons chilling at the camp ⛺fires🔥in this movie.😒😒Finn is still wearing Poe's jacket.Mountains will have Brokebacks in this StarWars.😵😵😵😵JJ Abrams Fantasies of Poe 💜Finn will happen.Oscar Issac was on ELLEN's Show talking about his character being in love with Finn. 😲😲😲Roman Gladiator Love to be expected.

  14. Josiah Cummings

    Josiah Cummings2 時間 前

    Gonna be honest, this trailer was really weak. Most boring trailer I’ve seen in a long time.

  15. Vicki Keene

    Vicki Keene2 時間 前



    PIHU PANDAY2 時間 前

    Waaaaaw nice action 😝😝😝😝😝😱😱😱😱

  17. Anhedonic Lake

    Anhedonic Lake2 時間 前


  18. Geet MP3 Guri

    Geet MP3 Guri2 時間 前

    bast movie

  19. The Amused

    The Amused2 時間 前

    Oh yeah..... Lando!!!

  20. The Amused

    The Amused2 時間 前


  21. just a guy

    just a guy2 時間 前

    Disney messing with the likes and dislikes again...

  22. semgil1

    semgil12 時間 前

    The franchise comes to an end... nothing important here... will see it in disney+

  23. Marc Perez

    Marc Perez3 時間 前

    Clap Clap

  24. Marc Perez

    Marc Perez3 時間 前


  25. Marc Perez

    Marc Perez3 時間 前

    It actually took almost 2 yrs for this teaser to get made finally the last Sega is here.

  26. Kiera Playz

    Kiera Playz3 時間 前

    Ray looks way younger than the other movies=/

  27. Orroz44

    Orroz443 時間 前

    I don't know why but I almost cried.

  28. Jordan Hester

    Jordan Hester3 時間 前

    God, I hope the saga does end.

  29. blankrestore

    blankrestore3 時間 前

    Why not just get EA the make the next movie? Have popcorn and drink microtransactions throught out the movie and a season pass if you wana watch the ending probably still be a better story than this

  30. Emcee Sky

    Emcee Sky3 時間 前

    the saga already came to an end when you chose to made this trilogy

  31. supergameboy 123

    supergameboy 1233 時間 前

    I hope this movie will be successful

  32. Nts C.

    Nts C.3 時間 前

    Could it be that Star Trek Discovery last episode on Season 2 is a lot better than this Star wars movie? Yep i think it is.

  33. Hector Garcia

    Hector Garcia3 時間 前

    But what else I really want is movies and other things being made about other Jedi and sith we never had, like movies about the old Republic, knights of the old Republic, Darth nihulus movie, bane, revnan and so on.

  34. Bob Edwards

    Bob Edwards4 時間 前

    LOVE STAR WARS! but SOO ready for new characters and heroes and stories.... so much potential stop hanging on to the past


    TURTLEMMC234 時間 前

    SW: RoS > Every generation has their Legends Game theory > An Apex Legend.....

  36. Darth Vader

    Darth Vader4 時間 前

    My master will return

  37. Deviant Antrax

    Deviant Antrax4 時間 前

    I really love Star Wars. But I feel kinda underwhelmed by this trailer. I don't know how to put it, but this hasn't made me pumped up at all to go see episode 9. Hopefully a more, Idk, personal trailer comes out?

  38. RealTurtlemir

    RealTurtlemir4 時間 前


  39. thewewguy8t88

    thewewguy8t884 時間 前

    you know what i just realized about this trailer. everyone has a reaction towards it on the internet like its the second comming. and yet we see a picture of a black hole for the first time everyone acts like its a tuesday.

  40. Enough Said

    Enough Said4 時間 前

    'The rise of skywalker'. After they just took a sh^t all over him. And the movie is not about him. LMAO.

  41. Importman2009

    Importman20094 時間 前

    I really want to care. But I don't anymore.

  42. Ernie Oppermann

    Ernie Oppermann4 時間 前

    Who dislikes this

  43. arenkai

    arenkai時間 前

    People that think this trilogy is too far gone to be salvaged. And yet... This trailer managed to show that they could stray even further. It's a work of art in my opinion, I didn't think there was anything else for them to ruin but they still found it ! I'm super excited for this movie because I know it will be hilariously bad. I'll go see it to give Star Wars the viking funeral it deserves: seeing it going up in flames and fall down a cliff.

  44. Surgtech1321

    Surgtech13214 時間 前

    Can this not be the last in the trilogy and make a fourth movie to replace that Godawful Last Jedi mess

  45. Kris

    Kris4 時間 前

    I just hope this ends with a musical Ewok party like Return of the Jedi (the original). Yub Nub!

  46. zxzrp0

    zxzrp04 時間 前

    Ingredients : Soy concentrate

  47. sidehatch69 -

    sidehatch69 -4 時間 前

    Worst movies ever put to film laughable👎🏼

  48. Jand Jand

    Jand Jand5 時間 前

    *that the Earth is Flat and no one goes to Space I really like the StarWars Fiction*

  49. Stephen Skinner

    Stephen Skinner5 時間 前

    The Saga comes to an end. Yeah. Freaking. Right. They're going to be pumping out a new trilogy or two every decade from here to the end of time.

  50. achteachte yo

    achteachte yo5 時間 前

    Thanks feminism for destroying star wars. A female who doesn't know anything beat darth vaders grandson twice. Unbelievable.

  51. Tfrne

    Tfrne5 時間 前

    J.J. Abrams: "So Ian, we're thinking about bringing you back for Episode IX." Ian McDermid: "Dewit."

  52. Ben Ling

    Ben Ling5 時間 前

    Luke: I am not your father.

  53. Дмитрий Иванов

    Дмитрий Иванов5 時間 前


  54. Liam Sebastian

    Liam Sebastian5 時間 前

    Dont dewit

  55. INX

    INX5 時間 前

    No one's ever really gone? If that's so bring back Admiral ackbar!!

  56. idk

    idk5 時間 前

    Ghost busters, Oceans, star wars, Germany, next stop England.....what?

  57. Arnold Stollar

    Arnold Stollar6 時間 前

    Great film

  58. Kawaii Cat

    Kawaii Cat6 時間 前

    Ahem.. end of saga? Please tell me it’s not ending!!

  59. MePeTeR91

    MePeTeR916 時間 前

    So i heard the emperor will be an hologram....

  60. Marianne Thomas

    Marianne Thomas6 時間 前

    I hope this movie definitely brings a really good finale to Luke and Leia’s story because I really want to see that after all these years.

  61. Anthony N

    Anthony N6 時間 前

    Wow, the amount of bass in the outro is doing a lot of compensating.

  62. aiden fletcher

    aiden fletcher6 時間 前

    Why didn’t he just shoot her? He has a space ship

  63. Hannibal Barca

    Hannibal Barca6 時間 前

    These new Star Wars sequels are absolute stink bombs

  64. Hounddog75

    Hounddog757 時間 前

    Lando *sniff

  65. Daryl Layton

    Daryl Layton7 時間 前

    Hi I M maddie

  66. Rise French

    Rise French7 時間 前

    Who laughs at the end?

  67. arenkai

    arenkai時間 前

    The Senate

  68. Rise French

    Rise French7 時間 前

    Who does princess leia now?

  69. Mason Denty

    Mason Denty7 時間 前


  70. albert apodaca

    albert apodaca7 時間 前


  71. 권준혁

    권준혁7 時間 前

    제발 좀 잘 좀 만들어 도. 스핀오프이후로 재미없다이. 이런식으로 자꾸 하면 곤란해

  72. Christ is risen

    Christ is risen7 時間 前

    EMPEROR: [Evil Laugh]

  73. Rockne Nicks

    Rockne Nicks7 時間 前

    Kathleen: We need a story fans will love! JJ: I've got it! We bring back Palpatine! Kathleen: Well, in his own words, "Yes."

  74. Evan Allaire

    Evan Allaire7 時間 前


  75. THEseaKING215

    THEseaKING2157 時間 前

    I love how if you have subtitles on , they just tell that palpatine is laughing. No mystery. No theories. Nothing.

  76. AndSo

    AndSo7 時間 前

    we were not gone

  77. Andy Nguyen

    Andy Nguyen7 時間 前

    Who's here before 26m views I was

  78. Aboc Stark

    Aboc Stark7 時間 前

    I have been a Star Wars fan all my life, and the series has had its ups and downs. In my opinion, Rogue One, Last Jedi, and Solo have been a down. I'm hoping that this one starts an upward trend for the series.

  79. arenkai

    arenkai時間 前

    It's good to be hopeful. But there's realisticaly nothing they can do to fix this trilogy apart from rebooting Episode 8. No amount of retconning will be able to make up for the terrible choices made in 8.

  80. silouettesshadow

    silouettesshadow7 時間 前

    If that's the emperor, movie will be interesting. If it's snoke, not so much Just my own opinion &-)

  81. Erik

    Erik7 時間 前

    I don't really understand the point of the new trilogy besides that they are guaranteed to make money

  82. AndSo

    AndSo7 時間 前


  83. Anthony Bilodeau

    Anthony Bilodeau7 時間 前

    "No one's ever really gone." Are they talking about Carrie Fisher? Leia is apparently in this one too? So they kill off the characters of the people that are still alive but continue with the characters of people who have died. Is this some slick accounting move? NO! This is not a post poking fun at Carrie Fisher!!! I truly don't get it.

  84. jerry

    jerry8 時間 前

    Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Mary Sue

  85. Tijuana iguana

    Tijuana iguana8 時間 前

    Strange that they're ending it here I'm interested to see how they pull it off

  86. Chara

    Chara8 時間 前

    Ok, you know that shot where the A-Wing is spinning out of control? Slow it down to 1/4 speed. That ship in the background? It’s an ISD.

  87. Chris Jolley

    Chris Jolley8 時間 前

    Well, at lest we heard the emperor laughing away at the end there, and not a horrific sound along the lines of... "Meesa coming home now annie betcha betcha". We have that to be thankful for.

  88. Sheeple are Lame

    Sheeple are Lame8 時間 前

    The force awakens & The last Jedi were very poor. The first three star wars original films remain the best

  89. Phoenixx Gacha

    Phoenixx Gacha8 時間 前

    Is that.... Karrie Fisher?!

  90. don't touch the nether star

    don't touch the nether star8 時間 前

    Wait by the Sega comes to an end does that mean the first order will be defeated and there will be a new enemy.

  91. NyhteGaming23

    NyhteGaming238 時間 前

    Star Trek Fans: NNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Me and the rest of the Star Wars fanbase: YYEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSS!!!

  92. Lakeshore Group

    Lakeshore Group8 時間 前

    Rey is Pelosi and Trump laughing at the end.

  93. Toby gribbon

    Toby gribbon8 時間 前

    Not going to lie I thought they'd at least give her a new lightsaber design...

  94. Johnny Ace

    Johnny Ace8 時間 前

    Who is the last Skywalker??

  95. Isaias Valladares

    Isaias Valladares8 時間 前

    What if the red planet is something something dark side?



    I want vader back

  97. Lil queen Fan

    Lil queen Fan8 時間 前

    Who’s here after seeing the jacksfilms trailer first?

  98. Isaias Valladares

    Isaias Valladares8 時間 前

    What if the desert planet is Ryloth or Florrum?

  99. DekuDekuNii !

    DekuDekuNii !8 時間 前

    « THE SAGA COMES TO AN END » Naaa... i’m not crying

  100. Isaias Valladares

    Isaias Valladares8 時間 前

    What if the frost planet is one of the moons of pandora?

  101. Boost Bacon

    Boost Bacon9 時間 前

    Is this a trap...?

  102. Stephen Amundsen

    Stephen Amundsen9 時間 前

    The second trilogy to end with the word "rise".

  103. Eumin Kong

    Eumin Kong9 時間 前

    The body in the casket was an OP 21 savage at 1:50