Spinning The Globe And Flying Wherever It Lands


  1. Ajinkya Vaidya

    Ajinkya Vaidya42 分 前

    World is full of surprises in good or not so good terms of life. Your ongoing explorations have made me understand this fact so much better. Dhanyawaaad.... Thankyou.... Vielen Dank...

  2. Jamie Ayy

    Jamie Ayy時間 前

    You guys are absolute legends!!!! Good on ya!!!!

  3. sami chapman

    sami chapman時間 前

    Be kinder than necessary to people, you might find real gems.

  4. Arniox

    Arniox6 時間 前

    I live in New Zealand. I really want to go to Japan for the beautiful country, amazing colours and incredible people. It's one of my dream countries. Or Canada, somewhere high in the mountains and go snowboarding and ice skating across the frozen lakes. To sit in a spa while it snows around me with a beer in my hand.

  5. Michael Rooze

    Michael Rooze7 時間 前

    its unfortunate that they did not somehow verify that, that was the first click.

  6. Alif hasan

    Alif hasan7 時間 前

    Life maybe strange but life is beautiful

  7. ibec69

    ibec698 時間 前

    Beginning of the video about Luke; that guy's looking pretty aggro, are they sure they want to travel with him? Second half of the video; fuck me, I'm a disgusting human being.

  8. chansbitxh

    chansbitxh10 時間 前

    can you guys come to Japan Yokosuka base my teacher loves you guys and always shows your videos to us and genuinely loves you guys and is happy !! please come instagram: _cierraxtiff_

  9. Lincoln Marshaus

    Lincoln Marshaus12 時間 前

    we need more people like them to save our world

  10. Sandraupa Channel

    Sandraupa Channel13 時間 前

    Just down to earth chilled out blokes - Luke 2019 -

  11. Koaa Wolfe

    Koaa Wolfe13 時間 前

    I love this. I love you all.

  12. Deeke Stonare

    Deeke Stonare14 時間 前

    Hope hi will never forget it

  13. PD17

    PD1715 時間 前

    you guys are awesome. .. btw Luke is funny n I love his energy.

  14. Lucas Reilly

    Lucas Reilly17 時間 前

    I live on the Gold Coast in Queensland. Was hoping you'd land in AUS!

  15. Timo Kotipelto

    Timo Kotipelto19 時間 前

    @4:18 Hey I didn't know Sarah Silverman was from Australia!

  16. Nikos Plk

    Nikos Plk19 時間 前

    I can't help it but wonder...how does it feel to be so rich you dont mind the expenses. You just chose a country and travel to it.

  17. okolekahuna

    okolekahuna19 時間 前

    It's nice to watch a vlog with a positive substance...

  18. okolekahuna

    okolekahuna19 時間 前

    It was meant to be that you folds chose the right guy to go with you guys. Awesome!

  19. Lucas Ferreira Marques

    Lucas Ferreira Marques19 時間 前


  20. some1 orAnother

    some1 orAnother19 時間 前

    0:52 i know naxos from assasins creed odyssey! there is a story mission there

  21. some1 orAnother

    some1 orAnother19 時間 前

    0:52 i know naxos from assasins creed odyssey! there is a story mission there

  22. French 97-4

    French 97-420 時間 前

    16:23 Currently living in Reunion Island. Would like to live from Alaska to Panama in a van and die there without never coming back in my own country.

  23. Omni king Zeno

    Omni king Zeno22 時間 前

    Lands on North Korea Them:Well fuck

  24. Mr. Cold

    Mr. Cold22 時間 前

    "I have to go meet a friend", Me: "Ask your friend to join us *creepy face*"

  25. Mr LuCiDiUS

    Mr LuCiDiUS日 前

    Greece I've dreamed of going to Australia cause I want to exprience how life is in that continent!

  26. DaLordBoy

    DaLordBoy日 前

    dem feels

  27. Sreenithi Ramgiri

    Sreenithi Ramgiri日 前

    this brought tears to my eyes 😭❤

  28. Cj Rodriguez

    Cj Rodriguez日 前

    I want to go france because the history there I love I always wanted to go it will be my dream

  29. egoxrt

    egoxrt日 前


  30. Dikshya Mohapatra

    Dikshya Mohapatra日 前

    We want more Luke.

  31. Dikshya Mohapatra

    Dikshya Mohapatra日 前

    Why'd they leave him? Bring him here. :)

  32. Travel Thiyaduwa - Lakai Sikai

    Travel Thiyaduwa - Lakai Sikai日 前

    jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-6SN9iJ1mcp4.html Sri Lanka Village Safari

  33. Kal 888

    Kal 888日 前

    This is what rich people do, they travel the world and make videos, and then the poor people make them more money.

  34. Aaron Diaz

    Aaron Diaz日 前

    This is like the content of mrbeast....no offense

  35. Mahad Omar

    Mahad Omar日 前

    You guys are super awesome. Found you guys on here this week and damn what a find. Subscribed and gonna be binge watching all your videos. Yoh all are super chill and very friendly. Stay awesome.

  36. wija andi

    wija andi日 前

    13:34 When u see your best friend hang out with your ex

  37. Lewi Causty

    Lewi Causty日 前

    Who else thinks Matt looks like tommy little

  38. nickvas

    nickvas日 前

    Luke is the stereotypical Australian

  39. CicadaCivics

    CicadaCivics日 前

    Glad you went to Australia before the entire reef turns to a dead, barren coral graveyard.

  40. Sean Moran

    Sean Moran日 前

    haha they thought they would be kidnapped. Yes theory only kidnaps the people they dont post videos about