1. Carlos Padilla Paz

    Carlos Padilla Paz時間 前


  2. Carlos Padilla Paz

    Carlos Padilla Paz時間 前


  3. MelønGãchã

    MelønGãchã6 時間 前

    Sideblox: Sidemen play Roblox 🌚

  4. Georyl gino

    Georyl gino2 日 前

    I wonder where the centremen are? 😂😂🤔

  5. ATS

    ATS2 日 前

    I’m about to do some el chapo shit 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  6. Tweasy

    Tweasy4 日 前

    “I’ve got a small one” -JJ 2019

  7. Patrick Star/oneworld123

    Patrick Star/oneworld1234 日 前

    Wonder if ksi has a bigger forehead in minecraft

  8. Ebrahim Alsabbagh

    Ebrahim Alsabbagh7 日 前

    Part 2?????

  9. Ebrahim Alsabbagh

    Ebrahim Alsabbagh7 日 前

    Part 2?????

  10. Chill Music/gaming

    Chill Music/gaming7 日 前

    JJ set a record on Minecraft for mining to bedrock with a mushroom

  11. Eduardo Montoya

    Eduardo Montoya8 日 前

    8:58 I live in Mexico and this was jokes

  12. Mishal John

    Mishal John9 日 前

    No one: Not even a single soul: Harry: dont touch my vik Very wholesome tbh🥰🥰

  13. datass i

    datass i10 日 前

    2009 anyone?

  14. Y0UR M0M

    Y0UR M0M10 日 前

    Yo where’s harry

  15. Y0UR M0M

    Y0UR M0M10 日 前

    Oof never mind

  16. Charli’s Channel

    Charli’s Channel10 日 前

    KSI going after Logan’s audience much?

  17. Phillip Muhlig

    Phillip Muhlig13 日 前

    KSI = biggest minecraft noob ever 🤣

  18. AG

    AG14 日 前

    Me with 10000 hours of minecraft praying to god while watching them play...

  19. Baby Tittus

    Baby Tittus15 日 前

    7:37 Aww 🥰

  20. Samuel Godwin

    Samuel Godwin16 日 前

    9:28 reflexes r on point

  21. Ice wallow Come

    Ice wallow Come18 日 前

    KSI:How u got a sword?! Vikk:I built it Me:*builds my skin* KSI:HOW U GOT A SKIN

  22. dairy milk

    dairy milk19 日 前

    Idk but like 10:50 brought back alot of memories

  23. hyprr gamrr

    hyprr gamrr19 日 前

    *Give the black man a sword, and he will hunt for a day* *Teach him how to make a sword, and he’ll do absolutely fuck all*

  24. JHolland

    JHolland20 日 前

    THis series was so damn good

  25. Games 4ever LP

    Games 4ever LP20 日 前

    Fam i have been digging for so long.😂😂😂im dying

  26. Jonathan Rubio

    Jonathan Rubio21 日 前

    9:00 fuck this I'm doing some El Chapo shit

  27. molly page

    molly page21 日 前

    jj digging all the way to bedrock with no pickaxe😭

  28. NUbs season

    NUbs season23 日 前

    kSi: mining stone with a mushroom Me: TIGRED

  29. Pokemon Lover

    Pokemon Lover25 日 前

    Watching jj play is like watching a toddler with arthritis try and draw a perfect circle it’s painful

  30. Senka Rizvanovic

    Senka Rizvanovic25 日 前

    Fuck you ksi

  31. Ebebhehehjw hhshehjwjwjw

    Ebebhehehjw hhshehjwjwjw26 日 前

    Just went down to bedrock lol

  32. Ihoopvsnipe897 Roblox boi

    Ihoopvsnipe897 Roblox boi26 日 前

    Come on man teach the black man how to play Minecraft bro

  33. Tribute Videos

    Tribute Videos26 日 前

    I beg for pt 2 with different teams

  34. Jamie Ryan

    Jamie Ryan28 日 前

    Omg i know why jj won ksi vs Logan Paul he trained with all that mining

  35. jj tube gaming ph

    jj tube gaming ph28 日 前

    That's funny

  36. john michael embile

    john michael embile28 日 前

    Part 5

  37. TOX1C.Xact1v3

    TOX1C.Xact1v329 日 前

    JJ “y u going into the woods man” Tobi disappears 😦

  38. Adam The Gamer

    Adam The Gamerヶ月 前

    When I see retards playing Minecraft with a ok person who play Minecraft and I oops skskskskskskskssksk I wish I was never born

  39. Abyss Gully

    Abyss Gullyヶ月 前

    i feel like vik is the only one thats taking this seriously

  40. Davinder Kaur

    Davinder Kaurヶ月 前

    Fuck you duck you



    whydont they play pubg