Shannon Sharpe: 'We've never seen anything like Lamar Jackson' | NFL | UNDISPUTED


  1. Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

    Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTEDヶ月 前

    Is Lamar Jackson the greatest running quarterback in NFL history?

  2. thomas boffman

    thomas boffman7 日 前

    @PALi friendly Just be prepared for the inevitable heartbreak.

  3. PALi friendly

    PALi friendly7 日 前

    @thomas boffman pal I have good suggestion for you moving forward lions have amazing oline building. get SLAYed

  4. thomas boffman

    thomas boffman7 日 前

    @PALi friendly I suggest not getting on it. Or holding your greater. Detroit, lol has never eon in football.

  5. PALi friendly

    PALi friendly7 日 前

    @thomas boffman it will happen.

  6. thomas boffman

    thomas boffman7 日 前

    @PALi friendly We can talk about that if it happens. But as of now....

  7. Ivan Waters

    Ivan Waters7 日 前

    Shannon is so petrified of becoming forgotten/irrelevant. He wants desperately to be seen as a cosmopolitan/Renaissance man. NOT

  8. Richard Head

    Richard Head8 日 前

    yes we have shannon and like all running qb in the nfl he is a loser

  9. James Martin

    James Martin8 日 前


  10. ernesto shulterbrandt

    ernesto shulterbrandt9 日 前

    *YAWN! Simple minded, prisoner of the moment mentality. Shannon is on a higher level of idiot. Sweating a guy in his 2nd year with no rings or playoff wins? I'll pass on the globetrotter QB's they wanna force us to worship. All the numbers during the regular season don't mean s*** if you can't finish. Who really cares he broke Vick's rushing record?.......I'll wait.

  11. herogibson

    herogibson9 日 前

    i love it. all the people who were saying how he needs to be a WR comin out of college; not skip or shannon mind you, they didn't say that. he told em "look... i never played Wr in my life.. i can't catch.. im a QB take me or leave me." and bet on himself. 9 times out of 10 that doesnt work out for guys. he's so good that there was nothing anybody could do about it.. he was gonna be the man!

  12. russel pacheco

    russel pacheco9 日 前

    Welcome to the NFL playoffs Lamar!! Lol

  13. Rattler Rider

    Rattler Rider9 日 前

    Well he's finished for the 2020 playoffs and on the couch watching Tom Brady film...

  14. Jb Jb

    Jb Jb9 日 前

    A professional boxers record is challenged by his opponents skills. This is true in all sport competition.

  15. andam s

    andam s9 日 前


  16. andam s

    andam s9 日 前


  17. Tom Platz

    Tom Platz9 日 前

    Even Donald Trump would call Lamar Jackson a choke artist.....

  18. Walter White

    Walter White10 日 前

    And this my friends is why you don’t put anybody in the Hall of Fame after one year

  19. Red Pill Nation

    Red Pill Nation10 日 前

    Not hating but Vick never won a Superbowl or won a championship game....

  20. Lamar Jackson Jr

    Lamar Jackson Jr12 日 前

    We never seen anything like this... skip we never seen anything like this LOL

  21. Randy Parker

    Randy Parker14 日 前

    SHANNON'S a sucker a couple of weeks ago CHIP talked about how Jackson this and JACKSON that and BRADY this and Brady that Bradys OUT get over it and shannon didn't say a word well you ask me CHIP must be really mad now his cowgirls are out and you have 4 BLACK QUARTERBACKS IN THE PLAYOFFS SO YOU MUST BE SAYING WHO'S SUPERIOR NOW WHAT'S THE ODDS ON SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS WINNING THE SUPER BOWL THEY GOT TO FIRST WIN NEST WEEK AND HOW MUCH DO HE KISS ELLIOT'S PICTURE AT NIGHT BEFORE HE GOES TO BED AND IN THE MORNING WHEN HE GETS UP WHAT'S UP WITH THAT CHIPPY 🤔

  22. Chasen Cambron

    Chasen Cambron14 日 前

    Shannon don’t even know how to put it in words what LJ8 is doin. & Shannon has ALOT OF WORDS 😆

  23. Wendy Baker

    Wendy Baker15 日 前

    He did not play 16 games, g with played 7 games get ur facts right, because at that time was Flacco we were 4 and 5 okay, he played all 16 games, once again get your facts right

  24. Clark John Yodico

    Clark John Yodico16 日 前

    I wish LeBron won't wear eyeglasses, he will be Shannon af

  25. Wade French

    Wade French17 日 前

    Lamar Jackson is the best runner because he is also a good passer. Michael Vick was not. The minute you make people honor your arm the running lanes open up.

  26. Scott Stlaey

    Scott Stlaey18 日 前

    I think it's gonna be Saints and the Ravens in Miami. I hope we can contain Jackson.

  27. Nastacia Smith

    Nastacia Smith15 日 前

    Scott Stlaey or not.

  28. Kris thatman Taylor

    Kris thatman Taylor18 日 前

    Skip! Skip! SKIIIIPPPPP!!! HEY SKIP!! 🤦🏻‍♂️😭😂 I believe SB wants to change his name after episode!! 🤦🏻‍♂️😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  29. Alonzo Neloms

    Alonzo Neloms18 日 前

    I pick on Mr.Shannon! I love him! Along with Mr.Skip. They have perfect chemistry! Ali and Howard Cosell etc.

  30. Derrel Kingdom

    Derrel Kingdom19 日 前

    Don't say nobody saw this coming because I did as a Chargers fan and from South Florida I was sick when we didn't pick him

  31. Darren Carson

    Darren Carson19 日 前

    he waits until he runs into the red zone and only then passes it. That's why his attempt to td ratio is so good. Glorified running back.

  32. Jackie Clark

    Jackie Clark19 日 前

    @11:09 is the full explanation

  33. Jean Espinal

    Jean Espinal20 日 前

    Playoffs is a different ball game . Let's se what Lamar got in him.

  34. Kevin Porter

    Kevin Porter18 日 前

    Lamar is about light the AFC on fire..... just watch....

  35. Wendy Baker

    Wendy Baker20 日 前

    We won 6 games out of that 7 okay skip, but with Flacco at time we 4 and 5 okay, speak the facts okay, that's all we ask here in Baltimore

  36. TheGrumpy Diabetic

    TheGrumpy Diabetic20 日 前

    Louisville fans having watched him progress saw this coming.

  37. Moonie Bell

    Moonie Bell21 日 前

    Mick Vick taught him how to throw. Mike Vick is his mentor sssoooooo.....Lamar Jackson is the Mike Vick Who took playing quarterback serious. Vick studied 0 film

  38. MrSiahgold

    MrSiahgold25 日 前

    Never booed Lamar booed the play calling and officials

  39. alloneword154

    alloneword15427 日 前

    Is the suit worse than the chain?

  40. Cheri White

    Cheri White27 日 前

    Skip will never give Lemar the credit that is due him. Many will not. They continue to save that position for the “usual” people who occupy that position. Times have changed. Look at basketball. The best person wins the position. That is it. Just to have a QB that just stands there and doesn’t move and takes a hit just to prove that they can throw is utterly RIDICULOUS.

  41. John

    John29 日 前

    Anyone else think they lost some of their energy? I’m just stuck watching old vids

  42. Hingle McCringleberry

    Hingle McCringleberry29 日 前

    What does he average? 200 yards throwing a game? That’s not impressive.

  43. Gabriel 707

    Gabriel 70725 日 前

    @Hingle McCringleberry yes and passing TDs are probably the most important stat in the whole league passers are paid to pass and I will take TDs over yards any day passing yards don't correlate to wins QBs are at the end of the day paid to win good luck being mediocre I'll take my chances with LJ.

  44. Hingle McCringleberry

    Hingle McCringleberry25 日 前

    Gabriel 707 passers are paid to pass. Let me say that again. Passers are paid to pass.

  45. Gabriel 707

    Gabriel 70726 日 前

    Yards are overrated who's top 5 in the league in passing yards. 1. Jameis Winston 2.Dak Prescott 3. Philip rivers 4. Jared Goff 5. Matt Ryan All QBs eliminated from playoff contention except Dak who probably will be by the end of the week. Also LJ leads the league in passing TDs a stat that actually matters.

  46. Vincent Carrier

    Vincent Carrier26 日 前

    Hingle McCringleberry u got more chromosomes than he got yards

  47. Cutty Cain

    Cutty Cain27 日 前

    Hingle McCringleberry 13-2

  48. Troy Richardson

    Troy Richardson29 日 前

    Not bad for a running back MF!!

  49. Melvin Hunt

    Melvin Hunt29 日 前

    Let's wait a couple of years, and see ! Remember cam Newton,!

  50. Melvin Hunt

    Melvin Hunt26 日 前

    @Cutty Cain neither is saying, Jackson is.on another level. Let's just wait and see.

  51. Cutty Cain

    Cutty Cain27 日 前

    Melvin Hunt they two different people bruh your statement doesn’t make any sense at all

  52. jj salem

    jj salemヶ月 前

    imagine lamars numbers if he played full games.....

  53. JamesMatthew Rivera

    JamesMatthew Riveraヶ月 前

    Vick the goat. Lamar look up to em. All love

  54. Lame Boi

    Lame Boiヶ月 前

    I'm lame like my recommendations

  55. Lame Boi

    Lame Boiヶ月 前

    Yes you are

  56. Wishbone Johnson

    Wishbone Johnsonヶ月 前

    "Baker lit em up" 🤣 well Lamar lit up Brady the "goat" 😏... 😂😂😂😂

  57. Dan Crews

    Dan Crewsヶ月 前

    As improved as he is as a passer, according to the stats, they still only have the 20th ranked passing offense. BUFF & SF showed his weaknesses. BUFF's D gave up one long TD, and the other 2 TDs came off of fumbles

  58. Brent Fisher

    Brent Fisherヶ月 前

    Lamar Jackson plus the rules to make the NFL game safer will change the entire landscape of what defense means. You are going to need to be beyond cerebral as a unit. I’m excited about this kid. He is absolutely amazing. I do believe Vick would have benefited from these rules and a coach willing to change the playbook for his QB.

  59. Football Legend

    Football Legendヶ月 前

    You MF are sick, Shannon is a fake as well !

  60. Football Legend

    Football Legendヶ月 前

    Black Quarterbacks been doing this since black were not allowed to play the game Shannon it only amazing too you and are a liar too, damn skip assless !

  61. CityLifeAngler 89

    CityLifeAngler 89ヶ月 前

    It sucks rooting for another team in the AFC besides the Ravens right, knowing that even if my team goes to the playoffs we eventually go have to play them in their home.

  62. John Russ

    John Russヶ月 前

    The plaid jacket I like it!!

  63. Qala Furqan

    Qala Furqanヶ月 前

    Shannon please turn down that suit

  64. Kash Moni

    Kash Moniヶ月 前

    bold suit

  65. keedy Goatley

    keedy Goatleyヶ月 前


  66. Computer Guy

    Computer Guyヶ月 前

    His momma should get much praise. She protected, guided and lead her boy.

  67. walter rivas

    walter rivasヶ月 前

    Never once did bring in Flacco come out my mouth ,when we lost that playoff game against the chargers. I wasn't even mad or sad about that loss just happy he got that playoff experience.

  68. Ronald J

    Ronald J20 日 前

    I was like Flacco who. If it wasn’t for Lamar we wouldn’t be here. Just give Lamar time

  69. phlexxlugerr 1

    phlexxlugerr 1ヶ月 前

    walter rivas I was saying “ we’ll be back, good experience “ now look at us 😎

  70. M Chaney

    M Chaneyヶ月 前

    HE will get RG3'd eventually..... they always do. But taking advantage of his legs and athletic abilities is a valid strategy. But him and Mahomes are going to dominate the AFC for at least the next 10-15 years. Its not even fair, because its already been the patriots vs the losing NFC team for 2 decades basically , and now once Brady is gone, its still gonna be an AFC team vs the losing NFC team for another 2 decades.....

  71. Jahsun Hova

    Jahsun Hovaヶ月 前

    I'm trying to listen to Shannon, but his jackets is in the way 😂😅😅

  72. Kenneth Esau Point

    Kenneth Esau Pointヶ月 前

    I've never seen a ...... DAMN SHARP please coordinate

  73. Kenneth Esau Point

    Kenneth Esau Pointヶ月 前


  74. Gregory LaGrange

    Gregory LaGrangeヶ月 前

    My fear (no jinx) is that somebody (most likely patriots because the ravens are standing in their way or the worst team in the league) is going to come on a pass rush a fall right at his knee. Brady is struggling, the Bills are getting better so the AFC East isn't the cake walk for the patriots like it used to be, the Patriots have another video taping issue. And with so many people trying to say that Lamar Jackson couldn't throw, still trying to find reasons why he's playing well in everything except that he's good. I just have this feeling that if it comes down to Patriots and Ravens deciding who goes, there's going to be a D linemen that is going to come at him and put his helmet of shoulder right at knee level. I just really want him to do well. There's a lot of noise that needs to be silenced and a lot of underlying biases that need to be put in the light.

  75. shea davis

    shea davisヶ月 前


  76. Abhinay Dumpa

    Abhinay Dumpaヶ月 前

    Not looking forward to the future of the NFL if it's gonna be full of running quarterbacks. God please save football. #Blessup

  77. Richard Christie

    Richard Christieヶ月 前


  78. mwm5942

    mwm5942ヶ月 前

    honestly michael vick was a lot like lamar jackson we've seen this before

  79. Steph X

    Steph Xヶ月 前

    Well said

  80. desaun08

    desaun08ヶ月 前

    A blind man asked me what it was like to watch Lamar Jackson play? I said, sir if you dont mind me asking, how long have you been blind? He said “my whole life”. I said sir, well ive had my eye sight for 36 years, and ive never seen anything like it so i couldnt tell you!