Song Lyric Prank on "Boyfriend" (GONE WRONG)


  1. Freya Mcrae

    Freya Mcrae4 時間 前


  2. Duke Cooper

    Duke Cooper5 時間 前

    I feel sorry for Ben, that’s not cool even if it’s a prank.

  3. Compton 420

    Compton 4207 時間 前

    I know a little bit slow songs

  4. alicia henao

    alicia henao7 時間 前

    Why do you do bf and gf pranks on ben with Andrew like almost all the time i am not thing to be mean i Justin wang to know???

  5. Reuben Wagenaar

    Reuben Wagenaar8 時間 前

    Andrew you are a beast

  6. ebony-rose kirkpatrick

    ebony-rose kirkpatrick11 時間 前

    i shit andrew and alexa

  7. ebony-rose kirkpatrick

    ebony-rose kirkpatrick10 時間 前

    i mean i ship Andrew and Lexi

  8. Lucie Buttler

    Lucie Buttler15 時間 前

    omg that hilariousi think you should pretend to be in bed with Andrew and try and hide it at the same time btw love your pranks or do a smoking one pls and see what he does lol hes been ppppranked

  9. Killer Slog

    Killer Slog16 時間 前

    Andrew maje le gaya ben sambhal ke rehna

  10. Mariceli Balona

    Mariceli Balona21 時間 前

    they would make a cute couple I ship it like if u think so

  11. Abraham Martinez

    Abraham Martinez23 時間 前

    You guys look cute together anyways

  12. • ᴇʟʏsɪᴀɴ •

    • ᴇʟʏsɪᴀɴ •日 前

    4:01 Who else See’s Brent On The Top Right Corner.

  13. iiAesthtic_ Bean

    iiAesthtic_ Bean日 前

    Lexi maybe take the quotes off the boyfriend also tbh I kinda ship Andrew and Lexi but I also ship Ben and lexi wich one do you ship better?

  14. Emily Allsopp

    Emily Allsopp日 前

    Ben she likes andrew

  15. Brandon Brueggemann

    Brandon Brueggemann2 日 前

    Lexi is so funny l think she is better than Brent Sorry Brent you are still a great 👍

  16. Anthony Amor

    Anthony Amor2 日 前

    Anyone confused how Ben got a picture with a girl in less than 20mins 😐

  17. Halina Stepp

    Halina Stepp2 日 前

    If you look up the stairs at 4:00 u see some one like if you see it

  18. Gisella Amarillo

    Gisella Amarillo2 日 前

    When you guys took the picture what you should have done it that Andrew takes a selfie of himself and says to Ben" sorry she's busy "

  19. Elizabeth Palma

    Elizabeth Palma2 日 前

    why does andrew always try to fix his hair but just makes it worse

  20. My World As Bella

    My World As Bella2 日 前

    Every video with Lexi and Andrew Comments: is it just me or do you totally ship Lexi and Andrew #Andrexi Every video with Lexi and Caleb Comments: omg Lexi and Caleb are so cute! #Cexi Every video with Lexi and Ben Comments: who else loves Ben and Lexi together #Bexi Me: WHAT THE HELL

  21. Abraham salazar

    Abraham salazar2 日 前

    Uhhh Lexi you have 300!!!! MESSAGES

  22. Emilee Filbin

    Emilee Filbin2 日 前

    Lexi and Andrew sitting in a tree kissing first comes love then comes marriage then comes Andrew with a babby carriage

  23. Devon Houseman

    Devon Houseman2 日 前

    But do you have Ben's approval

  24. Lol Doll

    Lol Doll2 日 前

    i love you vids

  25. Virginia Bieszad

    Virginia Bieszad3 日 前

    EWW ;O

  26. Ericka Leuzzi

    Ericka Leuzzi3 日 前

    This is so sad 😢😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😓😓😓😓😓😓😫😫😫😫😫 ouch

  27. nyan cat galaxy

    nyan cat galaxy3 日 前

    I think lexi and ben are such a cute couple

  28. Noella Eves

    Noella Eves3 日 前

    Why 300 other texts I feel lonely and friendless my stays at 0

  29. eva Zheng

    eva Zheng3 日 前

    I think Ben is going to be heartbroken

  30. Melanie Lopes

    Melanie Lopes3 日 前

    *Lexi and Andrew keep filming vids prank Ben bout a relationship* I am starting to think Lexi and Andrew actually like each other

  31. Keith Playz

    Keith Playz3 日 前

    How could ya andrew

  32. BTS X ARMY

    BTS X ARMY3 日 前

    Lexi always prank Ben with help of Andrew

  33. aitanuski 21

    aitanuski 213 日 前

    this relationship is more confuse than charli and chase one

  34. Melissa Plays

    Melissa Plays3 日 前

    Andrew and Lexi are a good couple

  35. Danny Romero

    Danny Romero3 日 前

    Andrew is kinda cute. I'm a girl btw every one thinks I'm a boy but like if I agree

  36. Reagan chapman

    Reagan chapman3 日 前

    y do you have 300 text messages?!?!

  37. Caoimhe Bates

    Caoimhe Bates3 日 前

    Andrew just be hittin different 😂😘

  38. Alfredo García

    Alfredo García4 日 前

    I would like Lexi and Andrew together better than Lexi and Ben ....💙💙. Sorry 👇. If u agree

  39. Cissy Johnson

    Cissy Johnson4 日 前

    I thank you and Andrea will be cut together

  40. Kamiya Wright

    Kamiya Wright4 日 前

    Is any one else concerned that Lexi has 300 unread messages like that illegal

  41. Martha Gyamfua

    Martha Gyamfua4 日 前

    I liked the video

  42. Betty Abay

    Betty Abay4 日 前

    I don’t get the relationship between u and Ben like it’s confusing just like tell the truth not that hard

  43. Blue Sparkle

    Blue Sparkle4 日 前

    Did anyone know she has 300 messages

  44. Violet Playz14

    Violet Playz144 日 前

    Pick a couple(Just for Fun no hates please) Lexi and Andrew (like) Lexi And Ben (Comment) And Again This is just for fun No hates please😊

  45. Jennifer Co

    Jennifer Co4 日 前

    Evil lexy laugh

  46. zeeK Bear

    zeeK Bear4 日 前

    I think andrew like you

  47. Ava Grace Mazurosky

    Ava Grace Mazurosky5 日 前

    HA HA HA!!!

  48. Mariah Dake

    Mariah Dake5 日 前

    I think Andrew and Lexi Rivera look cute together P.S Ben keep an eye on them.

  49. Nima Losi

    Nima Losi5 日 前

    Lexi keeps doing pranks like this then...... Dah dah dahhhhhhh they have feelings for wachother😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  50. We r the Tucker

    We r the Tucker5 日 前

    What is Brent doing on the stairs right after you send the pic

  51. Rebecca Harding

    Rebecca Harding5 日 前

    Ur so short compared to Andrew

  52. Murugathas Suganiya

    Murugathas Suganiya5 日 前

    you and Andrew look pretty together

  53. Nityahh Shrestha

    Nityahh Shrestha5 日 前

    Aww! Lexi really loves Ben😩❤️and Ben cares about her a lot. 😩❤️

  54. Lizi Sanikiani

    Lizi Sanikiani5 日 前


  55. Kelly McTier

    Kelly McTier5 日 前

    Stay with ben😊

  56. Maks Maks

    Maks Maks5 日 前

    I mean just lexi like andrew and andrew like to lexi

  57. S l S

    S l S6 日 前

    tell brent not to talk to you untell Eva kisses him never gonna happen so say goodbye to you brother

  58. Genevieve Lewis

    Genevieve Lewis6 日 前


  59. Medina Redzepi - Aliu

    Medina Redzepi - Aliu6 日 前

    I love your pranks

  60. linda wagman

    linda wagman6 日 前

    / Andrew is the new Ben lol

  61. Vismaya Vinu

    Vismaya Vinu6 日 前