Spinning The Globe And Flying Wherever It Lands


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    You guys are cool 🔥❤️

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    How did they even get the Great Barrier Reef? I tried it just now and landed on the Fiumara River in Croatia -_-

  3. galaxy panda

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    Me:sees this vid *clicks* *sees them going to Australia* Me:cool i live there Next minute *They go to my city*

  4. Trevor James

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    Next time use a real globe

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    For me: *spinning the globe and where it lands i will google it*

  6. Shayan SAIRANY

    Shayan SAIRANY日 前

    Idk how people land on beautiful places

  7. Mikaela Manzano

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    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="356">5:56</a> "this is what we do for a living" 😿 i also want that kind of living

  8. Sheela T

    Sheela T日 前

    What if it was landed in Marian trench?

  9. Tasya0620

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  10. Brittany Green

    Brittany Green2 日 前

    Wow!!! Luke's story!!! He was the best choice for this adventure!!

  11. Lance William

    Lance William3 日 前

    I really appreciate people who does this thing to other people. It's just very heartwarming

  12. Kancelas

    Kancelas4 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="296">4:56</a> Is that Steven Fry?

  13. SkyView by Soham

    SkyView by Soham4 日 前

    It's never too late, I would dream to go to see the northern lights with my dad and mom. It is my dad's dream to see it before he leaves this planet and being a 15 year old teen, I still believe that I'll take him there with mom.


    BUCKY BAER4 日 前

    This channel is freakin crazy,but i love it..😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👍❤❤❤❤❤❤👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍❤❤❤❤


    BUCKY BAER4 日 前

    How do you travell man,its seems lot of money is goin to spent right i wanna know.

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    Chandrakant Patil5 日 前

    I live in India and I wanna goto america

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    Imagine if it landed on Liberia

  18. Obisidian

    Obisidian5 日 前

    so ur telling me he is gonna forgot this day?

  19. Hudaman

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    Luke seems like a very nice, inspirational person. 😄

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    When someone gets Corona virus

  21. Po - We

    Po - We4 日 前

    2019 lool

  22. Maria Luiza Barbosa

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    “This is what we do for a living” THANK YOU FOR RUBBING IT ON OUR FUCKING FACWS

  23. Jaadi K

    Jaadi K6 日 前

    I watched the video about Luk already so how you guys meet with him now a totally know and for sure when I saw him totally I said it’s a luk man

  24. Ben Mulder

    Ben Mulder7 日 前

    thats exactly what people do that have the coronavirus

  25. Po - We

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  26. Po - We

    Po - We4 日 前


  27. Fabiano Peres

    Fabiano Peres7 日 前

    Luke made me cry. I like him.

  28. Asterope

    Asterope7 日 前

    I wish i met you guys while you were here, and im glad you got to see my awesome home, I live in brisbane and still haven't seen the reef yet, but i really should.

  29. Stella Star sign

    Stella Star sign7 日 前

    The amount of times he swore lol

  30. Von Antolin Vlogs

    Von Antolin Vlogs7 日 前

    Thomas:joe Skateboard guy:who’s joe (thinking he will be kidnap ) Thomas:jomama

  31. McInerney Dillon

    McInerney Dillon7 日 前

    That selection was made right after it pointed them to Wuhan.

  32. immolation

    immolation7 日 前

    This was the first Yes Theory video I've seen and since that I'm a fan!

  33. Theodore Libelo

    Theodore Libelo7 日 前

    Luke is the type of friend that everyone needs and the perfect representation of what Yes Theory is about

  34. Nitin Jashnani

    Nitin Jashnani7 日 前

    Just discovered this channel today and really helping me in this lockdown for covid-19. Absolutely love it mate.

  35. Noel Galang

    Noel Galang8 日 前

    Send me to AUSTRALIA. Because that's one fascinating continent and i deserve to see it.

  36. Laura Shillinglaw

    Laura Shillinglaw8 日 前

    I’m from Australia

  37. Yeye

    Yeye8 日 前

    Watching it with full tears

  38. Gemma Suelo

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    Plss go to phillipines

  39. LG’s plane!

    LG’s plane!8 日 前

    I’m from Australia and i want to travel to Mexico!

  40. Generalzhup

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    The way Americans pronounce cairns, it is pronounced cans

  41. Generalzhup

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    The girl at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="282">4:42</a> is my piano teacher, she actually is my piano teacher (I live in Brisbane]

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    Stop travelling and stay at home. Corona virus is spreading.

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    Don't try this now.

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    Me: tries this Lands on a cool place me: oh wow I’m so excited! *puts on VR headset* me: lets go!

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    I freaking love you guys so much

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    *I was hoping it was going to land on North Korea* 😂😂😂

  47. Grass Block With 1,000 Subscribers

    Grass Block With 1,000 Subscribers9 日 前

    Google just changed this guys life. First, 2 guys went on GOOGLE and basically flipped a coin and landed in Australia. They asked a couple people if they want Ed to come to the Great Barrier Reef with them. They stumbled on Luke, and got his friend to come with him. This guys had a 3% chance of living and did. Google literally changed this guys life

  48. Anthony M

    Anthony M9 日 前

    The ending got me sad man, I've made a mistake and now I can't talk to my friends again, are were they truly friends? I don't know man, but am kinda jealous of them, to make a bond like that, that happened over a short time

  49. Anthony M

    Anthony M9 日 前

    It's like a fairy tale

  50. Yank Boss

    Yank Boss9 日 前

    I used that boat touring company on my trip to Maui Hawaii

  51. ItsYourBoyReckster

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    Osama Bin Laden: *Spins globe* Globe: *Lands on the twin towers* Osama Bin Laden: COWABUNGA IT IS

  52. B Jean A

    B Jean A9 日 前

    OMGosh! The tears are just streaming down my face. Bless Luke and bless you for giving him this amazing experience!

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    Plot twist: they actually want to go australia and they just fake the result 😂😂

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    Just to say I live in Australia and I know that it is a stereotype thing but not everyone has an accent or swears! Just saying...🥺👉🏽👈🏽

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    Okay if it landed in Antarctica

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    *yes yes yes*

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    If you guys going to Malaysia. Just make sure you call me to join your exploration. 😆🙏

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    How y'a goin' mate?

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    Hi YES THEORY. im from PHILIPPINES im so happy because i found the best youtuber in the world.. I FOUND YES THEORY.. Im happy to wacth your vlog.. And now im the biggest fun of yes theory.. I hope someday i met you and go vlogging around the world.. Please pick me up guys 😊 keep up the good work and godbless you all.. Love you guys 😘😊😊😊

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    Me: _Spins Globe_ Globe: _Lands On Chernobyl_ Also Me: ... Also Globe: *You Just Got Vectored*

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    Heros are everywhere just you need eye to see them.

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    Whoever disliked the video is stupidly retarted idiot

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    SO they could’ve put their finger on ANYWHERE on that globe and they go to the Great Barrier Reef all the way across the globe Then they talk to 3 different people once they get there and they just so happen to meet Luke who has also never been there And then they give him a chance to share his story and change his life This is humanity at its best EDIT: God bless all of you, honestly you are what makes this world shine

  64. whydoievenbothertoputthishere

    whydoievenbothertoputthishere11 日 前

    This was such a wholesome and wild story tho hope u guys all the best

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    Like for everytime they did this 🤙😁

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    I tried this and it landed in South Korea. I live in South Korea

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    I live in Australia and it’s the best


    MEZZ RECIPE11 日 前

    how do i become a part of this?

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    Best way to spread Corona virus, Fair for all the world

  71. 17:58

    17:5811 日 前

    Seems like a great guy. Will he remember the trip? I don’t know how the memory loss thing works🧐

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    Tell mr beast about this guy with the skateboard 🛹 incident

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    You guys are amazing! I got some tears drippin my eyes. Thank you for sharing this wonderful video. Keep on doing good things guys. God Bless.

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    Damn Luke was the best possible partner for this trip ever

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    Aur ek hmlog Ka avi tk Goa Ka plan nhi bn pa rha h kb se plan kr rha hun

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    I wish I didn’t have to worry about anything

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    This channel Is a fucking Insparation. These dudes got an Idea to spin a globe and now they diving with strangers In the great barrier reed half a world away.

  78. Nezuko is the cutest little angel

    Nezuko is the cutest little angel13 日 前

    I mean you could of gotten kidnapped but if you weren’t...

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    The 4k people who disliked this have no joy in their heart at all

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    I live in Bangladesh but I have always a thought for visiting America only if I am lucky enough!!!

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    You guys are genuinely inspirational. In such troubled times, you've been the only thing too make me laugh. Thanks n Blessings

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    Can I get a yes in the chat?

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    All Cap yes