Star Wars: The Clone Wars | Official Trailer | Disney+


  1. Jip de Bruin

    Jip de Bruin日 前

    All I ask for is for Ahsoka and Plo Koon to have a proper farewell

  2. Alfonsito Saura

    Alfonsito Saura日 前

    **The clone wars see TROS EP 9** TCW: im gona end this man hole carrer

  3. Xelinar

    Xelinar日 前

    What the music in treiler? Help

  4. RЯ KuatGamer

    RЯ KuatGamer日 前

    1:47 Rhydonium Explosion 1:52 Rhydonium Explosion

  5. carotcake22

    carotcake22日 前

    When is it coming out, its the 21st right? so shouldn't the season start, I'm looking right now for it on Disney+ and its not there. Br uh I Stayed up late to watch it and it's not even here.

  6. KC Voorhees

    KC Voorhees日 前

    Can't wait, it's streaming tomorrow!!!!!🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

  7. MrGhosthacked

    MrGhosthacked日 前

    Solid. Fricken Solid. Why doesn't Disney let this team handle the movies?

  8. FetusVanderlinde

    FetusVanderlinde日 前

    My thoughts everyday my friend

  9. Capt coleslaw

    Capt coleslaw日 前

    But I don't want it to end

  10. Tran Chien

    Tran Chien日 前

    I have been waiting for this long time

  11. Noah Armstrong

    Noah Armstrong日 前

    Did anyone notice that darth maul had a other weird side to his lightsaber you could see the crystal in it. at 1:46

  12. Bradley Boase

    Bradley Boase日 前

    It's a lightsaber that belonged to ventress in a comic

  13. Greg Dore

    Greg Dore日 前

    ok so we know the ending right :)

  14. Evi Taumaturgo

    Evi Taumaturgo日 前

    the last time anakin , obi wan, ahsoka and rex Will be together

  15. Bobby Facchino

    Bobby Facchino日 前

    i have probably watched this 20 times and still get chills every time.

  16. Pierce Donaghey

    Pierce Donaghey日 前

    See you all tomorrow

  17. YellowBirb

    YellowBirb日 前

    Does anakin fight Darth Vader??

  18. Nunyadam Bizniss

    Nunyadam Bizniss日 前


  19. BottleCapCo

    BottleCapCo日 前

    “Dad, why did you name my brothers Hevy, Echo, Cutup, Droidbait, and Fives?” “Come Rex, there is a story I must share with you, it begin in a galaxy far far away.”

  20. RelaxingWord072

    RelaxingWord072日 前

    Me: *Trying to save my limited funds* Disney+ : *Releases New Clone Wars Season* Also me: "You sunavabich I'm in"

  21. Abby B

    Abby B日 前

    Show started when I was 10, ended when I was 16. Now it has returned on the month of my 22nd year, simply incredible. Hello old friend, I've missed you.

  22. LoganTheWyrmLord

    LoganTheWyrmLord日 前

    Our childhoods are finally coming to a end my friends!

  23. -Yukio-

    -Yukio-日 前

    Finally I'll know how this ends. This show is a huge part of my life since my childhood.

  24. Blu3 VFX

    Blu3 VFX日 前

    Any1 want Disney plus lmao jk

  25. Clay Squish

    Clay Squish日 前

    Can’t wait

  26. James Good

    James Good日 前

    So maul is the main villain in this season.. I wonder if we will see order 66

  27. Daniel Villasenor

    Daniel Villasenor日 前

    Chills every time



    Can’t wait to see the look on there faces when they find out fives was right

  29. Luis Diego Polanco

    Luis Diego Polanco日 前

    T-11 hours!!!!!

  30. Clay Brazil

    Clay Brazil日 前

    1:06 is 66 seconds We can assume Order 66 is happening at that moment.

  31. Colin Mc Inerney

    Colin Mc Inerney日 前

    More than likely I think Ashoka senses the disturbance in the force

  32. jdftuj

    jdftuj日 前

    You intelligent

  33. Nunyadam Bizniss

    Nunyadam Bizniss日 前

    If it's the same as The Mandalorian, it should be out in 12 hours.

  34. 12 K

    12 K日 前


  35. Chris DeAngelis

    Chris DeAngelis日 前

    It’s February 20th it’s tomorrow

  36. Levi Hunt

    Levi Hunt日 前

    If everyone draws your attention to 1:37 we see obi wan in hologram and in the background a mandalorian. I thinks this scene might be where revenge of the Sith begins or it could be some time during the events of the film

  37. Revan

    Revan日 前

    Morgen ist es soweit

  38. Revan

    Revan日 前

    @12 K auf kodi habe ich the mandalorian auf deutsch gesehen

  39. Revan

    Revan日 前

    @12 K Kodi

  40. 12 K

    12 K日 前

    Und wl guckst du es? Hier gibst Disney+ doch noch nicht oder?

  41. Bryson Chao

    Bryson Chao日 前

    Comes out tomorrow let’s get it 🥳🥳

  42. night k

    night k日 前

    Just coming back here before tomorrow to get even more hyped up 😭

  43. supermeowskers

    supermeowskers2 日 前

    1 more day boys.

  44. ARC-5555

    ARC-55552 日 前

    Every choice made, had led to this!

  45. Michelle Williams

    Michelle Williams2 日 前

    Who's excited that's it coming out tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Epic Gaming Central

    Epic Gaming Central2 日 前

    The epic saga will drop tomorrow, WHO'S READY?!!


    GGX FOR LIFE2 日 前


  48. Anneliese H.

    Anneliese H.2 日 前


  49. TheLieutenant9

    TheLieutenant92 日 前

    Guy gets his first girlfriend. Darth Maul: Everything is about to change.

  50. State Of Decay Gameing

    State Of Decay Gameing2 日 前

    Let me guess because its made by disney now the clone troopers will probobly not say my favourite line "Like Hell You Did"

  51. Trevor Anthony

    Trevor Anthony2 日 前

    Maul knew

  52. Alex Fink

    Alex Fink2 日 前


  53. Mr. Duuude

    Mr. Duuude2 日 前

    Alex Fink yaaaas

  54. Luigialbo

    Luigialbo2 日 前


  55. Fela gund

    Fela gund2 日 前

    1:11 ashoka themed helmets

  56. 4pohei

    4pohei2 日 前

    Look at the 66th second of the video and you'll see Ahsoka feeling the execution of order 66

  57. ______________

    ______________2 日 前

    The last day.

  58. Арифат Абдуллаев

    Арифат Абдуллаев2 日 前


  59. # 00

    # 002 日 前

    Okay but the scene of Anakin and Padme hurt my heart 🥺🥺

  60. TheCompass03

    TheCompass032 日 前

    Its 9:52pm Feb 19, 2020 Two More Days Its Almost Here !

  61. Matt Rice

    Matt Rice2 日 前

    When your multimillion dollar conclusion to one of the best movie franchises gets out hyped by a "kids" show.

  62. pa en

    pa en2 日 前


  63. TheAquatic Gamer

    TheAquatic Gamer2 日 前

    Whats with the 501st helmets being orange?

  64. TheAquatic Gamer

    TheAquatic Gamer2 日 前

    @Nunyadam Bizniss ahh okay thanks

  65. Nunyadam Bizniss

    Nunyadam Bizniss2 日 前

    They painted them to look like Ahsoka

  66. H0th Warrior

    H0th Warrior2 日 前

    0:28 Jesse? You good? Oh no it’s Maul. 1:39 WHAT? NOOOOO! I love these clones. The sense of brotherhood is exemplary.

  67. Asaultik the Deer

    Asaultik the Deer2 日 前

    wait it started O_O

  68. Asaultik the Deer

    Asaultik the Deer2 日 前

    seems interesting

  69. juliette mechelinck

    juliette mechelinck2 日 前

    Graphisme are amazing I wait for this last season

  70. FilmedIt Studios

    FilmedIt Studios2 日 前


  71. Adam

    Adam2 日 前

    This Friday 💯😌

  72. Matthew

    Matthew2 日 前

    Ooh would be nice to see a bit of mygeeto also that lightsaber twirl at 1:46 like wow