Single Girl Has Her First Time In The Sims 4 | Part 29


  1. Tricia Mapalad

    Tricia Mapalad2 日 前

    I like how kelsey hates caleb now because of the Naya and Natalie Issue HAHAHAHAHAHAHA GET THAT VAMPIRE OUT OF HERE HAHAHAHAHAHA

  2. Gemma BOND

    Gemma BOND3 日 前

    Who else has been here since day uno

  3. samantha1089627

    samantha10896274 日 前

    idk why but im super curious to hear how many times she says "awww kasey's first ____" fill in the blank with what hse says

  4. Xx rois xX

    Xx rois xX4 日 前

    Ima start w the begginging Olive Brielle Jamie Alexis Miles Renee Charlie Hazel Eric Niya Natalie River Rose Cooper Flyn Addi Ellie Dorian Tristan Theo Willow Ginny Bran Jon Ariya Fraya Nova Sirius Stacey Casey Taylor Tayler

  5. Xx rois xX

    Xx rois xX4 日 前

    Ok ima keep track of every baby born

  6. AniyaAngie Adams

    AniyaAngie Adams6 日 前

    For twins you should name them Jack Jill

  7. fueqmeus

    fueqmeus9 日 前

    "Kasey's first energy crisis, awwww" - Kelsey Impicciche, 2019

  8. Grace James

    Grace James10 日 前

    The ghost of Chelsea? I did not see that! Gotta love this challenge! 😅😂😌

  9. Hamster Whisperer

    Hamster Whisperer10 日 前

    you should bring Chelsea back from the dead in ghost form plz

  10. Madison Norris

    Madison Norris11 日 前


  11. sataninajar_ 666

    sataninajar_ 66612 日 前

    For twins it should be lilliana and Carson

  12. Emma Glover

    Emma Glover13 日 前

    Why didn’t you use olive to have babies

  13. Emma Glover

    Emma Glover13 日 前

    A girl: Merry or Sari A boy: John or Keagan

  14. Elizabeth Childers

    Elizabeth Childers14 日 前

    Here we go.....32 of our loved children, ready to be known as aunts and uncles...... 1 OLIVE 2 BRIELLE 3 JAIME 4 ALEXIS 5 MILES❤️ 6 RENEE❤️ 7. CHARLIE 8 HAZEL 9 ERIC 10 NIYA🧡 11 NATALIE🧡 12 ROSÉ/ROS😂💛 13 RIVER💛 14 FLYNN💚 15 COOPER💚 16 ADDY 17 ELLIE💙 18 DORIAN💙 19 THEO💜 20 TRISTAN💜 21 WILLOW❤️ 22 GINNY❤️ 23 BRAN 24 JOHN🧡 25 ARYA🧡 26 NOVA💛 27 FREYA💛 28 SIRIUS💚 29 STACEY💚 30 TEAGAN/ *KASEY* 31 TAYLOR💙 32 TAYLER💙 *Different hearts means twins* 11 sets of twins 0 triplets 10 1 child births 32 kids How does it feel does it feel

  15. It is me Sarah

    It is me Sarah14 日 前

    Baby names Girl Kaia,Jo Boy Jo, Sammy

  16. Elizabeth Childers

    Elizabeth Childers14 日 前

    Lol sorry im a bit late. I was late in the begining and then I had to mourn Chelsea for, like 3 months lol, and came back to see Kasey all grown and professional at this baby making buisness

  17. Elizabeth Childers

    Elizabeth Childers14 日 前

    "And this is how Teagans are made" -Kelsey 2019

  18. Cadence's Cool Stuff

    Cadence's Cool Stuff16 日 前

    At 21:58 Kasey is a whole mood

  19. Gachashadow cookie

    Gachashadow cookie19 日 前

    Kelsey when you finish the 100 baby challenge you should continue and do 500 baby challenge. :)

  20. Aviana Kieber

    Aviana Kieber20 日 前

    What happened to taylor with an a

  21. sara parker

    sara parker21 日 前

    I think lilmsSam’s ultrasound mod would be PERFECT for this challenge

  22. Faye McDaniel Ducan

    Faye McDaniel Ducan21 日 前

    Im mad 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡👿👿👿👿💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔

  23. Jason Shaw

    Jason Shaw22 日 前

    Girl : Peyton Boy: Alex Girl: Janay Boy: JJ Girl: Cassidy Boy : Carlito

  24. Mae Thompson

    Mae Thompson22 日 前

    Chelsea why why did this have to happen!!!!!??? R.I.P. have a good time in Erebos

  25. Jessica Cavitch

    Jessica Cavitch23 日 前

    19:41 DID SHE SAY “OH ITS A GIRL???”

  26. Katelyn Loyd

    Katelyn Loyd25 日 前

    Can you name a baby Katelyn please 💚😁💓💙

  27. Bethie Rivest

    Bethie Rivest25 日 前

    And for a boy I like TK

  28. Bethie Rivest

    Bethie Rivest25 日 前

    I L O V E the blond hair!!! 💁🏼‍♀️💗

  29. Adrianna Ericksen

    Adrianna Ericksen26 日 前

    Can you please name a girl Adrianna or Cindy and for a boy Jaxon or Cameron

  30. Olivia Prados Calzado

    Olivia Prados Calzado27 日 前

    girl name: lucy boy name: patrick

  31. The Tea Room

    The Tea Room27 日 前

    Here is a girl name 'Cadence' and here is a boy name 'Kyden' 😀

  32. Madaline Harvey

    Madaline Harvey27 日 前

    Omg the house looks so empty without all the kids

  33. Sis vs. roe

    Sis vs. roe27 日 前

    You should totally dye her hair blonde

  34. Mallory Miessler

    Mallory Miessler28 日 前

    Chelsea was to young to die!!!

  35. Simon Povey

    Simon Povey29 日 前

    You should put a nome by Chelsea's grave

  36. Simon Povey

    Simon Povey29 日 前

    I hope she's not to much like her mum and is always wearing her hospital dress

  37. Ollie

    Ollie29 日 前

    Now that Chelsea is gone, all those kids who's dads died are now orphans :O maybe thats why Taylor is going through a phase

  38. Cali's Cool Captures

    Cali's Cool Capturesヶ月 前

    19:41 was it just me or did ghost Chelsea say oh it's a girl

  39. madison dooley

    madison dooleyヶ月 前

    how did she die

  40. Typical Browser

    Typical Browserヶ月 前

    23:12 .are you Sirius? No I'm a vampire.