Simba Birth Scene - Circle of Life Song - THE LION KING (2019) Movie CLIP HD


  1. Bryana Firon

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    Can you stop playing the fucking trailer at the end of your like 30 second clips.

  3. Zainal Abdul

    Zainal Abdul日 前

    so. cut

  4. Zainal Abdul

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  5. basavaraj agasadavar

    basavaraj agasadavar2 日 前

    Super vd in movie

  6. Anakin SkyWalker

    Anakin SkyWalker3 日 前

    Wow, baby Simba is just as adorable in this version as he is in the original.

  7. Rafael ustinov

    Rafael ustinov5 日 前

    Soooo cute lion

  8. SleekPainter02

    SleekPainter025 日 前

    Pegaram o leão errado isso e uma fêmea

  9. ayya asyifa

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  10. Great idea

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    Film the lion kikg 2019/Full with high quality/HD+4K

  11. Ritu Chhetri

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    Love this😊😊😊😊🥰🤩🥰

  12. Rayn Sannu

    Rayn Sannu11 日 前

    In this movie the most emotional scene is mufasa's death who have cried while seeing this scene hit a like

  13. Jason Khawaja

    Jason Khawaja11 日 前

    WTF Why is Rafiqi Sitting and than raising Simba 😂😂😂😂

  14. Nigel Overman

    Nigel Overman11 日 前

    I don't like lion King I am Nigel his kid

  15. Nigel Overman

    Nigel Overman11 日 前

    I don't like the lion King

  16. anh huynh tuan

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    Ha chau phi Vietnam u23 Vietnam

  17. Branimir Vukovic

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    my life

  18. jessa lopez

    jessa lopez15 日 前

    So cute

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    Full movie at

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  24. Tyler Smith

    Tyler Smith15 日 前

    At least it looks real

  25. Nur Saifi

    Nur Saifi16 日 前

    After the ceremony: All animals run because mufasa searching for food

  26. Samara Rayner Johnson

    Samara Rayner Johnson16 日 前

    i cried at the beginning of this movie, i knew I was going to struggle haha

  27. kakkatorvi 666

    kakkatorvi 66616 日 前

    rip amazon

  28. Alexa Yuki Moon

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    Woah in real is the Lion King so amazing 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  29. Pace Maker

    Pace Maker19 日 前

    He is really King. He can literally EAT any of those animals including the elephants. Size doesn't matter to him. He eats what he wants. How majestic!

  30. Msp foxygirl

    Msp foxygirl19 日 前

    I love this movie

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  32. Fritz De Lima

    Fritz De Lima20 日 前

    Original: ha savanah Fake: ha Simba

  33. Keyla Deandra putri

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  34. lina ka mintak sequisi ka Indhie

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  35. Hacker Pubg

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    Tik tok?😂

  36. Dajerf Kamel

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  37. richardbhaenson

    richardbhaenson22 日 前

    The reason because the animals are kneeing before Simba is because Pumbaa farted

  38. Boniface Tama

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  39. Fghh Ghj

    Fghh Ghj22 日 前

    Wo lion king

  40. Romadoni Khan

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    Giovani khan

  41. Jayne Crevier

    Jayne Crevier23 日 前

    Love the circle of life

  42. Jayne Crevier

    Jayne Crevier23 日 前

    Lion King is my favorite movie

  43. Drita Dgwyw

    Drita Dgwyw24 日 前

    😱 Omg

  44. Tjen Broun

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    We have a threat Oh scrap that thats my own shadow 😂😝

  45. Prabakaran A

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    Very super

  46. Raleigh Freschi

    Raleigh Freschi26 日 前

    I have never seen the lion king

  47. L A

    L A26 日 前

    If you are looking for the nostalgia of the original film this won't do. They tried to keep some of the original dialogue and songs but is not enough. The only thing i actually enjoy sadly enough are timon and pumbaa. Seth Rogen did a great pumbaa. Overall this film is much darker than the first, i wouldnt recommend for young children

  48. fidel ramirez

    fidel ramirez26 日 前

    😢 i love it

  49. Trinav Saloi

    Trinav Saloi27 日 前

    I am going to watch this movie tomorrow ❤ 😍 😘 😍🦁🦁🦁

  50. Lakshana Seethapah

    Lakshana Seethapah27 日 前

    Simba's baby is very cute

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    Emma gacha27 日 前

    SIMBA !!!!

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    shut up

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    Efsaneydi ya ama o ani var ya dusuyor sonra neyse izleyenler bilir alamisdim ya

  56. Hana Calvaro

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    *Exclusive! The Lion King (Animation, 2019)* film Available ~ *Simba:* You can't win, Scar! *Scar:* This is my kingdom! My destiny!

  57. Blue Jade

    Blue Jade28 日 前

    Rafiki drop simba

  58. Anthony Bundy

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    I feel like this is just a big tech demo

  59. big sonic fan gamer

    big sonic fan gamer28 日 前

    This came out on my birthday

  60. zivile zivile

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    I watched the movie in the cinema

  61. Im playng Roblox ;-;

    Im playng Roblox ;-;29 日 前

    I wached this full movie today i was like: awwwwww horlwncüfõw9wkg xmd0ang xkd

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    Fuck off, you gacha user

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    When I get new shoes