Some Good News with John Krasinski


  1. Dem Bois

    Dem Bois4 時間 前

    Thank you so much for doing this

  2. Bernadette E. Wallace

    Bernadette E. Wallace4 時間 前! What a great concept, long overdue! Thanks, John, (big fan of "Jack Ryan") Hugs!

  3. Susan

    Susan4 時間 前

    Love this so much!!!!!!!

  4. Team Dark

    Team Dark4 時間 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="623">10:23</a> really, no that's what she said

  5. T D

    T D4 時間 前

    I absolutely love it! We need so much more of this in the world. Keep up the good work and if you ever need a correspondent who also has no idea what they're doing, I will blindly jump into whatever SGN has to offer. Take care and be safe!

  6. igno.rxnce

    igno.rxnce4 時間 前

    John thank you, you put a smile in my face🤘

  7. Susan Partridge

    Susan Partridge4 時間 前

    This made me cry and laugh! Thank you for both❤️

  8. Katherine Mattern

    Katherine Mattern4 時間 前

    Love this! Thank you for this video! Looking forward to more!!

  9. Aaron Tate

    Aaron Tate4 時間 前

    Some Good News aka John Krasiniski makes us all cry.

  10. Jennifer Nicholas

    Jennifer Nicholas4 時間 前

    Love this!!! I stopped watching the bad news 10 years ago! I have been saying forever! We need a news program that only focuses on the good! You are perfect for this! Can't wait to see more! I will now watch the news again!

  11. MR Bloodyhands

    MR Bloodyhands4 時間 前


  12. tyler foucault

    tyler foucault4 時間 前

    DAMMIT, IM IN :)

  13. Jada Lynn

    Jada Lynn4 時間 前

    I have been binging on The Office and Jack Ryan on quarantine and now I have SGN! ❤❤❤

  14. pam Vanderbloemen

    pam Vanderbloemen4 時間 前

    This is needed.

  15. Narda Moreno

    Narda Moreno4 時間 前

    Cried, laughed and smiled for 15 mins straight. Soup for the soul!

  16. ana moraes

    ana moraes4 時間 前


  17. Yaseming Medina

    Yaseming Medina4 時間 前

    Thanks...this is exactly what I needed!

  18. Marilu Wahrmund

    Marilu Wahrmund4 時間 前

    Love this! Keep it coming. We need more good news these days.

  19. Diana Olivarez

    Diana Olivarez4 時間 前


  20. Janelle Spence

    Janelle Spence4 時間 前

    Here is another good feel page - to say thnaks

  21. Tre Davis

    Tre Davis4 時間 前

    Who could dislike this ?

  22. &*

    &*4 時間 前



    JUAN GARDEA4 時間 前


  24. manimal33333

    manimal333334 時間 前

    Hey Krasinski, this is exactly what the world needs. Virus or not. I hope during and even after this chaos is over you can find the time to keep this channel going. Oh and also get Hazel and Violet’s logo on a t-shirt, I’ll be first in line to order.

  25. WOO HAN

    WOO HAN4 時間 前

    the end credits is awesome!!!!!

  26. SkyFallHate

    SkyFallHate4 時間 前

    More pls

  27. Samuel Liam

    Samuel Liam4 時間 前

    This is nice 😄

  28. E G

    E G4 時間 前

    Thank you for bringing me ‘happy tears’, for a change! ❤️❤️❤️

  29. Sylvia Wagner

    Sylvia Wagner4 時間 前

    John Krasinski for president!! ❤️😉 Thanks! We needed that. 👍🏻

  30. Rebecca

    Rebecca4 時間 前

    Thank you! This was amazing. 😊

  31. Raul Vera

    Raul Vera4 時間 前

    This is the best thing I have seen in a long time. It’s the best medicine during this time. It is the best news show I have ever watched. I love the sign! I would recommend to make a shirt of the logo and raise some money for some good causes. Maybe? Eh? I look forward to more. There is more good news out there in the world! Thank you!!!! Have I mentioned this is the best yet?

  32. withakdamit

    withakdamit4 時間 前

    Thank you! Looking forward to seeing more Good News

  33. Liam Griffin 218

    Liam Griffin 2184 時間 前

    As a Mainer I can confirm that is how we talk, only north of Bah Habah.

  34. Alejandro Gallegos

    Alejandro Gallegos4 時間 前

    Thank you! 😥😺

  35. 8D AND 3D

    8D AND 3D4 時間 前 watch it and listen it world's most beautiful song don't forget to like

  36. Leopold Valdez

    Leopold Valdez4 時間 前

    *if you like water, you might also like mysong* 🤣🤞🪐

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  39. Hallie Martin

    Hallie Martin4 時間 前

    watching this just makes my heart explode

  40. TheGamerCalled Bonnie

    TheGamerCalled Bonnie4 時間 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="535">8:55</a>

  41. Priscilla Peter

    Priscilla Peter4 時間 前

    Okay John and Anne did it for me. 😭😭😭😭

  42. Ron James

    Ron James4 時間 前

    Watch a new vid I put up recently on my channel ! Beautiful singing !!!

  43. Sheri Eastham

    Sheri Eastham4 時間 前

    This is exactly what we need!

  44. Erik Abrahamsen

    Erik Abrahamsen4 時間 前

    1k dislikes -all from Ricky Gervais😜

  45. AJ Doyle

    AJ Doyle4 時間 前

    Finally. Thank you John!

  46. Ro G. Videos

    Ro G. Videos4 時間 前

    Why is there a framed picture of BRIAN FANTANA hanging on Steve’s wall??

  47. Ms Smile

    Ms Smile4 時間 前

    I wanted to stop in the middle to go get food, but I felt really guilty for even thinking of stopping. Watched to the end and I'm glad I did😍

  48. Jason Eddington

    Jason Eddington4 時間 前

    You and ron burgundy!

  49. saltgoatshaker

    saltgoatshaker4 時間 前

    I literally just watched the tv episodes

  50. saltgoatshaker

    saltgoatshaker4 時間 前


  51. whxrly

    whxrly4 時間 前

    wooh some good news

  52. lonely rhymer

    lonely rhymer4 時間 前

    Jim brought us good news.

  53. Luis Freire

    Luis Freire4 時間 前

    Yo John, thanks❤❤

  54. K

    K4 時間 前

    Thank God!!! 😀 For Good News!!! Finally!!! ✨🎉🙌🏼 Keep up the Much needed Positivity 💓✨🎉🙌🏼🥳

  55. Weslie Alanis

    Weslie Alanis4 時間 前

    Thank you John Krasinski.

  56. Ruben Arroyo

    Ruben Arroyo4 時間 前

    I’m here for it

  57. andrea lozano

    andrea lozano4 時間 前

    #1 on trending!! This is amazing 💕

  58. Hallie Martin

    Hallie Martin5 時間 前

    may or may not have bawled for the 30th time when Michael left

  59. The Salty Sage

    The Salty Sage5 時間 前

    If only we viewed our military this way

  60. Michelle MacCracken

    Michelle MacCracken5 時間 前

    Cried so hard. I needed this so much.

  61. Zefram0911

    Zefram09115 時間 前

    why is jack ryan reading feel good tweets to me?

  62. Kamal Almotwakel

    Kamal Almotwakel5 時間 前

    This video gave me a huge happiness boost after all this dark times , thanks John❤. Please God, let me one day see a reunion of the office

  63. Annabelle Kimura

    Annabelle Kimura5 時間 前

    I’m crying 😢

  64. Qi Ni

    Qi Ni5 時間 前

    This is so wholesome :(

  65. Game app Reviewer

    Game app Reviewer5 時間 前

    Steve: say hi to Emily John: who’s that?

  66. Leslie Lou

    Leslie Lou5 時間 前

    Needed that 15 minutes to get away today.

  67. Ethan McKinney

    Ethan McKinney5 時間 前

    And all the tiger king🤣

  68. cedar4444

    cedar44445 時間 前

    PLEASE do this again!!!

  69. nancy torres

    nancy torres5 時間 前

    Love the performance👍👌

  70. Twelvefootleap

    Twelvefootleap5 時間 前

    Love the entire thing, but the song at the end I couldn't help but listen to about 15 times.

  71. Sat Bey

    Sat Bey5 時間 前

    I too love your dad. 😐

  72. UwU baby yoda

    UwU baby yoda5 時間 前

    Dick 🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆

  73. Raul Zaragoza

    Raul Zaragoza5 時間 前

    Simply stated....Thank you. Much needed for me

  74. Elizabeth Jordan

    Elizabeth Jordan5 時間 前

    This is one of those moments that I wish JPreporter had a love button 💗

  75. Ingrid 1206

    Ingrid 12065 時間 前

    Thank you John !!!!

  76. imagine being a mouse

    imagine being a mouse5 時間 前

    I swear he looks like that one dude from that show "The Office". Like seriously.

  77. Odin Meacham

    Odin Meacham5 時間 前

    Do you have a Corona typewriter on your mantel? Like Tom Hanx?

  78. Derick Moreira

    Derick Moreira5 時間 前

    Jim:here are some good news I stop pranking Dwight

  79. City Walks

    City Walks5 時間 前

    I’m not crying, You’re crying.😥😊

  80. Lisa Halmos

    Lisa Halmos5 時間 前

    Thank you. I really needed some good news. ♥️♥️ please, let there be more.

  81. Phil Walsh

    Phil Walsh5 時間 前

    Love this!!!! Thank you for #SomeGoodNews

  82. Squiffy

    Squiffy5 時間 前

    Hey John. Do you read these? If you do, here's something for you: I'm kinda crusty. Nono, I bathe. I'm just crusty from the crapola in the world. Been a rough ride. My story is long and doesn't matter. What does -- this video. I hate everything. A lot. I shouldn't. I have my moments. I haven't cried in years. YEARS. I thought menopausal women were supposed to shed buckets of tears at cat videos or something, but apparently I missed that memo (though I do like video games, and when I hit max Torment in Season 20 of Diablo 3, I got a little misty). Someone snuck into my office (and by office, I mean my apartment, because my computer's in my living room. And by living room, I mean my entire apartment because I never bought a couch. Don't you need a couch to make it a living room? Anyhoo...) and started chopping onions. Not sobbing or anything - I won't wanna boost your ego too much and stuff, but the sleeve of my hoodie was almost needed. It was a close thing. So thanks for this. It warmed my crusty heart and maybe even cracked it a bit. I subbed and everything. Please post more good news. This planet is dire need of it.

  83. Van Buren Street

    Van Buren Street5 時間 前