Sidemen - Merry Merry Christmas Ft. Jme & LayZ (Official Music Video)


  1. MoreSidemen

    MoreSidemen5 ヶ月 前

    Sidemen Make A Song In 24 Hours Challenge

  2. miawan1981

    miawan1981日 前


  3. miawan1981

    miawan19813 日 前

    Lit diss lol no song

  4. progamereesa

    progamereesa6 日 前

    Billy Moore i i. Io ioiiii ioiiiiii. Io ioiii ioiiiiiiioiiii Ioi ioiiii ioi io ioiii ioiiii ioiiiiiiioiii ioiiiiiiioiiiii

  5. Thomas Duguid

    Thomas Duguid10 日 前


  6. Thomas Duguid

    Thomas Duguid10 日 前


  7. Love Trolling

    Love Trolling3 時間 前

    Harry predicted right, recent rap video josh said he like little boys

  8. Bravo Six

    Bravo Six4 時間 前

    Imagine having a normal day in 2016-17 and then someone from the future Says that Ethans say Ksi is Fat

  9. ruby thegamer

    ruby thegamer4 時間 前

    No one attacked Ethan in this but Harry and vik got each other

  10. Lilmaster

    Lilmaster5 時間 前

    Like: Merry Merry Christmas Comment: The gift

  11. Fin Lux

    Fin Lux7 時間 前

    Anyone else think that at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="152">2:32</a> jme kinda looks like black a johnny dep

  12. HJL

    HJL10 時間 前

    I only watch this for Harry’s part

  13. Kaisser

    Kaisser11 時間 前


  14. 10k No subs

    10k No subs12 時間 前

    Who came here just for Harry



    Why the guy in thumbnail looklike baldski

  16. Michael Linn

    Michael Linn12 時間 前

    Ethan kinda went off on jj

  17. X_ZgLiTcH _X

    X_ZgLiTcH _X14 時間 前

    This song got a million more views than gifts

  18. Blob Bob

    Blob Bob17 時間 前

    Is it just me or does Ethan sound like he doesn’t want to be there compared to all the others

  19. vive_ gr

    vive_ gr18 時間 前

    I love Ethan's voice 😍

  20. Sleepy

    Sleepy日 前

    I like Ethan’s lazy flow

  21. Shotlander

    Shotlander日 前

    Vik’s now getting chicken dinner on warzone

  22. Minecraft Police

    Minecraft Police日 前


  23. zurkhan cristonous

    zurkhan cristonous日 前

    jme the best uk rapper besides tobi and ksi `-`

  24. Curtis Greenwood

    Curtis Greenwood日 前

    If Ethan swapped with josh The gift would be a mad song

  25. WinWin 7

    WinWin 7日 前

    Still a banger

  26. Me at the zoo

    Me at the zoo日 前

    Honestly both this one and The other one are great

  27. Natasa Korbar

    Natasa Korbar日 前

    You guys drop this

  28. milan lansdaal

    milan lansdaal日 前

    this one is dope too

  29. Kornel DoesFootball

    Kornel DoesFootball日 前

    lockdown got me listening to this lol

  30. 3k subscribers with no videos challenge

    3k subscribers with no videos challenge日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="76">1:16</a>

  31. Humungus Chungus

    Humungus Chungus日 前


  32. ツandzelikavaidツ

    ツandzelikavaidツ日 前

    I'm actually dying, listening back to this song... I love Ethans voice in this lmao

  33. vive_ gr

    vive_ gr18 時間 前

    Legit 💯

  34. Augustine O'BRIEN

    Augustine O'BRIEN日 前

    Has anyone noticed that the Gift is on spotify but not this one

  35. Kqw 21

    Kqw 21日 前

    Jme carries this

  36. Qwxiz EU

    Qwxiz EU2 日 前

    U can tell harry loves making disses

  37. Speed Bump

    Speed Bump2 日 前

    guys its not christmas

  38. Tom Rhead

    Tom Rhead日 前

    So then why are you here ?

  39. mpants

    mpants2 日 前

    *it’s perfect*

  40. karlos singh

    karlos singh2 日 前

    dislikes were from people whos mum harry stuffed

  41. Jody Bradley

    Jody Bradley日 前

    Lol good one

  42. nmesoma obodoechi

    nmesoma obodoechi2 日 前

    Jesus loves you

  43. Red jelly

    Red jelly2 日 前

    Who watching after Christmas

  44. Jody Bradley

    Jody Bradley日 前

    Yep me

  45. Red jelly

    Red jelly2 日 前

    I think Ethan won this

  46. GamingWithJordan

    GamingWithJordan2 日 前

    Harry wasn't made for song's only for disstrack's

  47. Jackx

    Jackx2 日 前

    All shorts

  48. Jackx

    Jackx2 日 前

    Last comment 💯💯💯💯

  49. Jackx

    Jackx2 日 前


  50. Jackx

    Jackx2 日 前


  51. LK Productions

    LK Productions2 日 前

    I still listen to this when its not chirstmas

  52. Deepansh bandlish

    Deepansh bandlish2 日 前

    Jme >>>>>

  53. Jerah Williams

    Jerah Williams2 日 前

    where is ski in this

  54. latinobrexit

    latinobrexit2 日 前

    lmao the fact that vikks song has more views than jj is jokes

  55. Nutty.11 _

    Nutty.11 _2 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="68">1:08</a> AYY LayZ knows his cpu's

  56. nic

    nic23 時間 前

    that’s Jme

  57. シ卂丂卄乇尺

    シ卂丂卄乇尺3 日 前

    Yo tobi’s bit is mad

  58. BBB NOSE

    BBB NOSE3 日 前

    I swear this had 30 mil views

  59. Tom Rhead

    Tom Rhead日 前

    It never had

  60. Ahmed wael Vlogs

    Ahmed wael Vlogs3 日 前

    BBB NOSE bruh

  61. zawaad ul-hasan

    zawaad ul-hasan3 日 前

    The "Merry merry Christmas" bit killed it all after the sidemens' disses!

  62. Levi Skolnik

    Levi Skolnik3 日 前

    Am i the only one that thinks that the beginning bit sounds like wake up call

  63. Ellie’s Life

    Ellie’s Life3 日 前

    𝚈𝚘𝚞 𝚜𝚒𝚕𝚕𝚢 𝚋𝚞𝚏𝚏𝚘𝚘𝚗

  64. Pranav Shiva

    Pranav Shiva3 日 前

    Let's get this to 20million views

  65. miawan1981

    miawan19813 日 前

    Why does every one diss instead of a song lol

  66. miawan1981

    miawan1981日 前


  67. Flukey Boy

    Flukey Boy3 日 前

    VIK said that everyone had Lots of christmases left then said they might not make the next one

  68. Maddie_ That_Wolf

    Maddie_ That_Wolf3 日 前

    Love how JME is rapping in socks

  69. Gisdru

    Gisdru3 日 前

    Ethan is the only person that sounds good with autotune..

  70. RustyRanger

    RustyRanger3 日 前

    man I want JME to do more songs like this ngl :(

  71. gagoako369

    gagoako3693 日 前

    Bodied the other team

  72. Brian McBride Production

    Brian McBride Production3 日 前

    Can someone explain the ten line, i dont get it

  73. R

    R2 日 前

    down like that was on the top 10 charts

  74. ItsQuack

    ItsQuack4 日 前

    harry is the only good thing about this song

  75. ackessi austin

    ackessi austin4 日 前

    This was a Christmas diss track 😂😂

  76. BobiFatAss

    BobiFatAss4 日 前


  77. Ramsey Pacheco

    Ramsey Pacheco4 日 前


  78. R11 Fruityy

    R11 Fruityy4 日 前

    harry and JME hit different 🥵

  79. DxrthElectrixx

    DxrthElectrixx4 日 前

    If you lot want it on spotify, someone's managed it:

  80. 100,000 subscribers without any Videos

    100,000 subscribers without any Videos4 日 前

    Did anyone else notice that when he says ‘man will just roe to the shore’ it switches to Harry, who’s name is wroetoshaw. Cool, right?

  81. Karl Hammarskjöld

    Karl Hammarskjöld2 日 前

    That just went over my head. Thank you for showing me.

  82. Gopal Chellingi

    Gopal Chellingi3 日 前

    u just clocked that??

  83. L3G3ND

    L3G3ND4 日 前

    I swear this is a ksi disstrack

  84. Jahmai Huggins

    Jahmai Huggins4 日 前

    harry rap is sick I'm not going to liy

  85. Mar-lia

    Mar-lia4 日 前

    I am cool

  86. KingK6 Football

    KingK6 Football3 日 前


  87. Nomsa Ndlovu

    Nomsa Ndlovu4 日 前

    Anyonelse jaming to this in quarintine

  88. Madalitso Theo

    Madalitso Theo4 日 前

    This song was better no cap 🔥🤷🏽‍♂️

  89. Madalitso Theo

    Madalitso Theo4 日 前

    Big up Harry your verses was 🔥🔥

  90. Rajib Ahmed

    Rajib Ahmed4 日 前

    Man will just row to the shore (wroetoshaw)

  91. Xavia

    Xavia4 日 前

    This is basically a ksi diss track 😂

  92. Skp Sam

    Skp Sam4 日 前

    Much better than the gift.

  93. BGRoyal

    BGRoyal4 日 前

    Why does it look like Vikram has 2 black eyes in the thumbnail? Almost like a panda

  94. BlackHaven

    BlackHaven4 日 前

    When is this dropping on Spotify?

  95. Charlie W

    Charlie W4 日 前

    Ethan isn’t good

  96. Devaj Patel

    Devaj Patel4 日 前

    I have watched this a million

  97. Devaj Patel

    Devaj Patel2 日 前

    Now I have watched it about 2 million times

  98. Jamie Wort

    Jamie Wort4 日 前

    Listen at 1.5 speed

  99. Coat Clan

    Coat Clan5 日 前

    This and the gift is how you make a Christmas song sit down pauls