Shocking Japanese Food!!! LIVE Sashimi & Monk Fish! (Sorry Peta)


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    Best Ever Food Review Show3 ヶ月 前

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  2. Albert Achim

    Albert Achim7 時間 前

    I would not try such or else I will die immediately

  3. Albert Achim

    Albert Achim7 時間 前

    You really tried eating this all

  4. Albert Achim

    Albert Achim7 時間 前

    You a beast man 👨

  5. Albert Achim

    Albert Achim7 時間 前

    Best Ever

  6. BigCityJungleCat EnvisageThat

    BigCityJungleCat EnvisageThat3 日 前

    Daniel Melesio: By the looks of it, I don't think he gives a damn what he eats - even if it is still alive and suffering in pain.

  7. OMAR

    OMAR2 時間 前

    Unhealthy food

  8. ifoe :D

    ifoe :D3 時間 前

    This is sick

  9. Juliana Maria Crisologo

    Juliana Maria Crisologo4 時間 前

    Go in thailand meet uncle tom he has huge oysters in bangkock thailand

  10. Clover tin

    Clover tin5 時間 前

    kevin is the cutest,PERIODT🥺🥺🥺

  11. Brad Beck

    Brad Beck7 時間 前

    Enjoy your parasites

  12. Brad Beck

    Brad Beck7 時間 前

    What's wrong with people, first of all that fucking disgusting and second kill the damn fish first you fucking scuzz bags



    10:09 i wanna know the song's name smh

  14. Mátyás Gömböcz

    Mátyás Gömböcz10 時間 前

    4:58 that's a beauty

  15. Martin Middles

    Martin Middles11 時間 前

    🖕- from the dead fish

  16. gama tastica

    gama tastica11 時間 前

    Man screw peta

  17. JustFire - Roblox and more!

    JustFire - Roblox and more!11 時間 前

    Sonny: Do you speak English? Japanese guy: NO

  18. JustFire - Roblox and more!

    JustFire - Roblox and more!11 時間 前

    Oh my ffffff f ing god -sonny 2019

  19. Skeptical Chris

    Skeptical Chris11 時間 前

    The more PETA hates a certain type of food, the more decadent, delicious and astounding it must be!

  20. Frosty Ghost

    Frosty Ghost13 時間 前

    That monk fish’s mouth looks like a patients vagina.

  21. Hydromorph0n

    Hydromorph0n14 時間 前

    i would love to do the same with thoose idiots like they do to Animals

  22. derpfrog

    derpfrog15 時間 前

    9:30 :)

  23. Landon Carlson

    Landon Carlson16 時間 前


  24. Ben Turley

    Ben Turley16 時間 前

    Nice headband, bunghole..

  25. Marie Jean Gajasa

    Marie Jean Gajasa16 時間 前

    Sonny i really like your humor. Sending love from Philippines😍

  26. Angel Dreams

    Angel Dreams18 時間 前

    3:51 lol

  27. Ghost

    Ghost18 時間 前

    4:58 she cute :>

  28. Nobody

    Nobody20 時間 前

    I like how Kevin was like “ok” and smiling

  29. DeadFest [OSRS]

    DeadFest [OSRS]20 時間 前

    Dude that monkfish should give you +16 Hitpoints.

  30. Ultima Omega

    Ultima Omega20 時間 前

    nande? "why?"

  31. Kiki Maulidwan

    Kiki Maulidwan22 時間 前

    Japanese i like sea 😂

  32. Joe Chip

    Joe Chip日 前

    English is very clear, thanks.

  33. Vipapon Pholee

    Vipapon Pholee日 前

    Ooooohhh I love oysters!

  34. SeviiAndTana

    SeviiAndTana日 前

    Some good 🥘 food

  35. Enzo Assis

    Enzo Assis日 前

    Kinda growse....

  36. Mandra Abrianto

    Mandra Abrianto日 前

    Ada orang indonesia disini?😂

  37. Jassim Al Baker

    Jassim Al Baker日 前

    This comment section 50%-do you know English...nO 50%-Kevin is cute

  38. Asjad Khan

    Asjad Khan日 前


  39. Jems C

    Jems C日 前


  40. Robbie Warren

    Robbie Warren日 前

    What's the point I hate this way of serving fish its crewl

  41. Aniah’s World

    Aniah’s World日 前

    That intro was scary 😂😂😂

  42. Nightmare

    Nightmare日 前

    Why do people care if the fish feels pain or not its still going into our stomach lol

  43. John Hines

    John Hines日 前

    That chick at 4:59 was bangin.

  44. Yalkın ÇIRAK

    Yalkın ÇIRAK日 前

    Japan why

  45. Amandeep Mann

    Amandeep Mann日 前

    hate you ...

  46. Narcissus

    Narcissus日 前

    White Boy has a decent chopsticks technique. He should just reduce the distance between the top end of the chopsticks, other than that, good technique for a foreigner.

  47. Slippery Rock

    Slippery Rock日 前

    Narcissus I thought Japanese don’t use chop sticks they use their fingers?

  48. Dada Dunlol

    Dada Dunlol日 前

    LOL I saw the part where he fake sneezed and acted like it was snot and thought to myself 'Damn it's sad how I'm unable to laugh at this I guess I'm pretty mature now... *10 seconds later* Are these the boobies? And I actually laugh out loud... I guess I'm not that mature but the delivery was the best part

  49. Annyahilation Gaming

    Annyahilation Gaming日 前

    I thought this was gronk... I was like huh so this is what he’s doing after retirement

  50. Lange Livonius

    Lange Livonius日 前

    That’s so cruel

  51. Lange Livonius

    Lange Livonius日 前

    Customer: is it alive or dead Chef: Ya

  52. Cooper Pollock

    Cooper Pollock日 前

    Holy HELl

  53. Foxie Girl Games

    Foxie Girl Games2 日 前

    I'm not offended. I'm impressed how they do it

  54. Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez

    Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez2 日 前

    How is the first izakaya of the video called?

  55. Ernesto Gutierrez

    Ernesto Gutierrez2 日 前

    Peta: HOW DARE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. Cold Conserv

    Cold Conserv2 日 前

    Ouch! Looks good

  57. Zane Case

    Zane Case2 日 前

    Fuck oFF heartless cunt!



    Kusa yaro

  59. commander sus Gunner

    commander sus Gunner2 日 前

    This is horror story material. Imagine aliens chopping you up and eating you while your watching and dying.

  60. BigCityJungleCat EnvisageThat

    BigCityJungleCat EnvisageThat日 前

    commander sus Gunner: If you say so. But you described the situation just the way it is. So what did you actually mean then? Are you telling me there's a different meaning *hidden* behind what you said? In this case perhaps you would now wish to be more specific?

  61. commander sus Gunner

    commander sus Gunner日 前

    +BigCityJungleCat EnvisageThat oof that's not what I meant

  62. BigCityJungleCat EnvisageThat

    BigCityJungleCat EnvisageThat2 日 前

    Commander SG: Yes, absolutely!!!! It just doesn't get much more sick, depraved and horrific than this. Huge shame on these monsters.

  63. zeeshan khan

    zeeshan khan2 日 前

    dude thats nasty and cruel.

  64. Mary Rub

    Mary Rub2 日 前

    So cool

  65. Dbloc The Entrepreneur

    Dbloc The Entrepreneur2 日 前

    Anyone know what song was playing at the end of the video?

  66. Lochlan Brooks Life

    Lochlan Brooks Life2 日 前

    i dont like this channel.

  67. Tess

    Tess2 日 前


  68. zitools

    zitools2 日 前

    i don't think i could do the dancing food. but lemme say hottie alert 4:58

  69. Fab backup

    Fab backup2 日 前

    this is animal cruelty

  70. A A

    A A2 日 前

    The fish Probably tastes good like that but parasites would be my biggest problem with it. I would freeze it for two days to kill any worms or eggs before I ate it.

  71. Phyrexia’s Finest

    Phyrexia’s Finest2 日 前

    I’d be too terrified I’d get the shits from any of this

  72. Meme Collector

    Meme Collector2 日 前

    Gordon Ramsey : it's RAAWWW

  73. Napoleon I Bonaparte

    Napoleon I Bonaparte2 日 前

    Why do most Kevin’s I meet, cute?

  74. D7oo

    D7oo2 日 前

    i WAS hungry

  75. Jgeezzy88

    Jgeezzy882 日 前

    Gordon Ramsey: it’s RAW! It’s still fucking breathing! Japanese chef: that’s the point.

  76. Avi loves art Griffin

    Avi loves art Griffin2 日 前


  77. zaatar & chai

    zaatar & chai2 日 前

    What does oishi mean

  78. Ultimate Outdoors BC

    Ultimate Outdoors BC2 日 前

    5:33 the guy is clam sexual XD

  79. woozy ningning

    woozy ningning2 日 前

    6:20 opennn

  80. Sohaib Mushtaq

    Sohaib Mushtaq2 日 前

    Even HEROSHIMA and NAGASAKI could not teach the meaning of PAIN by CRUELTY!

  81. Jon Patterson

    Jon Patterson2 日 前

    Hate mail... ? ! What the hell is the difference between that and waiting till its completely dead ... lol

  82. Cergus Mernas

    Cergus Mernas2 日 前

    Jon Patterson ask the people who prepare the food

  83. Elijah Ramrattan

    Elijah Ramrattan3 日 前

    I don't sat in a watch this and I don't stink

  84. BangtanBois

    BangtanBois3 日 前

    This kevin guy is nice

  85. Wessel De Haan

    Wessel De Haan3 日 前

    Him : are this his bals Also him : oooh yummie

  86. Twisted Pride

    Twisted Pride3 日 前

    "Are these the boobies!!" 😂😂😂

  87. Tutski

    Tutski3 日 前

    eating a live and trying to breath fish is outlawed, but force feeding goose until their eyes spout blood for a long period of time is ok in europe, while extracting caviar from a live surgentfish while its belly got cut opened seems to be perfectly fine too.

  88. disney anime

    disney anime3 日 前

    Hmmm, yeah.. no



    6:49 "what does this part do....are these the boobies?"

  90. Wary

    Wary3 日 前

    what the horrible

  91. Jerome Smith

    Jerome Smith3 日 前

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  92. Lourdes Avanceña

    Lourdes Avanceña3 日 前


  93. JeboyPlayz - Minecraft PC/PE Peralta

    JeboyPlayz - Minecraft PC/PE Peralta3 日 前

    i know the monkfish because of shokugeki no soma

  94. Kenneth Johnson

    Kenneth Johnson3 日 前

    I am now hungry I love your channel

  95. kueh chaisia

    kueh chaisia3 日 前

    i like him for inviting the chef to enjoy the meal together

  96. Nick Bueti

    Nick Bueti3 日 前

    Song name PLEASE. The one when he's preparing the soup at the end

  97. Julius hunter Schatz

    Julius hunter Schatz3 日 前

    Tremenda cagadera le habrá dado a este pendejo después de mandarse toda esa madre😜

  98. Jovanni Jaimes

    Jovanni Jaimes3 日 前

    10:25 lol he said its like a egg sack than bites it and goes mmmmm

  99. Mango

    Mango3 日 前

    This is pretty cruel

  100. BigCityJungleCat EnvisageThat

    BigCityJungleCat EnvisageThat3 日 前

    I cannot bring myself to watch very much of this video because it is so damn disgusting. These are living creatures with real feelings -- and yet they are being tortured horrifically and eaten even whilst they are still *alive*!!!! This is so sick and depraved. Do not give/use the excuse about culture. Culture or tradition etc just does not cut it with me, because disgusting is disgusting regardless of culture. Living creatures are suffering horrifically. This is not OK!!! It is people operating in cold blood with no conscience and no soul. You should be hanging your heads in shame. And no *normal* or compassionate people would act in this way. Also, there is nothing wrong or silly about *caring* about animals and the pain and suffering they are feeling. But there is definitely something terribly wrong with the kind of people who cause abuse and suffering onto other living beings without even one scrap of remorse. Whoever does horrific things like this and don't mind at all, is just dead from the neck up.

  101. Nathan Martinez

    Nathan Martinez3 日 前

    Respect to you for trying everything. I was down for it all up until the last fish that ish looked gaaaaaaaaaarossssss

  102. A

    A3 日 前

    Japanese food is cool af

  103. Gabe Hartman

    Gabe Hartman3 日 前

    I love everything you showed!!!

  104. Black Jerk

    Black Jerk3 日 前

    Do you speak english Other guy: No

  105. A Zach

    A Zach3 日 前

    This is why they lost in WW2

  106. 0_0

    0_04 日 前

    Japanese should try to eat cooked food sometimes..

  107. Mahvish Ali Khan

    Mahvish Ali Khan4 日 前

    Also visit the Pakistan

  108. North To Home

    North To Home4 日 前

    Very interesting!!

  109. Islam Explained

    Islam Explained4 日 前

    That's torture, why would you cut the fish from the bottom up? Crazy that this is allowed. Some cultural practices can be really toxic.

  110. Cergus Mernas

    Cergus Mernas日 前

    Islam Explained yeah but it's still not as toxic as your religion lol

  111. Cergus Mernas

    Cergus Mernas日 前

    Islam Explained bru they proved it sooooooo

  112. Islam Explained

    Islam Explained日 前

    +Captian Veitnam When you need to slaughter an animal you should do it in the best of manners i.e. causing the least amount of suffering and pain. You also ensure the animals has had a healthy life prior to slaughtering it. You can't slaughter one animal in front of another in case you cause one distress. As for this video it is a joke and so is your comment. It is one thing to eat/consume animals and it is another to "play and abuse them".

  113. Islam Explained

    Islam Explained日 前

    +Cergus Mernas Yeah fish don't feel pain like us, since us humans would clearly know. Since we know everything and we never get things wrong. Thank you for the reply though.

  114. Cergus Mernas

    Cergus Mernas2 日 前

    Islam Explained fish don't feel pain like use. Look it up

  115. Sab Majumder

    Sab Majumder4 日 前

    Its FUCKING RAW~ gordon ramsay

  116. Kiran Jadhav

    Kiran Jadhav4 日 前

    Don't they cook it