Skai Jackson’s Tango - Dancing with the Stars


  1. Kylie's World

    Kylie's World2 分 前

    This is nothing compared to zendayas

  2. berightwithyou

    berightwithyou56 分 前

    Shes so cute and tiny

  3. crystal dias

    crystal dias時間 前

    They needed to flow but this was definitely fun

  4. Yooo Bree

    Yooo Bree時間 前

    Poir Skai be so stiff lol

  5. gee diesel

    gee diesel2 時間 前

    I don't even know who she is.... I've never seen a more beautiful girl on this show.... she is smokin

  6. Annaleigh Holloway

    Annaleigh Holloway2 時間 前

    I need to see nothing more! She is my favorite!

  7. Homer Harris

    Homer Harris2 時間 前

    Junior partner name I just need to know your age your mom your sister your brother I know but it's not the grace movie please it's not me you are the bestest girl I know so then I change about your race your ways are beautiful it was a kind but I saw you in the movie is broke the heart of the snow

  8. Homer Harris

    Homer Harris2 時間 前

    Bax and I want to see I want to see a guy here

  9. Homer Harris

    Homer Harris2 時間 前


  10. Homer Harris

    Homer Harris2 時間 前

    Skai Jackson I love it I love it I love it and never know you want to have a requirement I wouldn't know it you going to have you

  11. Homer Harris

    Homer Harris2 時間 前

    High style High Skai Jackson is it really good to hear make sure I love all of you I just loved your talented you're brave you're smart you're beautiful you're not change Where You Are this be your self and become all the cutest girl I know it's serenity I'm a girl and then you I can't believe you came to movies who was awesome be yourself for now don't change who you are Christian allowed your name I thought your name was Jeremy the whole time by Skai Jackson bye

  12. London pro

    London pro4 時間 前

    So talented that was amazing

  13. Allen Trice

    Allen Trice5 時間 前

    Skai Jackson from Disney's Jessie is this a perfect dancer! But is she great?!

  14. Jace Garcia

    Jace Garcia6 時間 前

    I don’t remember this episode if Jessie

  15. Telehshow

    Telehshow7 時間 前


  16. Georterrion Billings

    Georterrion Billings8 時間 前

    Sheesh y’all aren’t afraid to post how sad y’all are that a black Queen really slaying DWTS... AGAIN. She doxxed no one maybe be careful what u say so you won’t have to deal with the consequences lol those people she exposed not hurt and living and still probably talking with racial slurs..... obviously you guys are focusing on everything negative

  17. Chloe Schoenbachler

    Chloe Schoenbachler9 時間 前

    Cam would be so proud ❤️

  18. shantasia haynes

    shantasia haynes9 時間 前

    She looks so young compared to this guy 😭

  19. Dergie25

    Dergie2511 時間 前

    Man DWTS need to do better with their music selection overall. It doesn't match any of the dancing

  20. Yohana Quintana

    Yohana Quintana12 時間 前

    Ellos son increíbles pero que onda? Esto no es Tango

  21. Pockyx

    Pockyx13 時間 前

    She is killing it!!

  22. Naisha Silva

    Naisha Silva13 時間 前

    Okay... if this is the “tango” then why would they choose a non-tango song to dance the tango to 🤦🏻‍♀️ i woulda liked to see a classic tango song and dance 🤦🏻‍♀️ but she still did awesome lol i wasnt expecting that from her lol

  23. Danielle Mancuso

    Danielle Mancuso14 時間 前

    they're the best

  24. Zamar Johnson

    Zamar Johnson14 時間 前

    Love you skai Jackson


    NIYY NY’JAY17 時間 前

    Killed it bby 💕🙌🏽

  26. Kendra Mazzu

    Kendra Mazzu17 時間 前

    My dream😍

  27. Georgia Rose

    Georgia Rose18 時間 前

    I seriously can't believe she is only 18!!! 😲🙀😲🙀😲🙀😮🙀🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

  28. Pretty Little

    Pretty Little19 時間 前

    Pas mal du tout pour la première j adore 😍

  29. Ella Babs the Blue Queen

    Ella Babs the Blue Queen20 時間 前

    I didn't know skia can dance or do the splits

  30. Chinasa Lekwauwa

    Chinasa Lekwauwa22 時間 前

    Amazing but I don’t get the song choice ..

  31. Fisile Mabuza

    Fisile Mabuza22 時間 前

    I need to know who picks the songs because they need to stop

  32. Stephanie Siemens

    Stephanie Siemens23 時間 前

    Has every season been this terrible with song choices? Just was noticing with every single contestant that the song choices are just all wrong for the type of dance...

  33. maria nanyunja

    maria nanyunja23 時間 前

    She is a very big Nicki fan. I guess she chose the song herself.

  34. Yael Curi

    Yael Curi日 前

    La terrible eleccion de musica me pone mal

  35. J Diva

    J Diva日 前

    Best performance!

  36. Brandy Moreno

    Brandy Moreno日 前

    Okay, alright

  37. Audia Williams

    Audia Williams日 前

    Oh wow lovely

  38. Misty Bennett

    Misty Bennett日 前

    Killed it 🔥

  39. Samia Camacho

    Samia Camacho日 前

    why are they dancing tango with starships?????? like whaat??

  40. maria nanyunja

    maria nanyunja23 時間 前


  41. George Wade

    George Wade日 前

    Very stiff,needs improvements

  42. tinkerbell 88

    tinkerbell 88日 前

    That looked like tango to me, nothing to do with that song 😒

  43. bodoti qwiu

    bodoti qwiu日 前

    for these two.

  44. Michele Sandoval

    Michele Sandoval日 前


  45. Ghost King

    Ghost King日 前

    “ doxxing with the stars”

  46. Rihanna's Butler

    Rihanna's Butler日 前


  47. mariah •

    mariah •日 前

    The ending he all flipped her over like it was nothing 😂 they did good

  48. mariah •

    mariah •日 前

    bodoti qwiu agreed.

  49. bodoti qwiu

    bodoti qwiu日 前

    If she don’t win imma scream

  50. Nikxga

    Nikxga日 前

    I thought it was accelerated

  51. Anime Lea

    Anime Lea日 前

    Where the heck are the audiences?

  52. Elizabeth Delano

    Elizabeth Delano日 前


  53. Salvatore Stupid head

    Salvatore Stupid head日 前


  54. E Billie

    E Billie日 前

    So adorably cute!! She's precious and can dance too.



    Great Job!!

  56. Callie Rae

    Callie Rae日 前


  57. Laurennn Clarkkk

    Laurennn Clarkkk日 前

    She is so stunning

  58. Elisabeth Bastien

    Elisabeth Bastien日 前

    Where is the audience noise coming from ?

  59. soba mask

    soba mask日 前

    omg she’s wearing heels and she still looks so smol lol

  60. gee diesel

    gee diesel2 日 前

    no clue who she is but she is adorable....

  61. Charming nowhere to hide

    Charming nowhere to hide2 日 前

    Didn’t she dox 13 year olds who only posted racist memes? Yikes

  62. savanna wilson

    savanna wilson日 前

    you say only as if it isnt still racist

  63. Mirella Ortiz

    Mirella Ortiz2 日 前

    This music has nothing to do with tango wtf

  64. Wildflower Lynda

    Wildflower Lynda2 日 前

    Definitely top 3.!.! 👍🏽🥰🥰

  65. Landry Huizenga

    Landry Huizenga2 日 前

    If she don’t win imma scream

  66. Love Thy Self

    Love Thy Self2 日 前

    Wooow, absolutely fabulous

  67. Charming nowhere to hide

    Charming nowhere to hide2 日 前

    What kind of tango is this? Niki Minaj? Really?!!!

  68. Mvtty

    Mvtty2 日 前

    She is toooooooo cute!!! 😫😫😫😫

  69. JodyNanci

    JodyNanci2 日 前

    She’ll always be 14 to me 😂

  70. Fgteevfan ad Davila

    Fgteevfan ad Davila2 日 前

    Love her so much good job skai!

  71. Janette Hernandez

    Janette Hernandez2 日 前

    Sky is only 15 years old and she got the best moves

  72. SavvageeRoss

    SavvageeRoss2 日 前

    She's 18

  73. Lailah Miller

    Lailah Miller2 日 前

    I remember when she was 9 on Jessie

  74. Katie Gilligan

    Katie Gilligan2 日 前

    I think Skai Jackson may have a chance to win on DWTS. She can dance really well.

  75. Ayiana G

    Ayiana G2 日 前


  76. taffy busick

    taffy busick2 日 前

    They’re so adorable!

  77. Cynthia N

    Cynthia N2 日 前

    0:12 why did they do down the stairs like THATTTTT 💀😭

  78. Madison Yarbrough

    Madison Yarbrough2 日 前

    I think Alan has a pretty big chance of winning the mirror ball back to back! My vote is definitely to sky!

  79. Crystal L.V

    Crystal L.V2 日 前

    Did they really just use super base

  80. JoAnna Scheall

    JoAnna Scheall2 日 前

    She's going to make it to the finals, she's one of the best Monday night...

  81. BTS Forever

    BTS Forever2 日 前

    Ok she looks rly pretty in this but she is like super ˢᴹᴼᴸ compared to him

  82. Sophia

    Sophia2 日 前

    What kind of tango is this? Niki Minaj? Really?!!!

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  84. Jared Chriss

    Jared Chriss2 日 前


  85. Damien Garbutt

    Damien Garbutt3 日 前

    And the winner is...

  86. Sofía Dojas

    Sofía Dojas3 日 前

    omg why they dance tango with a nicki minaj song😭

  87. soba mask

    soba mask日 前

    thats what i’m asking😂💀

  88. Miss Lea

    Miss Lea3 日 前

    She’s adorable 😍

  89. Andrea Lahai

    Andrea Lahai3 日 前

    yall know she aint playing with them adults

  90. Sylvia Richards

    Sylvia Richards3 日 前

    My name is shevaunwalker and I love you Dad it was so amazing

  91. Emily An

    Emily An3 日 前

    I hoped someone screamed Guacamole, but nobody did 😔

  92. Pamela Anthony

    Pamela Anthony3 日 前

    Skai jakson

  93. Analytical Person

    Analytical Person3 日 前

    My top 7: 1) Skai Jackson 2) Jeanie Mai 3) Justina Machado 4) Johnny Weir 5) Jesse 6) Chrischell 7) Carole Baskins

  94. Avelino Brego

    Avelino Brego3 日 前

    mario maker 2

  95. The Truth

    The Truth3 日 前

    Her face is so little and cute! 🥰

  96. Emily An

    Emily An3 日 前

    Do your thang Skai J., I loved it baby girl. Best Group So Far!❤️❤️❤️😊😊😘😘

  97. Lori Love

    Lori Love3 日 前

    That was really well done L.O.V.E.

  98. Coolkid Tv

    Coolkid Tv3 日 前

    This is the best dance of the season for sure

  99. Kennan Dadem 2026

    Kennan Dadem 20263 日 前

    That split got me it is amazing how she can dance in heels.

  100. Black Loves Matter MLM ALM

    Black Loves Matter MLM ALM3 日 前

    Free Joe Exotic!!.. You a murder Carol Baskine Free Joe Exotic she is satan..!!

  101. Mildred Thomas

    Mildred Thomas3 日 前

    Hope Alan wins again... But idc if Sasha wins also, i really like his partnership with Justina

  102. Joan Ehizibolo

    Joan Ehizibolo3 日 前

    Skai was amazing with that dance 💃🏽

  103. K bar

    K bar3 日 前

    great choreo from Alan once again!

  104. Kaylin Crowley

    Kaylin Crowley3 日 前

    Omg she is so good! I remember when she was on Jessie

  105. striveforgreatness 62017

    striveforgreatness 620173 日 前

    I loveeee Skai she’s a very good dancer and her split was everything. The one thing I think she could work on is her facials when she’s dancing. Since she’s an actress I’m sure it won’t be hard during this dance her face looked like she was thinking. She might’ve been nervous or counting the steps in her head but any way she did a great job if she gives more facials during the performance then she’d be money.

  106. E

    E3 日 前

    anyone know what she scored?

  107. BlackPink and BTS Kings and Queens.

    BlackPink and BTS Kings and Queens.3 日 前

    A 21 and that was the highest score

  108. Peace and LOVE

    Peace and LOVE3 日 前

    Go head Ms.Legs!

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  110. Princess Marshella Horman

    Princess Marshella Horman3 日 前

    say what you want but she ate them all up

  111. Minerva Mitchell

    Minerva Mitchell3 日 前

    Do your thang Skai J., I loved it baby girl. Best Group So Far!❤️❤️❤️😊😊😘😘

  112. Tyson Parker

    Tyson Parker3 日 前

    The dance and the sign don’t match up😑