Someone has been SECRETLY living in our home... **WE ARE NOT SAFE ANYMORE!!**


  1. MindofRez

    MindofRezヶ月 前


  2. Fresh Tellez

    Fresh Tellez16 日 前

    MindofRez day

  3. Ronaldo Xxxtentacion

    Ronaldo Xxxtentacion日 前

    All I need is a device I can download fortnite I have never played fortnite and I really want to

  4. Laura Castro

    Laura Castro日 前


  5. gamer xbox ja pc

    gamer xbox ja pc日 前

    I want a xbox gift card

  6. Neil Noveros MD

    Neil Noveros MD2 日 前

    Jayden is keep on turning his head left to right

  7. Mohamed Tamer

    Mohamed Tamer2 日 前

    I love Jayden he is so cute

  8. Marquita Steward

    Marquita Steward2 日 前

    you could go to faze and put jayden and kaylen

  9. Keaton Bertetto

    Keaton Bertetto2 日 前


  10. aiden

    aiden3 日 前

    man man man is all he says

  11. Maddox Shorts

    Maddox Shorts3 日 前

    Xbox cards

  12. Mo Ali

    Mo Ali3 日 前

    only thing i want for kaylien to get a barber

  13. kristen Beardsley

    kristen Beardsley3 日 前

    I really want a iphone 8 plus

  14. dave blair

    dave blair3 日 前

    I won't a xbox

  15. Gererdo rodriguez

    Gererdo rodriguez4 日 前


  16. Code Lazar

    Code Lazar5 日 前

    I want to win an iPhone with airpods

  17. youssef T.V walid

    youssef T.V walid5 日 前

    You are the best can l get 25 giftecarde emarets and you are the best

  18. Vanelys Hernandez

    Vanelys Hernandez5 日 前


  19. Everett Wanner

    Everett Wanner5 日 前

    Jaylen be like so happy blowing bubbles lit not disrespect

  20. Cesar Yanez

    Cesar Yanez5 日 前

    I need a iPhone gift card I watch every new veidos

  21. Awabi Adlan

    Awabi Adlan5 日 前

    Haha bye

  22. Marta Zimon

    Marta Zimon6 日 前

    call 911

  23. Julian Flores

    Julian Flores7 日 前

    Ari pods

  24. case coogan

    case coogan7 日 前

    I really want a iphone 8

  25. vins mems

    vins mems7 日 前

    jaden is the best 😎😎😎😎

  26. NOCAP KG 1

    NOCAP KG 18 日 前

    Get camera put up Like this if you think they should 👍

  27. Kimmy Gathings

    Kimmy Gathings8 日 前

    Xbox gift card

  28. Joshua De los santos

    Joshua De los santos9 日 前

    I want xbox pls

  29. John Brown

    John Brown9 日 前

    P sprouts

  30. Matthew Bishop

    Matthew Bishop9 日 前

    Air pods

  31. Jj Clodfelter

    Jj Clodfelter9 日 前


  32. Charles Mathis

    Charles Mathis9 日 前


  33. Ramish Vlog

    Ramish Vlog9 日 前

    Can you guys do roblox gift carda

  34. Caolain Mulcahy Robinson

    Caolain Mulcahy Robinson9 日 前

    Jadeing is so nice

  35. Caolain Mulcahy Robinson

    Caolain Mulcahy Robinson9 日 前

    Maxing is so nice

  36. Haroon Hussain

    Haroon Hussain9 日 前

    my initial thought: CALL THE POLICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Augusts Augusts

    Augusts Augusts10 日 前

    Ur saing two much bro

  38. Christopher Ellis

    Christopher Ellis10 日 前

    Jayden is so cool

  39. Christopher Ellis

    Christopher Ellis10 日 前

    Mindorez all of you gis are awesome

  40. sayida ramouni

    sayida ramouni10 日 前


  41. tyb_ricky100 Medina

    tyb_ricky100 Medina10 日 前

    Set camera's

  42. jayda elbay

    jayda elbay12 日 前

    Did you know that the brush was pink so that means it’s a girl

  43. Issv Trvp

    Issv Trvp12 日 前


  44. yahya vali

    yahya vali14 日 前

    Call the police

  45. Fun family Vlogs

    Fun family Vlogs14 日 前

    Hahahaha he opened the toilet

  46. zachgrow 1

    zachgrow 114 日 前


  47. saione vaea

    saione vaea14 日 前

    yes has happend to us

  48. saione vaea

    saione vaea14 日 前

    stay saf3 bro god bless im xbox

  49. Mr.hippi. 1

    Mr.hippi. 115 日 前

    Apple gift cards 👇

  50. Priya Parmar

    Priya Parmar15 日 前

    Rez it's not funny making lies about these type of things

  51. Lucas Kirchner

    Lucas Kirchner15 日 前

    Can I have iPhone 11

  52. chris minassian

    chris minassian15 日 前

    I think that was you

  53. rusta

    rusta16 日 前

    shoot him or her

  54. Kabi Dharnal

    Kabi Dharnal16 日 前

    That is so uncool

  55. Fredy Barahona

    Fredy Barahona16 日 前


  56. Musy gaming gamer

    Musy gaming gamer17 日 前

    Hey guys I’m eating Mac and cheese

  57. gamer chnel gamer boy

    gamer chnel gamer boy17 日 前

    You go yate 😜😀😀

  58. Emanuel Collazo-Lewis

    Emanuel Collazo-Lewis17 日 前

    I like your vids

  59. Izik Mola

    Izik Mola17 日 前

    Air pods

  60. FaZe God

    FaZe God17 日 前


  61. Sebastian Pinnock

    Sebastian Pinnock18 日 前

    Air pod