show em the CURVE!


  1. Sarah '93

    Sarah '93時間 前

    Is this a good movie?..........I suppose so because it's got Clint Eastwood.

  2. batak darahku

    batak darahku3 時間 前

    0:33 I know you, shaggy of the scooby doo

  3. Im' Grumm

    Im' Grumm5 時間 前

    Movie title pls

  4. Vickie Ross

    Vickie Ross16 時間 前 ගැනීම් සහ නිදාගත්තේ සමග වසර ක්

  5. Endndmnf Mddkdkdjfn

    Endndmnf Mddkdkdjfn18 時間 前


  6. Ququheuweh Shwjsbjebe

    Ququheuweh Shwjsbjebe19 時間 前

    Yang pilih allah like.

  7. Oinam Anand

    Oinam Anand22 時間 前

    JPreporter...I got it, nice video! You don't have to recommend this everyday.

  8. Rick Karras

    Rick Karras23 時間 前

    Get this shit out of here

  9. zemetrius

    zemetrius日 前

    so it's 3 strikes and he is out right?.......cocky bugger got took to cleaners.

  10. Georgia Webb

    Georgia Webb日 前

    Batter never really had anyone to pitch to him before. Welcome to the big leagues!

  11. E. S. C.H.

    E. S. C.H.日 前

    I love the way she says "Rigoberto Sánchez".

  12. Sarat C

    Sarat C日 前

    Girl: "Show them the curve" Guy: **points to her curve**

  13. Johnathan Tatom

    Johnathan Tatom日 前

    What movie is this

  14. edwin prianda

    edwin prianda日 前

    What the title of the movie?

  15. Daniel _03

    Daniel _03日 前

    Tbh I don't even know why I'm here

  16. Dhowowjegd Shqioqksgz

    Dhowowjegd Shqioqksgz2 日 前

    Yang pilih Allah like yang pilih Dajjal abaikan

  17. Lee Saunders

    Lee Saunders2 日 前

    Hopefully his shoulder surgery went OK? 🤷‍♂️

  18. Brennan Simkins

    Brennan Simkins2 日 前

    When Clint Eastwood says to stay right there you better stay right there

  19. Alex Dion

    Alex Dion2 日 前

    Lame scene. Typical white woman who discovers a non white

  20. Alain Stevez

    Alain Stevez2 日 前

    Estos chicos no tienen un casco de protección. -no jodan.

  21. Josue Queiroz

    Josue Queiroz2 日 前

    lembro dessa

  22. Luis Medina

    Luis Medina2 日 前

    Isn´t this the T1000?

  23. Fenway Park

    Fenway Park2 日 前

    It’s September 16 2020. MLB has failed me. Take all your kneeling and master baiting each other and have it.

  24. Troy Williams

    Troy Williams3 日 前

    His first curveball was the most accurate Hollywood depiction of a true yakker that I've ever seen. No crazy unrealistic sideways movement to thrill the audience, just a good hard mostly-downward break from a realistic angle.

  25. Diego Morones-Castillo

    Diego Morones-Castillo4 日 前

    Sully, The Man With No Name, the T-1000, Shaggy, and Isla Fisher

  26. Vijay Singh Dhapola

    Vijay Singh Dhapola4 日 前

    Movie name

  27. Yuki Lee

    Yuki Lee4 日 前

    Trouble with the curve

  28. jamesd2128

    jamesd21284 日 前

    Could they have found an actor who could actually swing a bat with some authenticity ?

  29. Sammy LPT

    Sammy LPT4 日 前

    When you know nothing about baseball and the fastball looks just like the curve.

  30. Tonetwisters

    Tonetwisters3 日 前

    That would be pitiful!

  31. Alan W. Wong

    Alan W. Wong5 日 前


  32. Gabriel Cash

    Gabriel Cash5 日 前

    Anyone else expecting to see Pedro Cerrano up at bat?

  33. Tangudu Amruth HfTnMDhvbi

    Tangudu Amruth HfTnMDhvbi5 日 前

    Movie name+?

  34. Jesus Oleta

    Jesus Oleta5 日 前

    Always loved John Goodman's shit eating grin at 3:08!

  35. DJPK

    DJPK5 日 前

    The first pitch was like 81 mph maybe 79 lol wtf

  36. meraukePapua Dion

    meraukePapua Dion6 日 前

    Looking for a bat but can be a pitcher

  37. oswoq okedwwew

    oswoq okedwwew6 日 前

    He's the t-1000!! ( I know I know it's been said, who cares!)

  38. Codiak

    Codiak6 日 前

    That wasn't even a curve ball, it was a sinker. A curve ball is going either inside out outside and curves into the strike zone. What he threw was a sinker which stays strait then drops sharply as it enters the strike zone.

  39. Gydgsgstr Hdyysgst

    Gydgsgstr Hdyysgst6 日 前

    Yang milih allah like yg Mili dajal hirawkan 1:39.........m

  40. Geddy Lee

    Geddy Lee6 日 前

    Latin power! 💪🏻

  41. Jander aka Leroy Davis

    Jander aka Leroy Davis6 日 前

    Love this movie

  42. mistermodified1

    mistermodified17 日 前

    So many Tom Malinowski commercials. He looks like elias from platoon

  43. Ordinary Sessel

    Ordinary Sessel7 日 前

    Ladies - this is how you earn the respect you crave- perform!

  44. Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    Just Some Guy without a Mustache7 日 前

    "It's just a game" Somewhere out there, Ninja is seething with rage

  45. Amar Pal Singh

    Amar Pal Singh8 日 前

    Movie Name: Trouble with the curve for the curious ones🙂

  46. vinay garg

    vinay garg8 日 前

    Thanks dude

  47. HilltopperTA

    HilltopperTA8 日 前

    It always bothered me that not one scout in all of baseball checked to see if the #1 pick had ever faced a curveball in his entire life... that part was really unrealistic. Still enjoyed the movie, though.

  48. D K Tiwary

    D K Tiwary8 日 前

    I watch Cricket but JPreporter was like... Here you go watch this one 😂

  49. Gydgstst Dysygstst

    Gydgstst Dysygstst8 日 前

    ఆ ఆi love u girl

  50. ifrit

    ifrit8 日 前

    donald trump @ 2:29

  51. MysteriousNinja

    MysteriousNinja9 日 前

    Matthew is the greatest actor. Prove me the fuck wrong I dare you

  52. Harry Knows

    Harry Knows9 日 前

    As a kid, I thought I could throw a 108 fastball... then I woke up...

  53. Mid-day_ Light

    Mid-day_ Light9 日 前

    Show them the knucklehead blm pitch that destroyed the MLB ..

  54. Chris Zúniga

    Chris Zúniga9 日 前


  55. Brandon Obrien

    Brandon Obrien10 日 前

    Did anyone notice shaggy at 3:11

  56. Yesika Narvaez

    Yesika Narvaez10 日 前

    Let the Mexican give it a shot! *we never get center stage*

  57. Vetocos chhana chhakchhuak

    Vetocos chhana chhakchhuak11 日 前

    What is the name of the film?

  58. Ckgkeovk Flykeog

    Ckgkeovk Flykeog11 日 前

    Iya ya Allah

  59. Miknon Tamang

    Miknon Tamang11 日 前

    Which movie is this??

  60. Fahad Elahi

    Fahad Elahi11 日 前

    Movie name please.....

  61. Street Art VR 360

    Street Art VR 36011 日 前

    Out of all sports movie scenes this one is the worst. Way to forced to try and be special but it doesn't hit.

  62. kritesh adhikari

    kritesh adhikari11 日 前

    Movie name??

  63. Jose Caballero

    Jose Caballero11 日 前


  64. Jose Caballero

    Jose Caballero4 日 前

    @speedgoat 88 whhhaaattt?

  65. speedgoat 88

    speedgoat 8810 日 前

    I can still see your comment even if you delete it by the way...

  66. THEM teachings

    THEM teachings11 日 前

  67. Ryan Deffley

    Ryan Deffley11 日 前

    If you're a baseball fan, you'll enjoy this movie. Especially the way it captures the feel of how baseball used to be through Eastwood's eyes.

  68. Prince Huff

    Prince Huff11 日 前

    THERE JPreporter I WATCHED.

  69. jake bladdick

    jake bladdick11 日 前

    I got curves. Where's my fucking contract?

  70. Doris Ross

    Doris Ross12 日 前 සෑම විටම ඇය ඔබේ සවන් නැත මට

  71. Mauricio Merida

    Mauricio Merida12 日 前

    The things is.. a true Baseball scout would have seen those troubles from the beginning.

  72. Dalt Wisney

    Dalt Wisney10 日 前

    That the plot in a nutshell old vs new

  73. Brian W

    Brian W12 日 前

    Please stop making baseball movies....... PLEASE

  74. Lehmann Peters

    Lehmann Peters12 日 前

    Throws 100 mph fast ball with no warmup. Career over before it starts.

  75. Jose Caballero

    Jose Caballero11 日 前


  76. Mainan Rusak

    Mainan Rusak12 日 前

    Tell me the title🤣

  77. satheesh shree

    satheesh shree12 日 前

    What movie is it

  78. Jackson D Wesley

    Jackson D Wesley12 日 前

    Whats the movie tittle??

  79. Rich Flores

    Rich Flores12 日 前

    I'm like C'MON PEANUT BOY THROW THE DAMN BALL!! JEEZ!! he's just standing there like a moron! "No mam iz jus a gaim" (MY ASS!😅😅). Throw the fucking ball, me and the T1000 don't got all day!! And then the dumb bitch is like "he's Sandy Koufax, Randy Johnson, and Steve Carlton all rolled into one"🙄. She might as well have told them it's time to rename the Cy Young award to the "peanut boy award" since he's the best the game has ever known lol.

  80. Jose Caballero

    Jose Caballero11 日 前


  81. Yongki Etham

    Yongki Etham13 日 前

    Upload the movie this is very good, please...

  82. Ipkiss Stone

    Ipkiss Stone13 日 前

    So was the pitcher awesome, or was Gentry a poor pick?

  83. Ipkiss Stone

    Ipkiss Stone10 日 前

    @Jose Caballero What was the biggest part of that demonstration? The pitchers talent or Gentry being exposed ? Did the coaches give a shit about the pitcher, or were they pissed about discovering how weak their batter is?

  84. Jose Caballero

    Jose Caballero11 日 前


  85. Mo B

    Mo B13 日 前

    it reminds me of my when she ask me show me the hamburger

  86. Billy Linnert

    Billy Linnert13 日 前

    I'm getting a little woozy here! "commence fire on massive amount of drool and spit"

  87. Subash Chakravarthy

    Subash Chakravarthy13 日 前

    Movie name

  88. I_m_not _worthy

    I_m_not _worthy14 日 前

    Pure Goosebumps For Baseball Player 💓

  89. Barbecue Sauce

    Barbecue Sauce14 日 前

    Jetzt Ohne Spaß. Ich kannte einen Marokk. Der hat Brutal die Schnee-Bälle geworfen wie dieser Typ. Er hat die Bälle über Hochhäuser geworfen wie nichts. Damals gab es dieses Smartphone Gedöns nicht. Wenn Er das gesehen hätte..."Easy"

  90. MagikMikey

    MagikMikey14 日 前

    What’s the movie please now I wanna watch it lol

  91. Jose Caballero

    Jose Caballero11 日 前

    Trouble with the curve.

  92. ALEX

    ALEX14 日 前

    Well I’d be dammed pull a cow by it’s nutsack and call me physician that boy has got an arm

  93. Chip Dorsey

    Chip Dorsey14 日 前

    An insult to baseball fans. Jethro has a gut, no muscle tone and the slowest bat in the tri-state area, but we're supposed to believe he's parking everything. Then Manuel comes in with no warm-up throws and throws fastball after fastball right by flailing Babe Ruth, Jr. 98% of all major leaguers can hit a fastball if he knows it's coming; the other 2% are pitchers in the AL. No wonder I never saw this movie. Pitiful.

  94. Johnny guitar

    Johnny guitar14 日 前

    Someone gonna loose their jooob.

  95. the_yada_yada

    the_yada_yada15 日 前

    embarrassing writing and performances

  96. Tim Wing

    Tim Wing15 日 前

    If he is wasn't nervous then why was he just standing there? Didn't make sense lol

  97. speedgoat 88

    speedgoat 8815 日 前

    Baseball is one of the worst ''sport'' out there...Very few in each team actually need to be talented athletes....not really a team soccer, football or hockey at least there is a real need for chemistry between players... not in baseball.

  98. Jebdhdk Ifhufrh

    Jebdhdk Ifhufrh15 日 前

    Yang pilih Allah like yang pilih Dajjal abaikan

  99. Jeronimo Gonzalez

    Jeronimo Gonzalez15 日 前

    Maaaann, I watch the video hoping it was a meme /:

  100. Jeiner Garcia

    Jeiner Garcia15 日 前

    Wtf why why

  101. cmdrbnd007 Bond

    cmdrbnd007 Bond15 日 前

    It's a good movie.

  102. Eddie Mancilla

    Eddie Mancilla15 日 前

    I just came here to watch Clint say son of a bitch

  103. Sas Mito

    Sas Mito15 日 前

    What the T-1000 doing out there ?

  104. luke bockelmann

    luke bockelmann15 日 前


  105. xxcc bello

    xxcc bello15 日 前

    This video and its title annoy me for some reason.

  106. Abdullah Khan

    Abdullah Khan15 日 前

    Movie/ series name?

  107. Jonathan Jack

    Jonathan Jack15 日 前

    Damn thats a weak ass chin

  108. okiedoki

    okiedoki16 日 前

    I want to watch a movie about this pitcher..

  109. Semi Joshua Bukavesi

    Semi Joshua Bukavesi16 日 前

    Name of the movie anybody please

  110. abhishek anil

    abhishek anil16 日 前

    Name of this movie?

  111. Graham

    Graham16 日 前

    Lol. This scene is so awesome and so cliche that South Park could have written it. Except it would end with that chick yelling, "Show em the curve!" and then everybody would stop and look at the girl then drop all their stuff and walk off the field saying, "Dude, that was the gayest thing I've ever heard." "I know man, that was so gay I don't even want to play baseball anymore. I think I'll be a mechanic."