So We stormed Area 51 and this happened...


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    Already did Preston

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    Ok SIKE

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    Preston I'm scared what if they find out that they switch the SD card then Delete your JPreporter channel Please be careful

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    I honestly will pay to go see that sticker irl



    how about nick Oups NEVA MIND

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    16.20 preston what if they wore abducted

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    Cwc vy

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    I think all the famous youtuber and famous singer are gonna attack the area 51

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    Aliens is not real nro

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    This is the only video that Keith was acting seriously at Area 51

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    I love you preston

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    This how many aliens got him 🔽

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    This is ridiculous 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄😒😒😒😒😒

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    This is fake....

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    I’ve found the solution, 1 million people will build a UFO to land inside, now the government will think we’re aliens.

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    I am a part of security of Area 51

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    Area 51: get out in here FBI: FBI OPEN UP

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    The aliens are frozen

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    How fake we switched the sd cards ya sure

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    Nick's eyes went green or they probably edited it

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    there's only going to be like two people there

  30. Jameson Davis

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    that was a joke you not supposed to storm Area 51

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    sorry to be mean but this is sooooooo clingy sorry tho

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    You should take a look on the area S4 dude

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    canida is invated keith

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    i subscribed

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    Pilipinos are the most badass and most.bravest fighter. Around world guyss I well bring. Them to area 51 guyss

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    I will bring 500 gangstass from Philippines just. 500 pilipino can knock out 5000 guards💪💪 from area 51 we will bring some baseballbats or slingshot and other pilipino will be a fighter in front let's gooo September 20th 2019 💪💪💕

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    Your videos are trash

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    Guys go there at three am

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    You guys better becarefull for expirament abigail

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    Preston Nick become an Alien. I see the end of the video 21:09 go and see the end his eyes become green.

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    Warning ⚠️ be warned Nick is infected he has green eyes like a alien 👽

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    Is nick an alien

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    Video should be called we were about 150 ft from the back entrance of Area 51 😔

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    That end though

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    Me Beast can get in with 10k lol

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    This is literally soooo discusting...Iike the old Minecraft Preston.

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    That was scary

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    congrats on 10 million!

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    I haven’t watched Preston in a long time and watching him now he looks so different

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    do not go again or your dead body will go home

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    Nick got infected

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    umm.. storming is breaking in with weapons

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    Im really disappointed in you guys for doing dumb stuff

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    There needs to be more people

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    Nick No........

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    Can u get a new brother in amazon

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    Why did you “fakely” do that

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    Where's Preston

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    Hmmmmm dramatic

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    Hey Preston I'm a big fan

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    I work for unspeakable

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    People keep on making Area 51 and I'm starting to think every single one of them are fake stop it!!!!! EVEN PRESTON DID IT.

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    Aliens Arint Exittz

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    " Yo yo yo were going to storm area 51!!!1!1!1!! " ** Posts on youtube ** Wow, its not like this is gonna go on the popular page Your gonna get arrested by the police. 🚓🚓🚓

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    Deer= alien

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    Keith is an alien

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    did you see an alien😨😱🤯🤯😵🤯🤯

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    I call dibs on halo’s master chief armor For the raid

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    What is arena 51

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    When you get to area 51 people are watching you they can identify movement so you are in danger when you're at area 51

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    600,00 raiders: WE WILL STORM U LOL. Area 51: No u we have 600,00,00 members of soldiers. Raiders: +we have naruto runners and rock throwers. Area 51: Noice.

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    Area 51 i did not heard that before but my Birthday is coming