Squishy Makeovers: Spin The Wheel | Fixing Your Squishies #23


  1. Regahn Thai

    Regahn Thai3 時間 前

    OK keep saying puppy pink pink

  2. Elizabeth Flynn

    Elizabeth Flynn3 時間 前

    11:52 this is the only trend she keeps up with

  3. Emily Roy

    Emily Roy4 時間 前

    "yAy" Me: I see that fake smile be happy

  4. •TEA•CUP•Tfm OwO

    •TEA•CUP•Tfm OwO10 時間 前

    Ya could of cut off the cream on the tart and make it a start and the surrounding beach like

  5. •TEA•CUP•Tfm OwO

    •TEA•CUP•Tfm OwO10 時間 前


  6. Addison Rose

    Addison Rose10 時間 前

    The face of the alpaca looks like sloth

  7. Karen Howe

    Karen Howe10 時間 前

    as soon as you stuck the cone on I thought of eri


    REPS PEPS11 時間 前

    It was funny for me when she talked about the mug. Cause the mug she is talking about is in the upper left corner of the shelf. Sorry if i spelled something wrong english isn't my first langues.

  9. Kailey O'Neill

    Kailey O'Neill12 時間 前

    guys i have a great idea so she puts together a puzzle any puzzle then she paints on top of the puzzle and makes it her own copy and paste so she sees

  10. Lapis Lazuli

    Lapis Lazuli13 時間 前

    Moriah:Yes green puppy paint Me:don't say it don't say it Also me:DEKUUUUUY (Bnha watchers and Yagami yato listeners will understand)

  11. Miranda Douglas

    Miranda Douglas13 時間 前

    What kind of paint are you using?...

  12. malcolm saunders

    malcolm saunders14 時間 前

    When is it Friday.😄😇

  13. ShadowFish64

    ShadowFish6414 時間 前

    ... After watching a few of these videos I fear I may be finding a new hobby to try out >.< Any tips on starting out? >.

  14. Ainslie Arnell

    Ainslie Arnell15 時間 前

    "There is a seller on Amazon selling Moriah's design, and merch, without giving her credit. This isn't fair, Moriah works so hard on all of her squishy's and merch. Copy and paste let's try and get Moriah to see this comment. Please help! Thank you. "(All credit goes to Charlie Dog, the original commenter.)

  15. Adopt Me!

    Adopt Me!15 時間 前

    You should make a Durp smoothie it would look really cute in my opinion

  16. Raphaella Laura Xebastianne Calvez Solano

    Raphaella Laura Xebastianne Calvez Solano20 時間 前

    When she said the lets see the final selection, an add came up and the first thing i heard was Use these diapers for your babies XD i am dying

  17. Jason Lewis

    Jason Lewis20 時間 前


  18. Bailey

    Bailey20 時間 前

    I love watching your videos

  19. queen luxury edits

    queen luxury edits21 時間 前

    Please name the bear honey moon!!!

  20. Piper XD

    Piper XD日 前

    Moriah has done at least 69 squishies at this point, if she does about 3 per episode



    You should make a neon squishy

  22. Elaura Content

    Elaura Content日 前

    OMG 😍

  23. Isis Nelson

    Isis Nelson日 前

    The last one the coffee is like Starbucks coffee

  24. Isis Nelson

    Isis Nelson日 前

    How do you post things like asking questions a pole basically

  25. Lily Hovland

    Lily Hovland日 前

    I have the same tart it's really hard

  26. A Adams

    A Adams日 前

    You ruined the alpaca because you got rid of flower! :(

  27. Someone The Octopus

    Someone The Octopus日 前

    :o Th-th-There’s n-no sprinkles Oh well

  28. Megan Peckham

    Megan Peckham日 前

    Hey moriah pls text or cll me pls

  29. Wise Wings

    Wise Wings日 前

    I was about to cry when you cut your fav squishys head off 😂😂🤣

  30. Spiter Ledesma

    Spiter Ledesma日 前

    i want her to make a nila stuff animal.

  31. meighan DeArmond

    meighan DeArmond日 前

    Maybe the bear is sitting in the tart

  32. Keira Welch

    Keira Welch日 前

    My dog likes your voice because i'll watch anything else and he will want it to stop

  33. Tiffany Gassette

    Tiffany Gassette日 前

    hi im tiffanys dotr i love your vidyos it is so funy

  34. Talia P

    Talia P日 前

    Who thinks she should do a spin the wheel where she chooses the paint color and decorations from the wheel? This is how many: ⤵️

  35. Cambria Scott

    Cambria Scott日 前

    I just noticed she's left handed 😆

  36. P P Penny

    P P Penny日 前

    You do the rime you do the crime

  37. Cool Thaid X

    Cool Thaid X日 前

    I was thinking like for the ice cream for the bear tart could have been whipped cream and I think the bottom could have been like a little container

  38. Cool Thaid X

    Cool Thaid X日 前

    You could have turned that tart into a Reese's peanut butter cup

  39. Cool Thaid X

    Cool Thaid X日 前

    Also if you see a certain burrito squishy it's from a card game called throw throw burrito just to tell you you could get the game and then customize your burritos if you want to but just remember those burritos are supposed to be thrown at each other

  40. Wizard And Demigod

    Wizard And Demigod日 前

    For the tart I was thinking a Reece’s peanut butter cup.

  41. Siena

    Siena2 日 前

    People: “Oh I lIkEd ThE fLoWeR”

  42. T & N Lo

    T & N Lo2 日 前


  43. Yaneth Moreno

    Yaneth Moreno2 日 前

    She always uses that dark filter like every video that I have seen 😂😂😂😂

  44. tsuyu asui

    tsuyu asui2 日 前

    All I see is a transgender sheep and I love it 🏳️‍⚧️❤️

  45. DatBrookster 101

    DatBrookster 1012 日 前

    I’ll say it once and only once... *TRANS FLAG ALPACA*

  46. Doggy Gamer

    Doggy Gamer2 日 前

    Moriah: * talks to squishys* Me: * talks to a paint brush that I named bob-

  47. LemonXVibes Lemon

    LemonXVibes Lemon2 日 前

    looks like a transgender alpaca. btw i love your vids

  48. Frozenfan7249

    Frozenfan72492 日 前

    9:32 I'd like to see you actually tie dye a squishy

  49. Claire Curless

    Claire Curless2 日 前


  50. Elvera Gallardo

    Elvera Gallardo2 日 前

    I love the flower

  51. Nanook32

    Nanook322 日 前

    U should actually sell squishys you are rlly good at designing them

  52. Varah

    Varah2 日 前

    You sed puppy pant

  53. Lily Sims

    Lily Sims2 日 前

    She kept saying it was a lamb, why not a baby alpaca?!?!

  54. Karina De La Cruz

    Karina De La Cruz2 日 前

    Me: in the middle of a Moriah video Screen time: Your time limit for JPreporter is up Me: *no❤️*

  55. Stacey Garrity

    Stacey Garrity2 日 前


  56. Alison Rae

    Alison Rae2 日 前

    Love the alpaca but in my opinion it would have also looked really cute with the sheep on the alpacas head😁. No hate ily Moriah

  57. Korey’s Magical Adventures

    Korey’s Magical Adventures2 日 前

    It mommy and baby

  58. Annie Gevorkyan

    Annie Gevorkyan2 日 前

    honey sweetie is my new fav squishy

  59. Sheridan

    Sheridan2 日 前

    What kind of tart was that, when she painted the middle yellow?

  60. LaDonis Malcolm

    LaDonis Malcolm3 日 前

    I hated the Flower

  61. Katie B

    Katie B3 日 前

    I laughed so hard through the video why am I posting this comment

  62. XxxToxic DevilxxX

    XxxToxic DevilxxX3 日 前

    A life.. hmm.. never heard of it.

  63. Colette Fredericks

    Colette Fredericks3 日 前

    Moriah: sorry its SMOOTH

  64. Toleta Randolph

    Toleta Randolph3 日 前

    You should try making a Starbucks drink please

  65. Reagan Fritz

    Reagan Fritz3 日 前

    She should’ve turned the tart into a peanut butter cup

  66. Joanne Petrizzo

    Joanne Petrizzo3 日 前

    Moriah should do a “ Painting my Rubix Cube” video, where she paints one of her characters on each side, COPY AND PASTE THIS SO SHE SEES THIS!

  67. Joanne Petrizzo

    Joanne Petrizzo3 日 前


  68. Natalya Hearty

    Natalya Hearty3 日 前

    While I was watching the video Lucy said the final selection panpers

  69. Rhiannon Reinhard

    Rhiannon Reinhard3 日 前

    The alpaca said trans rights

  70. Ofelia Gonzalez

    Ofelia Gonzalez3 日 前

    I wrote something for moriah sorry I think that’s how you spell your name roses are red violets are blue your the best youtuber

  71. Choi Soobin

    Choi Soobin3 日 前

    “It’s fine no big deal” Me: hmmm reminds me of sum Theodd1sout: none of us really need our heads it’s fine NO BIG DEAL And once again I used a different JPreporterr in a comment

  72. Sapphire

    Sapphire3 日 前

    Make the tart a starfish on some coral reef

  73. Sapphire

    Sapphire3 日 前

    ‘i GoT mY pUpPy PaInT oUt’ U mean puffy paint?

  74. Maggie Ralph

    Maggie Ralph3 日 前

    Am I the only one who is dancing to the music that play when she spins the weel? 😂😂

  75. Crystal George

    Crystal George3 日 前

    I actually created my own squishy makover squishy with a fox and a donut and a pineapple (and sprinkles!!!)

  76. Axelle Verhulst

    Axelle Verhulst3 日 前


  77. Axelle Verhulst

    Axelle Verhulst3 日 前

    Moriah should do a “Painting A Rubix Cube” video, where she paints one of her characters on each side, COPY AND PASTE THIS SO SHE SEES

  78. Tam Mccourt

    Tam Mccourt3 日 前


  79. Farha Munir

    Farha Munir3 日 前

    You speak usless and what stupid work did you chose

  80. Ralph Warren

    Ralph Warren3 日 前

    I've been watching your videos for 2 years🤩

  81. Ralph Warren

    Ralph Warren3 日 前

    Play a squishy in the morning

  82. tbonbrad

    tbonbrad3 日 前

    I really love the face on the fluffy giraffe.

  83. beesarecool23

    beesarecool233 日 前

    4:53 shrek is that you???

  84. Anne Marie

    Anne Marie3 日 前

    I. 💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛 you. Moriah It. Is. A. Prank. Pes. Egvdbdydyf

  85. Anne Marie

    Anne Marie3 日 前

    💛💛💛💛💓💜💜💜💛💘💞💞👍💋👅💋👅👣👅💲👢👚🐺🐭🐹🐹🐹🐏🐂🐮🐥🐑🐥🐢🐢🐢🏣🏡🗻🏪♐🕙🕥 my. Name is. Daisy

  86. FireFox75

    FireFox753 日 前

    Fun fact blueberries aren't actually blue they are a deep purple

  87. Ryann Philippe

    Ryann Philippe4 日 前

    3 wow thats alot lol jk i love u i have been watching u sense 2018

  88. Thuy Tran

    Thuy Tran4 日 前

    Get our new/ Pickle coffee/Mint a mocha flavors available!/pickle approved.

  89. Laura Austerberry

    Laura Austerberry4 日 前

    I sorta wished she made a star bucks drink but I liked the pickle drink

  90. JAY AON

    JAY AON4 日 前

    she really said ''oop lets just dispose of this'''

  91. Amaani Omar

    Amaani Omar4 日 前

    But I still freaking love you babeee ohhhh

  92. Amaani Omar

    Amaani Omar4 日 前

    I’m so blue

  93. Amaani Omar

    Amaani Omar4 日 前

    I still see your face in the white cars frontyard

  94. Amaani Omar

    Amaani Omar4 日 前

    Red lights stop sign

  95. Amaani Omar

    Amaani Omar4 日 前

    I love this

  96. •ItzJasonKun•

    •ItzJasonKun•4 日 前

    Omg the lama is so cute!

  97. red the sus guy

    red the sus guy4 日 前

    10:41 HAHA

  98. Sophia Andrews

    Sophia Andrews4 日 前

    It looks like a mug cake

  99. Addison Shafer

    Addison Shafer4 日 前

    i love watching your videos also you said puppy paint instead of puffy paint

  100. Keira McGuigan

    Keira McGuigan4 日 前

    What video is the seal from!! I've looked all over for it and can't find it, if any knows where it is please tell me thanks!

  101. Natalia Myrick

    Natalia Myrick4 日 前

    You should’ve made the tart like a bowl of cereal or some soup