Single Girl Has Her First Time In The Sims 4 | Part 29


  1. Silvia Corvaro

    Silvia Corvaro日 前

    I suggest italian names Boy: Mario, Luca Girl: Silvia, Rosa, Caterina

  2. British Empire

    British Empire日 前

    Wait.... YOU ALREADY HAD TEGAN!!!,!

  3. orgrin

    orgrin日 前

    (Girls) Elliana or Lilliana if it's twins (Boys) Delyan or Rayen it it's twins

  4. Unicorns Cat

    Unicorns Cat2 日 前

    I am so sad and still mourning

  5. Nancy Granger Mendes

    Nancy Granger Mendes2 日 前

    I Love that statue of secrecy sticker 👌♥️♥️♥️⚡⚡⚡

  6. Willow ;3

    Willow ;33 日 前

    Her: Its a beautiful day outside! Me in my head: (Birds are singing flowerz or blooming on days like these kids like you should be burnin in hell) Srry i had to do it :/

  7. Sophia Hanson

    Sophia Hanson4 日 前

    Please don’t change her hair!!! I’m only allowing the color to be changed in this one haha

  8. Tiffany Elbon

    Tiffany Elbon4 日 前

    So pa

  9. 6980MulhollandDrive

    6980MulhollandDrive4 日 前

    Back when Kasey was still a lovely brunette/curly pixie cut queen

  10. chezmaster101

    chezmaster1015 日 前

    Boy names: Twin boys: Troy and Trey, Carter and Carlton, Zayn and Zion Twin girls: Veronica and Vanessa, Chantel and Chanel Love the series, hope u see my comment :)

  11. yammy xoxo

    yammy xoxo5 日 前


  12. Angelina Stump

    Angelina Stump5 日 前

    I LOVE YOU KELSEY!!!! Please name a/your baby girl Rachel/Phoebe/Monica in the honor of Friends! And for boys, use Ross/Chandler/Joey!!! Thanks! Keep it up ;)

  13. Johan Baktiar

    Johan Baktiar5 日 前

    Itu game apa

  14. Arwen Lopez

    Arwen Lopez5 日 前

    Lord of the Rings names: Girl: Arwen Boy: Aaragorn (air-uh-gorn)

  15. BlackLotusMom

    BlackLotusMom5 日 前

    Finally a home birth!!!

  16. Haileyplayzxhelloneighbor Xoxo

    Haileyplayzxhelloneighbor Xoxo5 日 前

    I was playing sims 3 and my sim was pregnant and she just went into labor at 1:00 p.m

  17. Kiia Marttinen

    Kiia Marttinen5 日 前

    12:40 he kinda looks like Klaus from The Umbrella Academy

  18. Isabella Gonzaga

    Isabella Gonzaga6 日 前

    Could she maybe summon Chelsea's ghost? 😲😲 Edit: called it

  19. ________

    ________6 日 前

    Boy name: Lucas Girl name: Angela (Idk they just sound nice)

  20. ________

    ________6 日 前

    If Kasey has a pair of twins that r boy and girl, u can name them Dipper and Mable like from gravity falls

  21. Evelynn Turin

    Evelynn Turin7 日 前

    Athena or lily for a girl

  22. Captain Jack Sparrow

    Captain Jack Sparrow7 日 前

    I like the nails

  23. Squidooodlyyy Gamer 22

    Squidooodlyyy Gamer 227 日 前

    Can someone tell me what kaseys old name was when she was born?cause I’m a little confused here,please comment

  24. Squidooodlyyy Gamer 22

    Squidooodlyyy Gamer 226 日 前

    Angelica Fotland thx so much I just couldn’t get it. Thx for commenting

  25. Angelica Fotland

    Angelica Fotland6 日 前

    Its Tegan. Kelsey changed it when she knew Kasey was gonna be the next matriarch.

  26. Issy_bored 111111111111111

    Issy_bored 1111111111111117 日 前

    I love this series so much. I’m very sorry I’m soooooooooo late, like seriously I’m really far behind but I am bing watching this serious today 😂😂❤️Love you so much Kelsey you make this series so much better! P.S Please don’t change Kasey’s dark hair I thing it’s gorgeous on her and it defines her from Chelsea 😄😄

  27. T Majette

    T Majette7 日 前

    If you have twin girls you should name them lily and lila. For twin boys Max and Charlie after max and Charlie Carver.

  28. Katie Moss - The Slimeaholic

    Katie Moss - The Slimeaholic7 日 前

    Did anyone here when kelsey was feeling the baby "when is the baby do i thought that in sims they just talked jibberish

  29. Alexandra Klisowski

    Alexandra Klisowski8 日 前

    here are some names girl names: Alexandra, Isabella, Sophia, Anri, Jessica, Matilda, Victoria and Constance boy names: William, will, Luke, Sebastian and Matt

  30. Abby Berndt

    Abby Berndt8 日 前

    Should make a mermaid to have a baby with!!!!

  31. its Cecily

    its Cecily8 日 前

    for girl Cecily (its pronounced secily) and for boy jack and they have to be twins

  32. Raven234

    Raven2348 日 前

    How about DC names? Girls: Felicity, Sarah, Thea, Iris, Kara, Alex, Catherine (Cat), Caitlyn, Maggie, Lyla Boys: Oliver, John, Roy, Barry, Cisco, Henry, Joe, Eddie, Ray, Winn, Jimmy, Hank

  33. LPS MajorLynx

    LPS MajorLynx5 日 前

    Love this

  34. Raven234

    Raven2348 日 前

    So perfect that Chelsea came back

  35. Baby Delapaz

    Baby Delapaz9 日 前

    1. Olive 2. Brielle 3. Jaime 4. Alexis 5. Miles 6. Renee 7. Charlie 8. Hazel 9. Eric 10. Niya 11. Natalie 12. Rosé 13. River 14. Flynn 15. Cooper 16. Addi 17. Ellie 18. Dorian 19. Theo 20. Tristen 21. Willow 22. Ginny 23. Bran 24. Jon 25. Arya 26. Nova 27. Freya 28. Sirius 29. Stacey 30. Kacey (New Matriarch) 31. Tayler 32. Taylor 33. Tegan 34. Archer

  36. Winchylovespie .3.

    Winchylovespie .3.9 日 前

    She looked s o good in that long curly blonde hair

  37. nicole B

    nicole B9 日 前

    I liked her style no offense but its like Chelsea's style and its boring compared to her personality traits and i like he edged look and u took it away😭

  38. Chris Pratt

    Chris Pratt9 日 前

    You need the drone

  39. sahirah Griffith

    sahirah Griffith9 日 前

    Does anyone think that Kasey kind of looks like Halsey

  40. Sarah Jones

    Sarah Jones10 日 前

    Please name a girl Noah

  41. IsisHopex3

    IsisHopex310 日 前

    How do you get the JPreporter career?

  42. Alia vergara

    Alia vergara10 日 前

    22:08 "Are you Sirius?" "No Im Taylor"... Ill see myself out

  43. Therese Hast

    Therese Hast10 日 前

    As a person with hard of hearing i have trouble with the background music. I cant hear you talk.

  44. Taagol

    Taagol10 日 前

    Maybe I just don't know this part of The Sims, but... why so adamant about having the babies in the hospital and not at home?

  45. SkycometNero

    SkycometNero10 日 前

    Casey looks like her mom with brown hair

  46. Marshmellow Player

    Marshmellow Player10 日 前

    What if you made her have light brown hair? So it is a mix between blond and her natural hair

  47. The Far Away Family

    The Far Away Family11 日 前

    Dont change her natural hair color? Thats weird.

  48. Peanut Butter

    Peanut Butter11 日 前

    For a girl zora zily kerlin Paris London for a boy Otis ludis

  49. Alcase

    Alcase11 日 前

    Kasey looks adorable!

  50. Tania Puentes

    Tania Puentes11 日 前

    Why is there only 28 certificate

  51. Freija D

    Freija D11 日 前

    Mourning in real life: years and years and years Mourning in the sims: 2 days is a loooooong time...

  52. Fan Pet

    Fan Pet12 日 前

    It's a little strange that it used to be Olive and Brielle and stuff that talked to Chelsea and invited her to things but now it's going to be Sirius and Stacey and all the newer kids.

  53. Fan Pet

    Fan Pet12 日 前

    Was this filmed directly after Ginny's episode because Kelsey keeps trying to use non-binary pronouns

  54. Tanner Webb

    Tanner Webb12 日 前

    Kasey looks like Taylor Swift as a blonde

  55. Alia vergara

    Alia vergara12 日 前

    Boys- Jasper Harry Gaston Duncan Jaemen (Jay- men) Girls- Amy Luna Maybelle Arielle Alia(Ah-lee-uh)

  56. Dakota Dollie

    Dakota Dollie12 日 前

    Did anyone else hear Chelsea say “oh it’s a girl” when she touched the baby bump??

  57. Evelyn Hernandez

    Evelyn Hernandez12 日 前

    I know you wont read this because it isnt fair but could you please name one Eclair or Evelyn

  58. Gili Itai

    Gili Itai12 日 前

    30:01 Kelsey: I can’t do I mic drop but I’m gonna do a headphone drop Me: mic drop. Mic drop. *Korean Korean korean* somebody stop me I’m gonna pop off to busy you know.... armyyyyyy. Also if you don’t know what song I’m talking about it’s mic drop by bts. Amazing song just like all of their songs. STAN BTS AND SKZ. I had too. Ok bye bye.

  59. Charli Hale

    Charli Hale12 日 前

    A girl name: Cassandra or Phylicia A boy name: Tyson or Colby

  60. Tymiri McKee

    Tymiri McKee12 日 前

    Anybody else realizes that it was 12:12 sims time when Chelsea came back. #Awkward

  61. Sophia Sundukovsky

    Sophia Sundukovsky13 日 前

    When she was changing up her look I got MAJOR Eleven vibes from Stranger Things!!!

  62. cavialover8 8

    cavialover8 813 日 前

    4:47 why is that basegame if i don't have it?😔

  63. agentorange153

    agentorange15313 日 前

    3:32 OMG, Kasey (or is it Chelsea?) in blonde looks just like Amelia Earhart!

  64. Womp Womp

    Womp Womp13 日 前

    My baby name suggestions: Girl: Jillian, or Avril (Or you could put them together) Boy: Julian, or Billy

  65. ThePeAcElOvEaNdBuBbL

    ThePeAcElOvEaNdBuBbL13 日 前

    UNIQUE BABY NAMES!!! Girl - Kieran (key-air-in) Boy - Malachi (mal-eh-kai)

  66. Brittany Wichterman

    Brittany Wichterman13 日 前


  67. Anna E

    Anna E13 日 前

    The day when olive dies

  68. Stephan Bacelis

    Stephan Bacelis13 日 前


  69. Kennedy

    Kennedy13 日 前


  70. Amazing Cutie

    Amazing Cutie13 日 前

    Danny, Dexter, Oliver Dolley, Patty, Peggy

  71. Jawin Dior

    Jawin Dior13 日 前

    Can someone pls tell me why in every episode she’s wearing the same clothes??

  72. Addy V

    Addy V13 日 前

    For a girl I like Celestia and Erika for a boy I like cash and Torrey (my baby brothers names) I love this series so it would be cool if you could name the kids these names

  73. Delia Hollis

    Delia Hollis13 日 前

    Kelsey: yaaas invite Chealsey to feel the baby. Me: she's a ghost so is she feeling the actual baby or am I just looking too deeply into this?

  74. Roxy's World

    Roxy's World13 日 前

    If you have a girl can u name her Roxanne

  75. Emma Power007

    Emma Power00713 日 前

    Girl:Emma. Boy:Mike.

  76. itslaurren

    itslaurren13 日 前

    It was irritating me so much how she kept trying to make Kasey a blonde 😒

  77. Laura Kluge

    Laura Kluge14 日 前

    Girl name: Laura Boy name: Luke

  78. CKC Family

    CKC Family14 日 前

    Seeing Kasey *Not Kelsey instead of Chelsea *Not Kelsey kinda makes me sad but happy at the same time

  79. Prince Leo

    Prince Leo14 日 前

    Poor Kelsey has bags under eyes because of the death.

  80. nathalhices

    nathalhices14 日 前

    What do you have against brunettes?!?!???? LMAO her hair is niceeee!!!

  81. Victoria Elgsås

    Victoria Elgsås14 日 前

    Girl: Violet, Athena Boy: Melvin, Landon

  82. Violet M.

    Violet M.14 日 前

    i wrote a poem in memory of chelsea here is the link i hope you like it . i also posted this on teh last video that was a 100 baby challenge

  83. CamC

    CamC14 日 前

    Twin girls: Hermione and Luna Boy twins: George and Fred Girl and boy twins : Molly and Ron Boy triplets: Percy Bill and Cameron Triplet girls: Hermione Luna Cameron 2 boys 1 girl triplets: Leah Nikki Charlie or 2 girls 1 boy triplets: Mia Lia George Boy names Cameron Ron fred George Percy Bill Charlie jr Josh Lucas make Girl names Sasha Mia Lori lora lenny lola sannah