Shawn Mendes - Wonder


  1. Suh___ Ail___

    Suh___ Ail___12 分 前


  2. Little Chiro

    Little Chiro14 分 前

    Shawn looks like he's having a seizure in the woods as well as smoking a joint....

  3. SıleŇt eγeร

    SıleŇt eγeร15 分 前

    crush: hey me: i wonder what it's like to be loved by you👁👁

  4. Cally Frog

    Cally Frog17 分 前

    but... where is Doja Cat?

  5. Mnlight Grl

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  6. Angel

    Angel23 分 前

    If you close your eyes are hold your phone so close to your ear you can literally hear the heavens sing☁️🕊

  7. Tejas Philip Thomas

    Tejas Philip Thomas24 分 前

    I wonder why many people don't know about this masterpiece

  8. BlueGamer1106

    BlueGamer110635 分 前

    Man I wonder when this song is gonna get 100 million views? I wonder if its gonna be soon.

  9. yizustupit

    yizustupit40 分 前

    when he said close my eyes i felt that cause i blink sometimes

  10. Aarush Sharma

    Aarush Sharma56 分 前

    Such an amazing song!! Nailed it bruh..!

  11. Adyson Baxter

    Adyson Baxter時間 前

    This gives me major Harry Potter vibes

  12. Addy Dillon

    Addy Dillon時間 前

    harry potter and twilight vibes anyone?

  13. Mia lenville

    Mia lenville時間 前

    hey shawn , I love your song s , love you , how 's camila???

  14. King Akira

    King Akira時間 前

    I wonder...when my music will blow up 😔

  15. Keely Clouse

    Keely Clouse30 分 前

    Yo same, I have do covers on my channel. I also made a few songs but they are a hard topic for me and a lot of my family and friends watch my channel so I don’t want to hurt them.

  16. Ameryce Ware

    Ameryce Ware時間 前

    This song makes me feel at peace. Even though this year has been nothing but bad day to worse. I love shawns voice. ❤️

  17. Amber Korthuis

    Amber Korthuis時間 前

    K, This is 1 Million Dance studio's choreography to this. You're welcome.

  18. Annelis Rosas Trejo

    Annelis Rosas Trejo時間 前

    Teamooo shawn alegras mis días

  19. Yaz and Jo

    Yaz and Jo時間 前

    WHOS WATCHING IN 2021??? Like if you are

  20. Adyson Baxter

    Adyson Baxter時間 前

    Ummmmm it’s still 2020 dude

  21. Lily Luna

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  22. Leonardo Bastos Gaspar Ribeiro

    Leonardo Bastos Gaspar Ribeiro時間 前

    Music PERFECT

  23. Anna Maria DiBenedetto

    Anna Maria DiBenedetto時間 前

    i seriously can't stop listening to this song, i love this song too much !! can't... close .... tab.....ahhhhh

  24. Rashi Jain

    Rashi Jain時間 前

    I cant wait for all the songs of tgis album!!

  25. Anna Maria DiBenedetto

    Anna Maria DiBenedetto時間 前

    when his wet t- shirt gets wet and you get to see him abs 😍 .... this is my favoritee song from him, it speaks soo much to .

  26. Gaurav Advani

    Gaurav Advani時間 前

    They'll probably put this song in the next Tarzan movie he might be the next Tarzan lol

  27. Gaurav Advani

    Gaurav Advani時間 前

    Who else thinks they've hear this song or seen it in Disney or something

  28. shawnxedits

    shawnxedits時間 前

    This song is such a masterpiece

  29. María Duque

    María Duque2 時間 前

    Love that song

  30. BlackBear 23

    BlackBear 232 時間 前

    serious joker vibes and dances in this

  31. WeEb FoReVeR

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  32. Luana Fontes

    Luana Fontes2 時間 前

    Shawn saved my 2020 I love you so much💙🇧🇷😍

  33. Dance with Dhriti

    Dance with Dhriti2 時間 前

    You can feel the amount of power and feel he has put in this masterpiece 👏👏🥺

  34. Teerapat21 Kongwaranan

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  35. Nereida Quiroz

    Nereida Quiroz2 時間 前

    Tan enamorada de tus cansiones 😍😍❤️😘

  36. Wulan Mustika

    Wulan Mustika2 時間 前

    I wonder... ( ꈍᴗꈍ)

  37. Morgan’s Vlogs

    Morgan’s Vlogs2 時間 前


  38. Assadd Muhammad

    Assadd Muhammad3 時間 前

    Best singer in the world ❤️

  39. nicole Marie

    nicole Marie3 時間 前

    👇this many people want them to sit down and tell us their WHOLE story. Damn I realize I’m too invested in their relationship

  40. Hadley Johnson

    Hadley Johnson3 時間 前

    This video makes me feel so free and happy I can’t even describe it. ❤️😁

  41. juliet de la fuente

    juliet de la fuente3 時間 前

    Shawn is dropping us so much staff omg he really saved this year

  42. Newton Sonowal

    Newton Sonowal3 時間 前

    It was something like Disney track at the beginning.. nd the whole scene was. ❤️❤️❤️ magical.❤️

  43. Edda Magg

    Edda Magg3 時間 前

    Okay how to explain this song in one word: ✨imthemaincharacter✨

  44. duilio lima

    duilio lima4 時間 前

    Sóqueria uma chance para minhas composiçã

  45. BC

    BC4 時間 前

    Wonder no more .....

  46. Erica Cheefoon

    Erica Cheefoon4 時間 前

    This songs the definition of my lyf at the moment

  47. Nichola Lamotte

    Nichola Lamotte4 時間 前

    Its the spikeye trees for me . Not going to lie this is the best music video ever blow it up guys:)

  48. Alii M.

    Alii M.4 時間 前


  49. Little Red

    Little Red4 時間 前

    Seriously hits different after watching the documentary

  50. Athena Cipriano

    Athena Cipriano4 時間 前

    I wish I could more than like!🥺

  51. Mari 5

    Mari 54 時間 前

    HERMOSA CANCIÓN!!🤩 Shawn tiene un talento increíble

  52. Sthefany Evangelista

    Sthefany Evangelista5 時間 前

    Can feel you #masterpiece

  53. Lisa Lewandowski

    Lisa Lewandowski5 時間 前

    My gosh, you are beautiful! Love this song.

  54. Arin Robles

    Arin Robles5 時間 前

    I love this song

  55. Anna Kcmb

    Anna Kcmb5 時間 前

    i just finished watching Send mendes on netflix,,, what a nice guy and talented... i got to see him at the Junos in Hamilton , ontario a few years ago... loved that he could sing and play an instrument, unlike most young artists today. i also have respect for Justin Beiber... Canadian Talented guys. love it.

  56. chacha

    chacha5 時間 前

    this is like a breathe of fresh air

  57. Jamie Glaspie

    Jamie Glaspie5 時間 前

    So I guess I'll be the 1st to say "what about those amazing sexy captivating dance moves" !!!! Omg that simple lil choreograph was brilliant sexy mesmerizing and everything I didn't know I needed from Him!!! He def should dance more!! He's so good looking and his vocals and lyrics are just as good looking to my ears😍🤗🥰💖🙏🙌 im more of a fan after this and MONSTER!!! YASSS HE SHOULD DEF BE PROUD!!!

  58. April

    April5 時間 前

    who's been here since stitches

  59. Felix Schmitt

    Felix Schmitt5 時間 前

    WHAT A WONDERFUL Voice 👍👍👍

  60. Byy Díazz

    Byy Díazz5 時間 前

    harry potter lol

  61. Harris Mirza

    Harris Mirza5 時間 前

    Same body type as Shawn!!

  62. Emma Cristal Cortez

    Emma Cristal Cortez6 時間 前

    I LOVE YOU!!!!

  63. Quinn Gilligan

    Quinn Gilligan6 時間 前

    This song has made my 2020 a 1,00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 times better

  64. Jennifer Kolady

    Jennifer Kolady6 時間 前

    this is probably the best music video i've ever seen it really is a work of art

  65. Janilce Brelaz

    Janilce Brelaz6 時間 前

    Amo. ❤️

  66. Maximilian Braun

    Maximilian Braun6 時間 前

    I heard this song on the radion three times today.

  67. Aliah

    Aliah6 時間 前

    Omg ❤️😭

  68. Sienna Auciello

    Sienna Auciello6 時間 前


  69. Martina Montenegro

    Martina Montenegro7 時間 前

    cmon guys,this sng deserves a grammy

  70. Aleksandra Szydłak

    Aleksandra Szydłak7 時間 前

    Shawn - You are great! - Please never forget about it. You are giving hope :)and love in those tough times. You are just a human (like all of us;), but you are really special. Remember that Camila and many people support you ;). I wish you all the best!

  71. Bianca Mrzz

    Bianca Mrzz7 時間 前

    Love love this song , it’s just art

  72. emilio arroyo

    emilio arroyo7 時間 前

    Esta vergas la canción 🇲🇽

  73. Gisele Souza da Silva

    Gisele Souza da Silva7 時間 前

    (Kety Perry) (full álbum Smile) (Com Todas As Novas músicas) (Oficial) (Canal) (Kety Perry) 🥇👑💎🎶😍💞🤡🎊🎉(•‿•)

  74. Ander Yuk

    Ander Yuk7 時間 前

    goes to Hogwarts

  75. Maiya Maldonado

    Maiya Maldonado7 時間 前

    i wonder what its like to be loved in general

  76. Jhonatan Cossetti

    Jhonatan Cossetti7 時間 前

    Sr Mendes Mercy please, my heart!!! AMAZING!!!! BRASIL TE AMA

  77. Katherin Lanza

    Katherin Lanza8 時間 前

    I don't know about you guys but the line "I wonder what it is like to be loved by you" hits me hard.

  78. sebastian dionel burgos

    sebastian dionel burgos8 時間 前

    Pense que era una pelicula nueva de wolverine xd

  79. Ruby Cervantes

    Ruby Cervantes8 時間 前

    Te amo Shaw por ti le hecho ganas a la escuela

  80. Paweł Zieliński

    Paweł Zieliński8 時間 前

    Every fan of Shawn must comment this video:

  81. Abigail Atenco

    Abigail Atenco8 時間 前

    I love Shawn Mendes

  82. poolerboy 0077

    poolerboy 00778 時間 前

    Do you guys remember when Ned Flanders was portrayed with muscles ripping his shirt off? This is that.

  83. Gianna Kopinski

    Gianna Kopinski8 時間 前

    hey it's Beatrice from skribbl io. Please say hi!

  84. Aisha .B

    Aisha .B8 時間 前

    Here after I watched his documentary (which I cried through a few times.) Shawn, you are a beautiful human being

  85. Felícitas Garcia

    Felícitas Garcia8 時間 前


  86. Aristotle Pleasantbey

    Aristotle Pleasantbey8 時間 前

    Jesus loves you

  87. Ella Pokorná

    Ella Pokorná8 時間 前

    Is there someone after watching "In Wonder" and wondering how can be someone like that a living person??? Not just me ok

  88. kanchan p chandiramani

    kanchan p chandiramani8 時間 前

    I'm so obsessed with this song I can't even it's mesmerising!!!

  89. Saydha Torres

    Saydha Torres8 時間 前

    this is about hailey

  90. Travis Niles

    Travis Niles9 時間 前

    wow people without masks that's refreshing

  91. Liliana Arellano

    Liliana Arellano9 時間 前

    yes this song is such a masterpiece

  92. a sprinkle of salt

    a sprinkle of salt9 時間 前


  93. Malcolm Rivera

    Malcolm Rivera9 時間 前

    Can someone do me a justice? (From 00:01-00:11) What is that noise/sound called? The correct term of that beautiful “Chant” is actually called. It’s mesmerizing.

  94. Leah Sewell

    Leah Sewell9 時間 前


  95. Sehrish Akhtar

    Sehrish Akhtar9 時間 前

    Love this sing love Shawn amazing singer even really good live keep it up xx

  96. Ruby Mcclure

    Ruby Mcclure9 時間 前

    “I Wonder” If You Still Need Me “I Wonder” If You Guys still Love Me “I Wonder” If You Baby’s Still Want To See me “I Wonder” If You Girl’s ever Think About me Or Even if you Guys Still need Me “I Wonder” If You Girl’s Still love me “I Wonder” I love you Baby’s “I Wonder” Love, RubySparks Ruvina November 24, 2020 “I Wonder”

  97. La Lou

    La Lou9 時間 前

    “WONDER,” turned out Wonderful! 🙄

  98. La Lou

    La Lou9 時間 前

    My eyes 👀 and ears are so..HAPPY! 😍

  99. La Lou

    La Lou9 時間 前

    Everything about this ❤️

  100. Stefany Carvalho

    Stefany Carvalho9 時間 前

    He's amazing

  101. Sequoia Spencer

    Sequoia Spencer9 時間 前

    His performance at the AMA’s did not disappoint!!👏🏽

  102. Andrea García Cantú

    Andrea García Cantú9 時間 前