Spill Your Guts: Harry Styles & Kendall Jenner


  1. SnootySnooters

    SnootySnooters49 分 前

    This is so greatttt

  2. Mari Mari

    Mari Mari49 分 前

    I legit never knew how funny Harry was till now 😂😂

  3. Denisa Deacu

    Denisa Deacu50 分 前

    WAIT are they dateing?

  4. Bent Tay

    Bent Tay50 分 前

    Make it with Cardi B and Nicki Minaj😍 (Without telling them)

  5. potato dude

    potato dude51 分 前

    This dude got convictions


    RACKEL FOX51 分 前

    Harry is so funny I remember Johny Dep😂


    RACKEL FOX52 分 前


  8. Rramans

    Rramans53 分 前

    I could look at kendals face for hours she is so fucking perfect

  9. Akiem sselb

    Akiem sselb53 分 前

    This feels like a setup date

  10. Fuji Rahayu

    Fuji Rahayu53 分 前

    Harry ini ex nya kendal. Yg skrg udah jd gay bner ga sih???

  11. fuad Alsughayer

    fuad Alsughayer53 分 前

    Kendall wants that D so bad .

  12. _keibu_X

    _keibu_X53 分 前

    Harry: „are u ready?“ Kendall: „nooo?“ Harry: „ok!“ 🤣

  13. Jeon Sara

    Jeon Sara55 分 前

    8:32 Harry: I don't need to hear the rest 😂

  14. Mooseman

    Mooseman56 分 前

    Can we get a "Spill your guts: James Corden & Tyrone Biggums (dave chappelle)"

  15. yasmine oweda

    yasmine oweda57 分 前

    Why would anyone do this to be honest Is this what privilege is..?

  16. Natalia

    Natalia57 分 前

    she looks at him like all of us would

  17. Pamela Toole

    Pamela Toole58 分 前

    Still number one on trending

  18. Helina T

    Helina T58 分 前

    Kendall clearly isn't over Harry

  19. Moi Moudi - انا مودي

    Moi Moudi - انا مودي58 分 前

    they'd make nice babies

  20. mag roseline

    mag roseline59 分 前

    This is even trending 6th in italy!

  21. Trevor Edge

    Trevor Edge時間 前


  22. ɪᴅᴅʏ ʙɪᴅᴅʏ

    ɪᴅᴅʏ ʙɪᴅᴅʏ時間 前

    eating the sperm would have been so gross, when you think about it. like, it could have been used to impregnate a female cod and create cod eggs

  23. malinki kiky

    malinki kiky時間 前

    harry could carry this whole show by himself with his humor

  24. Daniel Wofford

    Daniel Wofford時間 前

    HOW LONG SHOULD I TEACH YOU PEOPLE BEFORE YOU LEARN? Kids are watching you, your are their guidance, understand???

  25. Chris PM

    Chris PM時間 前


  26. Wiwik Nuryanti

    Wiwik Nuryanti時間 前


  27. Dirrty dann

    Dirrty dann時間 前


  28. TheSkinnyjeans1400

    TheSkinnyjeans1400時間 前

    Harry’s personality really makes up for the lack of personality Kendall has

  29. Chris PM

    Chris PM時間 前

    Drink the eggnog 😐

  30. Madara Who only wanted peace

    Madara Who only wanted peace時間 前

    Rip juice 😭😢

  31. Jas Mas

    Jas Mas時間 前


  32. lo

    lo時間 前

    am I the only one who didn´t know they used to date?

  33. Neelima Narala

    Neelima Narala時間 前

    I just realized how deep Harry’s voice has gotten since what makes you beautiful

  34. Mike Hunt

    Mike Hunt時間 前

    Hes trash lol

  35. Andy

    Andy時間 前

    he looks like david tennant as the doctor

  36. M Studio

    M Studio時間 前


  37. Hbomb Hbomb

    Hbomb Hbomb時間 前

    Why doesn’t Harry go for it! You cant get better then Kendal jeeeez

  38. Cyn Solis

    Cyn Solis時間 前

    He was NOT having the 1D question 😂

  39. Mali Arnedillo

    Mali Arnedillo時間 前


  40. whiteroads1985

    whiteroads1985時間 前

    Way to take one for the team Harry!! You ate that water scorpion before the questioned was finished!!! BOSS!! 😎