Spill Your Guts: Harry Styles & Kendall Jenner


  1. Alima. H

    Alima. H10 秒 前

    why is harry wearing nail polish?

  2. Original493

    Original49314 秒 前

    This sucked! They literally spat everything out.

  3. Arshia Asif

    Arshia Asif分 前

    I love that they are still friends after being in a relationship, it’s pretty rare

  4. alexis torres

    alexis torres分 前

    harry was great

  5. Anthony Regan

    Anthony Regan2 分 前

    Kendall Jenner is flawless

  6. Hi jack-music

    Hi jack-music2 分 前

    harry need to eat sperm ; also harry ; what are we doing

  7. Dito Squash

    Dito Squash2 分 前

    I wonder if one of his fans asked for the container Harry spit in

  8. Jesse Bashiri

    Jesse Bashiri3 分 前

    Suddenly I’m questioning whether the food is what they say it is?? 🤔

  9. Manoela Torres

    Manoela Torres4 分 前


  10. Madison Muckle

    Madison Muckle4 分 前

    The way he was looking at her was so cute!!!!❤️❤️

  11. Roda Espinosa

    Roda Espinosa4 分 前




    Unbelievable video, i delight it to much . Optimum part is 1:26. *I upload 1st video, Plsss check and say am I good* 💜 ❣ 💯

  13. 이윤재

    이윤재5 分 前

    Harry reminds me of Greylord from GOH.

  14. Mónica González

    Mónica González6 分 前

    "Which songs on your last album were about me?" WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTTTT

  15. MajorLazerLP

    MajorLazerLP7 分 前

    Kendall looks good but so fake

  16. Samantha Piape

    Samantha Piape8 分 前

    After this. Gonna search harry and kendall jenner moments. Who's with me?😂

  17. Samantha Piape

    Samantha Piape9 分 前

    The way they looked and smiled to each other. My ship is sailing!😍💗

  18. Maria Ageeva

    Maria Ageeva9 分 前

    I’m not sure if they’re aware, but cow’s tongue is actually a casual food in Russia and has been wideeeely consumed by my people during the times of Soviet Union. To this day cow’s tongue is being served in canteens in kindergartens and schools (I personally wasn’t a fan)

  19. KazumaGaming

    KazumaGaming10 分 前

    Putting a Cod *Sperm* in front of a man Oh the Irony

  20. 김키하

    김키하11 分 前

    why is harry so well spoken

  21. Jackster Pang

    Jackster Pang11 分 前

    On their body language the like each other

  22. Adri Santillan

    Adri Santillan12 分 前

    *anyone else like this duo?*

  23. lucio kakaibabe

    lucio kakaibabe12 分 前

    q&a for harry styles: have u been creampied before? harry styles: 🤭

  24. Jade C

    Jade C13 分 前

    Coming up next: The Late Late Show with Harry Styles

  25. Carlo Colucci

    Carlo Colucci13 分 前

    Harry Styles looks like Theon Greyjoy

  26. Bárbara Fonseca

    Bárbara Fonseca13 分 前

    she´s fidgety and nervous.... it´s cute

  27. Sunshine

    Sunshine14 分 前

    Literally all Harry had to hear was Between Liam Louis Niall and Zayn and he was already grabbing the scorpion😂

  28. Anastasia Ramirez

    Anastasia Ramirez14 分 前

    Dude i knew Kendell was thin but WTF?!

  29. Jade Gosling

    Jade Gosling14 分 前

    I wanna meet the person who wanks off cod for a living

  30. Ye- es

    Ye- es15 分 前

    I'm gonna start coughing and I'm gonna say - "ah it's just a cod sperm" 😂

  31. Uncreative Name

    Uncreative Name16 分 前


  32. Tanner Kerr

    Tanner Kerr16 分 前

    They would be good couple no cap

  33. Omar Rajeh

    Omar Rajeh17 分 前

    They should add human bogers as one

  34. Gabriela Tioko

    Gabriela Tioko17 分 前

    HAHAHAHAHAHHA he didn’t wait for the question I’M DYING 🤣🤣🤣

  35. Jilly Ann

    Jilly Ann17 分 前


  36. Abdirisak Awes

    Abdirisak Awes17 分 前

    Last question Harry didn't even hesitate. What a good friend he is.

  37. priya sutrakar

    priya sutrakar18 分 前

    Why he applied nail paint

  38. Sashmika G.

    Sashmika G.19 分 前

    The fact that he laughs before asking each question is pure 😂😂❤️❤️

  39. Sel

    Sel19 分 前

    she's starting to look like khloe more n more

  40. mddljcb 7

    mddljcb 720 分 前