Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order - “Become a Jedi”


  1. Yulian Chihuaicura

    Yulian Chihuaicura時間 前


  2. Yulian Chihuaicura

    Yulian Chihuaicura時間 前


  3. Florian Herzig

    Florian Herzig11 時間 前

    The Construction Workers seen by the publicists


    G RAISER12 時間 前

    Nice (^^)d

  5. Bailujen

    Bailujen15 時間 前

    1:17 why does a blue lightsaber ignite with a red lightsaber sound

  6. Andreas

    Andreas16 時間 前

    More intresting story then Rays.

  7. danny cox

    danny cox日 前

    Revert the ttk changes in BFV.

  8. James Sarantidis

    James Sarantidis日 前

    Damn these imperial blasters. Their PEWs are better than mine.

  9. Darth Elius

    Darth Elius日 前

    Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds Clone Campaign Remastered! EA please Do it will be a super game !!!!

  10. Andrew Drazdik Jr

    Andrew Drazdik Jr2 日 前

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  11. Dan 23

    Dan 232 日 前

    So the main character in this game is a male so in this trailer they use a female doesn't represent the game.

  12. Kyle Randle

    Kyle Randle3 日 前

    When you wanna ground your kid for for a week breaking your boss’s window, but she’s just being a Jedi so it’s all good.

  13. Adam Preston

    Adam Preston4 日 前

    The Mandorlorian for star wars battlefront 2

  14. super jack gaming

    super jack gaming4 日 前

    Please put star wars battlefront 2 for android please I would very much appreciate it if you did please

  15. xXDark WolfXx

    xXDark WolfXx5 日 前

    Add mace windu and qui gon jinn to battlefront II

  16. Whatever grumb

    Whatever grumb7 日 前

    Ad mace windu to battlefront 2

  17. Brekol

    Brekol7 日 前

    I need star wars RPG game please.

  18. Felix Gemünd

    Felix Gemünd7 日 前

    Glad to see Hannah finally overcame her DARK side and decided to become a Jedi instead :)

  19. ANZA1909 TV

    ANZA1909 TV7 日 前

    The best

  20. Chris Iz Dawg

    Chris Iz Dawg7 日 前

    That's a weird looking kitchen

  21. Fire Man

    Fire Man8 日 前

    Please EA! Buy the Terminator franchise please! Imagine if Dice did "Battlefield Skynet" or Respawn made a single player fps like titanfall with multiplayer elements. Please!

  22. Hedge Hack

    Hedge Hack8 日 前

    Plz give us VR EA.plz

  23. marco garza

    marco garza8 日 前

    who´s the actress ??

  24. cool ranch dr

    cool ranch dr8 日 前

    Yo EA will we get Jedi fallen order characters for Star wars battlefront 2?

  25. Laboraty EWP

    Laboraty EWP10 日 前

    tldr woman beats men cause of pc




  27. John Templeton

    John Templeton10 日 前

    the game is beautiful but i really would have liked to have an invert Y option available

  28. Mark Richardson

    Mark Richardson10 日 前

    the game - literally the best game I've played in a very long time. loved it. The trailer here - guess that's what EA made , awful … EA you'll make more money if you just fund the studios and stay out of it.

  29. Zali Squad

    Zali Squad10 日 前

    Finished the game already. I give it 9/10. Good job ea & respawn

  30. Old-MCaiver _

    Old-MCaiver _11 日 前

    EA, ur games are great. And soo realistic, its mindblowing

  31. Louis Mathew

    Louis Mathew11 日 前

    Would be glad if star wars take this actor become a member of they cast

  32. Barerwolf

    Barerwolf11 日 前

    This game was way to short

  33. Kammler

    Kammler11 日 前

    I wanna play as a sith inquisitor, the jedi and the rebels are communist faggots.

  34. T-Top Deluxe

    T-Top Deluxe12 日 前

    I KNEW that was Ella Lee from Dark :3

  35. Daniele Mezzatesta

    Daniele Mezzatesta12 日 前

    This Trailer is better of the 2 last star wars movie, the little girl act better Daisy Ridley even the lightsaber fight is better... on top of that "pew pew pew".. hahaha

  36. wendy mouton

    wendy mouton12 日 前

    Editeur minable

  37. Oreo The husky

    Oreo The husky12 日 前

    EA I hope your reading you guys should make a game like Men Of War but star wars I can imagine it with good graphics and you could command clones, stormtroopers to go to this place or that almost everything just for fun so you could do clones vs stormtroopers or stormtroopers vs battle droids it would be awesome and with some maps like for example Kamino, Utapau tatooine or the Jedi Temple would be the best Star Wars game

  38. Fishscado

    Fishscado13 日 前

    Sponsor Galaxy of Heroes again you monsters :c

  39. dark as a soul

    dark as a soul13 日 前

    the game must be patched for the simple version consoles

  40. A Fury

    A Fury13 日 前

    Wait, why did she randomly force push that guy?