1. AVZ

    AVZ3 時間 前

    Yo, what's up guys🔥 I create trap/hiphop type beats, and i would be so pleased i y'all come check them out

  2. Joshua Smart

    Joshua Smart3 時間 前

    first girl was peng

  3. D17 Gaming

    D17 Gaming4 時間 前

    I’m confused why they call Ethan Nigerian

  4. Ayzzz 1

    Ayzzz 14 時間 前

    What did KSI say 43:22

  5. Brock Holder

    Brock Holder5 時間 前

    6:20 wtf is Toby doing with a mop😂

  6. eshayyy

    eshayyy6 時間 前


  7. Todd Thomas

    Todd Thomas7 時間 前

    9:40 it’s Logan Paul’s friend evan

  8. Olsi Does minecraft and game

    Olsi Does minecraft and game7 時間 前

    I bet the sidemen won’t pin this

  9. 정우영

    정우영8 時間 前

    @14:10 babatundae lol

  10. cheerio boi

    cheerio boi8 時間 前

    Ksi is a..WHO WROTE THIS!?

  11. Zoldeng

    Zoldeng10 時間 前

    19:37 what was jj gonna say?

  12. lαυяα яσѕє

    lαυяα яσѕє10 時間 前

    Jj and Simon can get it👌🏻

  13. Kendra J. Robertson

    Kendra J. Robertson12 時間 前

    When he said "what kind of bagels can fly" it took me 😩😩😩😂😂😭😭😭

  14. 루시우스

    루시우스17 時間 前

    Kate was older than than all of them. The one who is closest to her by age is 4 years younger.

  15. kcxq

    kcxq17 時間 前

    What part is babatundr

  16. Spitfire Esports

    Spitfire Esports18 時間 前

    42:53 vik: yeah I was in a fight with 2 bears and I won obviously. And 1 managed to rip my arm off but I grew it back because I’m so power full

  17. EG steyn

    EG steyn19 時間 前

    I'm south african

  18. Grad Nk

    Grad Nk20 時間 前

    the one That has worked i believe is only :- *GETHACKS. NET* (Remove Spaces) 👻

  19. hrishikesh pingle

    hrishikesh pingle21 時間 前

    17:48 what did she say? Please someone !translate

  20. Yash Bangde

    Yash Bangde21 時間 前

    17:48 what does the girl says ? Its so vague

  21. The Exterminator

    The Exterminator23 時間 前

    Behz was soo rude to soo many people in this video. :/

  22. Hodshaシ

    Hodshaシ23 時間 前

    11:11 *i cried when she said she doesent know what minecraft is*

  23. ヽマッテェh e i k a

    ヽマッテェh e i k a日 前

    That orange justice tho....

  24. kenzie !!

    kenzie !!日 前

    47:13 she honestly seems like she wants people for their looks and body. kinda disrespectful especially to the last guy 😬🤭

  25. Shahin Jamal

    Shahin Jamal日 前


  26. toxic gamer

    toxic gamer日 前

    The one girl looks like Sonya blade from mortal kombat

  27. Mookka4

    Mookka4日 前

    22:12 jj got hypnotised

  28. Mookka4

    Mookka4日 前

    25:22 this is why I love jj

  29. Jev

    Jev日 前

    Calling jj broke is like calling bill gates poor

  30. Noodles_BITCH! Wowoman

    Noodles_BITCH! Wowoman日 前

    My face hurts from laughing 😂

  31. akaTyler

    akaTyler日 前

    Why is every single girl in Britain a fuckin cake face. Every girl on here had an average of 3.5 pounds of makeup on their face

  32. Zoik

    Zoik日 前

    Can Vikk not be in the next one please? He is literally the cringiest member in the sidemen and constantly talk about Fortnite 💀

  33. The Game

    The Game日 前

    50:55 sounds like a english problem 😂😂😂

  34. Benedict_Strange 75

    Benedict_Strange 75日 前

    14:13 and 43:19 I laughed for one hour straight 😂🤣🤣💀

  35. Alan Munger

    Alan Munger日 前

    Gold digggaaaaaaa

  36. Mubin Miah

    Mubin Miah日 前

    19:40 funniest moment

  37. mochiii ?

    mochiii ?13 時間 前

    Mubin Miah I don’t get the joke

  38. UglyBoii Greedy

    UglyBoii Greedy日 前

    Omg 44:09 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 that had me so dead lmao



    i told my mom the rime and she slapet me

  40. ArmedFireball32

    ArmedFireball32日 前

    JJs face at 26:36

  41. Charlie Rickitt

    Charlie Rickitt日 前

    24:48 - thank me later

  42. Himanshu Dhakal

    Himanshu Dhakal日 前


  43. Koala Kookie

    Koala Kookie日 前

    14:13 🤣😂🤣🤣😂😂 😭 😅

  44. Duje Ahnetović

    Duje Ahnetović2 日 前

    31:20 My 90s on Fortnite are fking cracked :))))))

  45. Emmanuel Amoah

    Emmanuel Amoah2 日 前

    Harry is just plain boring in the second series but everyone else digs his lines somehow..smh

  46. Fengfeng Liu

    Fengfeng Liu2 日 前

    The poem they wrote for harry🤷‍♀️🤣

  47. Maple Night

    Maple Night2 日 前

    Thought it said Spider-Man tinder

  48. hervin 1407

    hervin 14072 日 前

    22:45 JJ's reaction tho😂😂

  49. Juvia Lockser

    Juvia Lockser2 日 前

    the emma girl was so cute

  50. Wallabee Beetles

    Wallabee Beetles2 日 前

    Can anyone tell me the brand of shoes Zerkaa is wearing?

  51. deadbloom

    deadbloom2 日 前


  52. Lo Woah

    Lo Woah2 日 前

    Those white guys are not funny at all

  53. Lanie Petersen

    Lanie Petersen2 日 前

    Every college student in the US wears socks and sandals to class. Lmao

  54. Ryguygamer 34

    Ryguygamer 342 日 前

    harry is the hero we need but dont deserve

  55. Lyla

    Lyla2 日 前

    is this the whole video ?

  56. free netflix

    free netflix2 日 前

    These guys are all cheesy af. This was so cringe. Like fr that’s how they speak to women ew.

  57. trainer getready

    trainer getready2 日 前

    24:49 26:26

  58. They Call Me Stove

    They Call Me Stove2 日 前

    Is nobody gonna talk about how fit the 2nd girl is

  59. Kyle Wilson

    Kyle Wilson2 日 前

    When the three nigeririans started to dance i thought it would start raining

  60. Kyle Wilson

    Kyle Wilson2 日 前

    I woke everone in my house at 3 am with that ketimine line

  61. Mia

    Mia2 日 前