1. Cipher

    Cipher17 時間 前

    When toby made a dick out of wood in minecraft lmao

  2. Y-playz _21

    Y-playz _2118 時間 前

    Ksi is a kid

  3. Raul Cordero

    Raul Cordero19 時間 前

    What mod does Vick have

  4. Freddie Keller

    Freddie Keller22 時間 前

    JJ over here mining with a mushroom😂😂

  5. ferveo

    ferveo日 前

    Harry's FOV

  6. RDopey 03

    RDopey 03日 前

    10:28 no one gonna talk about harrys pvp skills

  7. Jason's cribout

    Jason's cribout日 前

    play gta online

  8. TWF

    TWF日 前

    no one: absolutely no one: jj: AY YOOO AY

  9. Grandeloveyuh

    Grandeloveyuh日 前

    JJ Digging all the way down to bedrock with his fist is actually rather impressive

  10. XD Gabrielle

    XD Gabrielle日 前

    Why doesnt ethan fight against tobi he's a pu*sy

  11. The Gaymers

    The Gaymers日 前

    my mans went to bedrock w a mushroom lmao

  12. didit4thememe lel

    didit4thememe lel日 前

    aye why that nigga vik have night vision

  13. Creeper McCreepin

    Creeper McCreepin日 前

    How are the sidemen ALWAYS so funny lol jj digging with his fists

  14. Lackîng

    Lackîng日 前

    What is vik using to make his game so light when it is nighttime

  15. Mikala Bucklin

    Mikala Bucklin日 前

    This video is Vik and OG Pack member attempting to teach noobs how to play a simple game.

  16. RaidZ

    RaidZ日 前

    Bruh vik has that night vision

  17. Semmyd27

    Semmyd27日 前

    Btw, JJ is soo fake, it's too obvious!

  18. Semmyd27

    Semmyd27日 前

    I love how Vikkram is the only one with good gamma! 😂😂

  19. POG

    POG日 前

    Vikstarr using hacks

  20. k l

    k l日 前

    Vik is finally relevant. No hate tho

  21. Kainobi

    Kainobi日 前

    Honestly hope you feel like shit when you realise you should never say that about people. Imagine if you got told after time that you’re finally relevant, that shit hurts after all the effort you put into being a good guy, respect him more and respect that good guys can be introverted, nobody’s irrelevant. You can say things like “They’re finally doing something that Vik’s good at” but what you’ve said is just too personally harsh

  22. Zoiids

    Zoiids日 前

    hahahahah! Digs himself 200m down -> WTF!? I cant jump up! xD

  23. tom p

    tom p日 前

    no jokes, swear jj has something up with him.

  24. ur mum 69

    ur mum 69日 前

    JJ playing Minecraft got me dead 🤣🤣💀

  25. aSean aSean

    aSean aSean日 前

    Lmao. I saw a PewDiePie-G Fuel ad

  26. Viththakhan RAVI

    Viththakhan RAVI日 前

    We should stop talking about vikk and josh being the legends in Minecraft, as we should talk about jj as he dug to bedrock with a mushroom A MUSHROOM

  27. Hadidawi Akrami

    Hadidawi Akrami日 前

    Bruv jjs playing minecraft what a surprise

  28. Roblox Louise

    Roblox Louise2 日 前

    How does JJ not know how to play Minecraft

  29. normal person

    normal person2 日 前

    JJ is me when I'm playing with my friends

  30. Seahawks 12

    Seahawks 122 日 前

    The rest of team A: Arguing over buckets JJ stuck in hole: wtf!? I can't jump

  31. Seahawks 12

    Seahawks 122 日 前

    No one: Harry where are you? I'm building a house

  32. Seahawks 12

    Seahawks 122 日 前

    Do UHC

  33. Chickin _Tender

    Chickin _Tender2 日 前


  34. Mich Diak

    Mich Diak3 日 前

    JJ digging down, not finding lava. Me: Wait... that's illegal

  35. BondoCondoYT

    BondoCondoYT3 日 前

    yo i would love to pvp vikk

  36. Alex Arispe

    Alex Arispe3 日 前


  37. JemGeekChic

    JemGeekChic3 日 前

    JJ using a mushroom to mine gives me life



    I can’t believe the fact that the boxing champ of JPreporter is playing minecaft ahha

  39. Itzz Medi

    Itzz Medi3 日 前

    Pewdiepie and Ken: strugglin trying to make a cobblestone generator JJ putting two sticks together: Hold my beer

  40. Pierre Basta

    Pierre Basta3 日 前

    9:38 that Vikk laugh 😭😭😭😭

  41. LegwanBruh

    LegwanBruh3 日 前

    who the fuck makes wooden sword

  42. venomsnake53

    venomsnake534 日 前

    vik and ksi role basically switch in minecraft from real life

  43. rebekah swales

    rebekah swales4 日 前


  44. Mohammed hussain

    Mohammed hussain4 日 前

    Diamond pickaxe: u can’t defeat me Gold pickaxe: I know but he can Red mushroom explodes behind

  45. Wolfy Playz

    Wolfy Playz4 日 前

    Well we "ALL" knows whos the best at minecraft and worst (vik best, ksi aka jj worst) 🤣

  46. Daarky

    Daarky4 日 前


  47. HydraBoss120

    HydraBoss1204 日 前

    yo vikk out here cheatin with that brightness

  48. ヅKaydargg

    ヅKaydargg4 日 前



    TALL MIDGET4 日 前

    When he puts it too deep 10:49

  50. l3thalX

    l3thalX3 日 前


  51. Ben Routh

    Ben Routh4 日 前

    Vik cheating with the gamma.😃

  52. rhys Pound

    rhys Pound4 日 前

    jj i nearly pissed my self when he was stuck

  53. YRCKZ

    YRCKZ5 日 前

    You guys should do this version on the forest

  54. THG RYCE

    THG RYCE5 日 前

    Anyone realized it’s the white skin vs dark skin team

  55. Milooue

    Milooue5 日 前

    no one is giving a fuck about jj it is so fucking funny i love it

  56. Karlin David

    Karlin David5 日 前

    16:28 funniest bit

  57. Khyan Cooper

    Khyan Cooper5 日 前

    Anyone else so trigged on how half of their screens are so dark so u can’t see anything

  58. Klutch

    Klutch5 日 前

    1 minute ago 8.8k comments Lamps.

  59. ZestyZero

    ZestyZero6 日 前

    how did vikk have a lighter screen ?

  60. Will Day

    Will Day6 日 前

    They need to get lighting like vik

  61. wenloseN

    wenloseN6 日 前

    My man JJ really dug himself to bedrock with his hands and a red mushroom

  62. brim stone

    brim stone6 日 前

    "FUCK THIS I'M DOING SOME EL CHAPO SHIT" lmfao😹😹😹😹😹😝😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  63. Evan Alyas

    Evan Alyas6 日 前

    Poor JJ😂😂😂😂😊😂😂😂😂😂❤❤❤❤❤❤😉

  64. Parker Newlin

    Parker Newlin6 日 前

    This is hard to watch lmao

  65. Theresidentevilfanatic HD

    Theresidentevilfanatic HD6 日 前

    Mad how zerkka still has the same skin from like 6 years ago

  66. Eoghan

    Eoghan6 日 前

    Tobi at night; Can barely see a tree Vikk at night: Nah it’s still day

  67. Genesis B.

    Genesis B.6 日 前

    Vik has a night vision mod lmao

  68. Water Sheep

    Water Sheep6 日 前

    honestly, vic ruins most of the sidemen videos

  69. Abhishek Upadhyay

    Abhishek Upadhyay6 日 前

    Can you guys play ark

  70. Calum Magee

    Calum Magee6 日 前

    Fuck sidemen go back to crossbar challenge pewdiepie is the real mind craft MVP

  71. Isaac Cauchi

    Isaac Cauchi6 日 前

    Do more

  72. Isaac Cauchi

    Isaac Cauchi6 日 前

    Keep doing this

  73. GP

    GP6 日 前


  74. Jennifer Brown

    Jennifer Brown6 日 前

    Can you all post your own Minecraft videos with y’all playing together 😭

  75. 69MEMEKID

    69MEMEKID6 日 前

    Mans mined down to bedrock with bare fists


    SAINT SWISH7 日 前

    And they just laughing at him like at least show him how to make a damn pick axe


    SAINT SWISH7 日 前

    Just show ksi more this shitty ass group would get more views 😂😂😂😂💯💯💯💯


    SAINT SWISH7 日 前

    I could careless about the sideman I'm only here to watch KSI nobody funny but him the rest just weird looking UK mfs

  79. Seahawks 12

    Seahawks 122 日 前


  80. True Gamer

    True Gamer7 日 前

    8:00 wtf is that noise harry

  81. shedumaster playz

    shedumaster playz7 日 前


  82. Jamie K

    Jamie K7 日 前


  83. I fEEL OBjEctiFIED

    I fEEL OBjEctiFIED7 日 前

    Remember when Vikk was fighting the zombies and Harry killed like three in a row and then he just got demolished from behind by the skeleton