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    We apologize for the sound issues. Won't happen again.

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    No worries love your all videos

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    These are so amazing. Please make more.

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    didn't even notice ha

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    Better than no audio!

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    "Jai wolf starlight" just a song i like that you can use for your editing 👌

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    The only thing bothering me is, she is wearing a fur coat eventhough she worked at UN. I hope it's not real fur. On the other hand, a great message:)

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    Oh my God is so real and lives through stories like these

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    0:35 ghana

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    This video is super inspiring! Even though the style is different from the usual YES Theory videos - or maybe because?

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    More of this plz 😊😊😊😊

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    She came to kenya🇰🇪.big up for kenya .like if u love kenya and her

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    Just two words. Highly motivational!

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    KENYAappreaciates your contribution to the arts especially the dance, welcome again 😊🙏

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    Please adopt me

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    Yeeey😊😊from Kenya

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    Kenya on yes theory!!! Yezzzir!!!! Proud.

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    do they still do these profiles? I love them

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    Isn't she the one who did the skydiving with you ?

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    Yes our Kenyan dance judge ...

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    Vandana Hart is amazing! She was so down to earth. I had the pleasure to talk to her... Hats off!

  23. Ndaru Kartikaningsih

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    (she filmed in indonesia too)

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    Ohhh!Kenya we are represented,loving this channel

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    Great message.

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    I've never related to a person THIS MUCH... I really needed this. I'm a student (studying law) and a singer. Weird combination I know ahah. Lately, it has been hard because I thought I would have to give up one of my dreams, I was feeling stressed and lost but like she said "If you want to be a tap dancer and a politician go for it" So thank you, I needed this, I won't give up, and I will work twice harder. Much Love from Paris.

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    she is cute

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    Love yes theory

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    wow this is one of the best contents I've seen in a while, thanks for sharing!

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    I see all these comments focusing on the bad quality of the sound, and all I could notice was the amazing story of hers! I'm kind of going through the same thing. I'm studying two different careers and I didn't know what I was doing until I saw this video. I mean, I can find a way to merge the two careers as she did.

  31. Yes Theory

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    Sending love ❤️

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    I love her, she's so inspirational! But I don't like her hair but oh well.

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    Gosh, her soul is so beautiful!!

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    so inspiring. damn.

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    ❤ from Kenya

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    I’m Russian! Lol but I was the first generation in the US.

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    love the black and white filter

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    Wife material

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    One of the guys had a Versace shirt on ....

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    new subscriber here, this channel is dope

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    Nobody cares about her

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    thank you so much. You d'ont know how much it means to someone who strugle to marry one side of herself to the other ...

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    Loove itt

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    I love this!!!!! Thank you!

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    Kenya 🇰🇪

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    Love these videos can't get enough! Keep it up :)

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    Isaiah Will change the world ....

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    700k hype

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    am kenyan ya'll can come and we all start learning

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    Yeah, dancer and she is wearing fur, so fuck her

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    Flat tits

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    does anyone else think she looks a lot like the girl version of Patty Mayo??

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    I love this

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    I want to marry her!!! She is an angel! 😍😍😍

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    wow... this gave me goose bumps

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    I always wanted to be a JPreporterr but I Never got past a 100 subs on my gaming channel so I decided to start a new channel on Bitcoin today , but my school work is just too much to put time into JPreporter but this video motivated me to keep on trying thanks yes theory!!

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    Hahahaha this musungu, she's got moves !!!! Yes baby 😂

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    Yes Theory is the bomb-loving​ this video

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    Ever since I started playing hockey when I was 8, and once I started, I wanted to make the NHL, but unfortunately, I don't thinks it's a possible goal, but just seeing how some people just say no to something just so they can say yes to their dreams, it's inspiring. No I don't think I will make it to the NHL, I just don't want to get bored of my life, doing the same things over and over again, which won't happen as long as there is things that I want to do that are easy to achieve and not too expensive.

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    Un jour, vous aurez plusieurs millions d'abonnées !

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    Is this the same girl from the sky diving video?

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    this was by far the best video you've made so far! the videography was beautiful and her story was SO inspirational. thanks guys

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    Like this comment if you think Yes Theory should go meet and stay with the Ice Man (Wim Hof) and climb a mountain in shorts with him. It would be awesome to seem them doing the Wim hof method, prepping for a week before they go and taking on the challenge with Wim Hof! Like so they will see this comment if you want to see them climb a mountain in shorts! REPLY

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    I really like how you turn the black and white colouring into colour when she basically sums up how to bring everything together

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    Such an amazing story!!! Loved it