Sooubway 4: The Final Sandwich


  1. TheOdd1sOut

    TheOdd1sOut12 時間 前

    Our hearts may be broken, but at least we have something to cover those hearts, a sale on Sooubway merch:

  2. Ruby Love

    Ruby Love12 時間 前

    TheOdd1sOut rules

  3. James Plays

    James Plays12 時間 前

    Never forget

  4. Jessica Sempai

    Jessica Sempai12 時間 前

    I got your card game and book I LOVE THEM

  5. Hélène Giraud

    Hélène Giraud12 時間 前

    Great job

  6. Sara Cook

    Sara Cook12 時間 前

    I guess hes right

  7. Big Mounchi

    Big Mounchi5 時間 前

    petition to have james reveal the location of the sooubway burial

  8. malin rediess

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  9. Tyson Ward

    Tyson Ward5 時間 前

    I got can't catch harry at #vidconau


    LORELAI DYCK5 時間 前

    Tyson Ward hi

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  13. Dragon Killer

    Dragon Killer5 時間 前

    Each like one more person for the sooubway to open 👇

  14. the cool fish

    the cool fish5 時間 前

    This gave me the big sad

  15. Memphis

    Memphis5 時間 前

    rip sooubway one like = 1 old crusty sooubway sandwhich

  16. Mohammad Rahman

    Mohammad Rahman5 時間 前

    Todays my moms birthdday!!!!

  17. Koolaid Dude8

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  18. Iron

    Iron5 時間 前

    How are your videos getting better and better each video you a god or somethin?

  19. DOS Savage

    DOS Savage5 時間 前

    Those golfers hit the jackpot and sooubway sounds simlish

  20. Jisoo Grace

    Jisoo Grace5 時間 前

    Hi James! I love your videos! *SUBSCRIBED* Also, it's funny you should mention that your old store closed. I live near one and it just recently closed as well. I'm sad about it because I really liked the place. Looking forward to your next video! Lots of love to you! Oxxox

  21. My name's JAMES

    My name's JAMES5 時間 前

    This "James" guy copied my name.

  22. Wilson Perez27

    Wilson Perez275 時間 前

    This is my favorite youterber

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  24. Lydia Lloyd

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    It is not that bad



    This is trending

  26. Dolphin World

    Dolphin World5 時間 前

    Parents at Target, sends kid to get a cookie at Sooubway. Seems legit.

  27. William Land

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  28. cakegameing lol

    cakegameing lol5 時間 前

    Itilan heards and cheese black forest american cheese toasted lettuce salt and pepper and sometimes vinigerat

  29. ilike kukies

    ilike kukies5 時間 前

    Wait the dog accually ped i. The olives and bit the guy?!?

  30. orange Ph0ne

    orange Ph0ne5 時間 前

    4:18 “ as fast as jimmy Johns “

  31. P. Luffy

    P. Luffy5 時間 前

    James! You're not going to see this but please, please (if you have the money): Franchise a Sooubway Like if you want to see him do it!!!

  32. Itz_yogirl BK

    Itz_yogirl BK5 時間 前

    Probably the only reason that restaurant let floof in is because it was an asian resturant:)

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    Number uno trending Like if “odd1sout” deserves it

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    #1 trending hell yeah bro

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    3 million views in 6 hours. Damn..

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    What drawing tablet do you recommend

  38. Phipps Frage

    Phipps Frage5 時間 前

    did she actually pee on the olives and bite his neck


    LITTYTITTY695 時間 前

    Bro I work at subway and I don’t do shit no cap

  40. rachellotaku neko

    rachellotaku neko5 時間 前

    ¡Soy un comentario en español!

  41. Sweetrans Boi

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    When I tell you I cried-

  42. Level 100

    Level 1005 時間 前

    All comments past this are stupid

  43. Level 100

    Level 1005 時間 前

    Floor looks delicious

  44. Angie N

    Angie N5 時間 前

    *that’s littering.*

  45. D0ugh

    D0ugh5 時間 前

    It's here, the prophecy was real... SOOBWAY PART 4!

  46. XxHetors WorldxX

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    #SOOUBWAY 5 petition like for it

  47. Ardra Dwipayana

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    you gained 3.8 million views by 7 hours... the reason is that Sooubway is a very entertaining video

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    Another amazing video. 😁

  49. luna editz

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    Should say Juicy Smoolay on the headstone.

  50. My name's JAMES

    My name's JAMES5 時間 前

    This guy stole my name.

  51. Cory Mandeville

    Cory Mandeville5 時間 前

    I thought u died

  52. Person 123

    Person 1235 時間 前

    Well, at least Harry the moth has his own sooubway now.

  53. pokemon profesor

    pokemon profesor5 時間 前

    7:56 that's so sad 😭

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    Kirby Main5 時間 前

    Congrats on trending! #1 on trending Rn!

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    I love sooubway

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  57. thatboy chris

    thatboy chris5 時間 前

    Who else been watching theold1sout before 2019 👇

  58. C Tom

    C Tom5 時間 前

    But..... I thought this was Sooubway 5

  59. Hikaru Ishida

    Hikaru Ishida5 時間 前

    This is a sad note to end on So when is part 5?

  60. Russell Monson

    Russell Monson5 時間 前

    I stopped eating at the real place about 8 years ago when I found a long red hair cooked inside the bread. I do not have any hair by the way. Showing the employee's, they almost refused a refund. Not until I started telling every customer that entered did they happily get rid of me. Of course the rumors of studies that shown they use tofu and seaweed in thei products that have kept me away.

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    Um, am I the only one who wants sooubway? And more sooubway videos?

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    Yams finally you post

  63. ѕυgαявєє OwO

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    *_Sweats nervously._*

  64. Eva Allbon

    Eva Allbon5 時間 前

    One time I went to go and get a cookie and then the Sooubway lady gave me free cookie

  65. Karen Ibarra

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    Should I wear my seatbelt?

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  67. Epic gamer time with step

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