stage door drama


  1. Raji Shah

    Raji Shah5 時間 前

    You deserve to be able to cry. You are NOT overreacting. Not seeing your child the whole day is hard. You deserve respect. So do NOT think you are in the wrong.

  2. lrock1991

    lrock19917 時間 前

    I can’t explain how much love that I have 4 u

  3. lrock1991

    lrock19917 時間 前

    You are AMAZING!!!!!!

  4. lrock1991

    lrock19917 時間 前

    I luv u :)

  5. lrock1991

    lrock19917 時間 前

    I’m so glad you are ok :)

  6. Aaliyah Mai

    Aaliyah Mai10 時間 前

    Please don't ever be afraid to vent Colleen! I love how open and honest you are with your viewers and that makes us feel closer to you and respect you even more. True fans will never judge you as we know what a wonderful person you are. Try not to listen to what negative people have to say as they are a waste of time. P.s. I think you are doing an amazing job at being a mum to Flynn💕

  7. Chop Sue Lee

    Chop Sue Lee2 日 前

    You're so dramatic lmao

  8. lovinlifexs2

    lovinlifexs23 日 前

    Hey sweetie❣️ I’m a mom going on 24 years now. This vlog makes the mom in me furious because you’re having to apologize for something that you didn’t even do wrong. I think you’re an amazing person and mom. I know you probably don’t have time, but you should read or listen to “Girl Stop Apologizing and Girl Wash Your Face” by Rachel Hollis they’re both amazing books for moms and they helped me a lot. Much ❤️ and big (((hugs))) from Tennessee❣️

  9. Iman Khan

    Iman Khan4 日 前

    Well at least Miranda Sings Finally made it to broadway. Loved the video btw

  10. Ruby Two shoes

    Ruby Two shoes4 日 前

    I love you so much you are the best and I would pay any amount of money to see you in person xxx

  11. Jaime Cato

    Jaime Cato4 日 前

    I feel so bad for Colleen. She deserves more respect than what was shown at the stage door. That lady needs to get her act together.

  12. Kalliope Carroll

    Kalliope Carroll5 日 前

    She is legit superwoman/supermom

  13. Lil_ Potato

    Lil_ Potato7 日 前

    Colleen I’m so sorry that this happened to you, is is the last thing that u would deserve. Love you!!!😘😘

  14. Kyra Johnson

    Kyra Johnson8 日 前

    Honey you’re not being dramatic you’re just letting your emotions out it’s ok to do that

  15. RoxStew5

    RoxStew510 日 前

    You are totally not being dramatic. You are a human being and what you went through would overwhelm anybody. As a matter of fact I don't know how many people could maintain being live on broadway, a tour, a youtube channel and a family period. Anyone who gives you shit for this affecting you emotionally is lame and unrealistic.

  16. silently screaming from a crowded room

    silently screaming from a crowded room11 日 前

    Oh HONEY I'm so sorry for you. That's so not ok! And you are 100% Right! DNT let people make you doubt YOURSELF. Or what you get upset about, your a human being that deserves respect just as much as ANYONE. I also am the same way I'm ALWAYS better after I talk it out, OUT LOUD to MYSELF 🙌👏💯 So you do you my Love

  17. Celeste Kreamer

    Celeste Kreamer12 日 前

    I just wish that I could of been there to hug you when you felt bad I would of been fine if I was there and did not get my play bill signed as long as I saw you I would be fine

  18. isiILLICIT

    isiILLICIT13 日 前

    I don't think this is dramatic. People need to calm down, not you. I always hesitate to talk to "people of the public life" because I know they have a private life and I don't want to disrespect that. A nice portion of decent manners makes the experience for fans and artists much more enjoyable. We should all keep that in mind.

  19. ليلى المحيطيب

    ليلى المحيطيب14 日 前

    the people who was screaming at you does not apreciate you

  20. ليلى المحيطيب

    ليلى المحيطيب14 日 前

    I love you colleen never stop

  21. ليلى المحيطيب

    ليلى المحيطيب14 日 前

    that women does not deserve to be at the stage door whith you

  22. Kai Is Kawaii ;3

    Kai Is Kawaii ;314 日 前

    Aww.. That Lady Doesn't Deserve You're Tears, You Are A Amazing Mother From What I know, And No One Should Be Treated Like That.

  23. Kya Smith

    Kya Smith15 日 前

    That makes so much sense to see the people who payed first then the other people. If they were true fans they would understand then and even if it wasent then but some time.( i would love to meet you but I have never been a payed costumer i just wanted to say that. So that people dont think i am just saying i should be first assuming i have payed because i haven't) people dont understand that you dont have to do that

  24. Lesedi Snoukphonh-Heng

    Lesedi Snoukphonh-Heng15 日 前

    Me: Being over dramatic Radio plays Taylor Swift: You nees to calm down...

  25. NaTeesha85

    NaTeesha8515 日 前


  26. Laureline G.

    Laureline G.16 日 前


  27. Kidder and crew

    Kidder and crew17 日 前

    I appreciate you I've been watching your blogs for a while and I've been watching Miranda totally cracks me up and I finally got my Netflix back on and I finally watched haters back off well remember what your pants say sweetheart haters back off love you keep doing what you're doing please

  28. haley brink

    haley brink17 日 前

    I want to go on and on about how much I agree but i think ( as you said) us watching love and support you and you know that. So I just want to say Iv never been to a show ( I'm 15 about to be 16 and saving for a car so sadly I don't have the funds) but I would love to just hug you. I don't even care if I have a video or anything to prove I met you, I just us want to hug you, and tell you that we understand, and the people who truly care and show that they care will always understand, and we see you actively involving us and your fans into your life and we will always love you for who you are, but you change the meaning of relationships with creators. Again iv never met you in person but I truly feel the love through this screen and know that you love us just as much if not more than we love you. And that's it. 💖💓

  29. Hannah Crockett

    Hannah Crockett18 日 前

    You are an amazing person who cares so deeply about her fans. Some people are just selfish and do not deserve your time.

  30. Nico Alcock autismkid

    Nico Alcock autismkid18 日 前

    I love Collen

  31. Nicolas Vargas

    Nicolas Vargas18 日 前

    love you

  32. s a l e m

    s a l e m19 日 前

    Colleen, don’t ever feel like you need to apologize for your emotions or ask permission to leave when you want to. You go above and beyond and a lot of people don’t do that. You still deserve respect even though you’re in the public eye. If you aren’t comfortable, you don’t owe anyone ANYTHING. a signature, a picture, a hug, even a hello. You are allowed to leave when you want to. Please put yourself and your safety first!!! Also, you aren’t a bad mom for working! Flynn is happy with his daddy and proud of his mommy for being a broadway star and living her dreams! Your feelings are valid, but don’t beat yourself up about chasing your dreams! Flynn will look back at this with you and be happy you did this! We love you!

  33. CrazyCrane tv

    CrazyCrane tv19 日 前

    Your death in escape the night was so sad you did not dasirv that😭

  34. Callie Sullivan

    Callie Sullivan19 日 前

    I’m so so sorry! You are a wonderful Mama and a wonderful talent!

  35. Elizabeth Nicole

    Elizabeth Nicole19 日 前

    Should be that you have to have a playbill from attending the show to even be allowed at stage door.

  36. Carly McConnell

    Carly McConnell20 日 前

    you are the sweetest person in the whole world 💜

  37. Lois Sandereyes

    Lois Sandereyes20 日 前

    Ahh the dark side of humanity... people are so entitled and forget famous people are people too! Disgusting!!!

  38. Olivia Morris-Brown_Xoxo

    Olivia Morris-Brown_Xoxo20 日 前

    I love you 😍

  39. Jules Carlson

    Jules Carlson20 日 前

    I stand behind every decision you made hunny! I’m so glad you’re so resilient and bounced back from this experience. 100% agree that only those who saw your show should have signed playbills xxx

  40. Ezra Jensen

    Ezra Jensen21 日 前

    You weren't that dramatic thank you for sharing I can't believe that some fans were like that that sucks. Hopfuly fans aren't like that next time.

  41. Elsa-Lee Treasure

    Elsa-Lee Treasure21 日 前

    Don’t delete this Colleen! This needs to be said! People are so rude, mean & ignorant! It’s a PRIVILEGE for any actor to come out at all! It’s not nice what those nasty ppl did and how they made u feel. I am sorry. SmH.

  42. abriana palomino

    abriana palomino21 日 前

    I love you so much colleen you did not deserve to be treated that way at all, you’re human being and you are always so lovely and kind you deserve the world and i’m so sorry you had to go through that i love you so much and hope you feel better💞

  43. Ruby Carrabba

    Ruby Carrabba21 日 前

    Its okay Colleen! 💕 we are all on your side! Stage door should only be for people who SAW THE SHOW! You wanted to sign the playbills first and that’s totally fine because it’s your choice 💕✨I agree that you should sign them first 💕

  44. ShannonQuinn

    ShannonQuinn21 日 前

    Here is what people don't are usually "JPreporter" Colleen...but at stage door you are "Broadway" a stage door your attention should be on the Broadway audience

  45. Bo

    Bo21 日 前

    You are a beautifull person! And a wonderfull mom 💕

  46. Genevie Arroyo

    Genevie Arroyo22 日 前

    Colleen really cares about us and this made me cry stay strong colleen

  47. cathy paulding

    cathy paulding22 日 前

    😭 You DO NOT deserve any of this 😢 Sending hugs

  48. Daren Jansen

    Daren Jansen22 日 前


  49. Phoebe Davies

    Phoebe Davies22 日 前


  50. Jamy Pulliam

    Jamy Pulliam22 日 前

    Colleen, you don’t have to apologize for your feelings. Try to stop overthinking. Some people suck....❤️. You’re sweet.

  51. Jamy Pulliam

    Jamy Pulliam22 日 前

    Stage door is for people who actually saw the show. The people who expect something from you but didn’t go to the show can suck it. You need to stick up for yourself and not feel bad about it. You are a person not a “thing”. Stop apologizing and be happy knowing you have a kind heart and some people are pieces of shit. I’m sorry that happened to you. Be strong! You have nothing to feel bad about. You and your family come first.

  52. Elisa Ayala

    Elisa Ayala22 日 前

    A true fan will now you from your videos. We see that you love your family and fans. In your videos fans say hi and ask if it's ok to take a picture and you always say yes. It's all about courtesy and respect. Don't feel bad, you did a fair thing. You were at Broadway to do a play, not Miranda. You are my inspiration ❤

  53. Shirleen O

    Shirleen O22 日 前

    Colleen, you are such a loving soul. It’s perfectly okay to be emotional. It shows that you care so much about us, you have so much love to give. I am so sorry you were treated that way. We love you too.

  54. Roberta McMunn

    Roberta McMunn22 日 前

    No good deed goes unpunished. Ingrates. Karma will get her. Be well.

  55. Sabrina Cannon

    Sabrina Cannon23 日 前

    It’s ok to have feelings it’s sad to think you to apologize to have feelings

  56. Harley Baker

    Harley Baker23 日 前

    colleen, you don't need to apologize for this video. you didn't deserve that. you deserve to be treated with respect. also don't feel bad if you don't want to stage door or want to spend time with your family, you are a mother...eric and flynn come first so don't EVER apologize for wanting to put your family first. love you so much colleen ❤

  57. Dorothy Branch

    Dorothy Branch23 日 前

    I am so sorry that this happened to you and you are a great person and i❤u you are amazing and I am so sorry that I didn't get to see your show and hopefully I'll will meet you

  58. PhoneFriendlyGames 123

    PhoneFriendlyGames 12323 日 前

    I don't think you are being dramatic at all, I think that you had a 100% fair reaction to that situation!!

  59. kaitlyn shelley

    kaitlyn shelley23 日 前

    Colleen you deserve to be upset about that, you deserve to be treated better then that. Your human just like the rest of us you have feelings too and i dont think that woman realized that, or else she wouldn't have been so disrespectful or hurtful i love you colleen. Your such an amazing inspiring person i probably wont ever meet u and u may never see this but just know if you do see this you've got my support 100% of the time and people should treat others the way they would wanna be treated.

  60. G Fiat 500

    G Fiat 50023 日 前

    How did she know she didn’t see the show though??