Sneak Peak Of Gordon Ramsay's Lucky Cat Restaurant


  1. Blue Balls

    Blue Balls19 時間 前

    *ring ring* "This is the Lucky Cat Restaurant, how can I help you?" "Hello my name's NINOOOOOOO!"

  2. Bernard Bout

    Bernard Bout日 前

    "Sneak Peak" ? Really? Which mountain peak is that? Don't "waist" your time, but go bak 2 skool!!

  3. Aniket kumar Singh

    Aniket kumar Singh2 日 前

    I thought he is trying to cook a cat now 😂😂😂

  4. Ju no

    Ju no4 日 前

    I’m afraid I thought the thumbnail food was for a cat

  5. Artofficial

    Artofficial4 日 前

    Why is it so blue

  6. Steve Jarvis

    Steve Jarvis4 日 前

    When I saw the thumbnail and read the title of the video I thought to myself, "I guess his cat wasn't so lucky".

  7. May Shyu

    May Shyu5 日 前

    Weird in a bad way, to most asian customers.

  8. Clarissa Chua

    Clarissa Chua6 日 前

    I wonder if the chefs are allowed to swear

  9. JohnnyBuschi

    JohnnyBuschi7 日 前

    He was originally going to call it "Fortunate Pussy Bistro"

  10. Aravind ps

    Aravind ps8 日 前

    1:01 i mistakenly read that as seared dick breast.lmao

  11. Stephen Kelly

    Stephen Kelly8 日 前

    @ 2:05 The ice cubes have the restaurant's logo in the cubes. That's a nice touch.

  12. Shawn Myrelle

    Shawn Myrelle10 日 前

    The atmosphere is the epitome of rich and privileged.

  13. Cooking For Kids TV

    Cooking For Kids TV11 日 前

    My DREAM is to ONE DAY meet you and COOK with YOU! then I would love to own as many restaurants you own it is my goal and every day i remind myself about it you are the best CHEF!

  14. Jeno Tamas

    Jeno Tamas12 日 前

    Reviews are in Water BLAND

  15. Tubay Alex

    Tubay Alex13 日 前

    Watch Gordon Ramsay new video with ZAC

  16. Yvette Liu

    Yvette Liu13 日 前


  17. Cassandra Germanlady31

    Cassandra Germanlady3115 日 前

    All I can say is, if your lucky enough to land a position cooking in one of Gordon Ramsey’s kitchens then you must be an amazing chef!

  18. Ben Partridge

    Ben Partridge16 日 前

    U already struggling with bills? Why no lights in there

  19. Bilal Alam

    Bilal Alam16 日 前

    Gordon Ramsay: Is this ice fresh? Waiter: it’s frozen Gordon Ramsay: F U C K M E

  20. Josh Swift

    Josh Swift日 前

    it's fresh frozen! ;)

  21. TheRealCobraBurnout

    TheRealCobraBurnout17 日 前

    Looks good

  22. Jennifer Hedman

    Jennifer Hedman17 日 前

    This looks so amazing

  23. 1,000 Subscribers With No Videos

    1,000 Subscribers With No Videos17 日 前

    White People: *sees youtube title* OmG ArE THeY seRviNg a CoOkED CAt

  24. Capt_ CJ

    Capt_ CJ18 日 前

    Can't wait!

  25. Voice IT

    Voice IT18 日 前

    now I know who writes Trump's tweets - you sell overpriced food to idiots - you're not healing cancer or smth

  26. Scooter

    Scooter18 日 前

    But where's the lamb sauce?

  27. deadmanwalking971

    deadmanwalking97118 日 前

    Just be careful Gordon, SJWs want your head because of Lucky Cat....just like they tried calling you a rapist and an abuser of waahmen.

  28. My Joy Of Cooking

    My Joy Of Cooking18 日 前

    I remember reading some fantasy book, there was a tavern called "Salty Dog" :)

  29. FrigidReve

    FrigidReve18 日 前

    Lucky Cat... Reminds me of Kitty's Restaurant, where I've workred for 5 years. Family owned, I'm in the family but I'm moving away. Such beautiful atmosphere and lighting, oh my god. Much higher standards though, maybe because it's not a Kitty/Kitten, it's a grown up cat, and the cat is lucky. Beautiful name, it ties into my life, haha. So ironic to me. xD

  30. Random Fan

    Random Fan18 日 前

    Thought you have a pet cat...

  31. Rakesh Tripathi

    Rakesh Tripathi18 日 前

    Why chef why "LUCKY CAT"..

  32. doobi1

    doobi118 日 前

    peak, 4head

  33. the best chef

    the best chef18 日 前

    Why does gordan have like every blade you can imagine

  34. tasnimul 009

    tasnimul 00918 日 前

    i have a wish in my life that one day i will eat Gordon's food and i will say IT's FoOkINg RAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

  35. My Joy Of Cooking

    My Joy Of Cooking18 日 前

    Or... its fu.... cat :) Not so lucky anymore lol

  36. I II

    I II19 日 前

    Looks good, won't fill my stomach

  37. azozz alsheha

    azozz alsheha19 日 前

    I wanted to see cats eating those dishes

  38. PBWillyWonka

    PBWillyWonka19 日 前

    Meanwhile I'm here eating street Mexican tacos while watching this video.... well, one thing I can tell you.. street food is the best!

  39. Edward Regueiro

    Edward Regueiro19 日 前

    Go ahead .... good luck

  40. Lee -Yong Kang

    Lee -Yong Kang19 日 前

    One of the luxury restaurant 😗

  41. Ambat Ram

    Ambat Ram19 日 前

    at least Gordon ramsay isnt busy eating a snake's beating heart

  42. Jeffrey Lombardo

    Jeffrey Lombardo19 日 前

    Gordon is getting to look like Percy Herbert---look him up!

  43. peter yuan

    peter yuan19 日 前

    I thought Gordon was gonna cook a fish for a cat lol!

  44. Sales Tiago

    Sales Tiago19 日 前

    Amei video,deu pra pega umas idéias legais

  45. Hero Of Bukit Padang

    Hero Of Bukit Padang19 日 前

    Yeah this is considered intellectual property theft of Asian culinary delights. I wondet he should be sanctioned

  46. cliffdognotred

    cliffdognotred19 日 前

    Is nino cleaning?

  47. Timea Arany

    Timea Arany19 日 前

    lovely, gorgeous and mouthwatering :D


    HazerX TAMIYA RACING19 日 前

    Gordon goes in the strip club Gordon: I want the virgin one Manager: What virgin? Gordon: Virgin olive oil you d***head!!!!

  49. Ababmer Vid

    Ababmer Vid19 日 前

    Blue shit

  50. Sentinel Gamingz

    Sentinel Gamingz20 日 前

    Its amazing how you can make any duck/chicken breast not dry but juicy, its impossible

  51. 똥꼬발랄한 콩순이

    똥꼬발랄한 콩순이20 日 前

    저는 한국인입니다. 고든 램지 선생님 항상 존경하고 진짜 고든램지 선생님은 제우상입니다.

  52. COOPE COOPS! !

    COOPE COOPS! !20 日 前

    Thought you were making a restaurant for cats.

  53. LoopCraft YT

    LoopCraft YT20 日 前

    I thought it is a restaurant for cats

  54. DAT BOI

    DAT BOI20 日 前

    So i click thinking it'll be Gordon Ramsay cooking cat for an actual fish.

  55. ِ

    ِ19 日 前


  56. electropneumatic

    electropneumatic20 日 前

    Sneak Peek. Not Peak. Embarrassing

  57. Tessa H.

    Tessa H.20 日 前

    No one: Ramsay: *Interviews his staff like he doesn’t own the restaurant*

  58. breadcola

    breadcola20 日 前

    pretty cool, I'm really inspired he put his work from malaysia into this restaurant. well done.

  59. DalekZ

    DalekZ20 日 前

    so this will be the hells kitchen season 19 prize?

  60. Sin Toung

    Sin Toung20 日 前

    With the taste buds Gordon has idk if he’d be able to survive the wild 😬.

  61. heavenly words

    heavenly words20 日 前

    Why is it that expensive food comes with so little but cheaper food comes with more food?

  62. Ceremony

    Ceremony20 日 前

    Cheaper foods (Steak/fish/chicken etc) usually are bred in poor conditions, fed GMO grains to bring the cost down & amount they produce up. You pay for expensive food based on how the animals are free range, fed natural, organic feed & allowed to graze & actually feel happy. This method is becoming a lot more rare nowadays. The reason Kobe beef is considered some of the best, most expensive beef in the world is the way they raise them & take care of them....which translates into you paying a lot of money for the quality of the dish, but also the skill behind making the dish as well.

  63. Cypher NX

    Cypher NX20 日 前

    Ramsay changed his watch? ahh, I miss the yellow one.

  64. Văn Đức Nguyễn

    Văn Đức Nguyễn20 日 前

    It’s luxury

  65. Greed23

    Greed2321 日 前

    Yes Mr. Ramsay but can I get _actual_ cat at the Lucky Cat?

  66. Kobe Mendoza

    Kobe Mendoza21 日 前

    Nigga you be serving jew rations in concentration camps expect we dont get it for free like they did we got to pay 100 dollars 4 pieces of meat!!

  67. poor boy

    poor boy21 日 前

    C u l t r a l A p p r o p r i a t i o n

  68. Portsanta

    Portsanta21 日 前

    Sneak Peek*

  69. Pete Gray

    Pete Gray21 日 前

    Poor cat, they ate it 😭

  70. cort appel

    cort appel21 日 前

    who else thought the thumbnail was a 5 star dish Gordon made for his cat?

  71. NPC-100,000,374

    NPC-100,000,37421 日 前

    If Gordon walked into his restuarant and it was owned by someone else. He would bash it.

  72. Petya chan

    Petya chan21 日 前

    0/10 no cats 😞


    EMIL ATIĆ21 日 前

    Did he get some work done omg!

  74. Dr23rippa

    Dr23rippa21 日 前

    Shots fired Jamie! Head chef wanted.

  75. A.J. Steinman

    A.J. Steinman21 日 前

    I'm disappointed that this was just a commercial for a restaurant; I clicked thinking that the thumbnail was how Ramsay cooks for his cat.

  76. Steve H

    Steve H21 日 前

    What if I like my cat served well done? Will I get a hard time?

  77. You Will Be Afraid

    You Will Be Afraid21 日 前

    Me: Gordon, why call your restaurant "Lucky Cat?" Him (with arms crossed and a no nonsense glare): Because my staff aren't any better than homeless cats and they're *LUCKY* to be working for me. Me (nodding politely): Fair enough.

  78. Daniel Lee

    Daniel Lee21 日 前

    None of them are Asian

  79. Isshin Dae

    Isshin Dae21 日 前

    Bois Field didnspfdbdö

  80. napieracz

    napieracz21 日 前

    Hmm the food if probably great but seems very dark in there.

  81. Anstria Tarot

    Anstria Tarot21 日 前

    Hope none of that fish is farmed for that price.

  82. Narny

    Narny21 日 前

    I expected a restaurant for cats. Severely disappointed :(

  83. Vincent Lopresti

    Vincent Lopresti21 日 前

    Lucky cat cause its not a Chinese restaurant. Ta ta ting

  84. Salazar Payne

    Salazar Payne22 日 前

    Dude! Shawn White is cooking for Ramsey???

  85. Squish

    Squish22 日 前

    I clicked because I thought Gordon Ramsey was cooking the dish in the thumbnail for his cat. I don't generally trust a bunch of white guys trying to make Asian food, but cute name at least.

  86. DHerrera3942

    DHerrera394222 日 前

    I’ll never understand why people eat at places like this, other than to dump your work bonus on fancy food that you’ll shit out the next day. I just wanna eat a nice big meal that fills me up with happiness

  87. logan kainapppoll

    logan kainapppoll22 日 前

    So does this mean he’s going to serve cat?

  88. Joseph Caesar Padrón

    Joseph Caesar Padrón22 日 前

    Chef Ramsey, you know very well that eel or squid is not food. Leviticus Ch. 11, Matthew Ch. 5.

  89. Willy Shufflebottom

    Willy Shufflebottom22 日 前

    I didn't see any lamb sauce. 2/5

  90. azd at

    azd at22 日 前

    Oh please come to Brunei

  91. Raptor and Lana

    Raptor and Lana22 日 前

    He just made this to keep up with Bobby and his restaurant Gato

  92. No Name

    No Name22 日 前

    Authentic Asian cuisine... cooked by white guys? Ok.

  93. Boby

    Boby22 日 前

    I feel like I can't afford to watch this video

  94. Marcus Peterson

    Marcus Peterson22 日 前

    Sneak peak? How sneaky can a summit be?

  95. Snark

    Snark22 日 前

    Asparagus in a pic and mix? Fuck off.

  96. Just Quillie

    Just Quillie22 日 前

    i swear gordon would call dominos pizza nasty and spend 48 hours trying to perfect his own.

  97. rmichaels

    rmichaels22 日 前

    Will there be lamb sauce to share?

  98. Jack Chow

    Jack Chow22 日 前

    Seems like a night club

  99. What Up

    What Up22 日 前

    What a shitty name for a restaurant

  100. BMW W.

    BMW W.22 日 前

    One must expect to drop $8,000 per meal

  101. Crydack R

    Crydack R22 日 前

    Bring back nino !!!

  102. Howard S

    Howard S22 日 前

    *sneak peek... what a shame.

  103. bigwhoopboy

    bigwhoopboy22 日 前

    Food may not be great... Let's get everyone drunk !

  104. Luke Free fall

    Luke Free fall22 日 前

    Crap name for a restaurant.