Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts w/ Arnold Schwarzenegger


  1. justyoureverydayemu

    justyoureverydayemu3 時間 前

    arnold is so incredibly sweet and kind, he's so cool

  2. justyoureverydayemu

    justyoureverydayemu4 時間 前

    i mean, lilly singh's show isn't funny, soooooo

  3. xander danckaert

    xander danckaert日 前

    2:10 davie504 reference

  4. xander danckaert

    xander danckaert日 前

    2:05 ma bad

  5. pratik milan sahoo

    pratik milan sahoo日 前

    I bet when Arnold said, "Finish it.", James pooped his pants.

  6. Larsove8

    Larsove8日 前

    I nearly ralphed on that saliva

  7. Caroline Lynn

    Caroline Lynn日 前

    Arnold Schwarzenegger is a great actor. I like Jo's movies a lot. James does a great impersonation of him. I'm amazed actually

  8. Rodo Mohamed

    Rodo Mohamed日 前

    you need to play this game with kylie jenner and tom hardy

  9. Rodo Mohamed

    Rodo Mohamed日 前

    play this game with kourtney kardashian and tom hiddleston

  10. Rodo Mohamed

    Rodo Mohamed日 前

    you should play this game with victoria duffield and tom holland

  11. Angela Samells

    Angela Samells日 前

    Poor Arnie! Give James the bird saliva!!

  12. Sam Cuba

    Sam Cuba2 日 前

    I dont think that James actually drank the Bird Saliva

  13. Sunny Tian

    Sunny Tian2 日 前

    damn james owned that bug trifle

  14. Roland Szabo

    Roland Szabo3 日 前

    he’ll be bacK!

  15. Reinhart Michael

    Reinhart Michael3 日 前

    11:46 that nervous smile, bcuz he's scared of getting killed 😂😂

  16. Layla Lyons

    Layla Lyons3 日 前

    i was lowkey waiting for "eat it if you want to live" lmaoo

  17. AlexandreG

    AlexandreG4 日 前

    When he said "finish it" I finished the rest of the apple I didn't eat yesterday

  18. jesbsnrn

    jesbsnrn4 日 前

    so does that mean politicians lie sometimes?

  19. Chris J

    Chris J4 日 前

    Love his voice. Jingle all the way was the best movie lol





    REZA REZA4 日 前


  22. marc belo

    marc belo4 日 前

    So this breaks my heart because one of my favorite action hero's, and was one of my hero's growing up is getting old😔.

  23. Teresa McKeown

    Teresa McKeown4 日 前

    Obviously he has had these before... I wonder if there are certain things that HE REALLY hates when it is selected.

  24. _Nikola_Zafirovski_

    _Nikola_Zafirovski_5 日 前

    Im here becouse he was added to Mortal Kombat 11. COMON MK FAN BOISSSSSSSSSSS!

  25. SpriteBoy _Hobi

    SpriteBoy _Hobi5 日 前

    If Arnie tells you to break a leg you jolly do it for real.

  26. John Paul Kariithi

    John Paul Kariithi5 日 前

    8:40 that is the look my Dad used to give me when I sneaked into the house drunk. It sobered me up instantly all the time.


    WEIRDO KING5 日 前

    we need bear grlls from man vs wild here

  28. CUP CAKE

    CUP CAKE5 日 前

    *Arnold is more like a strict maths teacher*

  29. Javier Llaneza

    Javier Llaneza5 日 前

    The veto of the law with the FU was epic. I love this man haha

  30. Omgtuyf 121

    Omgtuyf 1216 日 前

    Umm James have to eat every spill your guts video...

  31. BTEC

    BTEC6 日 前

    Arnold is amazing 💪👏👏

  32. Josh Nunn

    Josh Nunn6 日 前

    Arnold: I will have to start wit Arnold five seconds later: *eats food*

  33. Monica Ney

    Monica Ney6 日 前

    Deep voice

  34. Jason Lee

    Jason Lee7 日 前

    Damn... Arnold took that turkey testicle in his mouth like a man... if that makes any sense

  35. He H

    He H7 日 前

    I feel sad that arnoldnsaid finish it on the first one, and James didn't care :(

  36. Sam Kroll

    Sam Kroll7 日 前

    anold is the man

  37. icykickflip

    icykickflip7 日 前

    definitely not real bugs in there

  38. Adrienne Clough

    Adrienne Clough7 日 前

    I love Arnold. Still one of my favorites.

  39. LuiGJ 15

    LuiGJ 157 日 前

    Arnold would of answered the last question but didn't for the bit

  40. Acronym

    Acronym8 日 前

    Is this real food? I can't believe it

  41. RRebel 993

    RRebel 9939 日 前

    Arnold needs to do a hot ones

  42. Fatima Rosario

    Fatima Rosario9 日 前

    the 'death' stare had me crackin'!!😂😂😂😂😆😆

  43. Fatima Rosario

    Fatima Rosario9 日 前

    men i feels like it was yesterdy when i watched the terminator movies and now... omg i want see arnold in movies again PLEASE!!!😭💕❣️

  44. Robert Craig

    Robert Craig9 日 前

    Arnold is a cigar smokin' savage

  45. Riley M

    Riley M9 日 前

    He has one chance to talk to Ivanka trump and he says you can do something 🤣🤣 wow

  46. Maia Dill

    Maia Dill10 日 前

    Fill your guts or spill your guts with Arnold Hrjejididksndhidioqoqooqosnabauaoaksj

  47. Joyce Zhang

    Joyce Zhang10 日 前

    Is that bird's saliva = bird's nest?

  48. David

    David10 日 前

    Ja man Österreich!

  49. forza juventus

    forza juventus10 日 前

    Lol...Arnold atoeast could have said micky as the best..obviously

  50. Marie Cochran

    Marie Cochran10 日 前

    I love this one, he (Arnold) is so respectful yet cute. Adorable! ^_^

  51. Tom Hanrahan

    Tom Hanrahan11 日 前

    If I was in the audience when Arnold went Are You Laughing At Me I would absolutely s**t myself



    Bring Bear Grylls Bring Bear Grylls Bring Bear Grylls Bring Bear Grylls Bring Bear Grylls Bring Bear Grylls Bring Bear Grylls



    Bring Bear Grylls

  54. Angel Lima

    Angel Lima11 日 前

    Body builders have strong wills

  55. Sloth Blaze

    Sloth Blaze11 日 前

    Why was this lowkey the best one

  56. Jesus Maximus

    Jesus Maximus11 日 前

    Arnold schywhat????

  57. Brian Sim

    Brian Sim11 日 前

    He could probably eat anything to be honest, because remember HE NEVER DIES

  58. David Atah

    David Atah11 日 前

    Arnold’s accent scares me

  59. berriebadslof

    berriebadslof12 日 前

    Do it. Do it now! lol that face he makes.

  60. Shahabuddin Shabu

    Shahabuddin Shabu12 日 前

    Love u Arnold...

  61. Audrie Melyn

    Audrie Melyn12 日 前

    I don’t believe a word of that story James told about Ivanka. He’s so pissed scared of saying anything that would offend anyone. Just watch all of the Spill Your Guts segments. It’s gotten kinda boring because he’d rather eat all kinds of crap than say anything that would make someone not like him. 🤣🤣🤣

  62. Khaylee Jean

    Khaylee Jean12 日 前

    I didnt expect Arnold to make me laugh so hard😂😂😂

  63. Tasnim Rubaba

    Tasnim Rubaba13 日 前

    My only question is....why they have to put 2glasses or bowls for everything?

  64. Whimsy Enchanted

    Whimsy Enchanted13 日 前

    2:06 ok with that badass stare I'll eat and drink everything on that table 😳

  65. danny Mack86

    danny Mack8613 日 前

    Arnold is the boss!

  66. Lana Soso

    Lana Soso13 日 前

    this is the best spill your guts match eveeeeeeeer 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👌

  67. Joseph August

    Joseph August13 日 前

    Come on you can do it 😂

  68. Big Daddy69

    Big Daddy6913 日 前

    Arnold is so freaking funny

  69. the GodFather

    the GodFather13 日 前


  70. jlan

    jlan14 日 前

    Do reps until failuaaaa

  71. Crash8last

    Crash8last14 日 前

    I love rocky

  72. Vibing BMO

    Vibing BMO14 日 前

    This was intense

  73. DCxRODDIEskie Gaming

    DCxRODDIEskie Gaming15 日 前

    waiting for him to say "GET TO THE CHOPPER NOW!"

  74. vision

    vision15 日 前

    I wish Arnold was my grandpa

  75. Selig Fykspert

    Selig Fykspert15 日 前

    Everybody laughing about a menu with penis and testicles. Hmmm... What if there were vagina and ovaries instead?

  76. Daniel Bjork

    Daniel Bjork15 日 前

    What a legend so young spirited❤️

  77. Alan Harrison

    Alan Harrison15 日 前

    Seriously do American's like James cordon? . Us Englishman only know him from a shite comedy were he played a fat bloke who fell for a honest fat Welsh lass ! . Seriously how's he made it big in states . ???????? Do USA actually like him ???? I'm shocked AS HE'S BORING !!!!

  78. Ester Leng

    Ester Leng15 日 前

    Arnold is a freaking legend

  79. Alexandre Schnupp

    Alexandre Schnupp15 日 前

    What a bluff by Arnold!

  80. Madeline E Curtis

    Madeline E Curtis16 日 前

    James imitating Arnold

  81. Haziq Rohaisham

    Haziq Rohaisham16 日 前

    14:10 arnold is steady and keep eating the turkey ball tho😂

  82. AG Ironman

    AG Ironman16 日 前

    He protecc He attacc but, most importantly, *_Are you laughing at me?_*