Simone Biles Stuns With New Triple Double on Floor | Champions Series Presented By Xfinity


  1. Da best Guy

    Da best Guy3 時間 前

    I don’t think any women will every be able to perform this because some men can’t even do this

  2. Adam Binyamin

    Adam Binyamin3 時間 前

    Lol, I never see non-gymnastics fans in these type of videos comment section. Really amazing how this turned out.

  3. Low Key

    Low Key7 時間 前

    Those genes

  4. Apple Guy For You

    Apple Guy For You9 時間 前

    Gold % FX 100% UB 50% VT 100% BB 75% AA 100% TM 100%

  5. Tereena Stevie Love

    Tereena Stevie Love12 時間 前

    How does she leave the mat at one point and land behind the point where she started?!

  6. ReintroducementMusic

    ReintroducementMusic17 時間 前

    the week junior gang anyone?

  7. Harry Rogerson

    Harry Rogerson22 時間 前

    She is using peds,idiots!



    I could do that

  9. Harry Rogerson

    Harry Rogerson22 時間 前

    So could anyone with the same amount of drugs.

  10. David david

    David david日 前

    I would love to one day watch this exceptional artistry live someone buy me a ticket to tokyo 🤷🏽‍♂️

  11. Sheilaom

    Sheilaom日 前

    wow she is AMAZING... such class you Simone...

  12. James yuck-bopolz

    James yuck-bopolz日 前

    needs a gold crown and a ..... golden scepter!

  13. Bquan Porter

    Bquan Porter日 前

    For people ask why she get so high she has everything in a gymnast that none have while she's about 10ft everyone else is 8ft

  14. Phil F

    Phil F2 日 前

    She was born male. It’s the most glaringly obvious example of a male to female transition athlete in world history besides the Williams sisters.

  15. epiphany

    epiphany日 前

    Phil F how??!?!

  16. PlushieBlushie

    PlushieBlushie2 日 前

    I could never do this because I would probably blank out in the middle of the routine and forget everything lmao

  17. Kristi Rowell

    Kristi Rowell2 日 前

    Tom Brady who? This is what a 🐐 looks like... this is your hero kids 🇺🇸

  18. Kristi Rowell

    Kristi Rowell17 時間 前

    Harry Rogerson get a life dumbass!

  19. Harry Rogerson

    Harry Rogerson22 時間 前

    Get help,freak!

  20. Eloy Miron

    Eloy Miron2 日 前

    That's how I get into bed every night.

  21. TheWolf_E

    TheWolf_E2 日 前

    That girl isn't just fierce - She is a phenomenon 👏👏👏👏👏👏

  22. chris Ez

    chris Ez2 日 前

    What crazy is that the judges that should be viewing the other girl are watching Simone 😂

  23. seer16

    seer162 日 前

    Great tumbler. Can’t stand her ‘dance’. Bring back artistic gymnastics.

  24. Katie Martin

    Katie Martin2 日 前

    Imagine what the judges were thinking when they read she was going to attempt this

  25. Aaron Michael

    Aaron Michael2 日 前

    Ok...shes a real life Xmen or Avenger or whatever I am just blown away. Its unreal!

  26. Timothy Braven

    Timothy Braven2 日 前

    new routine idea: triple double moors biles full front double double

  27. Pipsa Liisa

    Pipsa Liisa2 日 前

    so full of steroids ..cant you people see???`?. Korbut and Mukhina were more beatyful to look at. And Comaneci .what is going wrong these people nowadays?

  28. Kyaw Htat

    Kyaw Htat2 日 前

    So thicc.

  29. Cleo Smith

    Cleo Smith2 日 前

    I wonder if she can do a front roll...

  30. Colleen Rose

    Colleen Rose2 日 前

    Absolute magic.

  31. SweetVibez

    SweetVibez2 日 前

    That female announcer is so true lol😂Someone give her a crown already!!! We get it your amazing Simone Biles!! Lol😂No but in all seriousness your Amazing!!🤘

  32. Тимур Маратулы

    Тимур Маратулы2 日 前

    Чертовски невероятная гимнастка! 👍👍👍

  33. kingslove1

    kingslove12 日 前

    All the young girls around the world that are going to compete in the next Olympics are like no way no chance we going to beat that . just crown her already and make her retire .

  34. Sai Tinson

    Sai Tinson2 日 前

    She literally morphs into a ball of flips and spins and somehow comes out with her feet perfectly at the bottom.

  35. Lacie Hearts

    Lacie Hearts2 日 前

    I kept repeatedly watching this because this performance is soooooooooooo amazingly great!

  36. ALBUMOF2008

    ALBUMOF20082 日 前

    God this music is awful

  37. Westberg M

    Westberg M2 日 前

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  38. Jay Jackson

    Jay Jackson2 日 前

    Some things just boggle your mind and this is one of them...

  39. Benno Lyon

    Benno Lyon2 日 前


  40. sungod64 jrspot64

    sungod64 jrspot643 日 前

    Best ever....

  41. tania wilkes

    tania wilkes3 日 前

    shes the best.

  42. Joel Gomez

    Joel Gomez3 日 前

    😦😯 get it bitchhhh

  43. Fake Shemp

    Fake Shemp3 日 前


  44. Malkia

    Malkia3 日 前

    She gives me chills!

  45. Krissy Ojos Azules Profundos

    Krissy Ojos Azules Profundos3 日 前


  46. Hammer_of_creation

    Hammer_of_creation3 日 前

    She's gotta long ways to go before she tops Shannon miller in medals won.

  47. DashofDiy

    DashofDiy3 日 前

    Hammer_of_creation how much did she have

  48. Ben Snykers

    Ben Snykers3 日 前

    This is beyond crazy.. How far is she able to go?? The only upgrade I would love her to make is to change the Biles I to a Dos Santos II. Imagine how crazy her routine would be!!

  49. Stella Vegas

    Stella Vegas3 日 前

    Eu sempre amei a Daiane dos Santos e pensava que ninguém poderia ser melhor que ela, mas... Simone Biles é a rainha 👑 Ela é simplesmente inacreditável ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  50. Itzahk Pearlman

    Itzahk Pearlman3 日 前


  51. Nuno Maia

    Nuno Maia3 日 前

    she has the grace of a refrigerator tumbling down a crevasse.

  52. Fake Shemp

    Fake Shemp3 日 前


  53. Greg Potter

    Greg Potter3 日 前

    Absolutely amazing athletic ability

  54. Denise Abrams

    Denise Abrams3 日 前

    Simone is awesome very talented💯💯💯💯

  55. Ronnie Joe

    Ronnie Joe3 日 前


  56. Ida Quesada

    Ida Quesada3 日 前

    What she does is miraculous! With God everything is possible!

  57. Khary Armah

    Khary Armah3 日 前

    The 🐐

  58. Serquss

    Serquss3 日 前

    I wouldn't be surprised if Simone Biles had several voicemail messages from Batman.


    TAZADAQ ZAYAN 23 日 前

    HE!!!!!!!! HE!!!!

  60. Stuttgart 2019

    Stuttgart 20193 日 前

    Oh yes - We are looking forward to have Simone at our worlds, when the triple double will official called as "Biles" -:)

  61. puzzlepiecelove

    puzzlepiecelove3 日 前

    I hate the useless fluff they make them do between tumble passes

  62. Hozzy Daemon

    Hozzy Daemon3 日 前

    Wow! Just wow! GO GIRL! 😊👍

  63. Ptao Tom

    Ptao Tom3 日 前

    What's all the dancing and posing supposed to be for? I don't get it.

  64. Sawsen Saleh

    Sawsen Saleh4 日 前


  65. Rock girl

    Rock girl3 日 前

    That move at around 0:22. I cant even do that in my mind.

  66. Stella H

    Stella H4 日 前

    If the heaux in the background really wants to score, they would stop and watch 🤣

  67. Komemba Lohese

    Komemba Lohese4 日 前

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously

  68. Ptao Tom

    Ptao Tom3 日 前

    That was some real life Spider Man superhero shit. I'm impressed....

  69. Battle Wizzard

    Battle Wizzard4 日 前

    Lets see you do that Lebron!

  70. Nadia Follower

    Nadia Follower4 日 前

    Nadia was naturally trained.No handgrips.No spring loaded floors.All natural talent.Biles is on drugs.

  71. Valentena Upton

    Valentena Upton4 日 前

    Queen of Gymnastics!

  72. Nadia Follower

    Nadia Follower4 日 前

    Sorry,that would be Nadia.The code of points was changed for Nadia.7 perfect 10s at age 14.

  73. eatcheesekobe

    eatcheesekobe4 日 前

    i'm no expert but I've watched enough olympics to tell a lot of her moves are very high difficulty; that said, she seems to be losing her balance a lot on the easier routines which suggestion she should also take time to work on her basics again instead of just going for the home run plays

  74. Need you now

    Need you now4 日 前

    Simon Biles is the new American Idol and Hero! Thank you Simone Biles for bringing us Americans a decent good heart'd Hero to admire once again.

  75. Lee McDonagh

    Lee McDonagh4 日 前

    To appreciate the sheer skill of Simone, watch this at 0.5 or 0.25 speed. Incredible!

  76. Dr3aMy

    Dr3aMy4 日 前

    Can't wait until simone does this in the same routine "Moors, triple double, biles with stage jump, and full to double double"

  77. Need you now

    Need you now4 日 前

    Too bad she hates herself

  78. Burial

    Burial4 日 前


  79. Tracy Strong

    Tracy Strong4 日 前

    No one is going to be saying "he/she is the Michael Jordan of..." anymore. They'll be saying "he/she is the Simone Biles of..."

  80. Ali AlMahroos

    Ali AlMahroos日 前



    DeeVaBae CHRONICLES4 日 前

    The rest of the team and world now practicing for silver and bronze medals until Simone retires!

  82. Sam Brazier

    Sam Brazier4 日 前

    I have not seen a single negative comment and honestly an Olympic gold medalist who continues to dominate deserves nothing but praise. Good job everyone!

  83. Areach

    Areach4 日 前

    Get her on the floor and she's trouble. Last week messed around got a triple double.

  84. 00Phat12345

    00Phat123454 日 前

    That move at around 0:22. I cant even do that in my mind.

  85. Ana Cristina Delmiro

    Ana Cristina Delmiro4 日 前

    Para mim ela é perfeita, maravilhosa.

  86. Stephen Durante

    Stephen Durante4 日 前

    i can't even do the simple tumbling properly and there she is rolling rolling like 3 times in the air like whuuuuut!

  87. Karen M

    Karen M4 日 前

    Unreal and yet she's real!!!!!!

  88. Need you now

    Need you now4 日 前


  89. Mister Mann

    Mister Mann4 日 前

    That was some real life Spider Man superhero shit. I'm impressed....

  90. Need you now

    Need you now4 日 前

    This little bundle of energy is truly amazing

  91. Blaiyan

    Blaiyan4 日 前

    What's all the dancing and posing supposed to be for? I don't get it.

  92. Trumpster Bob

    Trumpster Bob4 日 前

    How about starting the Floor routine with a standing double back then into getting ready for the 1st pass. Would that be okay in the Olympics? Could be the number 5 Biles move :)

  93. Trumpster Bob

    Trumpster Bob9 時間 前

    @Rock girl Sexy has nothing to do with it. Yes she is sexy, however for the everyday American it is and should not be about sexy but rather her simply being great.

  94. Trumpster Bob

    Trumpster Bob4 日 前

    @Rock girl I want and dream of owning a painting of her and a house to set it in.

  95. Rock girl

    Rock girl4 日 前

    So Sexxy!

  96. DukRishele

    DukRishele4 日 前

    Это фармакологическое чудовище ещё не забанили?

  97. SPLÄ$H GØD

    SPLÄ$H GØD5 日 前

    Too bad she hates herself

  98. Rock girl

    Rock girl4 日 前

    c'mon: even i can do a better jumping split