Sooubway 4: The Final Sandwich


  1. TheOdd1sOut

    TheOdd1sOut7 時間 前

    Our hearts may be broken, but at least we have something to cover those hearts, a sale on Sooubway merch:

  2. Ruby Love

    Ruby Love6 時間 前

    TheOdd1sOut rules

  3. James Plays

    James Plays6 時間 前

    Never forget

  4. Jessica Sempai

    Jessica Sempai6 時間 前

    I got your card game and book I LOVE THEM

  5. Hélène Giraud

    Hélène Giraud6 時間 前

    Great job

  6. Sara Cook

    Sara Cook6 時間 前

    I guess hes right

  7. : 0

    : 0分 前

    Um, am I the only one who wants sooubway? And more sooubway videos?

  8. AleookReviews

    AleookReviews分 前

    Yams finally you post

  9. ѕυgαявєє OwO

    ѕυgαявєє OwO分 前

    *_Sweats nervously._*

  10. Eva Allbon

    Eva Allbon分 前

    One time I went to go and get a cookie and then the Sooubway lady gave me free cookie

  11. Karen Ibarra

    Karen Ibarra分 前

    Should I wear my seatbelt?

  12. mr.creeper

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  13. Epic gamer time with step

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  14. rika

    rika分 前

    Hey james im going to buy your card game

  15. hygor bohm Hubner

    hygor bohm Hubner分 前

    Did James just animate a Karen?!

  16. Floxie Gacha and Stuff

    Floxie Gacha and Stuff分 前

    The tiny pizzas will always be in your heart, James.

  17. Content Cop

    Content Cop分 前

    Your not making a fifth? Reality is often disappointing

  18. Rainbow-Animations And Gaming

    Rainbow-Animations And Gaming分 前

    7 hours late 3812873rd 476Kth like 3.8K dislikes when I got here 70K

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    AHhhHhhh congratz on #1 on trending James!!

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  21. Team DeWitt

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    #1 on trending but the top comment that isn't James had only like what 56 likes

  22. Greed Silver

    Greed Silver分 前

    RIP James' Sooubway 😔

  23. FatalMLGpro 1

    FatalMLGpro 1分 前

    I think they let the dog in because their cool with outside food

  24. Mr. LightningBolt23

    Mr. LightningBolt23分 前

    Its back James I love you so much you make funny vids

  25. Mylez Gaming

    Mylez Gaming分 前

    8:50 if someone saw that they’d think he was burying someone he killed and call the cops But later you see a sandwich

  26. XxV3G4S G1RLxX

    XxV3G4S G1RLxX分 前

    SOOUBWAY!!! 😆

  27. Miss Munk

    Miss Munk分 前

    At the beginning I had my volume all the way up AHHHHHHH it hurt my ears

  28. Peter Arnaldo

    Peter Arnaldo分 前

    James seriously!?

  29. Brandon Ayala

    Brandon Ayala分 前

    Make more videos

  30. Foxy The Fox

    Foxy The Fox分 前

    nnnnnnnnnnoooooooooooooooooo not like this pls God no :(

  31. Cristonite

    Cristonite分 前

    I Shed a Tear During The funeral of Soubway.

  32. Lyani Lugo

    Lyani Lugo分 前

    Omg he only made this like 4 hours ago and it’s already on 1 in trending!!!!!

  33. D.A Productions

    D.A Productions分 前

    Rip subway

  34. repressed auto

    repressed auto分 前

    Oof a subway by me just closed down too

  35. Gnu The gaming YouTuber

    Gnu The gaming YouTuber分 前

    5:09 it says no sandwich

  36. SoloDeadend54

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  38. Madan Jallow-Baro

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    A Sooubway makes is always a Sooubway

  39. Clixbrigidxterx

    Clixbrigidxterx2 分 前

    Glad that this trends number 1. Put JPreporter animators on JPreporter Rewind please.. (also Vtubers..)

  40. Unzi Karim

    Unzi Karim2 分 前

    No more Soobway vids :(

  41. kenzai19

    kenzai192 分 前

    Its my birthday :)

  42. DVDspeler

    DVDspeler2 分 前

    1:07 top requests! I’m a furry...

  43. Galaxy X

    Galaxy X2 分 前

    i remember the last time i ate my final subway 😢

  44. MIGZ OK

    MIGZ OK2 分 前

    oof in the chat for the sandwich

  45. Justin Clarke

    Justin Clarke2 分 前

    Congrats on #1 on trending

  46. Watermelon Dog

    Watermelon Dog2 分 前

    *when you have no video ideas lol*

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  48. Shin Godzilla die 123 your dead 226

    Shin Godzilla die 123 your dead 2262 分 前


  49. Loenzus

    Loenzus2 分 前

    N.01 at trending??

  50. Tania Delamere

    Tania Delamere2 分 前

    So sad

  51. Simply Kryptic

    Simply Kryptic2 分 前

    i liked this video because of the eating Floof joke... Am I a bad person?

  52. Christian Hwang

    Christian Hwang2 分 前

    Liter lmao

  53. Waddles Da Pig

    Waddles Da Pig2 分 前

    It's so peerrrrrfect👍🏽

  54. Austin292

    Austin2922 分 前

    RIP soobway

  55. LavaCreeper500

    LavaCreeper5002 分 前

    Why is nobody talking about the sign that says that James is a furry at 1:06?

  56. Joshua Hamilton

    Joshua Hamilton2 分 前

    7:13 sooub(way) My fi(stst job) 14 year old girls: 😭

  57. Gary Segura

    Gary Segura2 分 前

    I have been whating for THIS

  58. Naruto Uzumaki

    Naruto Uzumaki2 分 前

    Nobody: Not a single soul James: “Guys buy my gamecArd at TaRgEt!!!"



    7 years later someone finds that Burred sandwich

  60. Paranoiid _

    Paranoiid _2 分 前

    She what????

  61. Roxy Challenge Master

    Roxy Challenge Master2 分 前

    LOL best funeral ever... Still miss that Soobway... I went there 3 days before it closed... May the taste forever be in our tongues!

  62. teddy meepz

    teddy meepz2 分 前

    the end almost made me cry

  63. CalvinCreature

    CalvinCreature2 分 前

    Here’s what happens when James upload a video #1 on trending

  64. MooFishTodo

    MooFishTodo2 分 前

    Sooubway 4: Endgame

  65. French frigs

    French frigs2 分 前

    Me: haha James: *MOTHER* me: *cries*