SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME - 4 Minute Trailers (2019)


  1. Daniel Urich

    Daniel Urich3 日 前

    Why mj black tho 🙄

  2. Videos official

    Videos official3 日 前

    Click bait

  3. Dusk _With_Dawn

    Dusk _With_Dawn3 日 前

    Are they actual trying to take down a sand monster.....with guns?

  4. Molly Cherry

    Molly Cherry3 日 前

    Spider-Man: go far from your house / home Tom Holland : but my mom would be mad Peter Parker : YALL SEE MEH?

  5. Sudakaran Tamburu

    Sudakaran Tamburu3 日 前


  6. Melissa Clark

    Melissa Clark4 日 前

    He was far from home when he was another planet

  7. Sarah is tired

    Sarah is tired4 日 前

    Spider-Man: Far From Home but actually not that far

  8. Prasant Sahu

    Prasant Sahu5 日 前

    Sala ek hi trailer ko 2 baar repeat kiya hai veiws pane ke loye

  9. Prasant Sahu

    Prasant Sahu5 日 前

    Ane chutiya bana raha hai kya

  10. James Moncrief

    James Moncrief8 日 前

    I love that there will be multiple villains. I'm so excited

  11. Sean Felix

    Sean Felix2 日 前

    Yeah. Me too😊😊😊

  12. jacky Boy

    jacky Boy8 日 前

    34M Views Jezus Christ

  13. Joonie

    Joonie10 日 前

    so is it “sup loser.” or “sup dickwad.” ? because.... 🗿

  14. Sippin

    Sippin11 日 前

    finally rey mystrio is not gonna a villian any more ;-; [ BAD ENGLISH ]

  15. Jefferson Lopez

    Jefferson Lopez11 日 前


  16. Dapple

    Dapple11 日 前


  17. Ace The Fox

    Ace The Fox11 日 前

    20something-...: Uncle ben 2019-...: Uncle Happy

  18. ohuimu prince

    ohuimu prince12 日 前

    That could have been iron man4😩😩😩

  19. احمد عبدالله

    احمد عبدالله14 日 前

    0:19 i see

  20. Edgar Chicaiza

    Edgar Chicaiza16 日 前

    Avengers endgame is Spider-Man far from home

  21. Alfonso Dela Peña

    Alfonso Dela Peña16 日 前

    0:19 is this really Ned? or A365 from EveryDay movie?

  22. Triệu Mẫn trần

    Triệu Mẫn trần17 日 前

    SPOILER-MAN =))))

  23. ceifador ninja

    ceifador ninja18 日 前

    2:12 music!!!

  24. Nham Khanh Thi

    Nham Khanh Thi19 日 前

    spider man

  25. Carlos Vargas

    Carlos Vargas20 日 前

    Spiderman far from home Tom Holland stays at home

  26. Patricia Mae

    Patricia Mae21 日 前

    Peter Parker : I’m going to Europe! Tom Holland: I’m coming home

  27. zos cuk

    zos cuk21 日 前


  28. Raghav Varma

    Raghav Varma22 日 前


  29. DSYR encryption

    DSYR encryption21 日 前

    Raghav Varma yeah because of ENDGAME (crying) Lol

  30. Raghav Varma

    Raghav Varma22 日 前

    i thought it was 2023, because of endgame. Does this movie take place in 2019?

  31. DSYR encryption

    DSYR encryption21 日 前

    Raghav Varma no they all got snapped away but happy didn’t I don’t think

  32. Just Jules

    Just Jules22 日 前

    Did anyone noticeAt 1:54 in this trailer he calls Peter loser in some other ones I've seen he says Dick wad

  33. Michael Alfredo

    Michael Alfredo23 日 前

    So, are we all just going to ignore the fact that everybody except Peter should be 5 years older, because he became ashes in Infinity War...? The inconsistency is lethal.

  34. Djrocks Gaming

    Djrocks Gaming14 日 前

    Michael Alfredo No because they died in the snap as well. There's nothing inconsistent about it.

  35. Nebl74

    Nebl7424 日 前

    Isn't it Sandman from Spider-Man 3? Sorry, I'm not sure.

  36. DSYR encryption

    DSYR encryption23 日 前

    Nebl74 we don’t know it may be sand man hydro man and molten man

  37. the3great man mike

    the3great man mike24 日 前


  38. Eduardo Palomino

    Eduardo Palomino24 日 前

    I dont underrated why they put Spiderman whithout his mask in a lot, a lot of scenes, its ridicolous, it looks like they want to promote a lot the actor, but very very unnecesary, they only take away the esense of the character

  39. lel’s products YeeT

    lel’s products YeeT25 日 前

    Spiderman homecoming Spiderman far from home Spiderman homeless

  40. Technichal Pro

    Technichal Pro25 日 前

    Curiously waiting for it

  41. Victoria Foen A Foe

    Victoria Foen A Foe25 日 前

    I cant wait for Spider man😂

  42. Rahmani Daeng Suci

    Rahmani Daeng Suci25 日 前


  43. Prity Sharma

    Prity Sharma25 日 前

    Spider. Man

  44. Jensen Knight

    Jensen Knight25 日 前

    I watch this trailer like seven times a day I can’t wait till the movie comes out

  45. Shankar Thappa

    Shankar Thappa26 日 前

    Kab relies ho rahi hai bhai

  46. I Love You 3000

    I Love You 300026 日 前

    'What just happened' is best part

  47. miki ayasi

    miki ayasi28 日 前

    So what's next? Spiderman : home schooling

  48. josh juice

    josh juice29 日 前

    why didn't he use his iron spider suit?

  49. • Hellfire •

    • Hellfire •ヶ月 前

    They changed it from “Sup dickwad” to “Sup loser” lmfao

  50. Rowena Dimaapi

    Rowena Dimaapiヶ月 前

    in the first trailer in 1:45 he said whats up losser then in second trailer in 4:15 he said whats up dickwad

  51. Bread Slice

    Bread Sliceヶ月 前

    Hopefully this is better than the last spiderman 2

  52. Ram Ram

    Ram Ramヶ月 前

    Release date

  53. Lutfa Afandi

    Lutfa Afandiヶ月 前



    DOGEE DOGEヶ月 前

    Me:hears spidey song from 60s 1:38 Also me: *tears comes out slowly*

  55. John G

    John Gヶ月 前

    english actors are arrogant even in movies 🎥

  56. andresandwendy

    andresandwendyヶ月 前

    Who’s the guy with that guy

  57. andresandwendy

    andresandwendyヶ月 前

    My fav super hero

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    ثقافة عسكريةヶ月 前

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    di suryaヶ月 前

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  61. ram chandra

    ram chandraヶ月 前

    Every time i see marvel's name i see tony stark

  62. Michael Opwonya

    Michael Opwonyaヶ月 前

    Spider-Man is the new lronman

  63. Valerie Fox

    Valerie Foxヶ月 前

    Why does peter have a different bedroom every movie we see him in???



    miles morales is the black spiderman

  65. Sandhya Chenni

    Sandhya Chenniヶ月 前

    I love Spiderman a 3000😎

  66. OP OI

    OP OIヶ月 前

    ok so starfire from teen titans isnt orange... MJ is black... domino from deadpool is black AND THIS MOVIE HAS BEEN SHIT FOR OVER 8 YEARS..just waiting for black panther to be white panther i guess ? (im black so STFU with the race stuff)

  67. Deepak Kumar Singh

    Deepak Kumar Singhヶ月 前

    Spiderman: Homecoming Spiderman:Far from Home Spiderman: Homeless Spiderman:New home Spiderman:Home destroyed Pls like iron Man and Spider-Man fans

  68. Louis Marquez

    Louis Marquezヶ月 前

    0:18 Itz Zendaya

  69. Felix Auger

    Felix Augerヶ月 前

    2:22 put subtitles Bitch passport

  70. SVT MoonJunnie

    SVT MoonJunnieヶ月 前

    Happy's gonna get a girl. Is this a miracle?

  71. dyu Dorotayo

    dyu Dorotayoヶ月 前


  72. Mert Ugur

    Mert Ugurヶ月 前

    Peter parker 😭

  73. ServeMeMilk

    ServeMeMilkヶ月 前

    2:22 subtitle

  74. dark side

    dark sideヶ月 前


  75. N T S

    N T Sヶ月 前

    It was so funny when I found out why Nick Fury wheres the eyepatch.... His eye was scratched by an alien cat amd he lied about it🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  76. DarkHorseGaming

    DarkHorseGamingヶ月 前

    1:54 wow Disney, wow. They ruined this scene

  77. Saplayer10

    Saplayer10ヶ月 前

    Iron man is dead

  78. Justine Janamjam

    Justine Janamjamヶ月 前

    spider man close from home

  79. Finn Kelly

    Finn Kellyヶ月 前

    No Banana!

  80. crazywaterz

    crazywaterzヶ月 前

    SPOILER ALERT : RDJ / Tony Stark / IronMan will be back in the Multiverse ;-)

  81. It's Feia 413

    It's Feia 413ヶ月 前

    Pg version Sup loser😂

  82. Zyzcnt

    Zyzcntヶ月 前

    Spider-Man Near from home

  83. Verco Handel

    Verco Handelヶ月 前

    i dont miss ironman. he died. meh

  84. Los Angeles Exotic

    Los Angeles Exoticヶ月 前

    i’m sorry, when did they allow donnie darko to be in mcu?

  85. Nuurussubchiy Fikriy

    Nuurussubchiy Fikriyヶ月 前

    Wait, is that Spider Noir suit?

  86. Jacob Media

    Jacob Mediaヶ月 前

    Happy: You’re all alone-

  87. Ranag Vines

    Ranag Vinesヶ月 前

    nice video #RanagVines

  88. Hemalatha Saravanan

    Hemalatha Saravananヶ月 前

    i like spider noir

  89. RonitAholic

    RonitAholicヶ月 前

    Thor? Off World Captain Marvel? Unavailable Captain America? Old retired Black widow dead Iron man dead spiderman On vacation Nick fury Angry Hotel? Trivago!!!

  90. Enov/Foline

    Enov/Folineヶ月 前

    Really?You can’t just spoil endgame

  91. Riyan Dio

    Riyan Dioヶ月 前

    My favo caracter hero spiderman! 🐞

  92. Muhammed Umut Yıldız

    Muhammed Umut Yıldızヶ月 前

    1:36 Is it mysterio?!

  93. Jonathan !

    Jonathan !ヶ月 前

    *no banana*

  94. Adamek__YT

    Adamek__YTヶ月 前


  95. Margareth Su

    Margareth Suヶ月 前

    Why do 17,000 people hate this trailer. What is so wrong with this. Can someone tell me asdfghfdkl

  96. crude143xx

    crude143xxヶ月 前

    lmaooo second version ending he said what’s up dickwad

  97. Navaneeth Singh

    Navaneeth Singhヶ月 前

    Who miss Tony (Ironman) 😞😔

  98. simpleMaster.94

    simpleMaster.94ヶ月 前

    El unico spiderman serio... the amazing spiderman 1 y 2. pero el protagonista de esta nueva pelicula de spiderman al parecer lo hicieron totalmente infantil aparte que el traje le queda para el culo.

  99. Harrison Hardwick

    Harrison Hardwickヶ月 前

    Yaaaaaaasssss spider noir in a Live Action movie

  100. Midwest Man

    Midwest Manヶ月 前

    So excited!!!! Tom Holland is awesome!! 🔥😁🤙🏻

  101. Snehal Yashwantrao

    Snehal Yashwantraoヶ月 前

    can anybody tell which music is been used at the end

  102. ohh sheila

    ohh sheilaヶ月 前

    cant wait!!

  103. Cameron Knezevic

    Cameron Knezevicヶ月 前

    who tf is the green cunt

  104. exprocard chanal

    exprocard chanalヶ月 前


  105. Wise Penny

    Wise Pennyヶ月 前

    Uwu Watching all these trailers for Spiderman Far From Home makes me want to watch it even more. REEEE!

  106. Hamody KSA

    Hamody KSAヶ月 前

    is it gonna be on netflix??