Singers Who Didn't Sing On Their Own Songs


  1. Shimmer Lucky

    Shimmer Lucky15 時間 前

    The same with how deep is your love. In the title there are 2 names of very famous rappers, but the singer (that i dont remember who it is) still isnt on the title.

  2. Simone W

    Simone W22 時間 前

    So Jlo ain’t shit, huh?

  3. Blackwarrior

    Blackwarrior日 前

    Calvin Harris + This is what you came for = Doesn't sing Doesn't appear Let Rihanna sing the entire song

  4. Zanele Bukali

    Zanele Bukali日 前

    Why I don't believe in karma jlo did a lot of people dirty but she thriving todate

  5. J

    J日 前

    Rihanna performed those vocals on MTV movie awards 🙄

  6. Dristin

    Dristin2 日 前

    Beeb rexha

  7. kurtlawrence Lawrence

    kurtlawrence Lawrence3 日 前

    bebe rexha needs more credit

  8. Micah Micah

    Micah Micah3 日 前

    Not once did I think nicki Minaj song that chorus lol We’re they pretending she was??

  9. Brandon Joseph

    Brandon Joseph日 前

    no. no one thought that was nicki and they didn’t pretend nicki sang it either. only he thinks it..

  10. BubsGirl291

    BubsGirl2916 日 前

    So you’re saying that some of my favorite moments from the music from my childhood is all sang by Bebe?? Damn they did her *dirty*

  11. Sydney Terrell

    Sydney Terrell6 日 前

    It's funny how everyone immediately blames nicki for bebe's part but did anyone really think that nicki sung that part (also I love bebe so they do need to credit her more)

  12. Bry Weasley

    Bry Weasley6 日 前

    At the beginning, u talk about them not singing their lead vocals. In the video, the only songs mentioned where the leads were in question were Michael Jackson's. And how hard is it to pronounce the name "Bebe"? It's not "Beeb", it's "Bee-Bee". Incidentally, Bebe's birth name was Bleta (which means bumblebee in Albanian) Rexha, with Rexha originally being pronounced Ray-ja. Now u have an actual fact to go with all the clickbait u laid down in this video.

  13. Mrs Navy

    Mrs Navy8 日 前

    Read the title directly think to Mrs Lopez🤣🤣 Girl knows the cinema industry don’t pay attention to mediocre actors the same way music industry does it with singers that’s why she was a judge on a singing competition, had an opportunity making a Motown tribute,...

  14. Charlotte Rhianne Wright

    Charlotte Rhianne Wright10 日 前

    Jon Bellion wrote the monster by Eminem too .. so theyres quite a few features there lol

  15. mariesisgan

    mariesisgan11 日 前

    It's sad that the industry prefers people who has very little talent than those who work hard for it. There may be actual talent in the industry but the geniuses behind them are tortured and sometimes shamed while those who put repetitive stuff will be praised and considered a legend.

  16. jade

    jade12 日 前

    nobody thought nicki sang the vocals on hey mama

  17. Avery Tree

    Avery Tree14 日 前

    _beeb rexha_

  18. Avery Tree

    Avery Tree14 日 前

    _nicki minotch_

  19. Alex Strydom

    Alex Strydom14 日 前

    Same old Love is not Rihanna, it’s Charlie XCX

  20. John Gerard Griffith

    John Gerard Griffith15 日 前

    Well if somebody does backing vocals they should get credit. It’s not unusual to have other singers do background vocals.

  21. Ahmed Abas

    Ahmed Abas16 日 前

    In nicki case well everyone knows that wasn't nicki voice because everyone was already know nicki's pop vocal

  22. JungKooKing & PenQueen Minari

    JungKooKing & PenQueen Minari18 日 前

    Nicki didn’t even lipsync to Bebe’s lines tho. I don’t know why everyone’s blaming her when David Guetta’s the one who should’ve put her’s and Afrojack’s name on the title and put Bebe on the MV.

  23. Edith Gee

    Edith Gee18 日 前

    Maybe I just don't pay attention to music like that but I KNEW the voice on hey mama was definitely not Nicki and on scream and shout voice was NOT Britney. It's sad that the artists aren't given their credit. Everyone deserves to be credited no matter how small of a name they have. The public deserves to know these talented artists exist too.

  24. Dominik's Geeky Life

    Dominik's Geeky Life18 日 前

    Most of the big name singers featured in this video are not actual artists, they're brands designed to make money.

  25. harzey arif

    harzey arif19 日 前

    lmao she brought bebe rexha on her live pre so chill

  26. Breck Stewart

    Breck Stewart21 日 前

    Interesting facts which I wasn't aware of for the most part. It seems like someone always gets screwed somehow.

  27. Charles Gold

    Charles Gold22 日 前

    Anyone knows where JLo lives? Cos I am going to break in, steal her grammy(s) and hand them all to Fab of Milli Vanilli. If that fails, I'll go to Britney's pad

  28. Joelle Ginger

    Joelle Ginger22 日 前


  29. Tyson B

    Tyson B23 日 前

    Im not so sure about that Pussycat Dolls Tea...., thats still Nicole singing

  30. Κωνσταντινα Καλογεροπουλου

    Κωνσταντινα Καλογεροπουλου23 日 前

    He forgot the song " smelly cat "

  31. Princesz DD

    Princesz DD24 日 前

    Um the monster song y’all ate talking bout by Eminem I sounded different from the one I heard

  32. F Stap

    F Stap25 日 前

    I know Music is subjective, but your taste in music gotta be really low if you think Selena Gomez is a real singing artist

  33. AJolly Panda

    AJolly Panda25 日 前

    Great video but please show all the uncredited singers , we obviously wont recognize all of them by that would make alot of sense. Also I hope people understand that the artists singing these songs typically have little say in whats going Rihanna def dodnt go “ I don’t think I can sing this can we get someone else to help out?” She is not the best singer but not sure why her label just cant believe in her...they chose her after-all. Same for Britney but lady gaga is big enough and doesn’t seem to have an issue.

  34. Fabian

    Fabian27 日 前

    Well, Britney didn't steal them so this is kinda unfair... It's her team who replaced her vocals with the vocals of her background singer because the producer Will.I.Am thought that Britney's vocals weren't 'good enough'

  35. It'sBritneyOops!

    It'sBritneyOops!ヶ月 前

    Britney sang 96 percent of Alien and Ina Wroldsen's vocals in the chorus of He About To Lose Me were intentionally added.

  36. Joey Henderson

    Joey Hendersonヶ月 前

    Ok can u get out of my recommended now

  37. Dorian Black

    Dorian Blackヶ月 前

    Back in the day before everything became digitally had to have real talent.

  38. jasmin ni

    jasmin niヶ月 前

    @honest why did you even mention Michael, if he wasn't even alive. He couldn't do anything about it.... Imagine Michael Jackson stealing someone's vocals -.-

  39. Linda Svanberg

    Linda Svanbergヶ月 前

    It's a bit shady. I understand the entertainment value can highends with more then one vocal but the way they do it, makes it shady.

  40. Lewis Ryan

    Lewis Ryanヶ月 前

    Myah is credited as offering background vocals for Britney in the album credits, but Myah’s vocals are still different enough from Britney’s for fans to know that Britney is still singing lead in her songs - so she’s doing what lots of other artists do; lots of artist sing a lead with backing vocals by artists who are not featured artists but credited as backing vocalists. Jennifer Lopez however has often not even sang the lead in her choruses. Sia doesn’t seek credit in a lot oft he songs. Bebe got did dirty.

  41. Shay B

    Shay Bヶ月 前

    I know JLo will be on here LoL

  42. Ali Raif

    Ali Raifヶ月 前

    I watched the whole video because i wanted to see "This is what you came for - Ft Rihanna ,which had Taylor Swifts vocals.

  43. Fatimá

    Fatimáヶ月 前

    Imagine putting all your work into something just for somebody to take it and become successful. I would’ve fought a bitch.

  44. Heyitzlyric OK

    Heyitzlyric OKヶ月 前

    I feel like with same old love charli couldve killed it in the production game

  45. Billie Mercury

    Billie Mercuryヶ月 前

    It took me years to figure out Bebe wasn't Nicki.

  46. Lil green eye p

    Lil green eye pヶ月 前

    Melody..Frm the pussy cat dolls..had a better voice ..nicole..cannot sing...j Lo...stole songs. Used ashanti vocals...also Christina Milan wrote a also sang vocals. JLO. . May have the beauty..n can dance. ..but cannot sing a note...same goes 4 Britt..Spears. .talentless...

  47. aurora heidi

    aurora heidiヶ月 前

    They're all has beens anyways. Brittney, J Lo, PCD, Minaj....go home. Social media has shown us plenty of artists have undoctored talent. Please hand them the Spotlight.

  48. Twerking Duck

    Twerking Duckヶ月 前

    I’m not really a fan of Bebe Reza but the industry has done her dirty so many times

  49. Junaid Iqbal

    Junaid Iqbalヶ月 前

    Oh I thought you were gonna put This is what you came for lol cos its the thumbnail

  50. Allan M. Hanson

    Allan M. Hansonヶ月 前

    The part you played of Britney’s Alien is the demo version not the album track. Britney sings the album. Myah does have backing vocals in Britney Jean, but Britney has all the lead vocals. Quicksand is Britney, Gaga sings the background harmony, come on!!! Gaga doesn’t even sound like Britney 🤦🏻‍♂️ And He About To Lose Me is Britney, she has a unique tone in her voice when she belts, you can hear that voice along all of her album, for example Soda Pop from Baby On More Time and Man On The Moon Clumsy or Just Like Me form her last album Glory. That’s her characteristic belted voice and it’s the same from He About To Lose Me and Passanger. Myah Maria doesn’t have that vocal habilita, I fact she rarely belts and she does do it good, it sounds like screams. She can just just sing that foxed Britney baby voice and you can tell it sound very different from Britney’s.

  51. Allan M. Hanson

    Allan M. Hansonヶ月 前

    I knew Hey Mama vocals were too damn good to be Nicki’s 🤷🏻‍♂️

  52. Donkey Kong

    Donkey Kongヶ月 前

    J.lo! This no talent was marketed as hell, that's all! She should have participated in beauty pageants only. Only then would she have the right to say that she is truly real. When she uses her own voice in her songs she's just talking with a slight melody. That ain't even true singing.

  53. L. M.

    L. M.ヶ月 前

    This is getting me trust issues

  54. Lanijahs World

    Lanijahs Worldヶ月 前

    Why is the cover Rihanna she songs her songs she the only one that got that special voice so you can tell

  55. kantrelate kris

    kantrelate krisヶ月 前

    Rihanna actually did record the BGV for “Same Old Love”. You can hear it on the Demo.

  56. Rokhsar

    Rokhsarヶ月 前

    Man, jlo's whole career was based of stealing other people's songs and vocals

  57. The King

    The Kingヶ月 前

    At least nicki made it up to bebe on "no broken hearts"...which she didn't have to because it wasn't her fault bebe wasn't originally credited on Hey mama

  58. Curtis Thomas

    Curtis Thomasヶ月 前

    The biggest con should be Beyonce stealing dozens of songs for decades since Destiny Child, stealing dance moves and video concepts from other artists and claiming to write songs when almost all her songs are either stolen or created by a "song factory". This song factory concept is also used by many "top artistes" today, including JLo, Jay-z, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Nikki Minaj etc. The actual writers are paid a flat sum and give up rights to the songs. JLo is another culprit who didn't sing on some songs credited to her. This gem: a couple decades ago a very popular radio chart host played a slowed down version of a hit by a popular female pop star from down under and Rick Ashley's voice was clearly heard singing instead of what was supposed to be her!

  59. vedved82491

    vedved82491ヶ月 前

    The chorus in Quicksand sounds nothing like Lady Gaga though.

  60. L B

    L Bヶ月 前

    Sorry but the Britney ones had no foundation to stand on.

  61. Doll Goodz

    Doll Goodzヶ月 前

    Come on, y'all gotta be tone deaf...nobody thought that was Nicki.

  62. casy byrd

    casy byrdヶ月 前

    Why are all the videos playing backwards?

  63. Handsome Creature

    Handsome Creatureヶ月 前

    I enjoy your videos but I think you should adjust the levels. Your voice is low and the music is super loud.

  64. Mike G

    Mike Gヶ月 前

    Back in the 80s we had a word for these kind of people , ' BITERS '

  65. Eric L

    Eric Lヶ月 前

    The industry as a whole has treated Bebe so badly... I’m so glad she’s found success after stuff like Hey Mama and The Monster.

  66. Coline Collard

    Coline Collardヶ月 前

    "without us being any the wiser.." Who's "we" ? Anybody with half a brain and a shred of integrity and decency knows most of these so-called pop "artists" are as phony as a three-dollar bill. Those who worship and idolize them tend to be either kids or ignorant fools who don't know their a*s from their elbow. Since they're the target "demographic" it's hardly surprising the producers retort to the methods they do. They sell a product to those who want to buy a product.

  67. This is a good username

    This is a good usernameヶ月 前

    This video reminds me of the fact that Diamond Heart by Alan Walker and Sophia Somajo has uncredited vocals by Sia...

  68. Landiana love

    Landiana loveヶ月 前

    What about the whole Blackout Album by Britney

  69. Jack Raccah

    Jack Raccahヶ月 前

    Wow i never knew

  70. Lexi M

    Lexi Mヶ月 前

    Rihanna’s This Is What You Came For features Taylor Swift’s vocals as well

  71. The Eagle

    The Eagleヶ月 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="735">12:15</a> - <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="744">12:24</a> *DAYYUMMMMM those HIPS tho!!!!*

  72. King Leno

    King Lenoヶ月 前

    Wow, newsflash, singers use backing vocal tracks sang by other artists and background singers. Title says "singers who didn't sing on their own songs" should be "singers that didn't sing the entire chorus on mostly other people's songs and used backing vocals from demo tracks on their own songs "

  73. Giules G

    Giules Gヶ月 前

    Lol I really don’t think anyone thought Bebes vocals were from Nicki. They sound nothing alike

  74. Giules G

    Giules Gヶ月 前

    Rihanna can’t hit the note on monster. She can’t even hold a note 👁👄👁

  75. Shalaboodi Tirmtek

    Shalaboodi Tirmtekヶ月 前

    The way you read, I wish you had someone else did your vocals

  76. Dan

    Danヶ月 前

    Who gives a shit who is singing on whatever, it all sounds computer music and false Capitalistic fucking crap that nobody listens to anyway. That's why all pop music is download, nobody pays for this crap.

  77. PizzaJeez

    PizzaJeezヶ月 前

    Wait, people actually thought Bebe was Nicki? How? They sound nothing alike, I even tried to find out who the singer was since I liked her but didn’t know anything about her at the time.

  78. Reds Hands

    Reds Handsヶ月 前

    Well damn the best parts wasn’t there

  79. catalin gazdaru

    catalin gazdaruヶ月 前

    is funny how the JLo coin master add appears right before the video😂😂

  80. Jojo Elio

    Jojo Elioヶ月 前

    If you are marketed as a singer, you should put an effort to be one. it is funny to me that some of these have strong followers even when they are lied straight through their faces. I guess their longevity paired with lies is appealing to the crowd.

  81. jaime herrera

    jaime herreraヶ月 前

    Well, some of these songs they featured on here are so horrendous and cheap sounding that i'm not sure why anyone would want to take credit for them? Selena Gomez and Jlow should stick to their pole dancing act.