1. dwayneandteri howatt

    dwayneandteri howatt2 時間 前

    OMG im finally in heven david hey guys brought the camera

  2. Isabella Leno

    Isabella Leno3 時間 前

    Natalie deserves the puppy

  3. MJ

    MJ4 時間 前

    the dog looks likes my dog no joke

  4. Nagisa Azuma

    Nagisa Azuma14 時間 前

    I love Dima he da best

  5. JJ Awesomeness

    JJ Awesomeness15 時間 前

    “That was so spicious” -David Dobrik

  6. Ela Valenko

    Ela Valenko17 時間 前

    is it just me or does Heath sound like Goofy from Mickey mouse at 2:01

  7. Marigold Edits

    Marigold Edits日 前

    0:17 "this is my jam. It smells delicious." Soooo it smells like jam and you want to eat it

  8. L K

    L K日 前

    David you better have given the puppy to Natalie

  9. Fay Alharbi

    Fay Alharbi日 前

    5:16 I AM CRYING😭😭😭😭😭😭

  10. Turtle Whisperer

    Turtle Whisperer2 日 前

    At the beginning are they at Jake's party?

  11. Taylor Graham

    Taylor Graham2 日 前

    david is so cute when he's on medical drugs :D

  12. Melody Morning Star

    Melody Morning Star2 日 前

    David is so fucking cute “HEY GUYS “

  13. Shivani Prabhu

    Shivani Prabhu3 日 前

    The gold digger thing is literally every gold digger prank ever on JPreporter

  14. Kai Lueamrung

    Kai Lueamrung3 日 前

    How many times did Natalie say oh my god in this video?

  15. King Stonewall

    King Stonewall3 日 前

    I love Natalie.....what would i have to do to date her????? lol

  16. Parth Bagul

    Parth Bagul3 日 前

    Team 10 house in the beginning

  17. Wild-snipz FN

    Wild-snipz FN3 日 前

    Vlog squad:bye I’m leaving

  18. Wild-snipz FN

    Wild-snipz FN3 日 前

    David: guys I can’t pay u no more

  19. avocado

    avocado3 日 前

    David: this video is sponsored by Dollar shave club SeatGeek: am I a joke to you?

  20. koi_fish

    koi_fish3 日 前

    "its my jam" -David hes talkin about SOAP

  21. Meghan Bunter

    Meghan Bunter3 日 前

    Like: if we go to Heaven and Hell Comment: if we become different people or animals

  22. Piang Pau

    Piang Pau4 日 前

    Can you actually give Natalie a puppy

  23. Yoselin Tapia

    Yoselin Tapia4 日 前

    Don’t you remember Liza with puppy’s 🥺

  24. Angela Garcia

    Angela Garcia4 日 前

    David came up with too at the end becase of liza. I STILL SHIP. 😢😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭


    ASHOK KUMAR4 日 前

    What is an exact meaning of Fuck, bitch in American slang

  26. Nikki

    Nikki4 日 前

    Nathalie is such a cutie 😍😍 Lord, help my lesbian self 🤤

  27. alex lexie

    alex lexie4 日 前

    Dom's Pablo Escobar killed me 😂😂😂

  28. Innes Colt

    Innes Colt4 日 前

    During this video, my best friend and cousin that i went on a trip with for a week, 2 days ago, past away as i was watching this video it had happened at 3:06. I love you guys and all these videos but, i cant bear to watch them anymore

  29. Justin UNC17

    Justin UNC174 日 前

    Anything for more carly, always about more Carly

  30. KayBee Kids

    KayBee Kids5 日 前

    Can you buy me a Pomeranian

  31. Tobi Myo

    Tobi Myo5 日 前

    @DavidDobrik plz u now have get the backstreet boys on ur vlog Lol 😂

  32. Joshua senpai

    Joshua senpai5 日 前

    That dude with a jersey of chicago looks like julius newman

  33. The Lifestyle Of Ayden

    The Lifestyle Of Ayden6 日 前

    yeoo 3:20 has me dying 🤣

  34. Deadfire 12

    Deadfire 126 日 前

    If they die and David's there it's not heaven

  35. Victoria Curry

    Victoria Curry6 日 前

    Parvallo instead of Picasso

  36. goingpostal27 games

    goingpostal27 games6 日 前

    He should of said teen moms for sex life

  37. Alana Deckov

    Alana Deckov7 日 前

    Jason is so sweet

  38. Jaimesen Kerr

    Jaimesen Kerr7 日 前

    Wow your videos really make me realize I have no friends 😅

  39. Garrett Groten

    Garrett Groten7 日 前

    Jonah has an nsx in his garage and he hasn’t fixed it yet, wtf!!!

  40. Guy With No Name xd

    Guy With No Name xd7 日 前

    It Smells Delicious!

  41. lIdDi BiDdI

    lIdDi BiDdI7 日 前

    No one: Literally No One; David:"This ones for oral."

  42. gilberetoisbored

    gilberetoisbored7 日 前

    i wish time travel was a real thing

  43. gilberetoisbored

    gilberetoisbored7 日 前


  44. Black_Red_Rose 4810Z

    Black_Red_Rose 4810Z8 日 前

    Aaron low key looked cute in this vid

  45. rickyykillz _yt

    rickyykillz _yt8 日 前

    David's a virgin

  46. Sydney H

    Sydney H8 日 前

    david after his wisdom teeth was so cute😂💓

  47. Fiddz C

    Fiddz C8 日 前

    Wow this guys life is waay better than mine. Makes me wanna live more if that makes sense lol

  48. Spying on Flamingo albert

    Spying on Flamingo albert9 日 前

    David: this video is sponsored by Dollar shave club Seat geek: say sike right now

  49. foca foxxi

    foca foxxi9 日 前

    *Pablo Escobar* -dom 2019

  50. Madison Fields

    Madison Fields11 日 前

    I'm curious... What happened to the puppy???

  51. ThugSlayer

    ThugSlayer11 日 前

    You should do twitch!

  52. Big Chungus

    Big Chungus11 日 前


  53. FroSt_Glass

    FroSt_Glass11 日 前

    David says dollar shave club things smells delicious but he continues on using kids strawberry suave.😂😂😂

  54. Sadia Sajjad

    Sadia Sajjad11 日 前

    What is up with Jason’s hairstyle😂

  55. Sadia Sajjad

    Sadia Sajjad11 日 前

    They are casually hanging out with kylie jenner ohmygodd

  56. Luna Perez

    Luna Perez12 日 前

    i love you Jason!

  57. xxxibgdrgn xx

    xxxibgdrgn xx12 日 前

    Damn my mind went back to liza’s reaction getting a dog from david 😢

  58. love song

    love song12 日 前

    That's my favorite one!!!!!

  59. Milothecrazydog

    Milothecrazydog12 日 前

    “It smells delicious” Shampoo is for hair not for eating

  60. VsaucMichael

    VsaucMichael12 日 前

    A movie title to describe my sex life?????? The Fast and the Furious

  61. erik Last

    erik Last13 日 前

    3:01 look at the dog lol