Singapore MICHELIN STAR Food Tour $4 NOODLES vs. $300 BBQ | BEST Spicy Mapo Tofu!


  1. xXKira _thebadgalXx

    xXKira _thebadgalXx20 時間 前

    WAHHHH I AM HUNGRY AGAIN Time for my strictly diet get it???

  2. SeouL

    SeouL日 前

    What is the recipe for Roasted Pineapple Sabayon ?

  3. Angela

    Angela日 前

    The noodles place have been my fav since small, there’s always a line 1. My fav is the dumpling noodles, SO GOOD 😋😋

  4. Keng Oei Quek

    Keng Oei Quek2 日 前

    FYI, the Japanese 2 Star restaurant is opened by the son of Ken Kenichi, the original Chinese Iron Chef. His strength has been Sichuan cooking if you had seen those episodes so it is not surprising that his son carried on the the tradition.

  5. Ng Kiệt

    Ng Kiệt5 日 前

    I’am pick 4$

  6. James Casse

    James Casse6 日 前

    Welcome to come to Melbourne, Australia we get real Australian beef

  7. tae smellsbad

    tae smellsbad8 日 前

    what do you call the dry noodles?

  8. tae smellsbad

    tae smellsbad8 日 前

    3:14 420 BLAZE IT, seriously the tea drinking is complicated

  9. mech8239

    mech82398 日 前

    im sorry but tofu is nasty!!

  10. Brandon R

    Brandon R9 日 前

    "It's like eating jelly at Goldilock's house."

  11. James Tiefry

    James Tiefry9 日 前

    You about to have competition lol I am trying to eat the world too

  12. Test McRow

    Test McRow9 日 前

    3:04 Anyone thought that knocking was coming from inside their house?

  13. HTakara82

    HTakara8210 日 前

    the BBQ place... it didn't serve BBQ, well not "traditional" bbq anyway, if it was me, I'd be a bit disappointed.

  14. DoT

    DoT10 日 前

    Omg you watch Food Wars??

  15. Mehul Vadaria

    Mehul Vadaria11 日 前

    Which song is played at 19:19

  16. N[] H[]p3

    N[] H[]p312 日 前

    Lazarbeam is Australian and when he went into the Australian restaurant he played the music Lazarbeam uses often coincidence I think not

  17. Harry Friedman

    Harry Friedman13 日 前

    I wish I had the power to teleport anywhere. I could be having the feast of my life in Kobe Japan, or Australia eating mud crab 😭😭😭😭😭

  18. Scatt2k7

    Scatt2k714 日 前

    Correction the queen of the entire UK not just England smh.

  19. Mz. YumYum14

    Mz. YumYum1415 日 前

    Pork is no good to eat....not meant for human consumption! So many Asian dishes filled with pork tho....why???

  20. Kenzie Roos

    Kenzie Roos16 日 前

    "The Cinderella of all dumplings" love that 💕

  21. ERC Gaming

    ERC Gaming18 日 前

    The mapo tofu look like the mapo tofu in shokuge no soma

  22. Li Michelle

    Li Michelle19 日 前

    I think that’s a sichuan restaurant not a Japanese restaurant. None of the dishes were Japanese food.

  23. Iwan Tjam

    Iwan Tjam22 日 前

    It will be good if you can put the name of the restaurant in the video. Have been trying to search it.

  24. Pesehut

    Pesehut23 日 前

    *puts Michelin in the title* Also him: *promotes other restaurant*

  25. Luka xXlunch pail guyXx Doncic

    Luka xXlunch pail guyXx Doncic23 日 前

    please go to michelin star restaurant more often

  26. Luka xXlunch pail guyXx Doncic

    Luka xXlunch pail guyXx Doncic23 日 前

    please go to michelin star restaurant more often

  27. The Random Tube

    The Random Tube24 日 前

    it was great video. the first tea place just kinda feels lame though.. like,, why?

  28. kahopukehau

    kahopukehau24 日 前

    Mapo tofu is good on rice, but I’ve discovered that it’s INSANE on a fresh, raw bed of bean sprouts!

  29. Rockstar Eater

    Rockstar Eater25 日 前

    Not all Michelin Star restaurants are as good as I originally thought. Recently had a suhlungtung in Korea at a restaurant that had two michelin stars, and was just bland all around. But I have faith that those $4 noodles were worth it.

  30. indra tomo

    indra tomo26 日 前

    Totally agree tai hwa is ok only... You can get tai wah michelin noodle with the same taste n less queue in hong lim park centre

  31. Rebecca H

    Rebecca H26 日 前

    You was on my recommendation OMG I’ve subscribed your amazing! 😍

  32. Otaku Gains

    Otaku Gains26 日 前

    Shouts out to anyone who understood the food wars reference

  33. livefortodai

    livefortodai27 日 前

    Does he still have a crew? I always see him alone now.

  34. Che1seabluesdrogba11

    Che1seabluesdrogba1127 日 前

    I just can't get the taste of tofu

  35. Mrkus Cha.

    Mrkus Cha.27 日 前

    You are really an expert in noodles.

  36. Laura Elizabeth

    Laura Elizabeth27 日 前

    I love Yea, and jelly? Lol you're really living the life 💕

  37. what

    what27 日 前

    Why am I watching while fasting

  38. darrendelong

    darrendelong27 日 前

    In Singapore a cheap hawker meal isn't very much different from a Michelin meal. You just have to find the right places.

  39. Michelle s

    Michelle s28 日 前

    FOOD!!! LOVE!!!!

  40. paolo zafra

    paolo zafra28 日 前

    How are you not obese?

  41. Stranger

    Stranger29 日 前

    3:14 this is how he will look while selling some high quality imported weed

  42. Kai

    Kai29 日 前

    whats the song at the start? anyone

  43. sumosumo888

    sumosumo88829 日 前

    Haha .... tai hwa noodles is way overrated. Trust your own tastebuds. Irony is your favorite item are the meatballs.... which are factory made meatballs.....!

  44. TheCutBeautii

    TheCutBeautii29 日 前

    Can't wait to visit next year. I'm strictly going just for the food.

  45. Aiden_Chau

    Aiden_Chau29 日 前

    You need to come to Malaysia next

  46. hmbsit waloc

    hmbsit waloc29 日 前

    Absolutely nothing Australian about that barbeque restaraunt you went to, I'm Aussie I should know and yes I am a great grandfather so I also have the age lol

  47. Wendy Hoe

    Wendy Hoeヶ月 前

    You should try a Fish Noodle Soup at Ang Mo Kio at Singapore for SG $3.50

  48. nuvamusic

    nuvamusicヶ月 前

    Mapo Tofu is not a hard dish at all. As long as you have the right ingredients, cooking it is pretty straightforward

  49. Dallas Nateweyes

    Dallas Nateweyesヶ月 前


  50. Blaise Payne

    Blaise Payneヶ月 前

    I just can't help it I have to watch these then omg I miss living in the city as I live in the Australian bush now and there is no good Asian food places anywhere near me and I miss good noodles and tofu. But the closest good Asian food place is over 2hrs drive away. And when I try to make it myself it's never the same.

  51. Blaise Payne

    Blaise Payneヶ月 前

    Lol that's why to fancy for a real Australian BBQ. Australian BBQ Is very simple but our good quality meats and sea foods are what makes it so special.

  52. Kay Flip

    Kay Flipヶ月 前

    That eel and frois grois on toast sandwich looked insane.

  53. Meow Tow

    Meow Towヶ月 前

    10:07 "This thing tastes better than most kisses I've had in my life." xD

  54. XENOX

    XENOXヶ月 前

    singapore is best asian city tbh, i wanna go there

  55. Aleasha Jellison

    Aleasha Jellisonヶ月 前

    Me: Oo mikey posted!! --One minute later-- 🤤😍🤤😍🤤😍🤤😍🤤😍

  56. Jolene Lin

    Jolene Linヶ月 前

    you have absolutely sold be on dining at "Burnt Ends"! what was the damage? :)

  57. Mounir Draidi

    Mounir Draidiヶ月 前

    I hate how u make me feel hungry but i still watch anyway

  58. Brian Foster

    Brian Fosterヶ月 前

    When’s the next video bro🤔 they get me through some rough times love da channel plus I love food especially the different 7/11 keep up the great work man god bless

  59. declan thompson

    declan thompsonヶ月 前

    how u eat so much XD

  60. Brian Baxter

    Brian Baxterヶ月 前

    OMG how bad for you to leave a tea place to eat BBQ haha. The dry noodles look yummy but can do without the liver.

  61. Khos

    Khosヶ月 前

    eating bananas at 4 am while watching my chigga eat *JUICY MEAT* >:((

  62. Terri Ellis

    Terri Ellisヶ月 前

    "It looks like something that should be deciding which house kids go to at Hogwarts." Dead again.

  63. Rayvon OddBoy

    Rayvon OddBoyヶ月 前

    The intro Allowed is Tasty Yummmski


    SEAL IS EPICヶ月 前

    Do most spicy foods in Singapore

  65. Tso_AmJuno

    Tso_AmJunoヶ月 前

    My teacher just put one of The Run List videos in class and you showed up.

  66. Strumento

    Strumentoヶ月 前

    Do you eat smelly tofu?

  67. EL SPAMS L2

    EL SPAMS L2ヶ月 前

    You know what we're thinking, 20$ for a cup of tea!?!

  68. Myra Veloso

    Myra Velosoヶ月 前

    "All of the mapo tofu it wants to be when it grow up". I'm a zombie because I can't stop watching😱

  69. Myra Veloso

    Myra Velosoヶ月 前

    I'd like to try the sorting hat and the wagyu😍

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    Jelo, Gem & with their Family TVヶ月 前

    love it! pls subscribe to my channel: Jelo, Gem & with their Family TV thank you!love love!

  71. Snaiz

    Snaizヶ月 前

    we need another all u can eat buffe eat, been a while from 1

  72. Boots williams

    Boots williamsヶ月 前

    I love the music you added

  73. Living This Life

    Living This Lifeヶ月 前

    I have stumbled onto amazing food just on streets too!

  74. Claire JR

    Claire JRヶ月 前

  75. Eddie

    Eddieヶ月 前

    Isn't that the Chinese iron chefs son?

  76. Michellesinfuego

    Michellesinfuegoヶ月 前

    Hmmm...L2 make your own video ideas instead of ripping off others

  77. gangstalishis

    gangstalishisヶ月 前

    Is that 20 usd for tea?!

  78. Alphabasaurus

    Alphabasaurusヶ月 前

    Love your videos Mike but you pick the worst music for your videos haha

  79. SW

    SWヶ月 前

    I love how he pairs crazy stalker love songs with food. His true love.

  80. Kathleen Roberts

    Kathleen Robertsヶ月 前

    Is it weird... but the tofu would be go well with the dry dan dan noodles

  81. ryeryesushi

    ryeryesushiヶ月 前

    who else heard the lazarbeam outro

  82. Davaris122

    Davaris122ヶ月 前

    Although expensive for the locals, the Michelin star food was quite affordable for Mikey, I would guess. Thanks for another awesome vid!

  83. Jan Leiner

    Jan Leinerヶ月 前

    One year I'll make the trip to taste all the foods you highlight. One year . . . . . sigh

  84. Craig Zombar

    Craig Zombarヶ月 前

    me want ._.

  85. JustMe

    JustMeヶ月 前

    well I wasn't hungry at the start of the im starving!!!

  86. One Love

    One Loveヶ月 前

    You need your own series on Netflix.

  87. I C

    I Cヶ月 前

    Every time I order in, I watch a Strictly Dumpling video to the food.

  88. Xync

    Xyncヶ月 前

    i’m fasting right now why am i watching this😩

  89. Sachin Shukla

    Sachin Shuklaヶ月 前

    10:06 “This thing tastes better than most kisses I’ve had in my life” weird flex but ok

  90. Rhyday Sadh

    Rhyday Sadhヶ月 前

    why didn't you meet jin hao

  91. daniel Leeteckmeng

    daniel Leeteckmengヶ月 前

    Hi Mike, just a suggestion. Next time when u come to Singapore u can also take a taxi or chartered bus to johor bahru in Malaysia. Singaporeans like to go there for food. Good and cheap seafood and all

  92. Uzair Ghauri

    Uzair Ghauriヶ月 前

    That food wars reference 😂, love the videos 👌🏼

  93. Bre Sams

    Bre Samsヶ月 前

    I love watching this Man Eat😩💕

  94. Salfriel

    Salfrielヶ月 前

    How much did the burnt ends full course cost?

  95. Tony Tng

    Tony Tngヶ月 前

    let me put in very bluntly, 95% of singaporeans do not like all these Michelin hawker stalls, cause we all have our own preferred stalls, these stalls are catered for tourists

  96. Crystalia Gunawan

    Crystalia Gunawanヶ月 前

    Try the Burnt Ends Sanger burger next time 😍👌🏻

  97. Alex Mann

    Alex Mannヶ月 前

    Burnt ends come from KC... but you rock the xtra medium like a champ

  98. Fee fee & OB

    Fee fee & OBヶ月 前

    Getting to live thru you knowing ill never make it there. Thanks 😁

  99. Gg George

    Gg Georgeヶ月 前

    Is Romania on the list of the places to visit? We have a ton of food to tryout!

  100. Ralph Ng

    Ralph Ngヶ月 前

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