1. Punthara Wijewickrama

    Punthara Wijewickrama11 時間 前

    David needs a brown Friend

  2. Jacquelìne

    Jacquelìne12 時間 前

    suck my 20 inch dick david.

  3. Diana Villa

    Diana Villa14 時間 前

    David : I love the dollar shave club kit Ian from seatgeek: don’t fucking move.

  4. Chloe Cornell

    Chloe Cornell14 時間 前

    Show more of Natale and Elliot together!!

  5. Ysabelle Leer

    Ysabelle Leer15 時間 前

    That puppy looks like fried chicken

  6. TRO_King69 TRO_King69

    TRO_King69 TRO_King6916 時間 前

    So His second channel is dollar shave club and his main is seatgeek he most be a billionaire


    ANIME LOVER17 時間 前


  8. ozzy bear

    ozzy bear17 時間 前

    The dog looks so scared in the thumb nail

  9. Reema Alharbi

    Reema Alharbi17 時間 前

    Lol like if you agree Natalie is the only normal one

  10. Khalid Melouka

    Khalid Melouka22 時間 前

    dollar shave kit for five dollars ?

  11. Chantal Mousa

    Chantal Mousa23 時間 前

    And I have been a a subscriber since VINE when they started but I’m not a Fabgirl

  12. Chantal Mousa

    Chantal Mousa23 時間 前

    Fan girl

  13. Chantal Mousa

    Chantal Mousa23 時間 前

    It doesn’t give me an option to join 😞

  14. Chloe Bondurant

    Chloe Bondurant日 前

    Omg if you search David on google it says his children is jason Nash and I about died.



    david is going to have to vlog daily next year bc in april is going to be 4 20 a whole month

  16. REEE EEeE

    REEE EEeE日 前

    Tell Natalie she is my favorite please and get her a cute puppy please i want her to have a puppy

  17. Raj Agre

    Raj Agre日 前

    I felt like i was watching at 1.25 speed.

  18. Ashlynn L

    Ashlynn L日 前

    when he said “this video is sponsored by..” I immediately finished the sentence with “seatgeek” and then when it wasn’t seatgeek, I just said “oh..”

  19. K. B.

    K. B.日 前

    I can’t believe they got Jonah on schedule at in n out.

  20. vAiN VTugboat

    vAiN VTugboat2 日 前

    who else is rushing into area 51 with the boys

  21. Aaron Arwen Sagonoy

    Aaron Arwen Sagonoy2 日 前

    I wanna marry Natalie 😍

  22. Gab Prime

    Gab Prime2 日 前

    What breed was the puppy it's so cute,I want one😫

  23. Emilee Galaviz

    Emilee Galaviz2 日 前

    David: “If you could describe your sex life using a movie title, what movie title would it be?” Tod: “Super Man” Scotty: “Get Out” 🤣🤣

  24. supermoto sessions

    supermoto sessions2 日 前

    You have my like dream lifestyle it's like complete can't even ask for more your friends are so cool danmm man crushing and in not even gay

  25. Havanna Sunn

    Havanna Sunn2 日 前

    David: Puppies are like people in that they mostly make weird noises, chew on stuff and make poop.

  26. Victoria P

    Victoria P2 日 前

    I know dom did not just confuse Pablo Escobar a fucking drug lord with a painter, nah weiii stfu 😂😂😂😂

  27. Kayla Britnell

    Kayla Britnell2 日 前

    The fact that jona cant go to in and out cracked me up aha

  28. The Reckless Boy T.R.B

    The Reckless Boy T.R.B3 日 前

    Try dry ice and hot oil 🔥🤯

  29. The Reckless Boy T.R.B

    The Reckless Boy T.R.B3 日 前

    But do it in a safe place fr

  30. damson

    damson3 日 前

    there's a light ball in the beginning in the car. that indicates there was a ghost in there. oof 0:54 at the top

  31. Laura Zapater

    Laura Zapater3 日 前

    as a spaniard that Pablo Picasso thing hurt me a lot like wtf Dom lol

  32. Toxic Angel

    Toxic Angel3 日 前

    3:43 *made me cry 🥺.*

  33. dadalala poo

    dadalala poo3 日 前

    omg Carly's skin is so pretty

  34. Liaaa

    Liaaa3 日 前

    Aww what breed is that puppy ❤

  35. 505 WRLD

    505 WRLD3 日 前

  36. monisha Mahajan

    monisha Mahajan4 日 前

    When u realize liza isnt even mentioned anywhere.. 🙁☹️😞😟😢😭🤧

  37. monisha Mahajan

    monisha Mahajan4 日 前

    Guys.... Wheres liza

  38. Jordan McKinney

    Jordan McKinney4 日 前

    Me and your assistant have the same case

  39. God

    God4 日 前

    Natalie’s reaction to the puppy was actually the cutest shit I ever saw ever... and I’ve seen a lot of shit

  40. Y/N is pleb

    Y/N is pleb4 日 前

    how do i join the vlog squad?

  41. Sola Stacey

    Sola Stacey4 日 前

    how many fucking wisdom teeth does david have lmao

  42. Connor Pitt

    Connor Pitt4 日 前

    God I’d love to meet you guys even if it meant getting shot by paintballs

  43. Ray Patel

    Ray Patel4 日 前

    I like how he said at the beginning: “it smells delicious” Like what does that mean

  44. Nightly Flame

    Nightly Flame5 日 前

    Aw David give her the puppy

  45. 67wiccan 67

    67wiccan 675 日 前

    Is David dating Natalie

  46. blue sky

    blue sky5 日 前

    Natalie reminds me of dua lipa😕😯😗

  47. XxPhilthyYT22 -_-

    XxPhilthyYT22 -_-5 日 前

    How does Dom get all the girls when he’s the least good looking

  48. Maria Merheb

    Maria Merheb5 日 前

    Dude first time David’s vlogs more than 4 mins😂😂😂

  49. Emily Grace

    Emily Grace5 日 前

    Dom is jks I cant😂😂😂

  50. Juan Gomez

    Juan Gomez5 日 前

    Do a clabe.😝🐈🐎

  51. Jazon Z

    Jazon Z5 日 前

    you were at Kylie’s house wtf

  52. Haylee Rice

    Haylee Rice5 日 前

    Is it just me or did you see the team 10 house in the background