SPYING on My Wife for 24 HOURS! - Challenge


  1. kill myself thursday

    kill myself thursday19 分 前

    as she walks to the car she stares at preston and in the car thru the mirrord

  2. Gamer 22312

    Gamer 2231238 分 前

    Budderfly sizzers

  3. Kelly Owens

    Kelly Owens56 分 前

    its fake he is whispering so loud in the car and the house really :L great content fake clickbate

  4. Erick Briones

    Erick Briones時間 前

    This vid is fake it is so obvious

  5. Jordan Jimenez

    Jordan Jimenez2 時間 前


  6. Nightcore Mids

    Nightcore Mids2 時間 前

    Can you give me a testa

  7. Mayra Carranza

    Mayra Carranza3 時間 前

    Spying on your wife Preston is weird

  8. Anthony-Joe Reshwan

    Anthony-Joe Reshwan3 時間 前

    In the brief case is a suprise for you

  9. Brittany Gaulden

    Brittany Gaulden3 時間 前


  10. Maylyn De Leon

    Maylyn De Leon4 時間 前

    Arrest briana in areal prison

  11. wilda joseph

    wilda joseph4 時間 前

    Kinda cool uou spy on ur wife for hot pockets nice one preston

  12. Liam Warner

    Liam Warner5 時間 前

    The guy with the metal breafcase is wearing murch so Preston is just wanting to click bait and who talks in the car to them self

  13. cheng alex

    cheng alex6 時間 前

    Diglett is inside the briefcase I think

  14. Christopher Michael

    Christopher Michael7 時間 前

    Do you plan your vids

  15. Jhoedie Bejerano

    Jhoedie Bejerano14 時間 前

    90000000000085857 dollars

  16. The High Tech Gamer

    The High Tech Gamer18 時間 前

    its fake take a close look when bri was trading with that he was wearing a preston merch it means its a set up

  17. GD Roy

    GD Roy20 時間 前

    You looked so much like robbers,

  18. nedz m

    nedz m日 前


  19. nedz m

    nedz m日 前


  20. kirsten johnson

    kirsten johnson日 前


  21. Mandy Scharien

    Mandy Scharien日 前

    Hot Dogs

  22. Jr Fatty

    Jr Fatty日 前

    I fit like a glove ?

  23. Jacobo Altamirano

    Jacobo Altamirano日 前

    A cake

  24. Nicole Hutson

    Nicole Hutson日 前


  25. Janis Bierly

    Janis Bierly日 前


  26. Azjargal Batnyam

    Azjargal Batnyam日 前


  27. jelly man

    jelly man日 前


  28. Amber Moore

    Amber Moore日 前

    That's what's in the breffcase

  29. Next gen Gaming

    Next gen Gaming日 前

    I thought it was a Morgs vid probably copied it haven’t seen it yet not trynna be mean

  30. Evelyn Munoz

    Evelyn Munoz日 前

    Happy Birthday prestin

  31. Evelyn Munoz

    Evelyn Munoz日 前

    She's a theft

  32. roccowilby

    roccowilby日 前


  33. Guernsey Funehvision

    Guernsey Funehvision日 前

    WhenI’m older I’m gonna come see you

  34. Deise Fernandes

    Deise Fernandes日 前

    A gun

  35. Khaleelah Atcha

    Khaleelah Atcha日 前


  36. Bridger Clifford

    Bridger Clifford日 前

    I think she's hiding something that does not work

  37. Puppy Dog124

    Puppy Dog124日 前

    Oh never mind ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️

  38. SoNeR SoNeRsure

    SoNeR SoNeRsure2 日 前

    that is weird that the person with the breifcase has presten playz merch

  39. carissadarn

    carissadarn2 日 前

    you are the best youtubers

  40. bhinda pajeta

    bhinda pajeta2 日 前

    I see breana

  41. Josh Wilkes

    Josh Wilkes2 日 前

    Did u see the guy that gave her a briefcase for the money that had a present style merch on so obviously

  42. Isaiah Camacho

    Isaiah Camacho2 日 前

    At 10:52 we totally cant see she looks at the camera

  43. My Fortnite Clutches

    My Fortnite Clutches2 日 前

    But I still love this vid😍🥰

  44. My Fortnite Clutches

    My Fortnite Clutches2 日 前

    Why does this look so fake?

  45. Milo Subelzu

    Milo Subelzu2 日 前

    Make a zombie video

  46. Navenski gaming ,

    Navenski gaming ,2 日 前


  47. Steven Danniel

    Steven Danniel2 日 前


  48. alphawolf angleofdarkness

    alphawolf angleofdarkness2 日 前



    JAY THE BUD2 日 前

    What’s the magic dust

  50. Alexander Tommazi

    Alexander Tommazi2 日 前

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  51. victor silva

    victor silva2 日 前

    Maybe colour creeper?

  52. victor silva

    victor silva2 日 前

    What’s your minecraft skin called?

  53. Emily Rodger

    Emily Rodger3 日 前


  54. Sophia Angeles

    Sophia Angeles3 日 前

    Did you have a ex girlfriend

  55. Sophia Angeles

    Sophia Angeles3 日 前

    Why were you spying on Brianna

  56. SushiDood

    SushiDood3 日 前


  57. Amarii Jones

    Amarii Jones3 日 前


  58. Metalysis

    Metalysis3 日 前

    Disclaimer: They planned this all along

  59. cassandra longhurst

    cassandra longhurst日 前


  60. Amber Thunder

    Amber Thunder3 日 前


  61. KL Owens

    KL Owens3 日 前


  62. Chase Florek Florek

    Chase Florek Florek3 日 前

    What if Bri is moving away?