Simba Birth Scene - Circle of Life Song - THE LION KING (2019) Movie CLIP HD


  1. Heyimbee :3

    Heyimbee :33 日 前

    *The kings child* " *Simba* "

  2. Srna Boskovic

    Srna Boskovic6 日 前

    Simba:wuttttttt Me:wutttttt

  3. Venkatesh Sadiyam

    Venkatesh Sadiyam9 日 前

    I hope , my next life will be like this.when I see this movie I am dreaming this life

  4. Maria Belabbas Year 10 Rawmarsh

    Maria Belabbas Year 10 Rawmarsh9 日 前


  5. Alucard J.B M.P

    Alucard J.B M.P9 日 前

    Whatever people say, I absolutely loved this remake. People are complaining it was too real and because of that the characters' emotions are no longer there. As soon as they announced they'are making a National Geographic-esque remake, this was exactly what I was expecting. I expected they would abandon the exaggerated human facial expressions seen in the original. And because of this expectation, I wasn't disappointed after watching the movie. I'm just surprised peeple going to the cinemas really expected a theatrical Scar, characters raising their eyebrows like humans do, etc. It was just a different experience. We have the original cartoon-version (which still IS a better version), and then we have this version. Still, I love both of them :) One thing though I have to admit. The original Lion King is my favourite animated movie ever, Aladdin being numer #2. With the remakes it's reverse: I think I like the Aladdin remake better (probably because of the reinvented stuff they added in).

  6. Anna Vasquez

    Anna Vasquez11 日 前

    this is one of my fav cartoon movie. . And been watch over and over on A VHS Tv. Remembering Dumbo, beautyandthebeasts, pinnochio. mickey mouse Iam so into disney cartoon. :-)

  7. sasanka addepalli

    sasanka addepalli12 日 前

    94 lion King is ever green

  8. pankaj singh

    pankaj singh12 日 前

    Hindi me

  9. Ashok Kunar

    Ashok Kunar13 日 前

    The lion king full movie

  10. Denzelle Iawphniaw

    Denzelle Iawphniaw13 日 前

    Lion king part 1 1994 better than copied 2019

  11. • Fallen Lunar •

    • Fallen Lunar •14 日 前


  12. I am a pet lover

    I am a pet lover15 日 前


  13. Suzy4life

    Suzy4life17 日 前

    I love how his PREY is Bowing to him its so funny

  14. Yoshi Gaming

    Yoshi Gaming18 日 前

    I watched it already and I enjoyed it so much

  15. Marky Onfire

    Marky Onfire18 日 前

    i think Shere Khan can kill them all

  16. Noe Baez

    Noe Baez20 日 前

    😥😥😥yo no te 3 minutos para Galaxy note y que 3no te aviso a jugar

  17. Senthil Kumar

    Senthil Kumar22 日 前


  18. Emily Tan

    Emily Tan24 日 前

    simba is so cute 🦁😙

  19. Carolin Ehrke

    Carolin Ehrke26 日 前

    Kommissar Rex


    LOLO STAR27 日 前


  21. thipe memory

    thipe memory29 日 前

    So hurtful 😭

  22. JO JO

    JO JO29 日 前

    King of the beasts 🦁



    So cute the baby lion omg

  24. James x9

    James x9ヶ月 前

    Watched movie in Hindi though 👍

  25. Sylvester Wood

    Sylvester Woodヶ月 前

    Well i wouldn't trsde another life time here on Earth for the Origanl Vhs Version. Unless my guides sent me directly back. Disney should get shut down for this mess. Anf i mean it. We havr a problem with theresa Caputo fot being An 80s baby. But not for wbat theh did to the all time Classic Lion King. And i knoe for a fact they're about to try it With , Simbas Pride. 😞😞.

  26. Van Nguyen

    Van Nguyenヶ月 前

    Khi nào mới có phim mn

  27. GOLDEN SmilE

    GOLDEN SmilEヶ月 前

    HOW to download this movie come to my channel and download this movie

  28. Doniefel Vailoces Esparcia

    Doniefel Vailoces Esparciaヶ月 前

    It became realistic but less emotion. Not funny anymore unlike the previous lion king

  29. ACupOfWater

    ACupOfWaterヶ月 前

    Second best disney remake after The Jungle Book. Id go as far to say that the JB remake is better than the original. Just my opinion. Nothing beats the original Lion King.

  30. Krishna Nath

    Krishna Nathヶ月 前

    full movie plz

  31. P.Murthi Murthi.P

    P.Murthi Murthi.Pヶ月 前

    Example:lion king

  32. P.Murthi Murthi.P

    P.Murthi Murthi.Pヶ月 前

    Bahubali is a copied film

  33. Eli Eli

    Eli Eliヶ月 前

    why this movie promotes INCEST for children?

  34. Emerald 8XG

    Emerald 8XG28 日 前

    Eli Eli why do you think we are gonna take this as a sign that incest is okay lmao. We arent so retarded . Stop, please. Please .

  35. Eli Eli

    Eli Eli29 日 前

    @Emerald 8XG no

  36. Emerald 8XG

    Emerald 8XG29 日 前

    Eli Eli oh shut up

  37. Sri Latha

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  38. Candy Ain

    Candy Ainヶ月 前

    Simba are cuteee!

  39. Tata béo Tata

    Tata béo Tataヶ月 前

    So cute

  40. Wonder Works Auto

    Wonder Works Autoヶ月 前

    so they are happy that the lion is going to grow up and eat them?

  41. Moncef Bayoudh

    Moncef Bayoudhヶ月 前

  42. Tardar Sauce

    Tardar Sauceヶ月 前

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  43. ACupOfWater

    ACupOfWaterヶ月 前

    **ray tracing on**

  44. Suresh Krishna

    Suresh Krishnaヶ月 前

    Nice 😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😄😄😄😄😄

  45. Abdel Laayouni

    Abdel Laayouniヶ月 前

    9alou nassharo 2omo maryame zaniyatane na9oulo oimaryame nokafilo oi3ala jodou3i nakhli nossalibo oilmoumina oirassoulo

  46. Gacha puppy34 34

    Gacha puppy34 34ヶ月 前

    When I went to see Lion king I was shoked bc when rafiki Pick up Simba I was clapping woohoo Simba

  47. Paola Ception

    Paola Ceptionヶ月 前

    I wanna fucking CRY

  48. Chaitra chinnu

    Chaitra chinnuヶ月 前

    Can anyone give the link to watch, please

  49. Jeanne Dazo

    Jeanne Dazoヶ月 前

    a sabania

  50. Moncef Bayoudh

    Moncef Bayoudhヶ月 前

  51. sudha girish

    sudha girishヶ月 前

    Show the movie man

  52. Daria maria picanta

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  53. x ax

    x axヶ月 前

    اكو عرب بالغابة😂😂😂😂😂😂😁

  54. Pankaj Bhagat

    Pankaj Bhagatヶ月 前

    You tube main upload Nahi hai ye movie

  55. Nflixpoop 1234

    Nflixpoop 1234ヶ月 前

    The live action was great...but nothing can replace the iconic animated movie....that's just childhood...

  56. Albert nongkynrih

    Albert nongkynrihヶ月 前

    Even the action also like in cartoon

  57. SlimeBy Sharah

    SlimeBy Sharahヶ月 前

    I came for the crack head antelope 😂

  58. Noor Ali

    Noor Ali2 ヶ月 前

    मुबी भेज सकते हैं

  59. Bri ana

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  60. MentoClick Trailers and Clips

    MentoClick Trailers and Clips2 ヶ月 前

    Can you stop playing the fucking trailer at the end of your like 30 second clips.

  61. Zainal Abdul

    Zainal Abdul2 ヶ月 前

    so. cut

  62. Zainal Abdul

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  63. basavaraj agasadavar

    basavaraj agasadavar2 ヶ月 前

    Super vd in movie

  64. Anakin SkyWalker

    Anakin SkyWalker2 ヶ月 前

    Wow, baby Simba is just as adorable in this version as he is in the original.

  65. Rafael Logan

    Rafael Logan2 ヶ月 前

    Soooo cute lion