STAMP OF APPROVAL: Dana White backs President Trump at Colorado rally


  1. Theo Smith

    Theo Smith22 分 前

    Both dickuckrrss

  2. Theo Smith

    Theo Smith23 分 前

    Two dickheads

  3. Jefferson Thongni

    Jefferson Thongni時間 前

    Who cares

  4. III7

    III7時間 前

    24% unemployment what’s Trump is goin to do!?

  5. Lee Kearns

    Lee Kearns2 時間 前

    Real notice Real

  6. Aneesh Agrawal

    Aneesh Agrawal5 時間 前

    I loved Dana untill he did this

  7. DiamonDElixiR

    DiamonDElixiR8 時間 前

    If dayna is backing him China's totally screwed x

  8. III7

    III7時間 前

    China wants more 4 years of Trump!

  9. Nam Yoon

    Nam Yoon11 時間 前

    Joe : It is all over!!!!

  10. jonathan avice

    jonathan avice13 時間 前

    Dana knows that trump will be out in November so he is trying very hard

  11. indieair

    indieair13 時間 前

    Oh no, I used to like Dana

  12. MegaTRUEMAN

    MegaTRUEMAN16 時間 前

    well he sold his soul to the evil as well....

  13. Naim Eltv

    Naim Eltv16 時間 前

    who cares...judt a suck

  14. Johnnie Walker

    Johnnie Walker17 時間 前

    Capitalism :)

  15. john betts

    john betts21 時間 前

    Definitely the No1 anime crossover in human history


    KASAPHANE21 時間 前

    Wait... Black people support him??? Why lol

  17. James Khawlhring

    James Khawlhring22 時間 前

    Let's go Trump...💪

  18. Eli

    Eli22 時間 前

    Donald trump: Twitter Fingers. Dana White: Social Media Professional Roaster

  19. UlTrApLeX

    UlTrApLeX22 時間 前

    This world is a stage but its fun to watch this :D

  20. GG Medina

    GG Medina22 時間 前

    Aaaaand STILLL!! The undisputed USA 45th President of the worlddd .. DONALD J. TRUMP !!!

  21. Alderian

    Alderian22 時間 前

    from 30$ to 4 billion . the first 2 fighters took home 15 ?

  22. jose perez

    jose perez23 時間 前


  23. GrößteMafia SindDeutscheStaatsUnternehmen

    GrößteMafia SindDeutscheStaatsUnternehmen日 前

    boykot ufc because dana is an asslicker

  24. Danny

    Danny日 前

    a couple months later- Dana: Trump was never my friend

  25. III7

    III723 時間 前

    If Trump loses in November all the Trump supporters will be deleting all of their previous Tweets and pretending they never liked him.

  26. Anthony M

    Anthony M日 前

    No wonder Dana so money 💴 hungry.

  27. Test Account

    Test Account日 前

    youve gotta love trump

  28. Jay H

    Jay H日 前

    nepotism... Dana White pull his tongue in Trumps butt. Can't watch it 🙈

  29. NickXplore

    NickXplore日 前

    "We've actually become even closer when he became the president of the united states". Ehhhh, yeah? Obviously you'd want wealthy people in powerful positions to throw money at your organization so you become "close". Duh.

  30. marlboroman

    marlboroman日 前

    Shame on you dana .

  31. Mo R

    Mo R日 前

    Dana white you sell out but then again it looks like he didn't wanna be there

  32. Abbas Khan

    Abbas Khan日 前


  33. Shaz B.

    Shaz B.日 前

    90% of the people here for Dana, 10% for Trump

  34. Neil L

    Neil L日 前


  35. John Rice

    John Rice日 前

    Ha ha, brilliant bit of comedy, yeah they've got closer since he became president, because Trump needs all the support he can get.

  36. Kenneth Chen

    Kenneth Chen日 前

    The maddest man on the planet

  37. Kenneth Chen

    Kenneth Chen日 前

    OH his making America GREAT AGAIN !! Cheers dettol drink

  38. Michael Cunningham

    Michael Cunningham日 前


  39. BhuAlpha

    BhuAlpha日 前

    Dana Should be like - "And Stillll"

  40. Jimmy

    Jimmy日 前

    Wonder what Dana, thinks of Donalds wife, I know I wouldn’t leave her alone with him!

  41. Bibek Gurung

    Bibek Gurung2 日 前

    Dana white🙏❤️

  42. Kuhzuia

    Kuhzuia2 日 前

    Why are those black people there? I’m so confused... USA is so weird...

  43. Arben Rashiti

    Arben Rashiti2 日 前

    Looks like a WWE event...runs a country lime a show

  44. Ratzefratz

    Ratzefratz2 日 前

    Lieber Donald, bitte befreie Europa vom EU-Faschismus...

  45. Jens Mann

    Jens Mann14 時間 前

    Kommunismus. Du meinst Kommunismus...

  46. Mustafa Khayre

    Mustafa Khayre2 日 前

    Now no more paying for the UFC u lost me Dana

  47. Doc_Steelhammer

    Doc_Steelhammer2 日 前

    Yeeee booooy

  48. Danny Salinas

    Danny Salinas2 日 前

    Sooo the dark lord of the sith!!and Vader

  49. FL191

    FL1912 日 前

    So how much did Dana white get paid for this

  50. Jay Bird

    Jay Bird2 日 前

    Dana took a rule from trumps playbook. According to reports, all fighters who sign a UFC contract must also agree to ""NOT'' say anything bad or share any criticism of the company or it's a direct violation of the contract and can be either terminated or heavily fined. It's 100% true

  51. Y

    Y2 日 前

    Two fat Bastrdz

  52. Emmanuel Edward

    Emmanuel Edward2 日 前

    ...and who will he bring up next, UNDERTAKER? Please...

  53. 206- Sea

    206- Sea2 日 前

    I don’t see any of the conservatives complaining about politics in sports now...

  54. Jade M

    Jade M2 日 前

    Dana white is a fat coke head with a girls name. Keep him, Trump

  55. Dante Marotta

    Dante Marotta2 日 前

    Amazing energy at these Trump rally's, Awesome. 👌

  56. Chucho Vázquez

    Chucho Vázquez2 日 前

    Dana wey para presidente los estados unidos


    ADARSH AP2 日 前

    Trump vs white for the ufc championship

  58. Zezo qv88

    Zezo qv882 日 前

    Make UFC great again 😍❤️

  59. Michael Myers

    Michael Myers3 日 前

    Dana “Tough Cookie” White

  60. Alphonse Ellis

    Alphonse Ellis3 日 前

    What a great and GENUINE endorsement!!!

  61. Alphonse Ellis

    Alphonse Ellis3 日 前

    Donald Trump Proud of Wealth. Elizabeth Warren - hides wealth.

  62. The Krokante Krant

    The Krokante Krant3 日 前

    He is getting credit for asking how some one family is lol? You americans getting so brain washed, its actually really sad to see

  63. ?,?,

    ?,?,3 日 前

    Once trump is out of office Dana will say Trump was never my friend

  64. Cico Deniz

    Cico Deniz3 日 前

    What's wrong with this people supporting evil UFC... That's shows us where humanity is heading to what happened to Love thoese are worshiping Evil instead of God you see how world becoming bad place to live. These are the satanic people lives under the human skins destroying mankind...

  65. Juan Layton

    Juan Layton3 日 前

    TRUMP 2020

  66. Katashi haroko

    Katashi haroko3 日 前

    thats epic

  67. Erick Vazquez

    Erick Vazquez3 日 前

    First words of Dana White as he gets up to the mic: THE NOTORIOUS PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA MR. DONALD J TRUMP!!!!

  68. RUSSO

    RUSSO3 日 前

    Dana was nervous lol

  69. Paul Robb

    Paul Robb3 日 前

    Of course he's friends with rich Dana

  70. Zo Kay

    Zo Kay3 日 前

    Dollars over common sense.

  71. tan116A

    tan116A4 日 前

    Notice how Dana doesn't talk about policy or how Trump will make things better for the American people. Staying out of the politics, he is here only to endorse Trump publicly, while being as truthful to the people as he can without getting himself caught up in any controversies. Played it real smart, while also being honest about Trump being nice to him, even if he knows that he is one of the only few people Trump is ever nice to. Obviously, Dana has done this to gain more power, and friendship with the POTUS will do him very good, in many ways. Make him more $$. Point is, Dana and Trump are both greedy assholes.

  72. moyes manhunt

    moyes manhunt4 日 前

    But Dana you are a billionaire, of course Trump won't forget about you lol

  73. Amr Tahditi

    Amr Tahditi4 日 前

    " How is your family " Lol everyone says it but nobody means it.

  74. Don’t At Me

    Don’t At Me日 前

    Not true at all

  75. Acrophobia

    Acrophobia日 前


  76. gary sublett

    gary sublett4 日 前

    Dana white just gave colby Covington a hand job...MAGA

  77. Dragon 100

    Dragon 1004 日 前

    Trump will never be the businessman dana is

  78. andon dimov

    andon dimov4 日 前

    And the winner....By knockout

  79. Tanishq Mahajan

    Tanishq Mahajan4 日 前


  80. M G

    M G4 日 前

    sap scumbags..

  81. Abu Jee

    Abu Jee4 日 前

    Bruce Buffer should announce the next presidential debate!!

  82. lavega caine

    lavega caine4 日 前

    So sad to see Dana white supporting this dum ass president , stop licking is fat ass

  83. Mark Anthony

    Mark Anthony4 日 前

    It looks like some ufc fans page jumped on these comments section.

  84. Papik 007

    Papik 0074 日 前

    Rich people liked Rich people.. And we poor people are watching them hahaha xD

  85. Shuvo Hawking's

    Shuvo Hawking's4 日 前

    all scripted 😂 no love just politics and business.