Song Lyric Prank on "Boyfriend" (GONE WRONG)


  1. Chancey YT

    Chancey YT8 時間 前

    Sorry I’m kinda late but Lexi you are super pretty Edit- I’m not gay just saying

  2. Andrea Duckie

    Andrea Duckie8 時間 前

    When Andrew was called Ben in the bathroom his hands were having a seizure. Lol

  3. OVN BaZ

    OVN BaZ9 時間 前

    She sounds like sceptic

  4. Jennifer Zeng

    Jennifer Zeng14 時間 前

    aw y'all are so cuteeee

  5. Tanisha Mendes

    Tanisha Mendes15 時間 前

    Men will be men😒😂😂😂

  6. Jannatul Ferdous

    Jannatul Ferdous17 時間 前

    Why Andrew is damn cute Ahhh burning hotness

  7. Hiya! It’schip!

    Hiya! It’schip!17 時間 前

    Are we gonna ignore the 300 messages?.. 😐

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  9. Ss Df

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  10. harikima jamika

    harikima jamika18 時間 前

    lexi pls ship eva and brent equals breva

  11. Noelthatsme !!

    Noelthatsme !!19 時間 前

    Did anyone else realize that Lexi has 300 unread messages

  12. Candy Person

    Candy Person21 時間 前

    I love your videos and your so nice✌️

  13. Amy Alley

    Amy Alley22 時間 前

    the Prophecy is true lol

  14. shaunte kelsey

    shaunte kelsey23 時間 前

    lol brent walkes in the back!!

  15. Slime Lover Lou

    Slime Lover Lou日 前

    Lexis so pretty

  16. Isaac Galvan

    Isaac Galvan日 前

    Andrew is da bro you know what I’m saying

  17. mamtha chandru

    mamtha chandru日 前

    Omgmgmgmgmg shipppppppp Landrew 😂😂🥰😍

  18. Ella Hughes

    Ella Hughes日 前

    Wait did anyone see the movements in the top left corner

  19. Cassandra Smith West

    Cassandra Smith West日 前

    If you're on Lexi slide leave a like if you were on Alex's side even dislike

  20. Cassandra Smith West

    Cassandra Smith West日 前

    Oh my god

  21. Luo xuan Alisha

    Luo xuan Alisha日 前

    Andrew that cute and fine jerk DAMMIT

  22. Mari Guachalla

    Mari Guachalla日 前

    3:13-3:17 did you notice that Lexis text screen at the top right corner it said 300 she is popular

  23. Peyton Pauzauskie

    Peyton Pauzauskie日 前

    Andrew is cute

  24. Kids Davila

    Kids Davila日 前

    Andrew may be related to me my last name is Davila no joke

  25. Marisa Portele

    Marisa Portele日 前

    You should have told Lexi Andrew and Ben we’re together

  26. Meredith Fuller

    Meredith Fuller日 前

    My name is Amelia also leave a like on this video if you ship Ben and Lexi

  27. Meredith Fuller

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    My name is not Meredith ether soo can anyone help plllzzzz 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🥺

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    So can anyone help me or tell me how to do that

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    I’m trying to send I picture of me or change my profile picture

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    That’s my mom

  31. Meredith Fuller

    Meredith Fuller日 前

    And btw this is not me in this picture

  32. Meredith Fuller

    Meredith Fuller日 前

    Don’t steal Ben from Lexi yorkabel

  33. jessica cousins

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  34. Izzy Cat

    Izzy Cat日 前

    Lexi and Andrew landrew Ben and lexi bexi nahhhh

  35. Amano Satou Kun

    Amano Satou Kun日 前

    anybody else agrees that Lexi's laugh is cute? if yea then like...not this, like the video and hit the subscribe button

  36. Catherine Tukula

    Catherine Tukula日 前

    Ben's cool like and all but my ship is with Andrew ... DONT HATE MEH

  37. Sarah

    Sarah日 前


  38. Jessie O

    Jessie O日 前

    How come cute people are always single

  39. Jessie O

    Jessie O日 前

    Ditch Ben and get with Andrew please he’s cuter

  40. Sneha Naidu

    Sneha Naidu日 前

    Me: looking at Andrew the whole video 😂❤

  41. Splendid DIY

    Splendid DIY日 前


  42. Crystal Johns

    Crystal Johns日 前

    Andrew's soooo cute

  43. Nrookie & Brookie roblox gaming channel Negethon

    Nrookie & Brookie roblox gaming channel Negethon日 前

    I meme sooo cute

  44. Nrookie & Brookie roblox gaming channel Negethon

    Nrookie & Brookie roblox gaming channel Negethon日 前

    Andrew isotope cute and I love Ben to I can not mace my mince up😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  45. Choi Shan Ho

    Choi Shan Ho日 前

    I don’t get why lexi is beautiful af but not a hoe, wtf😍

  46. Lilian Rhodes

    Lilian Rhodes日 前

    Who ships Andrew and Lexi?!?😂💖

  47. ** Gacha Mustache **

    ** Gacha Mustache **日 前

    Man, Andrew is cute. Who else agrees?

  48. Israel Buchin

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  49. Suad Mandil

    Suad Mandil日 前

    But like why is Andrew prettier than me....😔❤️

  50. nzerawayfromhome

    nzerawayfromhome日 前

    You should prank Brent more

  51. Kaitlyn Tenorio

    Kaitlyn Tenorio日 前

    Ben being upset made me sad for him. His texts to Lexi were so heart wrenching

  52. Gacha poto

    Gacha poto日 前

    Andrew is like a giant compared to Lexi 🤣

  53. Izzy 04

    Izzy 04日 前

    Brent in the background at 4:12 is hilarious I don’t know why

  54. Eva Ricci

    Eva Ricci日 前

    Andrew is so cute

  55. Cayla Dillard

    Cayla Dillard日 前

    This is how many times Andrew smiled 👇👇

  56. Cayla Dillard

    Cayla Dillard2 日 前

    Ohh Andrew is good looking...😊😊❤️

  57. Pineapple_peoples_ 101

    Pineapple_peoples_ 1012 日 前

    Your laugh is everything

  58. LANA

    LANA2 日 前

    i ship alexi❤️❤️

  59. Kaylee Godfrey

    Kaylee Godfrey2 日 前

    Oh noooo

  60. Eloise S-B

    Eloise S-B2 日 前

    Brent was on the stairs