Spinning The Globe And Flying Wherever It Lands


  1. Charlie Reeds

    Charlie Reeds50 分 前

    Y’all are awesome!

  2. ひつじくろい

    ひつじくろい53 分 前

    I currently live in South Africa and have always wanted to go to Japan.

  3. ItsJustCarnage

    ItsJustCarnage時間 前

    Imagine him getting the state he lives in

  4. amsdo

    amsdo時間 前

    Would be cool a mixing pieces of papers with random written languages, and the piece of paper that you pick is the language that you have to learn

  5. Nicholas Despacito

    Nicholas Despacito時間 前

    3% Chance to live, i actually cried when he said that. I'm glad this happened to a man who actually deserves it. I wish him a great rest of his life

  6. Samuel de Freitas

    Samuel de Freitas2 時間 前

    This simple video could seem like a normal one, but in fact It is fucking awesome. Its vibe is incredible and it shows us a new vision 'bout people and fraternity.

  7. BigBoi Gaming

    BigBoi Gaming4 時間 前

    Who else lives in Australia?

  8. Arefin Khan

    Arefin Khan6 時間 前

    Love for Luke.

  9. doggo muncher

    doggo muncher10 時間 前

    I live in cairns

  10. Lyrical Genius

    Lyrical Genius12 時間 前

    I love how us aussies were the only ones that were swearing

  11. Mohammed Al Rayyan

    Mohammed Al Rayyan12 時間 前

    London UK

  12. Gag Magician

    Gag Magician14 時間 前

    **lands in north korea**

  13. Joe Olley

    Joe Olley14 時間 前

    shout out to luke for being an absolute warrior

  14. Zach Edwards

    Zach Edwards14 時間 前


  15. Cian

    Cian18 時間 前

    Who the actual fuck would trust two random ass American backpackers saying they will take you to the Great Barrier Reef? These guys could’ve been literal murderers!

  16. saurabh bijalwan

    saurabh bijalwan19 時間 前

    I've done it. I mean the spinning part.

  17. SploogerPooger

    SploogerPooger21 時間 前

    Ends up going to afghanistan

  18. clapuber

    clapuber日 前

    Wow that trip was for Luke what a great gift from life to him.

  19. King Jorgun

    King Jorgun日 前

    Ah it's so close to Indonesia

  20. Je mange du pathé

    Je mange du pathé日 前

    Ok so what country i will go ? ... Syria !

  21. Saltyboithareal

    Saltyboithareal日 前

    I’m from aus

  22. R1t

    R1t日 前

    this is how Rich people Wasting their momey

  23. alreadydead

    alreadydead日 前

    Yoo thiss iss litt🔥🔥🔥

  24. MLBB YT

    MLBB YT日 前

    It's so sad that The Great Barrier Reef today is *DYING* 😢

  25. Raymond James

    Raymond James日 前

    Luke, you my friend, are the legend here.

  26. Tade Patro

    Tade Patro日 前

    Bro I'm crying with this dude

  27. Tade Patro

    Tade Patro日 前

    El capitalismo siendo superior al socialismo una vez mas

  28. Rover’s Makeover Dog Grooming

    Rover’s Makeover Dog Grooming日 前

    This is one of THE best JPreporter videos I have seen in a long time.

  29. Blue Animul

    Blue Animul日 前

    I subbed because i need to know if luke will be in another vid

  30. Yopi Tipo

    Yopi Tipo日 前

    this the beautiful rare coincidence true story for this guys. especially for Luke! they met a guy who just need support and have a story and background to tell. (don't know how to put in words) the best and real story that i've seen.

  31. Juan Barrera

    Juan Barrera日 前

    My name is Juan, i'm from Colombia and i always has dreamed with give to my closed family a trip where they can see the sea for first time. Thanks i really enjoy your videos.

  32. stfu19999

    stfu19999日 前

    are they gay?

  33. Flexxkid thesecond

    Flexxkid thesecond日 前

    Am Timothy from Kenya, Africa... I have always dreamt of visiting THE GREAT WALL OF CHINA. Its the very first place that ever printed on a paper. It was my social studies assignment

  34. Bennie Ningeok-Ross

    Bennie Ningeok-Ross日 前


  35. Johan Reillo

    Johan Reillo日 前

    Luke the type of friend everyone needs

  36. Youssef Sabri

    Youssef Sabri日 前

    My always dream was to go to japan

  37. Maylin Lühring

    Maylin Lühring2 日 前

    It breaks my heart to see the Great Barrier Reef dying everyday. It’s our fault but the politics don’t even imagine to change a thing.

  38. Rori Aroundtheworld

    Rori Aroundtheworld2 日 前

    You guys are not just insane, you are insanely cool!! Keep spreading the chill vibe!! PS.: I havent seen all of your videos, but I am about to hit the road to one of my lifetime adventures - Nepal and the base camp Everest sooo maybe you can think about it too :) Stay positive!

  39. Fletcher Johnston

    Fletcher Johnston2 日 前

    You guys are just amazing

  40. Corbin Toms

    Corbin Toms2 日 前

    I will wait at the airport for u

  41. alebaja works

    alebaja works2 日 前

    You're crying, im not

  42. Sabrina Potter

    Sabrina Potter2 日 前

    Love this video!!💕

  43. Raja Roberto Masonicic Lopez

    Raja Roberto Masonicic Lopez2 日 前

    are these guys gay?

  44. Karan Joshi

    Karan Joshi2 日 前

    10:22 that’s just wrong 😂

  45. Jennifer Garner

    Jennifer Garner2 日 前

    Wow Luke was the perfect guy to choose.. he NEEDS to be another member of yes theory!

  46. kabirthegreat

    kabirthegreat2 日 前

    me and the boys

  47. Watermelons4Lyfe YT

    Watermelons4Lyfe YT2 日 前

    I live in Australia

  48. CALVIN

    CALVIN2 日 前

    4:53 ask the lady in the back round

  49. Niras

    Niras2 日 前

    Like si hablas español y te aparecio en recomendados

  50. Shiva Shukla

    Shiva Shukla2 日 前

    Is it just me who feel positive after watching Yes theory's videos? 😍 Lots of love guys. ☺️

  51. Jada Ramos

    Jada Ramos2 日 前

    Luke can have my heart I love him so much. It's crazy how they didn't know who they were going to pick to go with them...and then they stumble upon someone who so totally deserves it

  52. Titi arq :v

    Titi arq :v2 日 前

    Luisito comunica Gringo

  53. hippomonsterboy

    hippomonsterboy2 日 前

    You couldn't have picked a better person than Luke. His story is amazing.

  54. ツBowsy jpg

    ツBowsy jpg2 日 前

    Just saying but... maybe they filmed the scene on google maps and leaved the one that was interesting, or maybe they were going to travel there and they just take advantage of the situation and recorded this video

  55. Electrifyer1289 !

    Electrifyer1289 !2 日 前

    Idk why this was in my recommended but I'm glad it was to hear luke's story

  56. primerio

    primerio2 日 前

    If you use Google Earth, the algorithm will show you the most popular ones, so this is not too random. I’m pretty sure that Google Earth won’t suggest you to go, lets say Sao Tome & Principe, Palau, Burundi or Surinam.

  57. Raphael Gershater

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  58. Raphael Gershater

    Raphael Gershater2 日 前

    1 like+1 time that they get to see luke again

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    To the people who have watched this video but haven't subscribed.... what are you even doing?

  60. AI Blaziken

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    Copy off nelk