Shark Attack Test- Human Blood vs. Fish Blood


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    Sorry this took awhile. I've got 8 absolute banger videos I'm currently working on through April 2021 but it turns out the Rona slows things down a bit. They will be worth the wait! For updates, follow me on social stuff @MarkRober.

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    Don’t Read My Profile Picture! ✔︎ II

  3. Fair Play

    Fair Play22 時間 前

    1. You are not using actual human blood. 2. The fish 'blood' contains more than just blood, as you've added fish paste to it. The results from this test are basically invalid.

  4. Eliza Robertson

    Eliza Robertson日 前

    This was by far my favorite of your vids Mark!! Happy to wait longer if all of your future vids are this entertaining!!

  5. Mary Lun

    Mary Lun日 前

    No worries. Love the video :3

  6. Braden Battershell

    Braden Battershell2 日 前

    Try the same thing but with crocodiles

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    This is the third time I watched this

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    Hes got to be the most fun person to work with

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    I dare you to drink the fish blood (I’m kidding, just drink something smelly...)

  11. MathewRobinRogers

    MathewRobinRogers20 分 前

    Perhaps the fact the the 'fish blood' also had other miscellaneous fish bits in (whereas the mammal blood did not have miscellaneous cow bits in) may have skewed the results? If you had used blended cow (or un-blended fish, blood only), would you have the same result? 🤔

  12. John Denner

    John Denner21 分 前

    Who Knew people blended fish to get the blood?! That's Rocks!!!

  13. 14lou

    14lou22 分 前

    Covid-19 tests are unreliable and don't actually test for SARS-CoV-2 which has never been shown to be the cause of any illness. That is, the gold standard Koch postulates have never been satisfied. That's why Covid-19 is a *SCAMDEMIC*

  14. Danny Empire

    Danny Empire22 分 前

    No fish were harmed in the making of this video😂

  15. Novelyn Gomez

    Novelyn Gomez23 分 前

    *cow blood not human blood

  16. Zolani Hogana

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    Must be nice to have stuff to do.

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    and rip fish

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    I can't believe some of you. Are y'all really mad about them killing 20 fish... I swear, some of y'all shouldn't be on the internet if your this soft. First of all, science usually requires some for of sacrifice. Thousands of rats have died from covid just to test vaccines. Knowledge is a tradeoff. Also, we as humans consume so many animals that it is hypocritical to say they are wasting the fish. Humans merely poisoning the planet kills more fish a day than this.

  20. Dr. Dung beetle

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    when I think airplane food, I think ew. but seeing THIS... that's a whole new perspective of plane food!

  21. Riley Gustafson

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    lol fat gus was like sorry I can't touch you I'm babysitting my gran squirrels to day

  22. Chris Gervais

    Chris Gervais28 分 前

    Truth comes out at 7:29 ~ Shark Attack Test- Cow blood vs. Fish blood

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    O M G😨

  24. Andrew Ortega

    Andrew Ortega33 分 前

    You should put a dummy in the cage and dump the fish smoothie on the dummy and see what happens

  25. Audley Stewart

    Audley Stewart34 分 前

    I wanna know where he got 5 gallons of human blood

  26. Jackelin Ruiz

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    Woah this video gave me anxiety but interesting for sure

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    Couldn't even begin to imagine the smell 🤢

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    *gets a compliment* “i respect that about me too” 😂😂😂

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    what was it like at nasa

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    They straight up got NBA hall of famer shaquille o'neal on this my guy has connections

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    “Please consider subscribing because my wife makes all the income in the family because Im not consistent on posting and quit nasa cuz it was too hard and putting all the hard labor and income on my wife”

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    Did he not learn anything from 47 metres down??

  34. Sans The skeleton

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    This dude acted like the corona virus was nothing and brushed it off lmao at least he wasn’t like those youtubers “ I tested positive” lmaooo

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    Dude #2 on trending!!😂🤟🏽

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    Still using the same exact song? Thought it would change I’m honestly tired of it

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    Didn't you already test this?

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    Dude how'd ya get the blood

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    Thats scary dont try that again

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    I saw you on shark week and I was freaking out!!! Your episode was awesome 😆🦈

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    if this does not get demoitied i am suprised but your pretty funny keep up all the funny work and that!!!

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    I have a prescription box And the projects so fun This month I got the arcade catapult

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    After we got the fish blood, it was time for the human blood. I got some family friends to help out.

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    aww i feel bad hope ya get better

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    I love your vids mark!

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    Plz quarantine if you indeed tested positive having no symptoms does not mean false positive, heck on a cruise ship without masks they had 40% of cases without symptoms and 80% on a cruise ships that wore masks without symptoms, if people like you do not take it serious we are doomed.

  48. Jason Osborn

    Jason Osborn51 分 前

    Did you test the water with god

  49. MapleHockeyLove

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    Sharks actually just have poor eyesight- like when they bump the cage at the end (they're not actively searching for him, just wherever that fish smell is). They're just like clumsy aquatic wolves lol

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    bruh my anxiety went 📈📈

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    Where can I buy the NASA shirt, Mark wears on the private jet?

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    4:11 im sorry for all of the vegans and vegitarins out there........

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    Ur make me feel poor u nerd

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    Omg, when he hit the tank and all the sharks came rushing back. That was terrifying. And must have been the scariest moment of your life.

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    I love he has sandals on a private jet



    Because I saw you on TV



    You were in shark week

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    He has some balls of steel

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    nothing says '2020 America' like 'Americans are banned from traveling, unless it's a private jet'

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    So in one video he talks to Shaq, gets corona, overcomes corona, flies on a private jet and nearly get killed by sharks. This is why I love Mark

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    Your no better

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    I kinda chuckled at how in his last video he kept reassuring us that no animals were harmed and that he went the extra mile to ensure the squirrels’ safety, and in this video he puts fish in a blender. Idk, I though it was funny.

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    Who else was here when it was number 1 on trending!!!!

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    Your real cute

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    Was this re-upload

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    For all the vegans : get up with it

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    I cant believe i just watched a fish get blended

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    Gotta appreciate his commitment to not curse. Shark: * bumps the open cage inches from Mark * Mark: *geez*

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    I was not expecting him to get COVID I was like wha👁👄💧👁

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    i dont know what hes saying but i watch it anyway :)

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    Hold on man I'll be right back my stepsister is stuck in the dryer again

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    He really believes the Earth existed for millions of years??? If you do research, the sun shrinks 5 feet per hour, that’s 43,825 feet per year, and that’s 8 miles per year. Now multiply 8 by only a billion years, that will give you 8 billion miles. So only a billion years ago, the sun would’ve been 8 billion miles closer to earth. The sun is 93 million miles away from earth currently. If the earth was over billion years old, it wouldn’t even exist because the sun would evaporate it instantly because of how big sun was at that time. The earth 100% not older than a billion years, simple math proves it.

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    Welcome back we have been missing your videos

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    This video quickly moved into number 1 as my fav Rober vid!

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    Imagine if one day we hear that Mark died and the reason wasnt so *Random*

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    are you giving the recipe to that tomato paste?

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    He didn’t even know he had coronavirus and were in quarantine 🤦‍♂️

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    God dang mark is super ripped jesus

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    Is a talk cap in coins

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    If I were in that cage, I’d want the bars to be a lot closer together!! 😬

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    Is this the same Luke Tipple that hosted Opposite Worlds?

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    When you blend a fish corpse and get #2 on trending.. also lots of close ups blending it.

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    Earth is not millions of years old.



    Mark: Ecologicaly freindly Me: IS HE KILLING 100s of fish Reeality Tv: YUp

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    So hows the squirrel

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    Never heard of you before this video and now I’m subscribed

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    Is there such a thing as ‘a little bit’ of Shaq?

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    Omg that's so cool

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    Anyone questioning how he got 5 gallons of human blood?

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    Wow i would live Go do That

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    hold up, those sharks dont look real

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    This man got the Rona, beat it like if it was nothing and continued

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    I feel bad for fhistick and fishy also fishy on me

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    You are awesome Mark, truly. Never stop being yourself.

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    I can just see the vegans complaining

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    this gave me so much anxiety

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    If you are vegetarian, vegan, or just do not like seeing blood, then skip to 5:47 when they start to take the fishes blood.

  105. Baptiste HOBBE

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    Am I the only one thinking that it is not a pure scientific experiment if Blood smoothie also contains flesh, bones, organs etc. and probably spreading way more "smells"? A true experiment would be blood vs blood, not blood vs smoothie. Nonetheless, cool vid as always