Shocking Japanese Food!!! LIVE Sashimi & Monk Fish! (Sorry Peta)


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  2. Sakura Chxn

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  3. Dick Watterson

    Dick Watterson5 日 前

    This isn’t offensive at all an PETA has good message but let’s be honest here, they absolutely suck at their job, WHO THE HELL PUTS LOBSTER IN FRESHWATER?!?! Sonny I love your videos and if you haven’t already, you should try geoduck

  4. Sunu Das

    Sunu Das17 日 前

    Good good 👏👏👏👏👏👏🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🥴🤒🥵🥵

  5. swapnapuran biker

    swapnapuran biker26 日 前

    pls come to Dhaka Bangladesh

  6. lunameowl

    lunameowl27 日 前

    You actually are a retarded shitshow no wonder fish species are dieing out. someone better stab you to death you fucktard

  7. FWZ HD

    FWZ HD7 分 前

    5:13 Do you speak English guy:No

  8. Muniir Ismaeli

    Muniir Ismaeli8 分 前

    I like your viedos

  9. runeplate123

    runeplate12335 分 前

    No offense man.... but the fish is DEAD.... moving and all the Bullshit is just it’s twitch muscles moving.... it’s all for show that’s about it... so enjoy man...

  10. Miles Salter

    Miles Salter2 時間 前

    Dog on a stick Nice comfy stick

  11. Duncan McCarron

    Duncan McCarron2 時間 前

    Smaller oysters are more tender we eat them at the docks in Canada

  12. D J

    D J2 時間 前

    I'll pass

  13. Cassity Kent

    Cassity Kent3 時間 前

    Yuck 🤢🤢🤢

  14. JELLYK_0

    JELLYK_04 時間 前

    I will never watch your show again #fishlivesmatter

  15. Ruchir Rawat

    Ruchir Rawat5 時間 前

    OMG the kevin is so adorable

  16. Littel _NINI

    Littel _NINI5 時間 前

    Are these the boobies 6:50

  17. X Gen

    X Gen6 時間 前

    I love Japanese food. Although I prefer mine a bit deader than some of those dishes lol. Where can you go from there? I guess actually pursuing fish in the ocean frantically swimming around after them teeth first like a human shark.The next time I go deep sea fishing, will I be surprised to net a hungry Japanese businessman clamped to the end of my bluefin tuna? Not quite as surprised as I would be if I'd not seen this video. I love fresh fish especially sashimi. But I draw the line at swallowing the poor little things soul as well.

  18. Russell Sattari

    Russell Sattari7 時間 前

    I watch and love all your videos... but this one is disturbing. Not sure if such animal cruelty should be promoted by giving it such a huge plattform. Still thank you for exploring and shedding a light on this.

  19. Vee yahhh

    Vee yahhh7 時間 前

    Salmonella is waving at you

  20. devilgaming extreme

    devilgaming extreme7 時間 前

    Best Ever food:do you speak english Chinese man or japanise man:no Then how the f*beep* did the f*beep* said no huh

  21. Jacquie Peterson

    Jacquie Peterson8 時間 前

    Ha ha the shrimp

  22. Jacquie Peterson

    Jacquie Peterson8 時間 前

    Coool sting ray

  23. Mcjhon Delossantos

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    Im new in your channel but love it you really cool man

  24. Jemuel Generoza

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    ew ew okay am srry but ew -n-

  25. A Peppermint Candy

    A Peppermint Candy10 時間 前

    Japanese are depraved people.Originally Chinese and we know what Chinese eat( dogs and even babies).Humans must not sink this low b/c this puts them bellow the animal kind.Sorry if this offends you.

  26. • E c l i p s e •

    • E c l i p s e •11 時間 前

    You: “ uhh uhh” You: “ do you speak English??” The cook person: “ NO”😂😂😂😂😂

  27. Mohammad Nawali

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  28. kirito kitzugaya

    kirito kitzugaya12 時間 前

    The fish is consist of bacteria inside of it that's why we cook before eating it

  29. zerin playstore

    zerin playstore12 時間 前

    6:49 are these the boobies 😂

  30. Max WINDLEY

    Max WINDLEY13 時間 前

    Kill me now

  31. Max WINDLEY

    Max WINDLEY13 時間 前

    All animal lives matter

  32. s r

    s r13 時間 前



    REDMAN TV13 時間 前

    Amazing 😎👌

  34. Vinayak Vidhyasagar

    Vinayak Vidhyasagar13 時間 前

    As a animal lover pls dont promote theses idiots

  35. Vegan Sloth

    Vegan Sloth14 時間 前

    Gordon Ramsay: ITS FUCKIN RAW Japanese chef: ラムゼイをファック、これは良いたわごとです!

  36. Conchito Ledesma

    Conchito Ledesma14 時間 前

    The japanese kid is so funny haha I love him

  37. Joanne Castañares

    Joanne Castañares15 時間 前

    Touched the gills by barehand, forgot the chopsticks ---- "I'm such an animal" - Sonny

  38. Anisa Dya

    Anisa Dya16 時間 前

    yo whats the song at the end

  39. AshleyIs MeOwZerSF

    AshleyIs MeOwZerSF16 時間 前

    O gawd my stomach turned when I saw the fish breathing but i had to keep watching

  40. Inks Hermit

    Inks Hermit16 時間 前

    Glad he's enjoying the food and definitely gonna try these restaurants if I can find, but he kinda acts a bit too young for his age, like a 17yr old.

  41. Raenel Williams

    Raenel Williams16 時間 前

    Japan be eating everything in the sea damn near.

  42. Gacha Cookie

    Gacha Cookie17 時間 前

    It looks disgusting but I love cooking so I really don’t care

  43. Subhojit Chatterjee

    Subhojit Chatterjee17 時間 前

    How can someone eat fish raw??? I am from India.. Over here fish is a part of our daily food.. But I dont think there's anyone who will eat eaw fish...

  44. trendy da goat

    trendy da goat17 時間 前

    good video man

  45. Fajaria Ria

    Fajaria Ria19 時間 前

    So delicious 💞

  46. Martrez Kearns

    Martrez Kearns19 時間 前

    I will never get that food

  47. Stevie G

    Stevie G19 時間 前

    I love the "so start typing your offended comments" 😂😂

  48. Red danger The beast

    Red danger The beast19 時間 前

    Looks lit

  49. MangoMatt

    MangoMatt20 時間 前

    did you see the people with th nurse face mask is that because of pollution

  50. N A

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  51. Marlene Cardinahl

    Marlene Cardinahl20 時間 前

    Stomach ache just watching this

  52. Yoongi UWU

    Yoongi UWU20 時間 前

    3:00 Lmao i love this guy

  53. Melany Macias

    Melany Macias21 時間 前

    How dare you eat that fish it's looking at you😥🐟😭😭😭

  54. madmax pro

    madmax pro21 時間 前

    Me animal abuse Him slowly eats shrimp write it in the comments

  55. Ethan Steel

    Ethan Steel6 時間 前

    Happens all the time in nature so I don't see what's so bad about it. Unlike factory farms. Where an animal is raised in enclosed captivity. Never to see the light of day till it's dying day.

  56. Qin Lian

    Qin Lian22 時間 前

    5:50 editor replay that laugh three more times please.....XD.

  57. Laggy Duck

    Laggy Duck22 時間 前

    I will always watch this channel #fishlivesdontreallymatter

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    6:49 Are These *The Boobies?!*

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    Eww ooo my god

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    This guy is a real douchebag but at least he's mildly entertaining, wish I went to the trending page sooner for once

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    Omg this is just crazy asl

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    Why I sent this on Netflix yet

  67. Eduardo Lopez

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    Japan is so badass, much respect ✊🏽

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    Nope bope nope hell nawwwwww

  69. papa lars

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    do you speak english?? NO ok..

  70. ham.blister

    ham.blister日 前

    That life fish made me so uncomfortable. I feel like killing it just before won’t make the taste any worse

  71. young gunna

    young gunna日 前

    8:15 ooooooueshit

  72. adidja adja

    adidja adja日 前

    Do they need music?? 😂😂😂

  73. Lahveen

    Lahveen日 前

    OMG I LOVE SEA ORCHINS! Omg, it’s been so long since we I have eaten one. I need to eat more in my life

  74. TheLil Mitch

    TheLil Mitch日 前

    Am gonna vomit

  75. Prasanna J

    Prasanna J日 前

    Was in Japan back in January this year. Have to say it was one of the most exhilarating and fulfilling experience I ever had. The people were lovely and food was full of variety and each one of that I tried were delicious. Even the ones from convenience stores and vending machines.

  76. Roel AD

    Roel AD日 前

    how much hp does the raw monkfish heal as opposed to 16 hp from the cooked one?

  77. Mr Pug

    Mr Pug日 前

    Aw I want Japanese food

  78. Rolando Vintayen

    Rolando Vintayen日 前

    And its herioc

  79. Rolando Vintayen

    Rolando Vintayen日 前

    You just ate a sea urchin tounge

  80. Lea Trinidad

    Lea Trinidad日 前

    I am so happy that dinosaurs are extinct. Imagine if they are still alive nowadays. you guess it. THEY'LL BE EATEN ALIVE BY " HUMANS ". AND THERE SKINS WILL BE YOUR BELTS AND BAGS. LOUIS BITTON?

  81. Gravy

    Gravy日 前

    looks really good but id feel bad eating it lmao

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    That first food looks like baby shit

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    Attention once you pass this zone you are entering triggered vegans territory