SPYING on My Wife for 24 HOURS! - Challenge


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    I think it’s millions of dollars 🤔

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    she knew you were recording she pranked you

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    And I love hot pockets just like you

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    Preston merch

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    Hello I sub...... and like the video and ring bell

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    I fink it is a gift to you

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    10/10 acting


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    It is fake I knew already

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    It was barney

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    Congrats Preston I’m a bigbig fan!

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    Roses are red violets are blue please make prestons thumb blue

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    Umm why did you like your own comment ah

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    All over a hot whatever it is

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    Im curious cause preston was so loud in brianna's car and Brianna is not hearing him


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    Roses are red Violets are blue Brianna Robbed The Bank So Call The Cops

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    The guy who gave Bri the box was wearing a Prestonstilz fire merch

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    wow lol

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    Violets are red Roses are blue Logic is fun And so are you

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    I think its money

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    Your so lucky to have Brie. She basically carries this channel

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    Happy birthday preston

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    Money money money

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    Poor bri 😢

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    Wow bri didn't know the whole time Wow!

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    Wow nice birthday 🎂🎉🎈

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    Ok bye I need to go get my purse 0:52

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    Preston I wish you were my husband

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    Happy birthday Presten🎈🎁

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    Soooooooo much money

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    i tut it briannaplaz

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    5:44 like if you saw the guys shirt 👇🏻

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    Things that Brianna would love to have in the box

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    Preston bro that's ur house and briannas cat

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    This is 100℅ fake 5:32

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    When you're sneaking on people you have to be more quiet Marquette

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    P+B LOVE

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    People who believed this -> 👹👹👹

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    I thik it is much.

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    When Brianna make with that guy you should have looked at his shirt

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    You Found A PointLess Comment

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    Wow briana is a robber

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    I think it is dame tu costia