Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts w/ Arnold Schwarzenegger


  1. amandacullen4

    amandacullen4時間 前

    I love Arnold

  2. Gus LM

    Gus LM2 時間 前

    Wasn’t Chelsea Handler the only person to have never eaten anything bc she really doesn’t give an F???

  3. Tanner Barry

    Tanner Barry6 時間 前

    Arnold would be a great grandpa

  4. Rads ical

    Rads ical6 時間 前

    I love that Arnold had an answer, looked down and thought which would hurt more the truth or the testicle and then changed his mind lmao

  5. Rads ical

    Rads ical6 時間 前

    Arnold is amazing, I didn’t know I was a fan until just now

  6. 77kirkwood

    77kirkwood6 時間 前

    He knew that cutting State employees pay by 15% would do nothing to help the state.

  7. SkintZ

    SkintZ10 時間 前

    Fucking love James Corden

  8. lone ranger

    lone ranger10 時間 前

    When he asked "are you laughing at me" I felt a bead of sweat form on my eyebrow😭😂

  9. Almighty Sir

    Almighty Sir10 時間 前

    Arnold would be the worlds best interrogator😂😂

  10. So Naive

    So Naive12 時間 前

    He should do it with Bear Grylls,

  11. Mr. Bear

    Mr. Bear13 時間 前

    Is it possible that after he killed the first Predator, he could be recruited by that race to hunt down other humans, or Predators for sport?

  12. Behind Blue Eyes

    Behind Blue Eyes17 時間 前

    Arnie needs his own late night talk show

  13. GamingGlorious !

    GamingGlorious !19 時間 前

    Come on kill me im here

  14. GamingGlorious !

    GamingGlorious !19 時間 前

    Get to the chopper James!

  15. Kimia Bagherpor

    Kimia Bagherpor19 時間 前

    It makes me really sad to see how old he got

  16. sainters7

    sainters719 時間 前

    Arnold looked fine with even answering that last question, but he knew everyone including Corden would be disappointed if he didn't eat at least one thing. Just did it to keep everyone happy

  17. Jacobo Benitez

    Jacobo Benitez20 時間 前

    Man Arnold doesn't give a fuck

  18. Orion Jimmy

    Orion Jimmy日 前

    Poor Arnold eating balls.

  19. SoVietTrash

    SoVietTrash日 前

    How did they get so much bird saliva?

  20. In due course

    In due course日 前

    The veto letter if anyone is curious images.huffingtonpost.com/gen/114612/original.jpg What a legend!

  21. ABN

    ABN日 前

    Please do one of these with Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez together

  22. okj 333

    okj 333日 前

    imagine 69 in this

  23. Adrian Kovacs

    Adrian Kovacs日 前

    I actually watched this while eating my lunch, i don't know what is wrong with me

  24. Mana k

    Mana k日 前


  25. Lucas Chiu

    Lucas Chiu日 前

    drinking bird saliva is normal for me, not saying im abnormal or anything

  26. The Don

    The Don2 日 前

    Sad day when I see Arnie starting to get a bit shaky...

  27. Junway Lin

    Junway Lin2 日 前

    Bird saliva isnt actually that bad if prepared properly

  28. Triumph

    Triumph2 日 前

    James Corden is terrible at impro or standup... Arni is such a charme, but Jorden is just plain boring... This ivanka story, wtf....

  29. Mr Solo Dolo VI

    Mr Solo Dolo VI2 日 前

    What a legend

  30. brownsugarglamour

    brownsugarglamour2 日 前

    “That was very courageous, I have to say that” 😭😭😂💀💀💀💀💀💀

  31. Dr. Victor Strange

    Dr. Victor Strange2 日 前

    He's a class act all the way!!! There will never be another...Dwayne Johnson is a great guy but he'll never be Arnold!!

  32. - L1 -

    - L1 -2 日 前

    We all just witnessed Arnold Schwarzenegger eat balls

  33. 40 Plus Gaming

    40 Plus Gaming2 日 前

    Would have been good if was not all setup and scripted.

  34. Simon Marcel

    Simon Marcel2 日 前

    Arnold is probably the only reason I´m proud of our country :p

  35. Just Burgers

    Just Burgers3 日 前

    I could eat/drink any of those except for... bird saliva... ughh

  36. TheSocklessMonkey

    TheSocklessMonkey3 日 前

    Sly, Rourke, Statham. easy

  37. uchihaitachi72

    uchihaitachi723 日 前

    I would love to have lunch with Arnold.

  38. ArtofZen Digital

    ArtofZen Digital3 日 前

    Arnold has so much charisma it’s insane... Doooooooo Itttttttt! Doooo Iiiit Nooooow! Finish it!!!! Arnold, “You just ate a scorpion....” James Corden, “I’m well aware of what I just ate, thank you Arnold!” He has nothing to hide at this point, so he just tells the truth, and his expressions are priceless... except when it comes to ranking the acting ability of his close friends, so he took one for the team and ate turkey testicles. You could see the sorrow in his eyes.

  39. Brian Nolasco

    Brian Nolasco3 日 前

    James cordon you have been selected for termination

  40. Niki Cap

    Niki Cap3 日 前

    Idk why but I love Arnold’s voice and he seems like such a sweet gentleman .